29yrs, 5'7", 121lbs 365cc HP Allergan - Breast Fed for Two Years - Toronto, ON

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In all honestly, I've been contemplating a BA for...

In all honestly, I've been contemplating a BA for a solid 10years now. I had originally booked my procedure in May 2011, however I became pregnant with my beautiful little girl. And therefore had to cancel. I breastfed for 25months straight, and noticed afterwards that what tissue mass I originally had prior to pregnancy had disappeared as well. I started w/ 34A. I'm easily 34AA with gap in bra too spare.

My BA is on July 29th @ 5pm. Toronto Cosmetic Clinic with Surgeon Dr. Mansour Bendago

As of now I am scheduled to have moderate plus, cohesive gel, round. 300CC for Left breast & 325CC for Right breast.

Few pictures

25 More days....Little help please

I think its slowly starting to excite & hit me that I will be getting a BA in 25 more days. 10 years of my life, I have been strongly contemplating getting this amazing procedure.

A few days ago I again debated my implant size. This has been one of the biggest ongoing things for me. I called my surgeons nurse who has helped me through this whole process, and the day before surgery on my pre-op she will have two sizers.
Moderate 300ccRight & 275ccLeft
Moderate Plus 325Right & 300ccLeft
I previously posted a picture of my swollen milk boobs. Were my right was completely dried up and deflated, and my left which was engorged and swollen. That picture has been my wish boobs, perfect look on my body. I am strongly confident in knowing I want a moderate style implant and round of course. However the projection is the most difficult to decide. HP is completely out of the question for me. I personally want a natural look, cleavage, and I do not mind a side boob. Can anyone give me any suggestions or advice on which implant would suit my expectations and size?

Post Op Bras Arrived

in hind sight I may have purchased a few too many, but I had no idea how I would feel after surgery, and in addition too comfort, I enjoy wearing sports bras on a regular basis. Personal preference. I have three that zip from the front, and a combo pack that has eye hooks. All front closure so I will be able to assist myself in the early stages of recovery :)

From left to right:
1. Playtex. Nude colour. Name: the zip zip hurry bra. Size: m
2. Champion. Grey & white. Size: m
3. Unknown brand. Solid black. Size: 34b/c no wire
4. Fruit of the loom. Combo pack. Size: 34 no wire

More pics

Final Payment

Well I guess its official, my nurse just called & the final payment has been added. Blood work was taken last week, and results faxed to Toronto Cosmetic Clinic. I don't know if I'm excited or scared if that makes sense. The last few nights have been difficult to sleep, trying to shut off my brain has been a hard task in itself. I have also been practicing sleeping on an incline with props of pillows for a month. Only now has the sleeping adjustments been feeling annoying, not uncomfortable as such.
I also lashed out this morning at my husband. I know it's stress related to surgery, and I have too just breathe. I guess it's easier said then done! I'm more concerned with the recovery other than anything else. I am allergic too Penicillin, Keflex & Erythromycin. Kind of the mother load of antibiotics, so if by chance I develop an infection, the risks are much higher for me. And secondly my post op is July 31st thats 2 days after my surgery. I am not from the Toronto, Ontario region. I have to take two connecting flights to reach my surgeon and his clinic. And if I were to drive, it would be 3days non-stop. Having to leave so early and being so far away concerns me, but mostly on the fact that I have a VERY VERY VERY ACTIVE 2.5year old. And once I return, and my husband heads back to work, I am officially on my own with her that coming Monday. There is no doubt I'll end up popping a stitch, pulling a chest muscle, or not having the strength to take her off the furniture before she decides to hang off the light fixtures. (That example by the way, is no exaggeration. It happens often) My husband owns a construction company and is quite busy. All other family members work. I'm on my own solely.
My nurse also discussed sizing again. After posted the topless pictures, it was deeply evident that my right breast will need an additional 50cc's above my left breast. She assured me they stock many implant sizes, and will have an assortment of sizes for me to try on during pre-op on July 28th. Conclusion, size will be decided upon the day prior to surgery *Yikes, another stressful moment*. I am certainly confident in knowing I want Moderate Plus or Moderate profile implants, cohesive gel, sub-muscular, breast crease incisions. Those damn CC's are my stress bowl of emotions. My internal fight I have with myself on a daily basis.

