30 Yrs Old, 3 Kids, 5'3", 105lbs, 12.2 BWD, 415cc Full Inspira - In Need of a Spruce Up!

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After having and breastfeeding my 3rd (and last)...

After having and breastfeeding my 3rd (and last) child, my breasts have really taken a toll. No longer perky and youthful in appearance...my boobs have deflated and dropped to an A cup. I always wanted a larger chest but never thought I would actually go through with a breast augmentation. My pre body B cup was smaller than I wished for, but in no way felt that implants were necessary. However, now seeing my new appearance I decided that I really wanted to get this done and get my self confidence back. Who doesn't want to feel sexy, right? To me, having nice full breasts and curves is sexy.
I have a trip upcoming in May 2016 and really wanted to have them done before that, with ample time to heal. My consult wasn't until mid March and realized that by that time most of the surgery appointments would be filled and I wouldn't be able to have the surgery done with enough time to recuperate. So...... I did something CRAZY! I called back in and asked to book my surgery date before ever seeing the clinic, meeting the doctor or having my consult. I had to email photos of myself for them to determine that I was indeed a candidate and didn't need a lift as well, and also had to pay a $1000 non refundable deposit. Ahhhhhh! I kind of feel sick to my stomach with worry. Am I doing the right thing???? I researched a lot about the doctor, read reviews and in my opinion, he is one of the top cosmetic surgeons in the GTA. I just hope I still feel the same way after I meet him in person because $1000 is a lot to throw away and my husband will KILLLLLLLL me!
My surgery is now booked for end of Feb and they will call me tomorrow with a new consult date after they figure out how to squeeze me in. So thankful for the accommodating clinic I chose! Can't wait to get in, get more info and try on some sizers!


Consult booked!

My ps office called yesterday and informed me they had an appt for me on Dec 2 for my consult. I'm super excited! I wasn't expecting to get in so soon because I know they had to try squeeze me in an already booked schedule. My surgery is Feb 26, so I'm excited that I will be able to have a little more time to finalize what size, shape, etc I want to get. Going to be counting down the days until then!

This is so sad

So I knew my boobs looked better before my kids but it's been so long that I couldn't really remember what they looked like, until tonight, when my hubby pulled up a picture on his phone that I had sent to him in 2010. I immediately got depressed and said "See I'm not crazy, they are different now!" :( He keeps saying that they didn't change, they are still nice, blah blah blah. But at least now with the side by side comparison he was able to admit that I was right. Although they were never a large size...(I've always been on the smaller size with a small frame), they at least suited my body. So I do feel even better now that I'm getting a BA and hopefully restoring some of the fullness I had before. Top picture was in 2010 (3 years after I had my first child) and bottom is from 2015 (after I had my last two kids in 2013 and 2014)

Help Confused! Implant Sizes and Charts

Ok so how does the sizing charts work out? I've seen sizing charts for Mentor and Allergen showing the different cc amounts and corresponding diameter and projections. However, when I'm on this site, I look for what each person got and then try to find it on the chart and the cc never match up!! For example...someone got 345 cc moderate....there isn't a 345 cc moderate with either brand, so do the doctors order the silicone implants and then they are able to fill them with extra, or remove any volume? What am I doing wrong here?

Consult and Dreaded Sizing Options

Had my consult today and was happy to finally see the clinic and meet the Dr. The office was nice, clean and modern. My husband and I came from out of town and just made it right on time! So we didn't have a wait at all. Dr Edelstein was friendly and knowledgeable and I am less stressed out about the surgery, as I had prebooked my date and paid a deposit before I actually met him. I think he will do a great job.
I found out my bwd was 12.2, so I was a little bummed out because I was wanting something a little larger than that, but I guess I have to work with what I have, right? I met with Heather and tried on the sizers recommended for me, which were 345cc moderate, 385cc full, and 415 full. I told myself before that I did not want a high/full profile and I would not go 400cc or over, however the 415cc is the one my hubby realllllly wants me to get. The look I was going for was more full and round in the bottom and side boob. I don't want the pushed up look. However I was kind of hoping to go higher than a 345cc. So confusing! Does the 345cc look too small from the side? I found that from the front the 345cc looked huge...but from the side quite small. And then from the front the 385cc looked smaller than the 345cc but from the side they were nicer. The 415cc just looked huge from the front and the side lol. I told the office I would think it over for the weekend and call on Monday to confirm my size. I need help!!

Homemade rice sizers 415cc

Can't believe I'm considering this but these are 415 rice sizers I made at home. The actual width of these will be larger than my bwd. I'm 12.2 and the implant will be 12.5. Wondering if this will make it look like a have one long uniboob. I don't know how to mimic the proper width and projection with rice sizers, so who knows if this is even accurate!

