28 Years Old, No Kids, 5'4" ~115lbs, Natrelle Inspira 365cc Full Profile; 32B - 32DD/DDD - Toronto, ON

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Hey All, Where to start! I'll try not to ramble!...

Hey All,

Where to start! I'll try not to ramble!
I have always been self conscious about my breast size since I started developing and the realization set in around my mid teens that they weren't likely to get any bigger than what I barley had. I have always felt VERY non proportionate. Not to mention every other woman in my family seems to have been blessed in that area while I got jipped! I have always had the thought of wanting bigger boobs for a long time, but I come from a small town where plastic surgery isn't something that is talked about or done. I barley know 1 person personally who has done it. So I guess that made me never seriously consider it an option. In my early twenties I would casually google breast augmentation, looking at before and afters, but being a poor university student at the time - the reality was far away. More years went by, but my insecurities were always there, every time I put a bra on, every time I got dressed. The constant secret comparison of my boobs against any woman I saw. sigh!
I stared to take this idea more seriously within the past year, researching more. looking up youtube vlogs, etc. and started actually talking about it out loud (to just my boyfriend - who has been supportive and has helped make this dream a reality).
I recently turned 28 and felt like it was time for me to finally do it! I don't want to feel like I'm wasting any more of my twenties being self conscious and not feeling sexy or feminine!
I researched PS in my city and eventually decided on one to book a consultation with - I was lucky I was able to get in as soon as I did (maybe it was a sign lol). The consultation went well, and I ended up booking my surgery less than a week later for Sept. 30th!!
I'm excited but also still feel like its not real... did anyone else feel like that at first? I feel like I'm going to start freaking out closer to. I have also never had surgery so that is the most scary part for me right now.

Consultation + before photos

So I had my consultation on July 15th, which again, I was soo lucky to get. Took me some time to build up the courage to actually call, but I finally just did it! I'm pretty sure the receptionist originally said my PS was booking in FEBRUARY! But then appointments the following week popped up so I took it! I honestly don't know what I would have done if I had to wait that long - I 100% wanted this PS based on my research and how he performs the surgery, and I wanted them done by the fall. I've waited long enough!
Anyways. I excitedly waited a week, gathering info like what questions should I ask and putting an album of "wish boobs" together. The day finally came, I was soo nervous but calmed down once I got to the office. A very modern and clean and classy looking office. I was greeted by super nice staff and the receptionist sat with me and filled out all necessary information. I waited for about half an hour (I arrived like half an hour early) so my appointment started pretty much right on time. I was shown to a consultation room and instructed to put on a little gown that opened in the front. A short wait later, the PS came in and we chatted a bit about what look I was going for. My best description of what I'm imagining is a wanting to look like a "full c cup" without a bra. I have a smaller frame and am barley a 32B bra and I don't want to look like i'm in the D range. If I end up being able to fit into a 32D that's fine though! I know bra sizes aren't always the best judge of actual boob size. I just want to pretty much go as big as I can with keeping a natural look. After we discussed the look I was going for, he examined my chest and took some measurements. I then got changed and we continued the consultation in his office. Where we discussed stuff like type of implants, incision sites and placement. The only thing I knew I wanted was silicone implants, other than that I was open to suggestion of what he thought was the best option for me. We decided on silicone, under the muscle and incision under the breast. We continued to discuss more details (can't remember everything) but I felt like all my questions were answered. He describes this as his "happy surgery" which makes me feel better considering this will be my first (and hopefully only) surgery in my life.
After I was done talking to the PS. We (my BF came with me for support) went back into the first consultation room and waited for the nurse to come in and help me try on some sizers that the PS chose based on his measurements and what we had discussed. I think I tried on 5 different size types ranging from 300cc to 365cc moderate plus profile. I liked the look of the 365cc the best and said I wouldn't want anything smaller. So the nurse also let me try out a 410cc high profile sizer for fun (wasn't recommended by PS). At the time I felt like it was a little too much! (I didn't take a pic) At first I was kinda stressed out about picking a size, but the pressure was alleviated when I was told I don't have to choose the final size that day, just get an idea. The final size will be chosen at my pre-op appointment (Sept. 17th!!)
After my consultation I was stressing about sizes (I feel like this is a normal feeling lol). As I was realizing that i liked the 365cc but it was said that you loose about 25cc when going under the muscle. So I was like well I should get like 385cc then? and didn't know how much bigger in the mod. plus profile I could go (I'm thinner on the top of my chest and I feel high profile would make me look too fake). But after a couple days of being overly stressed about that, I let it go knowing I get to go back and try more on lol and I will make sure to let the nurse know my concerns before my pre-op to make sure they have the sizes i'm thinking there to try on!!
After I finished trying on sizers, I talked to the surgery coordinator to discuss possible dates to get a early fall surgery. The earliest date available that worked for me was Sept. 30th. Within the next week I booked the date! No going back hehe
Like I said above, it still feels so unreal to me. Although I have been thinking about BA for YEARS. It has actually been a short amount of time since I started seriously thinking about it again to getting a consultation and booking a surgery date that is now only 50 days away! (yes I have a countdown app on my phone lol!!)

