29Yrs, no kids. 5'5, 118lbs, 345cc!

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BA is in 3 weeks! Very torn on size and WOULD LOVE...

BA is in 3 weeks! Very torn on size and WOULD LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK! I am a 32B (but look like an A cup :/). I mainly want round boobs with fullness to fill out a tank top with no bra. I would like to be two cup sizes bigger. I LOVE the look of 345cc (going under the muscle). However, the nurse made it clear she really recommended the 385. She said 345 was subtle. Of course there's also the possibility but not guarantee, it will appear smaller after going under the muscle. I am not totally comfortable with the 385 and think they're just a bit too big for me. But ....if i love the 345..is it wise to go 385??

WHen i think about it emotionally, I think i would be more upset at feeling like i was too top heavy then feeling like i had great shaped breasts that were a bit smaller than expected. I am leaning to changing my mind to 345 ...but looking for other objective feedback!

pre-op photos

Decided on a Size

So after speaking to close friends about my size who had implants (all under 350cc), i called the nurse and told her to order 345cc mod instead of the 386. I also noticed that Steph Pacca has 350 mod and has a similar look to what im looking for. Only excited now and not too nervous! a few more weeks until surgery!

Today was the day!!

So I had my breast augmentation surgery this morning at 8am! Last night was a breeze as I popped some antic anxiety prescription from my PS. If you're okay to take I I highly recommend it so you can sleep the night before.

Woke uo really early - Wore leggings and button up flannel shirt. The facility was nice - changed into gown and Doctor marked on me. Shortly after walked to the OR very very rapidly they started attaching things to me and in 5 minutes I was out. I woke up in a recovery room with a nurse. The procedure was one hour and I was recovering for an hour. I took an airport neck pillow for the cab ride him with my mom. The pain had been SO minimal because the anesthesia is long lasting . I've also been like clock work taking the antibiotics and pain killer. I have an alarm set for 3 am to take it. I am trying to minimize pain and morning boob

Sorry bad photos but I don't want to undress / undo the dressings just for a pic

Day 2 update

Anyone else having problems with the painkillers ? My biggest discomfort is the stomach - threw up twice yesterday and twice today. Going to try getting on extra strength Tylenol. The Perocet is making me highly uncomfortable, most bloating I have had in my life, gurgling stomach and nausea :(

3 day photos

Had rough day yesterday wth nausea. Taking gravol today and sticking with Tylenol , hopefully this will help sickness. Chest is super swollen between the boobs, feels heavy and just overall discomfort. Going to ice today and walk around my condo hallways for a bit. Pics finally!

Four days post op

Today is the best I've felt. Last day of antibiotics. Showers feel so good!

Sleeping on back still sucks but less pain now . Trying to focus on relaxing shoulders and neck in the day. My boobs look good! But obviously tight and feel like rocks on my chest.
I still feel the need to nap in the day. But I'm down to one or two Tylenols every 4-6 hours.
Will post more photos later ! Finally some swelling has gone down so my surgical bra doesn't feel so much like I'm being suffocated (I have to keep last two hooks undone )

Five days post op

Not much to update , less swelling and feeling better each day! I DO NOT wish I went bigger . I am happy j went with 345 which was smallest size recommended to me

One week boobiversary!

Left is still higher than right. The incisions occasionally are sore and ache or sting. The boobs themselves don't really hurt just right which is hunching my shoulders. Started doing arm raises and shoulder rolls to gently stretch.
Finally found a new wireless VS bra that is comfy and has small band so sits on rib cage. Will still wear compression bra but nice to have alternative especially when boyfriend is around.

They still feel uncomfortable when walking. I force myself to walk around the city about an hour or more a day. It's helping with strength.

Photo one week

Almost 3 weeks

Feeling a lot better and can finally lay on my side! Also the extreme tightness is gone. Still feeling sore though and don't have full strength or range of motion in my arms. I get to do cardio as of tomorrow! I plan on hitting the step machine a few times and then getting back into weight training on lower body next week. Here is a photo from about 2.5 weeks post op. Switched out of surgical bra to forever 21 sports bra

Scar update

Dr Jerome Edelstein is such a precise master. You get what you pay for. I'm almost in shock at how minimal and amazing the scar is three weeks post op esp given that I have ethnic keloid scArring skin . It's so tiny and I have to search to see it. Will start rubbing scar gel at 4th week

1 month!

Wow it's been a month today. I won't say I feel 100 percent. Of course I still can't exercise upper body for another two weeks. Also they still feel a bit foreign in that they feel heavy awkward almost object like on my chest. My posture is not 100 percent back due to residual minimal tightness. I'm still stretching pecs lightly. Sleeping carefully on my sides now. I don't have my boyfriend lay on top of me or anything. And the boobs do not jiggle yet. For the pros, they look great . I feel sexy. They have gotten BIGGER in appearance. My bf says I look stacked! I DO NOT wish I went bigger at all - esp as they get bigger with drop and fluff.
My left boob near incision occasionally aches. I still have numbness on under boob but it's improving. Less areas are numb over time.

ScArring - not noticeable as it is right in my crease. I am now rubbing silicone scar gel I bought from surgeon office - about $70. He also recommended I get silicone sheets when I come in for 2 month post op .


6 weeks plus

Not much more to update. Feeling AMAZING. Still slightly numb on under boob but it's improving drastically. No morning boob! No pain! Scars are for the most part hidden but I am working to get rid of them as much as possible but they don't bother me. Getting squishy. Looking AMAZING in bikinis and Bralets. Feeling so confident. Sleeping on sides fine. Will try sleeping on stomach in two weeks as well as underwire bras. Will update then. Otherwise- so so happy I did this so so happy I chose my surgeon and went with one of the top doctors in Toronto. Just very very happy. I feel incredibly sexy and motivates me even more in gym. And yes have noticed a bit more states and attention :)

3 month update

Been 3 months and a few weeks. I sometimes forget that I have the implants because I'm so used to them now. Everything has been going great now wearing underwire bras and they don't bother me I'm back to working out. I measuring at 32DD at Victoria secret. Very pleased with the scars barely noticeable
Dr Jerome Edelstein

Overall amazing experience. The nurse in particular was extremely responsive to phone or email communications and answered many questions. I am happy with my scar my implants and the size and shape and appearance. The only feedback I have is, go with your gut on size. I was encouraged to go up a size as I was torn. But subsequently down graded my size. Which I am happy I did. But I understand that MOST patients do have boob greed. I advised wish goals were C or small D. I ended up choosing the smallest of the three sizes recommended. Last feedback, they take your patient history in the waiting room. At the time no one else was there. But I do think this should conversation should be done in a private room. And lastly, I would have preferred to pay via credit card to get air miles points, but they charge a fee to use credit card. Was a little turned off by that fee given the amount of money spent. Overall very pleased and happy I went with a top skilled extremely experienced and professional surgeon. Would absolutely recommend Dr. Edelstein.

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