Size Confirmed!

Woop woop! Just called my PS office today and confirmed my implant size. After being 100% sure I wasn't going any where near 400cc OR getting high profile, I must have come down with a bad case of boob greed because I just finalized getting 415cc Natrelle Inspira full profile. Holy Moly the past few weeks after my consult have given me so much anxiety! What if I go too big, what if I go too small, what if I have too much side boob, what if they are too close together, what if I have too narrow of implant and a big gap. What if, what if, what if! All I can do is forget about the what ifs, feel at peace with my choice and wait and see how everything plays out after surgery is all said and done. I could look at million pictures on here (and trust me I HAVE!) and I still wouldn't know what my exact results will be, so there is no point is causing myself an early heart attack worrying!
I'm sooooo thankful my hubby agreed to let me do this and looking forward to having some boobs! I just turned the big 3-0 in September and heck, I still feel young!! So I see this is as the perfect time in my life to get this surgery done. My twenties was basically spent having 3 beautiful kids and my body taking a beating, so now it's time for myself. Pumped for Feb 26!

Lowering Breast Fold

Has anyone had surgery where the doctor lowered the breast fold on one or both breasts? When I had my consult, my PS pointed out that my one breast droops more than the other (which I was definitely aware of and absolutely hate). So he said that after surgery they will still most likely be asymmetrical but he can lower the breast fold on one a little bit to try even them out, but wanted me to realize they won't be "perfect". I said do whatever you have to do! However what does lowering the breast fold mean? Which breast will he lower the fold...the one that is higher and perkier? Is there complications to lowering a breast fold? Will recovering be harder if this is done. I should have asked all of this when he mentioned it at my consult but I was just thinking in my head, "ok ok, lets get to the trying on sizers part" lol. Also, has anyone had asymmetry prior and did lowering of the breast fold end up evening them out?

Anyone use essential oils to help with recovery?

I use Young Living essential oils for basically everything. I like to try natural things first to see if it helps, before I turn to medication or other chemical filled products, so I plan to use my oils after recovery. I will use peppermint to help with nausea on my ride home, rub Panaway on my breasts to ease muscle pain, Digize for constipation if I use any pain meds, and Lavender and Frankincense for scar treatment once I'm given the ok. Has anyone else used essential oils in their recovery and had any luck? Any other oil suggestions I can try?

On a side note, my surgery is less than two weeks away! Yay! I still have to talk to my mil about watching my kids, I just don't know what to say to her because I know she will be mad and disapprove.....
I also have been eating super healthy for the last few weeks and I lost 8lbs!!!! No exercise, just change of diet. I feel so much better. I only want to lose 2lbs more and then work on gaining more muscle and toning up my body (esp thighs/butt).
Good luck to everyone with an upcoming surgery :)

Holyshmoly surgery is tomorrow!

I can't believe tomorrow is the big day. Feels like I've been waiting forever.
So all week has been super hectic! I basically have felt like Im pregnant and in the nesting stage lol. Ive been cleaning, organizing, tidying up, running errands and just doing all this random stuff because I know I won't have arm movement afterwards. So anything I can think of, I'm doing it. Made sure to get my eyebrows done today too!
For tomorrow Im bringing graham crackers, a neck pillow, bottle of water, my surgical bra, a few essential oils and not sure what else I need! Having to show up no makeup is going to be weird, as I NEVER leave the house without at least my eyes done.
On a very frustrating note... (which Im very upset this is happening the night before my surgery), I booked my surgery for 8am and have to be there at 715am. I live about 1 1/2hrs outside of Toronto and with rush hour will probably take close to 2hrs so we have to leave at 5am. My paper that the receptionist gave to me has my appt written down for 8am. I received a call at 5:01pm tonight confirming my appt. I was dropping my kids off and my phone was in the car so I got a voicemail. The lady told me not to eat after midnight and then mentioned my appt is 11am and to arrive for 930am!! I tried calling back at 5:20pm right when I got the message but the office closed at 5pm. So now I don't know if she just messed up the times when she was talking on the phone or if they actually messed up in their books and put me down for 11am and told me 8am. So I'm very stressed out (more than I was before). I guess we will have to still go for 715 because thats what i booked and thats what my sheet says and I can't confirm with anyone and don't want to miss my appt if it actually is 8am! Im annoyed that they waited until the office was closed and the night before my surgery to do their follow up confirmation call. This should have been done during the day or a couple days ahead just to prevent something like this from happening. Maybe I should have called myself???? But most Dr offices job is to do the followups, not the patient.