Bye Bye Bras!

Spent the weekend cleaning my apartment - going through my clothes today, said goodbye to some old bras that didn't fit anyways - and definitely wont be fitting in 45 days!

Telling Family and Friends....?

So this post is maybe reaching for some help and thoughts regarding telling your family and friends about your BA. (I apologize if this turns into a novel)
For me, I have only told 2 people at this point. My BF and one of my best friends from University. Both have been super supportive and awesome. I told my friend that I probably wouldn't tell anyone else until I booked the surgery and I was 100% doing it. WELL... I've had my surgery booked for a few weeks/almost a month now and still haven't told anyone. I told myself I would be as open about getting a BA as I felt comfortable doing. I'm not going to tell people that I don't think need to know.
I think what has been holding me back from telling more people is figuring out how to tell my mom. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my mom and she is great. But let's be honest - I know sometimes she doesn't keep things that I tell her between us. But, to her defence, I've never told her something about my life etc and then explicitly told her not to share with anyone. But there is still a fear that even if I say that she will. And I'm obviously a little worried about what she will think in general - I mean, it's my body and 100% my decision and so it's not like she can stop me - I'm a grown woman and I think she will know and understand that even if she does have an issue with it. YEARS ago, after my brothers ex GF got her BA. I casually said to my mom I would do it - I don't think she acted insanely shocked or against it at that time. But obviously there was no seriousness to it at that time.
I've read some other girls posts about not even telling their parents - which is totally cool if it fits your situation. But to me, it is still surgery - and I think my mom should know on that level. And there is also no way I could get away with all of a sudden having a bigger chest - she is pretty aware of what I'm lacking.
I guess at this point I need to figure out how to word it to her in a nice way that she needs to keep her mouth shut. I feel at the most - the people in my family I would want to tell is my mom, my older brother (at some point) and my mom's boyfriend. Other than that, I don't know if anyone else in my family would even notice. And I'd at least like to attempt to hide it instead of just announcing it all around for no reason, because again, it's my body!
For my friends - I initially thought it would be easy. But I guess I started thinking they all have husbands or significant others in their lives - do I want them to know as well? Not really (right now at least) - should I feel bad asking this of my friends? Probably not! But it still makes it harder.
Also, I told my BF that he could tell his two close friends that I am also close with - but I said I wasn't sure about another of his best friends because I feel his fiancé would be the judgey type. She's nice and all, but I just get that feeling. I let my BF know how I was feeling. And he hasn't told any of them yet - probably won't until I get surgery and he has to take care of me!!