300cc rice sizers

I added a few rice sizer pictures I had taken today with rice and panty hose. It is an estimate for 300cc and I flattened the stockings to a pancake shape. 10 more days till surgery.

Preop & Surgery tomorrow!

Finally made it too Toronto, had my preop today @1pm. It ran smooth, fast, a lot of basic paperwork, and tried on sizers as I was very uncertain as too the cc's. I originally wanted moderate plus profile, turns out I am too narrow and thin, that a moderate plus implant will not work for my chest. I'm now getting SSF projection implant. Which is apparently a projection between moderate plus and HP. 365Cc Left 415cc Right. The right may be altered a tad by the surgeon tomorrow. Will not receive my prescription until I'm in surgery by my husband. Apparently I'll get either Percocet or Tylenol 3.
I kinda don't know how I'm feeling, my stomach has been upset since yesterday, do not know if that's my body reacting to stress before my mind kicks in. Frankly I don't feel super excited yet, or scared, I feel calm and very chill right now. Weird!
And apparently I am allowed to eat and drink until 8hours before surgery!

I'm on the other side!

Its 4:31am postoperative, arrived at clinic 4:45pm met with surgeon and he digested staying wth two same size implants. His judgment was s important to me. And we both agreed on SSF365 for varies reasons. Met with a wonderful nurse who went through additional paperwork, vitals and before photos. I have never been so calm in my life yesterday,I swear Taped into another level of montra & zen, it surprised me. And my eating or drinking all day surprised me on how well I did, considering it was 34+ Celsius. I remember meeting with the anesthesiologist and within ten minutes afterwards, I was being rolled into surgery room, administered my IV and in what felt like 10secs after he released the medication through the tube, I was out cold Turkey. Woke up in recovery, drank a full bottle of water. Which helped significantly. By 10:30pm I was being wheeled out and my husband and nurse escorted my into the jeep and off we went. Had a few pita sea salt crackers upon arrival of our relatives house and drank another full glass of water with a straw, chitchatted and took 1 oxy pain med and wedged myself up with pillows and within seconds off to bed. Woke up to write this, it's currently 4;46am. And will be heading off to bed momentarily. From a scale of one to ten, I'm a good manageable 1 or 2. I know it's so well because the numbing injections, so I've been prepping myself for the next few days of What's to come. Mr. Bendago my surgeon and was wonderful,very pleased with his kean eye and professionalism. As well as the wonderful nurse in recovery. I also have therm pearls wrapped in a thin cloth ledged upon my new ladies for swelling purposes. I am also allowed to take a shower tomorrow. Another exciting time for sure. Please leave your thoughts and comments, they've been so amazing, educational, personal that I really appreciate This forum, again thank you, laying the phone down and heading to bed :) second round.

1day post-op Pics

So very sorry in Terms of my last review, it was early and obviously half out of it, my poor grammar and autocorrect completely took that update over.
I took my first shower and was advised that I can go bra less one hour a day. First time I saw my new ladies :) my bruising around the incision site is getting more pronounced. Is this normal?

3 days post op - post op visit

Before I start the review, less than 24hrs post op I had extreme enternal itching, I was reacting to the oxycodone. I switched to extra strength Tylenol and continued my antibiotics.

Today I met with my surgeon, Dr. Bendago and he advised to start massaging my implants 5 times a day for a solid few weeks to allow the implant to soften and create a larger pocket for the implant to move around in, prevention from capsular contracture. Have been doing a few already and have noticed my bruising getting a tad bit worse. My left breast is softer then my right. My right seems extremely tight and hard.
From day one I was able to lift my left arm over my head. Today I can comfortably raise both arms above my head. I can use the bathroom on my own, and the pain never really surpassed a 2 other than gettin out of bed.
Most discomfort is in my right breast and right armpit, bottom of breast are numb, nipples have been protruding constant since BA.
I want to thank my husband, he's been so helpful, opening fridge doors, lifting things, and even carrying around my purse to the mall yesterday :) will update with more pictures once I see any changes.