My boobs have arrived :)

So first off my surgery WAS at 8am. Thank god I didn't go by what the receptionist said in her good luck confirmation call that they left me last night, because I would have totally missed it!  Hopefully they don't do that to anyone else because it just made my night and whole morning way more stressful. But when I arrived at the surgery center, I was over the moon with joy that I saw my name on the 8am time slot! 
So we left the house at 515am and the T.O traffic was a breeze! We arrived around 635am, found parking and then had to wait outside in the cold bc the clinic wasnt open yet.  The nurse came around 650 and thankfully let us in because it was freeeeezing.  She said they didn't open until 7, but we explained we came from out of town and the girl who had surgery after me actually showed up at the same time too!  She showed both of us our room upstairs.  I got in the gown and slippers provided and she asked some questions and then I waited for the Doctor.  The Dr. came around 740am and was very happy and friendly and made the markings on me.  I asked him a few questions about lowering the fold and some silly questions about me worrying that the implants won't fit and he answered everything and eased my mind everything would be ok!  He got my prescription for my husband to fill while he waited.  The nurse gave me a Tylenol and percocet to take beforehand and then just shortly after 8am she came and got me and took me to the operating room.  Everything went pretty quickly. The nurses were nice and hooked me up to everything.  The anesthesiologist tried to put the needle in my hand but I guess there was a problem so he had to take it out and put it in my arm.  Hurt a little but not too bad.  After they gave me the drugs I was probably out within a few minutes.  I remember waking up and asking if it was all done and then I think I dozed off again.  And then I remember waking up again and asking if it was all done.  I think I asked a few more time after that too. Lol.  It felt like I had a ton of bricks on my chest and I couldn't take deep breaths....kind of felt like when I had pneumonia!  My arms were SOOOO heavy and weak.  I was more annoyed at how my arms felt than my boobs.  Surgery was about an hour and the doctor walked by when I was sitting up and said everything went great and that they were nice and even! YAY!!!! I hope they stay like that.  I rested for a little bit and then at 10:15 they wheeled me behind a curtain and I got dressed.  They said they rang for my husband and told him to be at the back door to get me at 10:45.  I didn't feel nauseous at all...just kind of spaced out and hurt to breath.  Car ride back home was smooth. I tried to eat a graham cracker but my mouth was so dry and pasty that I didn't eat it.  My husband kept asking if I wanted to stop for food or if I wanted to go to Ikea!!!  Haha.  I was like Seriously????? I just want to go home and rest!  Right when I got home and started walking around I felt a little nauseous.  I took the stool softener and antibiotic and then within 1 min had to run to the washroom and get sick.  Feel much better after that!  Pain isn't overly bad.  I have pretty good range of motion in my arms and feel really alert now.  My husband and I took a quick peak and he was like "Oh I thought they were going to be bigger".  Lol.  They actually don't look too bad!  I'm not sure how much they will change in regards to size, but at the moment I'm glad I didn't go smaller.  The number 415 TERRIFIED me.  I think I thought I was going to end up with something like how 700cc would look lol.  Right now Im just snuggling with my dog in bed watching The Chew.  Probably going to switch to a Netflix Bollywood movie soon.  My husband is super antsy and can't chill and sit still for long, so he's contemplating going in to work for 2pm and will be gone until about 5:30.  I hope I don't need anything in the meantime!