Anyone else having a hard time as well?? Please share and help a girl out! :)

30 DAYS!

Welp. I've hit the 30 days until mark. Still feel the same.
I've had some worried thought moments of "what if I hate them" and such. But then I try to remind myself of how much I haaate my tiny boobs and how I look with them.
Still haven't told anyone else. I have been busy the past couple weeks with other stuff so I figure I'll sit down after the long weekend and figure out what to say to my mom and decide what friends to tell before.
Been making a BA Recovery shopping list... here's what I have so far. Please add suggestions! (or tips on the best place to find these)
1. Coco butter
2. Dry shampoo (bought)
3. Gravol
4. Zip front sports bras (I figure I wont buy good ones until after so I can judge size)
5. Ice packs (maybe?)
6. Neck Pillow
7. Baby Wipes
8. Anti-bacterial body soap (any suggestions where to buy this - in ontario)
9. Bio oil (already have - did anyone else use this for stretch marks and scars?)

Oh and also a question to anyone post-op reading this. How was washing and brushing your hair? My hair is so thick and a rats nest after the shower lol (especially now since I have ombre bleached ends) I have detangle stuff that helps a bit but I'm running low. How long did it take you to be able to properly do these tasks?

Updates! Preop! and Bad News :(

Thought it was time for an update. And well, lets start with the BAD NEWS. I was waiting until today to post an update as today was my Pre Op appointment. BUT yesterday I got a call from my PS office saying there was a "scheduling error" so all surgeries for Sept. 30th had to be cancelled, and my surgery had to be pushed back TWO WEEKS to Oct. 15th :( :( I was so upset! I had a good rage run on the treadmill after work. But although I'm still disappointed that my two week wait went back to a month I'm getting more ok with the new date. I can't do anything about it, so why stay upset? On the plus side, I now get a long weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving) before to get ready for surgery!
Anyways, lets get to good news! So, I finally told my mom and some of my closest friends. And they were all VERY supportive! So yay :) don't know why I was ever worried. My mom even said she was proud of me. She had and still has some insecurities about her body, so she was able to see on some level where I was coming from. And they all are respecting my privacy. They're all totally cool with my "if they don't need to know or notice, then why tell?" policy.
My friends are so hilarious. Most of their first reactions were we have to go to the cottage next summer so I can show them off!

Ok, so my pre-op was this morning. Went in (bf came with me again) and they had me fill out some paper work while I was waiting for Heather. Then I spent a little less than an hour with Heather talking more about surgery and recovery and trying on sizers again with different tops and such. I was pretty set on 365cc going into the appointment. But I did try on i think 300 and 345 again, they all kinda seemed bigger this time for some reason. Anyways I stuck with the 365cc for the rest of the appointment. I know they say you will lose some ccs going under the muscle, but I'm not worried. I feel comfortable that I will get the look I want with this size. I want decent projection and some nice side boob without being too big. I don't think I have to worry that I went too small or too big!!
I was given a package full of more surgery and recovery info, as well as the requisition to get my pre-op blood work done. As well as surgery date and time. Have to be there 8am Oct. 15th!
I was also given my post-op bra (got a 34C size) and was given the option of buying some post op recovery stuff, like arnica and scar gel etc. I only decided to get the the arnica tabs that you start taking before surgery as well as the arnica gel for now.
Payed off the balance and I was good to go!

Posting some pics from my appointment today, let me know your thoughts!! too big? or just right??

2 Weeks!!

OK, so now I can officially do a 2 weeks to go update! lol its weird to think I originally would have my new boobs in today. Ah well!
This wont be exciting - nothing new here really. Got my blood work done this morning before work, so hopefully everything is a-ok for surgery!
Still having minor freak outs about size when I look at pics, just trying to stay calm. I know I liked how they looked and felt in person at my pre-op soo just trying to keep it together!! haha I think I'm mostly freaking out thinking about trying to not make it too noticeable at work, because I really don't want to tell anyone. Glad the cold weather has decided to come! Lots of layers and scarves!!
Still need to get some few minor things for recovery.
Also have been thinking about reorganizing my kitchen as my plates are well above shoulder level...

2 more sleeps!