5 days post op - plus plane ride home

I decided to write another review, not because I see many progressive changes with my breast, but because yesterday on 4 day post op, I had embarked on my journey back home that included two connecting flights.

I wore a cardigan and sat next to the window, the reason I specified that I wore a cardigan is because I wanted to be able to do my massages, and be slightly discreet in doing so. I felt my breast getting slightly tighter during the whole flight, and my left breast continued to feel like bubbles were popping. It was the weirdest sensation, it felt like it was coming from the sutures. And today, not even massages are helping loosen the tightness.

I'm home with my daughter, husband, and 70lbs puppy, and even though I did not experience too much pain after surgery, I feel completely useless home. I tried opening the fridge, and the force of the pulling felt has if I am dislocating my implant. Weird little uncomftable things like that. My daughter is 2.5years, and has yet to notice any changes. My belly is still swollen, and I've been off pain meds since the first 24 hours. I have two days left of antibiotics. Thank god, because my stomach is slowly starting to become on friendly.

1 week update pics

Doing a lot of massaging, and arm lifts, tender at times. My left is soft, right breast is still tight, very very tight. I'm fearing Capsular C. Dear god I hope not!

2 Weeks Post Op

My right breast I think is catching up quite nicely. Advised to go without a sports bra for one hour a day. And massage as often as your muscle allows for. I came down with a nasty head cold two days ago, thankful it's only viral, as I'm still in the healing process and was worried.
Dr. Advised to continue showering, and let the steri strips fall off on there own. I personally feel that this will take awhile, as it has only gave away and loosened a cm, if that. So it's two weeks post op and I have yet to see the scar.
I drove to the vet yesterday with my fur baby, and taking turns was slightly weird feeling, as if my implant was moving from side to side, I found that maneuvering the lower part of the steering wheel while driving felt better.
I'm still sleeping upright, out of fear probably more than anything, however I've yet to feel the morning boob effect. I mean they've felt stiffer one morning for like two minutes, but I just took my bra off and massaged, and it went away.

1 month Boobversary!!!

It's officially one month since my BA and I can finally say it's worth it.
I have not seen much progress on dropping since my second week post-op. Mostly noticed both breasts softening, and slightly jiggly. Do not know if they are fluffing.
I may have softened the sterile strips after a shower and peeled them off 2.5wks in. My surgeon advised me to let them fall off on their own, but I'm picky fingers and impatient. And I really wanted to see what my scars looked like. Still have not applied anything on my scars. Will start vitamin E oil in a month or so.
I had developed mondors cord underneath both breasts, and in two weeks both sides have completely subsided and dissappeared, only took Aleve three times and placed a heating pad on them twice. Never hurt as much as people described, other then when I reached really high did I feel them tighten, and a tad bit tender with the sports band.
I still do not know what my final cup size will be. I received 365cc HP in both busts and I am currently wearing a medium sports bra. I happened to find my old pregnancy bra, sized 34B and tried it on for comparison. The wiring is slightly too small and the cup covers my nipples, but if I were to reach up they would pop out, maybe a small c? And I'm assuming I have not started the fluff process, so I'm predicting a very small C. I guess I'm gonna have to wait on that one for a couple more months.
I can honestly say, the implants have felt a part of me since week two. I still have slight discomfort, but only because I have strain on my chest, or lift something to heavy. Tightness from the stretching subsided very early on post-op and I also found out I had a very high pain tolerance.
My surgeon resides in Toronto, Ontario Canada, so I have to travel quite a ways to see him. He told me I can send pics through email to keep posted, if anything arises, other than that to see him within a year. Which I feel pretty good about.
And I told myself I would not buy anything until the three month mark, but I saw a gorgeous high neck tankini with a mesh centre insert, all black. And there was no ignoring it! I bought it in size small, tight on me, but I'm hoping to loose some weight, medium fit like a glove to be honest. And when I showed my husband, dear god he almost died when I showed him my tankini, he was expecting a bikini top, hahahhahahha.