Another sneak peek

Day 1 Post

So yesterday wasn't too too bad.  I felt pretty good. I was alert and I walked around the house. I went to the washroom alone, I made myself a smoothie for dinner, I got my own drinks and cups from the cupboard.  I didn't rely on my hubby too much.  I boycotted taking any prescription pain meds because they make me feel crummy so Ive been coping with the pain with extra strength tylonal and essential oils.  I have this massage oil from Young Living called Ortho Sport that is ahhhhmazing!! Its essentially used for athletes and people who work out a lot to use on sore muscles, ligaments etc.  It has peppermint, wintergreen, panaway, rosemary and a few other essential oils and I rub it on and in between my breasts.  Its helped soooo much with the pain and basically helps to numb the area. 
For lunch I fully had my apetite back and was craving grease so my hubby got me McDonald's (he didn't end up going in to work).  Ive ditched fast food for over a 1 1/2mths and have been eating super healthy but it was soooooo good and satisfying! 
I didn't nap at all during the day. I was fully alert and just watched a movie, answered some texts from friends and lounged.  My husband was the one who actually took a long nap! Haha. 
I went to bed around 9pm and actually didnt have too bad of a sleep.  I propped up two pillows but think I shifted down and was more on my back then reclined, but at least I got some rest! I woke up at 330am and didnt go back to sleep. Was in too much pain so had 2 tylonal and just played around on my cell phone.
Today has been way worse on the pain side.  When I got out of bed and whenever I get up after laying down its so much burning and pressure on my incisions.  The whole front below breasts kills and travels around to the side of my body. It feels like someone took a hammer and smashed my ribs from sides to front.  I decided to give in and take a oxycoton.  BIG mistake.  Same thing I worried about happened.  My face got really hot and flush. I started shaking and sweating. My vision went blurry and started seeing stars. Luckily my husband was standing beside me so I held on to him for support. He helped me back in bed and I was white as a ghost. My hearing got muffled for some reason too and I felt very nauseous.  I ended up falling asleep on and off for an hour.  I haven't felt good since then. Definitely throwing the bottle away and just sticking with tylonal.  So, because I had that reaction to the pain meds I couldn't go with my husband to pick up our kids.  He had to tell my mil I had food poisoning.  Kids came home around 5 and immediately the house was loud and in chaos lol.  No more rest and quiet time!  Happy to see them all but hubby really has to do everything. I try to help a bit but every time I walk around its such an intense pain that I feel more comfortable sitting or laying down.  I hope the pain doesn't last too much longer. 
On a positive note I had a bowel movement this afternoon. Ive read so many reviews where girls go for like 4 or 5 days post and are so uncomfortable, so Im thankful I didnt have that issue on top of everything. Oh and I was able to make it out to a restaurant for breakfast this morning. It was a struggle but nice to get out for a bit. Tomorrow will be shower day. I can't flipping wait!  Hope everyone else is healing well.  We will all get through it :)

Painful incisions???

I'm literally dying over here. I can't even explain how painful my incisions are when I stand up and walk around. It hurts so bad its making me nauseous. Is this normal???? Everyones post that I read they say how much better they feel around this time and explain pain of being tightness and just being uncomfortable. This is like extreme I want to jump off a bridge, put me out of my misery pain. I don't know how much longer I can take it. Ive been icing literally every 10-15min. I also have excruciating pain all down the side of my right breast whenever I move that arm a little bit. I hope this is all normal....

Day 2 and 3 post

This is going to be quick as I've felt really crummy the last 2 days. Pain has been on the extreme end. I defintely didnt think I would feel this much pain with a BA...must have just been wishful thinking. It is afterall a surgery!
I was able to take a shower day 2 and 3 which felt sooo nice! I'm having trouble sleeping....usually wake up around 3am and then my back hurts so much I need to get out of bed to stretch it out, so Im up for the day and I just come down and watch a movie on the recliner.
Ive been having to ice around the clock! Whenever I stand up I get excruciating pain (esp on my left) under my breast around the incision site. I did have one breast fold lowered, so maybe this is the one and maybe its from internal stitches holding the new breast pocket? Not too sure but it makes me nauseous and feel faint from the intense pain. Its also very very painful on the side of my right breast all the way down. Feels like a burning feeling. I took some pictures after my showers. I'm definitely not liking my breasts yet or feeling sexy at all. They are boxy, high, tight and have the "snoopy look". There is about 1 finger width between my collarbone and where the implant is. I can't stand up straight and am hunched over pretty bad. That, and the constant "burning" isn't making me feel desirable or fab just yet! Lol. In due time!

1 week update!