Last day of being a member of the IBTC is tomorrow! So weird. Still feel almost too relaxed? I'm sure it'll all change tomorrow night!! Glad my surgery is first thing in the morning, get it done and over with!
I'm staying at my BF's for the majority of my week off for recovery, so packed a bit, made a list of stuff that I want to make sure I bring over there... washed my sheets.
Think I have everything I need - minus some fruit and veggies that I will get tomorrow after work.
Everyone at my work has been sick - I can tell my body is fighting SO hard to not get sick. Hopefully I don't!
My right boob decided to break out in some nice zits last week - great timing for my skin to act horrible not just on my face. Sigh!!
Still nervous about the actual surgery - not looking forward to the IV or how I will feel after surgery.
My BF wants me to take a bunch more "before" photos - so we both remember the old boobies. So maybe I will do that tomorrow.
We might also have a nice pre-surgery dinner out tomorrow.
Probably will be too busy/nervous to post tomorrow.
Wish me luck! Send me good thoughts :)

Made it! Quick update

I'm officially on the other side! Surgery went well! Pain probably like an 8. More just pressure.
Had some Pudding and meds. In bed watching a movie. Hopefully get a little rest!

Been bad with updates

Sorry I haven't felt the greatest to post a good update - couple pics from day of surgery

2 Days Post Op

OMG just totally wrote 2 big paragraphs and lost everything - this is why I have not been posting alot - hate not being able to use an actual computer with a regular sized keyboard. But I'm stuck in bed with a tablet.
Lets start over.
Surgery was Thursday morning at 930am. Got to the clinic at around 8 where the nurse took me straight to a room to get undressed and into my surgery gown.
She came back in a bit later to go over some stuff and also gave me antibiotics and percocet to have before surgery. I was starting to feel SO hungry at this point. The pain med really kicked in fast - but my boyfriend kept me talking a lot to keep my mind off of it.
The anaesthesiologist came in a bit later to ask me some questions and then shortly after that my PS came in, asked how I was feeling and did his drawing all over my boobs. Which my bf found quite amusing for some reason. I started to feel super nervous at this point.
Very shortly after that, the nurse came back in and took me back to the operating room. She got me to lay on the table - and then everything happened so quickly. The anaesthesiologist put my IV in (which was so not as bad as I thought) and the nurse put some more stuff on me as well as leg massager things. My PS came in the room and I was given something through my IV that made me feel dizzy. The nurse put the mask on my face - and I took a few deep breaths, and then I don't remember falling asleep.
Next thing I new - I was awake in the recovery room! I wear glasses, so I couldn't see the clock, but I think it was still before noon.
I just felt pressure on my chest, and my shoulder blades and arms felt weird/almost numb. and my legs felt kinda restless.
I layed there for a bit half asleep. The nurse said they called my boyfriend to come pick me up. I got a little bit of water to drink and then I had to get dressed - the nurse gave me my clothes to put back on, while I was still in bed, and I had to get dressed on my own which was kinda annoying - as obviously this was really difficult. She said to ask for her help. but like, i just had surgery, shouldn't you be helping me anyways??
Anywho.. I managed to dress myself and then she got me to get out of bed into a wheel chair. As she was taking me down to my bf's car I felt so sick and almost threw up. but didn't! Getting into the car was ok. I brought my neck pillow, water and garbage can for the ride back. I felt a little sick during the ride, but was mostly ok.
BF was able to pick up my prescriptions after surgery and then we went back to his place. Again on the way up from his car to condo, I got super hot and throw up feeling, and so I sat next to the toilet as soon as we got in the door and took all my clothes off lol but i didn't throw up.
After that he helped me into bed and I think I took some pain meds.
I thought I'd be super tired, but I actually put a movie and and was just texting my mom and friends who new I was having surgery. I had some pudding and cookies before taking antibiotics. Think fell asleep a few times - but ended up watching like 3 movies in a row lol. Still stayed in bed the rest of the night, and was able to have some stew and bread for dinner.
I woke up in the middle of the night in pretty bad pain - my boyfriend gave me more pain meds and i fell back asleep.
So the 1st day after surgery was the worst for me. I work up feeling super tight (morning boob I guess) I had some oatmeal and fruit, took some medication - and then I felt pretty sick the rest of the day, I slept A LOT! I was able to get out of bed around 7 and sat out on the couch, and was able to eat a small sandwich for dinner. I got back into bed around 10:30. I took mostly extra strength tylenol instead of the pain meds as I felt super terrible.
I think I have only been taking one oxy instead of two since yesterday now.
So day 2 (today - Saturday) I woke up still feeling tight and that my boobs are super high, but much better than Friday. I had a piece of toast with PB and some fruit for breakfast. Stayed in bed a bit, and then went back out on the couch and managed to play some video games with my BF before we had lunch. Had a sandwich and two cupcakes lol. After that I decided I would try to shower - I was kinda nervous to take my bra off, but I did and got my first real look at the new boobs. Obviously they are swollen, tight, high and kind of square but my BF was like you know thats what they are supposed to look like, and they look fine! lol They're big - but I don't think too big.
Anyways, the showering was actually not that bad - it was taking off the surgical tape holding on the gauze over the steri strips which was the WORST . like multiple times i wanted to break out tears because it hurt so bad trying to pull it off. I tried to just stand in the water and soak them and eventuallly got them off. omg. what a nightmare.
I had to get my boyfriend to do my surgical bra back up. And then I just got back into bed and wanted to nap - just ended up watching more movies.
I have never watched so many movies in my life.
I'm still having a really hard time sitting up and getting out of bed myself. I also have not made a BM yet. I have peed a lot, and I am passing gas lol but that's it. No bother yet though - I took a stool softener yesterday and I might drink some smooth move tea tonight to see if that gets anything moving before I start to actually feel constipated.