Mondors cord pictures

2months post op

So much has happened since my one month post op review.

I've had four internal dissolvable stitches prutrude through my incision sites. Scary at first, but I clipped them off and they would leave a tiny hole and eventually scab over. I can see dark spots through the incision sites, where I suspect more sutures will be spitting out.

I sleep on my side most nights, I wake up slightly tender, but the discomfort very quickly disappears. I have aswell slept with no bras some nights, which feel really great. I have no idea if I am NOT suppose to do this.

Awhile back i was sitting on the floor and without thought, put all weight on my left arm and lifted myself off the ground. I was certain I busted my implant. It felt displaced, tender, very uncomfortable and warm. I finally was able to get a hold of my clinic and spoke with Lori Pollock my surgeons in clinic consultation nurse, and was very disgusted with her professionalism and service. It was that 10minute conversation that had me disappointed with her care and regard of out of town patients follow up post op updates. I paid over $8000 for the surgery, not including my $4000 for airline tickets for my husband to aid me after surgery to have her joke and speak to me with, "meh attitude" . I was so disappointed that I was calling other clinics to take over my follow ups, to no avail. However when I re-book my check up with Dr.bendago in the spring, I will ask the front staff to go directly to the surgeon, as I am not spending all that money to speak with her. I am certain I have a slight bottoming out on my left bust, as my nipple measurements indicated preop that my left nipple was one cm lower then my right. And as of now they look pretty symetrical. The incision has slightly lifted aswell. My nipple location looks like they are in my upper pole region, and I feel like when I lifted myself up I pushed so hard down on my pocket that it tore. And that's just my internet research thougths.

As per my implants, I feel as if all the swelling has subsided, I even see a difference in size since my one month pictures. Smaller then before. They are extremely soft to the touch, they jiggle and move very natural, I can even push them together and form cleavage for the first time in my life.

I find when I try to work out or run that my incision sites become irritated and red and puffy. I do not know if this is normal aswell, but I have reduced my working out.

I can lifted my 30 pound princess quite comfortably now, just not for extended periods of times as I still do not want to strain anything.

All in all I'm happy with the results, maybe slightly sad In regards to the swelling subsiding and making them a tad bit smaller then expected. I bought an awesome trianglr brand neoprene bathing suit, size medium. Which indicates cup size c on their website. And the cups are almost an inch too small on the sides, and my nipples are at the top black stitching in the busts, which also tells me I have slight bottoming out. So I have no idea what cup size I actually am I guess.

Also wanted to note. I found the bathing suit tops I posted in my very first review of my before images while vacationing. And tried them on for comparison, I've added those pictures for an after assessment.

11 month update pics

A lot has changed in eleven months. When swelling decreases it certainly does transform your breasts, mine looked substantially smaller, and I felt slightly disappointed. In my mind "substantially" was how I felt, husband begs to differ that they in fact actually looked smaller.

At two months post, I had a multitude of internal stitches that spit their way out through the incisions. Only time i have dealt with dissolvable stitches and yet it's highly rare to have an allergic reaction, I am certain my body was rejecting them, this however caused my scars to change texture and shape. They are more pronounced and even though they feel slightly smooth, it's appearance will unfortunately always be there. I will say however before they started too spit, scars were white and almost unnoticeable.

I just wanted to note with women inquiring about breastfeeding, I have stopped feeding since January 2015 and I still produce colostrum in both nipples. So having an invasive surgical, under the muscle has not disrupted the milk ducts production.
Dr. Mansour Bendago

Clinic was slightly hectic, and his patient coordinator was very Slow at returning emails and answering questions, not as professional as I would expect a nurse to be. Dr. Bendago was patient, calm and I felt very relaxed around him. Procedure was fast, recovery was easy. And started massaging three days post op. Shout out to the front desk, always smiling, and gave me more information then the consultation nurse. The Manager was truly amazing as well, and returned my calls immediately after surgery. Very much appreciated :)

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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