So today is 1 week since surgery!  This has definitely been a far worse recovery than I had expected.  Ever since Sunday I am getting intense pain on my left breast under where the incision is.  I'd say it probably is an 8.5-9 (and Ive had two children drug free) so its been very difficult.  It feels like someone is taking a blowtorch and just holding it on my skin.  And this happens EVERY time I stand up and start walking around.  It hits within 30 seconds to a minute and does not go away until I run back to the couch to sit down with ice.  So I literally have not been able to get around or do much all week!  Ive had more of a relationship with my ice pack than I have with my husband and kids. Its been my best friend and the only thing keeping me from jumping out the window.  Ive been overly irritable and snappy because something as simple as trying to make my kids a sandwich for lunch, I have to take breaks and literally sway from side to side to try forget/lessen the pain (even though it doesnt work). I emailed pictures of the incision to my PS office to try rule out a possible infection and although hard to diagnose with a picture, they didn't think it was infected.  They think it is coming from deeper sutures because I had my left breast fold lowered and there is more deeper reinforcement needed there.  She recommended to ice and apply pressure (which is what I've been doing 24/7) and they think it will pass after the first week.  So that's today!!!!! Hoping to feel better today!  My sons birthday is Monday and we are supposed to be having a party on Sunday with my inlaws and they don't know I had this surgery, so I have to figure out a way to hide it....and I cant do that if Im still feeling this way.
Now on to some other updates....I have heard my left implant make noise since Wednesday. Its kind of a weird squishing sound that happens usually when I move my arm up in a certain way.  
The past 4 nights Ive slept like a rock!  The first few were rough and I woke up around 3am and didnt go back to sleep.  I am a side/stomach sleeper and I LOVE MY SLEEP, so I dreaded sleeping on my back, but I surprisingly haven't had any issues. I have two pillows propped up and I sleep like a baby all night (unless my baby wakes for a bottle) but then Im right back out again.
I haven't really noticed any visual changes. They are still very high and have the weird snoopy look.  I think it almost looks like a bird beak! Lol.  I hope it doesn't take long to get that resolved in to a nice slope because its dreadful to look at from the side and looks super weird in any shirt I wear.  I tried on an old 34D bra that I had while pregnant and breastfeeding and it seemed a tad too snug!  I couldn't imagine that would mean I would need a 36 band (bc normally Im a 32) so maybe Ill end up needing a 32DD??? Not quite sure how bra sizes work. That's always been confusing for me.
Oh and for some reason I have been super bloated all week! I wonder if it was from the antibiotics or tylonal.  I only took an oxycoton on Sat afternoon and that was the only one, so Ive had a bm every day.  I ended my antibiotics on Tuesday and ran out of Tylonal on Tuesday, so I haven't taken any pills since.
My nipples have been super duper sensitive since Wednesday.  It hurts when I shift my ice pack or if my kids accidentally nudge them.  My incision is under the breast, so this just must be a normal recovery symptom.
Other than that not much else is going on....just pain pain pain and ice ice ice!  The house is a complete disaster! Ugh.....someone remind me why I decided to do this lol

Starting to feel better. Yahoo

So yesterday (9 days post) was soooooo much better for me.  A real turning point!  I went 75? of the day without the pain. Constant soreness yes....but not the excruciating pain that kept me in my house for 8 days sitting on the couch with ice 24/7. It felt sooooo good to get out of the house. I have never been kept inside for that many days in my life!  It is my sons 3rd birthday today so we celebrated yesterday with my inlaws and went to a restaurant and came home and had cake.  I was able to sweep the floors, do dishes, laundry and can now pick up my 15mth old (she weighs 19lbs).  I have to bring her close to my body and push up with my legs, so it def takes more effort than before. I think I did a bit too much BC the pain did come back late afternoon and night, but it was such a nice long break where I felt semi normal again.  I still have a lot of soreness along the sides of my breasts under my arm pits.  It feels very very bruised and tender to touch.  I notice my boobs are looking better and have made minor improvements since last weekend.  I can tell they are going to be very nice once I'm healed up. I had quite a bit of asymmetry and so far it looks like my doctor did an amazing job at making them more even! Will add some pics without my strap so you can see how high and odd looking they are (the strap hid the appearance). I still have to wear it day and night until Friday. And then my first post op followup with my PS is on the 15th!

12 days post

12 days post today. Driving is difficult. Its almost impossible to turn the wheel in one big motion. I have to move my hands in short quick movements just to turn a small corner lol. And turning around to look behind when backing up just doesnt happen. I pray I don't hit anything!
I Still get pain in my left and I'm icing daily.
My steri strips are still on so I havent seen my scars yet.
My two weeks will be on Friday but I'll probably wait to update when I have my first post op appointment on Tuesday. Still like the look of my boobs better when the strap is on because it hides how hide they are riding. I've seen a little bit of progress and every bit counts!
Hope everyone is feeling good!

2 weeks!

So I lied.... I wasn't going to post until my check up on Tuesday but I found an old sportsbra in my closet from my breastfeeding days and these look so much better than the surgical bras. Can't wait until I can ditch my surgical bra.

Preop Appointment Rescheduled

So I was really looking forward to my appointment today because I'm 18 days post and still haven't seen my doctor since surgery day. He does his first appt 2 weeks post and mine just worked out to be 18 days post. But anyways all 3 of my kids came down with strep throat :( Bahhhhh! I had a friend who was going to babysit but she has young kids too, so I couldn't drop off 3 sick kids with fever and cough to pass on to her household. I was seriously contemplating still going and just bringing all 3 of them with me, but I live about 1 1/2hrs away from my PS (close to 2hr is rush hour) and my son was really lethargic and so out of it, so I felt bad and figured it was best to just cancel it and let them all rest and snuggle on the couch. The next time he does post op appointments is next Tues, so I'm scheduled in then and guess I just have to wait another week....*sigh. I did have a quick chat this morning with the nurse over the phone, just to talk about the pain I still get in my left breast and go over a few things the doctor would have discussed with me today. AND she said I can stop wearing the strap! Yay!!!! I'm going to have way more clothing options now. I think I will still wear it to bed until I see the Dr next week.
On the weekend I grabbed a couple of bras, even though I have to wear my surgical bra until 2 months, but I couldn't wait. Its probably too early because my boobs are still really high and are all "upper pole". I really don't have much lower pole so a lot of bras just didn't fit or sit right. I asked to be sized from 2 different stores. The one said 32D and the other did it COMPLETELY wrong. She said I was between 32B and 32C lol. I was like 32B?????? Kind of in shock. I wanted to say "Listen I was a 32B BEFORE I just paid 10k for implants!" Lol. I knew she was totally off but didn't want to tell her she was wrong so I just took the 32C she gave me to try on and surprise surprise it was too small.
Had a little success and found a few bras in size large and 34D. I'm starting to really like my boobs. They are still high but are dropping ever so slightly.
Picture overload! :)