Well I guess thats all for now!
Thanks for all the support so far ladies :)

5 Days Post Op

Alright, so I'm at the 5 days post - not much was different between days 2-4. Boobs are still really swollen, tight and sitting high. I think the shape has changed a bit though.
I have been able to shower two more times since day two. I was even able to wash and brush my hair during the second shower. It still feels so weird to not have the bra on. I just feel comfort having something holding them right now lol
My back is still pretty sore as well - I think today was the first day I woke up and didn't feel like a huge hunchback, but I got a little stiffer throughout the day. I'm still sleeping propped up, which isn't too bad. My body just wants to lay on my side so bad sometimes. I was kinda half and half stomach/side and back sleeper before.
Today was also the first day I was completely alone as my bf had to go back into work. I wasn't that worried though, he was a HUGE help the first few days - but I wanted to try to do stuff for myself as early on as possible. I was able to get up and make breakfast for myself (Which I have been since day 3 - even made me and the bf eggs toast and bacon on Monday). OH. I finally had a BM today too! woo hoo. lol multiple actually.
I also showered all alone today - so I had to completely undress, shower (didn't wash my hair), dry off and then put my tensor band and bra back on and then get dressed. It wasn't as bad as I thought. Pulling on yoga pants was the hardest part.
I made myself lunch and then sat on the couch for most of the day.
I only have one more day off work - so I got my bf to take me back to my place when he got home from work today, so I can practice at being by myself more - going to heat up some dinner soon.
I think I'll try to get to bed at a decent time and try to get up somewhat early and maybe try sitting on the computer for chunks of the day as I work at a desk - try not to make the first day back a big shock to my body. Probably figure out what to wear to work for the rest of the week as well - boobs are still pretty hidden right now because they're so high so that's good - I was afraid I'd have these big things on my chest that were super noticeable.
I'm actually just worried now about putting on and taking off my jacket. It was really hard today. Hopefully arm movements above shoulder get easier by Thursday!
I finished my last couple antibiotics today and am only trying to take my pain meds at night to help sleep, and just taking extra strength Tylenol during the day.