3 weeks!

Today is 3 weeks since surgery, so I thought it'd be fun to do a comparison to see the changes that have occurred.  They were definitely hideous right after surgery and a lot of these pictures I was too embarrassed to post!  Now at 3 weeks I am still not in love with the side profile or front view yet. They are better then what they were, don't get me wrong, but they are still not my idea of what beautiful breasts look like.  I'm hoping for a lot of changes in the next couple of months and I think once they settle and fill in in the bottom, they will finally be what I envisioned (shape, size and fullness wise).  I've seen quite a few reviews on realself and basically right after surgery some have that PERFECT shape right from the get go!  I know others just take more time and I realize I am one of those cases and just have to be patient.  I'm confident mine will get there! The last pictures compared are actually from 19 days post op, but close enough! 
Hope everyone is healing beautifully! Small changes = progress!

Does bra size change btw 1-6mths post BA???

So I kind of have a little bit of a shopping addiction and right now I just want to buy bras. I can't even wear anything other than my surgical bra until 2mths post, BUT I want to hear from ladies who are farther along in their BA if their bra size changed much within the months after surgery and with their D&F. I bought 4 bras last week because La Senza had buy 1 get one FREE (how could I pass that up??!!) I bought 32DD, which fits perfect at the moment. So my question is....will this still be my size 2-6mths from now??? I don't really want to waste my money on more bras if I can only wear them for a couple months. Has anyone seen an increase or decrease in their size? And when did it occur? TIA!

Incision confusion

I am confused about inframammory incision placement. I had my implants put in under my breasts and I've always been confused whether the incision is made right In the crease or above the crease? Are they initially put right In the crease and when they drop the incision moves up on the breast? It looks like one of mine is right in the crease and the other one is slightly above. I've seen so many pictures where peoples incisions are higher up on their breast.
One of mine looks really good. Its fairly faint and the other is very red. I just got the OK on Tuesday to use a scar treatment, so yesterday I made up a cream with coconut oil, cocoa butter and a few Young Living essential oils.

How to find who you FOLLOW? Realself for dummies

Hey Ladies...I find this site very confusing sometimes. Its not very user friendly in my opinion...or maybe I just haven't figured out how to use it yet (even though its been 6mths). How can I find out who I follow? I know I follow a ton of reviews and when I want to go and check something on a review I can't pull it up because I can't remember everyone's username or specific spelling of it. Is there a list I can click on to see the pretty gals I've followed? I basically just have to wait until they make an update on their review....but there have been so many I've wanted to go back and check a post for information and I can't do it. Also is there an easier way to see when someone comments on my review or reply to a post right on Realself? Right now I've just been cross referencing with an email I get sent to my email account. But there should be something right on here to make it easier. The alert tab gets clogged with so many updates its impossible to filter through to find things specific to your posts or updates. Thanks for the tips!


My left is being so darn stubborn. Its still not as nice as my right. Its high, which makes it so you can see the outline of the implant up on my chest, and I don't like it. I just need it to drop a lot more to catch up with my right. You can see at the bottom of my breasts that my left is a lot higher by the crease as well. But that just seems to be the name of the game! They are definitey not twins but that is to be expected because they were so different before surgery as well. I guess a part of me just hoped for a miracle and that they would miraculously be perfect and identical. The right is coming along nicely though so at least I have one pretty boob lol. I'm happy about that! Can't wait to see them at 2mths! Just have to knock some sense in to the left and we will be good to go! :)

I love em!

I am FINALLY really starting to like my new boobs! If anyone is struggling after surgery with a lot of pain and a not so pleasant appearance , trust me it does get better! It may seem impossible for the shape to change but surprisingly it does!!  Before surgery I thought I was going to fall in love right away. After not having boobs I thought anything would be better than what I had and that I would be over joyed just to have boobs! I read so many posts where people would say how much they loved them only a few days after surgery. This was far from the case for me.  I kind of felt sad about it and wondered if I ever would like them.  They just looked and felt soooo incredibly awkward.  Love and sexiness were the last things I was feeling. Now that they have started to drop and look like normal boobs, I am becoming so pleased with the results.  It is so much easier to dress now too, which absolutely plays a role in feeling good.  It definitely does take a lot of waiting and wondering (for some) but it DOES happen.  Just try to stay positive :)

2 Mth!

I hit 2mths today. Hallejulah! Well 8 weeks today and I guess 2 mths will be on the 26th. So however you count it.
I had my 2mth followup with Heather at the clinic on Wednesday and things are going good! I got the ok to ditch my surgical bra and can wear any bra I choose. This was music to my ears!! I was so fed up dressing with the surgical bra bc my nipples stuck out and I had very limited tops I could wear with it. Heather said they should get a little bit softer. She said it was still a little tight underneath where my inscions are so I can use an oil (I've been using coconut oil and essential oils on my scars already) but to really massage the surrounding area. I just rubbed the cream on but she said to rub the area with more pressure and it will help to loosen up the nerves and skin and my left should drop a tad bit more once that area isn't as tight (but we are talking millimeters). I think they are basically where they are going to be from now on.
Pain wise I really don't have any pain. Its still a little numb underneath on both sides and my nipples are still sensitive but that's it. I can move any which way and can sleep on my side or stomach with no problems. I was told I should continue to wear a bra to bed (basically forever) but it can be any soft comfy bra. Other than that not much is going on. Size is definitely smaller than I thought it would be. 415cc was the largest I could go and honestly wouldn't have went over that anyways because that number had me freaking out like CRAZY...but I def feel like my body could handle larger proportion wise. In clothes you really can't tell I had a boob job and I don't look large chested at all...not the slightest. I'm wearing a 32DD at Victoria Secret and 32D at LaSenza and Calvin Klein. My breasts aren't identical but they weren't before surgery either. My left one is a tad larger and carries a different shape than my right but I think Dr Edelstein did an amazing job with my BA and got them way more symmetrical than they were before. So happy I went ahead with the BA and so happy that I was able to have Dr E perform my surgery.

What the heck happened to my boobs??!!

So I just hit 8 weeks post on Friday. I was so happy with results and how they looked. I literally woke up on Sunday (only 2 days later) and looked in the mirror and was like wth happened???? They look so different in 2 days! My left is a good inch lower and now looks huge and my right is high and looks small and squished. My right was always one to advance faster and I really wanted my left to drop and catch up.... But now its dropped too much and now I want my right to drop more. Lol. Geez!! What a roller coaster this process is. I wonder if this is just a case of dropping at diff times....or if its something problematic or if its my old pre boobs coming back to haunt me, but I really don't see how my right can drop that much more to catch up! I had my left crease lowered to try even them out...and now its too low. I was told at my 2mth post op that if they dropped it would be literally millimeters. So we shall see! I talked to my PS office yesterday and they were very quick to respond and try ease my fears. I was told its too early to assess results which is true. I should be waiting 6mths to see how they really turn out, but my PS office said to give it 2 more months and if I am still concerned then I can try to bump up my 6mth appt to see the doctor sooner. Hopefully it doesn't come to that. Fingers crossed for me ladies. Has any one else went through something like this. I thought the first few weeks was more the time they would be the most diff....not at this point. I assumed now they would just be getting better, not look worse. I should also note you can really see the unneveness and size difference in bras and bikinis so I'm not really looking forward to my 2 upcoming trips anymore :(


I havent posted in awhile because I was waiting to hit 3mths which happened while we were away in California, so Im a little late posting. Things have been going good. I can sleep on my stomach and side no problems. The area underneath still has a numb sensation and feels weird to touch it or when my hubby grabs/cups my breasts, so Im hoping that clears up soon. My nipples are still sensitive and more on the painful side so I dont like them being touched either which really sucks because that was a big part of our sex life before. Its not very pleasurable bc its kind of painful at first and then it goes almost numb so I can't feel anything :( Reallllly hoping that subsides because it definitely feels different than it did before surgery. My left is still sitting lower than my right...probably by an inch and that was the one that was lowered so I don't think that will clear up at all. I can't see my right dropping that much to catch up. My left is also larger so Im wondering if two different sizes would have helped to even things out. The size is a lot smaller than I thought it would be. 415cc was the largest I could go without switching to extra full so I can't play the "wish I went bigger card" so Im at peace with the size I chose. I would have been really unhappy being any smaller! I can very easily hide them lol as it is barely noticeable I had anything done and I find it difficult to really bring them out and get that "big boob cleavage look". I didn't want people to obviously notice I had a boob job so I guess thats a good thing. At least I have more shape than I did before. Over the next few months Im just hoping the skin numbness and nipple sensitivity goes away and then I will be a lot happier!