1 Week Post + Back to Work

So today was my official 1 week post op anniversary. I woke up early this morning with really bad right boob pain, and then couldn't really fall back asleep.
Sleeping is getting easier - not as hard to put weight on my arms to shift myself around.
Hard getting up this morning - but I'm not a morning person so it's always hard for me lol
Today was the first day really outside and walking - and it was tough. I take the bus mostly to work, but have like a 2-2.5 block walk to the bus stop, which was more difficult than expected. Obviously the new weight on my chest makes it a little harder to take nice full breaths, and I'm still tight and slightly hunched over. I get bad pains in my left boob when trying to breath deep.
I also now realize how uncomfortable bus seats are! I could not get comfortable, and my back hurt so bad the whole time. Also, bumpy bus rides are not fun! I also have to go through a bunch of doors to get to my work building, but it was too bad. Once I got to work and could sit down, I was pretty fine the rest of the day. I just felt stiff getting up for water and to go to the bathroom - was just hoping I didn't look as hunchbacked as I felt! Think I was fine.
And to whoever's review I read that talked about wearing scares - genius! They are the perfect accessory to hide the weirdness of my high sitting boobs - I'm glad I bought some more thinner ones to wear all day at work.
Overall, first day back was uneventful - there's a part of me that wishes I just took this whole week off, but whatever. Gotta go back to work sometime!
The journey back home after work was about as uncomfortable as the morning. Was glad to get home and sit!
Showering and doing my hair is getting a little better - I just still feel weird and uncomfortable without the surgical bra on - it is like a security blanket for my boobs haha

2 Weeks Post Op!

So my 2 weeks post op was yesterday (Oct 29th), but I was too busy to write anything then, so I will do it now!
Between 1 - 2 weeks, not a lot of change, but still progressing well I think. I'm still sleeping slightly propped up with a neck pillow, but finding myself lower and lower each morning when I wake up! lol and last night I had to sleep with no neck pillow but it was fine, I feel like I'm used to sleeping on my back, I don't mind leaning on my side while in bed, but I have not tried to sleep on my side, my boobs are still tight and hard so it's uncomfortable.
I don't find it too bad to put weight on my arms while I'm getting in and out of bed or re-positioning myself sitting on the couch or in my work chair.
The only real pain I'm still having is in my left boob right on the edge of my sternum - I think the muscle of that side must be sooo tight, it's having a harder time stretching out and relaxing. I mainly feel this the most in the morning walking to the bus, or just walking for longer periods of time, its fine just sitting. Other than that it's still just tightness and a little pressure. I'm taking less pain meds throughout the day as well. I think I started only taking my prescription pain meds at night around day 5 or 6. And I have slowly been taking less Tylenol during the day.
I didn't notice any big changes until about day 12-13. I think that's when the swelling started calming down and is i'd say pretty much gone. My boobs look WAY less terrifyingly huge lol they are still sitting high, but I can tell they are also dropping as my nipples are starting to point forward instead of down. I'm also getting a little more side boob on my left, and they are getting rounder.
It is so weird feeling them drop I guess. The bottom part of my boobs feel so weird!!! Just a lot of tension I guess as the skin is stretching, and I'm starting to get a little pain in my ribs right below my boobs probably from stretching skin as well.
It is still hard to raise my arms straight above my head, but i'm getting better. Also bending over isn't the greatest.
Doing any sort of task that requires my arms and pushing down that makes you use your chest muscles is still really difficult. Opening heavier doors is also still not fun.
I'm feeling more comfortable showering and not wearing a bra lol
I actually went to wal mart after work and made some first new boob bra purchases as I think after my two week mark, I can start wearing wireless bras and not just my surgical bra 24/7.
It was hard finding sizes, I was a 32B pre op - but I couldn't find a 32 band AT ALL in the wireless bras. I ended up grabbing like 5 34C ones (that I could find) as that's the size of my surgical bra. The band actually fit pretty decently, and I bought 2 of the bras I tried that looked the best on.
OH, and I was finally able to stop wearing my tensor bandage as of today! yaaaay, so much easier to dress for work now!! haha
I've attached some progress pics (sorry for the weird colour/lighting in some) - I finally have my first post op appt. next Tuesday. Hoping he thinks everything is going well!