3mth Comparisons

You can see the progression of my left. It was initally a little higher and almost even at 1mth post and then it got lower and lower. That was the side that was lowered so maybe my skin was too stretchy to keep holding it up. So maybe it would have been ok if it wasn't lowered at all??

Bras bras bras!

A few weeks ago I was able to make it over to the States and not only did I find a Victorias Secret, but it was their semi annual sale! I couldnt pass up $14.99-$19.99 bras!! Even though the conversion isnt all that great right now, I know I got a great deal! I ended up with 8 bras! A little bit of everything and all were 32DD.
Going over my profile I noticed I don't have many bra pics, so here we go! I'm 4mths post op now. Size is still smaller than I envisioned so I like a good pushup/underwire especially the VS Very Sexy front closure. You all have to buy that!

Its a boob day!

My journey at 6mths post!

Im kind of late posting on my 6mth appointment but once you are far enough along and not scrutinizing your boobs 24/7, you really do forget about them! Lol. 
So I had my 6mth appointment mid Aug and hit 6mths on Aug 26.  The doctor said everything was looking great.  I personally think they look quite small and it doesnt look like I have 415cc, so that just goes to show that you will never know how they will end up until its all done.  I thought by looking at hundreds of pictures and comparing to people that were roughly my size, that I knew how mine would turn out.....far from the truth!  Even the nurse who took my picture came in and was like "oh so whatd you get? You went with the 345 or 365s????"  And I was like "No I got 415cc!"  And she said...."Ya I guess you can never really tell and you must have had little to no breast tissue."  So to everyone.....dont get hung up on the number.  If you get the same exact implant as someone on here because you like their pictures....chances are that yours will not look the same whatsoever and you won't even end up with the same bra size!  Its confusing but thats just how it is lol.
So at 6mths I still have a weird sensation under my breasts where the incisions are.  The skin still feels numb but then it also kind of gives off an irritating painful feeling as well.  Same as my nipples.  I do not like either areas touched!  This was my main concern when seeing my doctor and he said that the nerves are the longest part of the process to heal and it could take up to 1 to 1 1/2 years.  Fingers crossed everything does go back to normal.  I was really worried about not having the same sensation in my nipples after this whole process and so far that is the most upsetting thing to get used to.
Looking back I think I would have been happier with the moderate profile instead of the high profile, which at the time I knew, but went with what my hubby wanted.  I like a more "hangy" and "droopy" boob with very round lower pole if that makes sense.  However with that said....I would have been upset to get anything less than 415cc because they are quite small and the largest moderate profile I could get was only 345cc.  So I guess you have to compromise somewhere!
I do love having boobs though.  Its great having more shape and being able to fill in shirts.  However now the button up shirts are a little difficult to wear lol.  I just wish they werent as far apart and I didnt have to work so much to get cleavage.  I have to wear a really big pushup bra for any sort of cleavage....but I guess before surgery even if I did that I still didnt have cleavage, so should be blessed with what I have now!  Its hard to go through this and not have high expectations for perfection.  You really cant expect perfect breasts.  Does that even exist????  What is perfect to someone, isnt perfect to the next, so just work with what you have and try not to dwell! 
I had a trip to Mexico over the summer and it felt great to wear bikinis and not be jealous over every female with boobs because I actually have my own! Lol.  And I have an upcoming trip to Vegas in Feb so Im already stock piling my wardrobe with some sexy tops!
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Edelstein is a fantastic doctor. He is kind, professional and knowledgeable. His office is very accommodating. His extensive online photo gallery showed amazing results, which is the main reason why I booked with him, along with his countless positive reviews. His staff at the clinic and the nurses at the surgery center are very nice and helpful. I was very stuck on sizing so I would have liked a little more guidance between the 3 choices, but after all it was my ultimate decision. I am extremely satisfied with my results thus far. They are smaller than I imagined they would be, so if you are stuck on choosing a size, don't fret that they will be too large, because they most likely will end up smaller than what you are envisioning. My husband was disappointed they charged a fee for credit card payments, as he was planning on paying to receive credit card points, but the fee wasn't worth it, so that would be one of the only negatives. There was also a mix up when they called and left a message the night before my surgery and told me the wrong appointment time (an appt 3hrs later than I had booked), so that was a stressful time. Luckily I just still went with what I had booked and it indeed was my appointment, but had I went by what was left on my voicemail I would have missed my surgery entirely. All in all I would definitely recommend anyone to Dr Edelstein.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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