First Post Op Appointment

Just a quick update - had my first post op appt with my PS today. Pretty short and sweet. He said they look really good for 2 1/2 weeks post. And he said "from his experience" he can tell they are going to end up looking really nice. He then just went over some stuff again like time lines for exercises and the types of bra's to wear for the first 8 weeks.
One of the nurses then changed my steri strips over the incisions, she said they look good.
PS said I can start scar treatment once these strips fall off!
My next post op isn't until 2 months - and that will just be with the nurse at his office, and then I wont see him again until 6 months post op.
3 weeks post is this Thursday! Still need to go invest in a good (bigger) sports bra, will probably head over to lululemon sometime this week, and then get back in the gym soon! I think I'm losing some butt I've been working so hard on this year lol

1 Month!

Crazy it has been a month! Just a quick update as not much has changed since my update last week.
Boobs still look and feel pretty much the same, still sitting high and haven't dropped too much. Making it hard to wear form fitting tops, so still sticking with looser fitting stuff.
I went to lululemon this past weekend to by a sports bra - I got the "TaTa Tamer II" I ended up getting a 32DD. My boobs are still pretty hard so it was hard to decide on a size. their 34 band was too big though, the 32 is tight, I think I'm going to wait till I drop more to take the tag off and wear just incase, it was not cheap! I put on an old stretchy sports bra and it still fits pretty decently.
I actually haven't gone back to the gym yet, partly because of the sports bra salutation and I have been enjoying my extra time lol I've been pretty good with eating, haven't gained any weight. So not feeling as much as a rush to get back at it.
Boobs felt a little softer this morning around the bottom! Sleeping is getting hard because I can't lay on my side. The neck pillow was helping, but I actually really irritated one of my ear piercings smooshing it on the pillow too many nights in a row, so I haven't been able put able to turn my head to that side while sleeping/use the neck pillow.
Other than that - same old, same old. Just waiting for them to drop on down sooner than later! :)

5 Week Update

Hello all! Short 5 week update post! Was hoping I'd see more change by this week, but still looking pretty much the same. They have gotten a little softer around the bottom and getting more movement. But still haven't dropped all that much and firm at the top :( getting a little anxious but keeping my hopes up that maybe they'll drop nicely by week 6? Some/most days it sure feels like they are trying to drop, just can't tell any noticeable differences.
My scars look good - just a very thin line of dark purple right now, so as long as they fade nicely, they should be very unnoticeable. Positioning of the scars is super weird right now I'm guessing because of the lack in dropping! I have been using Dermatix Ultra silicon scar gel as suggested by my PS.
Sleeping is still difficult, I can get a little more on my side, but still uncomfortable.
I at least feel way more comfortable bra less now lol
Still have not returned to the gym - was motivated to go Saturday morning but I couldn't find my iPod, and I haaate working out with no music. Especially trying to get back into it. So that didn't happen. My goal is work out at least once by this weekend. As technically I can start doing some upper body by the end of the week.

Aaaand as requested - I have uploaded some (non censored) pics I took this weekend. Tried to get some different angles!

2 Months Post! + BWD

So Thursday was my 8 weeks post op anniversary! lol crazy it has been two whole months! Honestly, I was hoping that my new boobs would look a little more like normal boobs by now. But I'm still super happy with my results so far and know I just need to be patient the next 2-6 months it really takes for them to drop and fluff nicely.
I had my 2 month post op with Heather on Thursday and she said I'm getting perfect results! That my boobs are nice and symmetrical and everything should progress well. She also said I can start massaging my scars with the scar gel harder to help soften them up. My scars are still just very thing dark purple lines right now. It's really hard to get a decent photo of them. So sorry for the lack of those!!
They are also continuing to get much softer and feel like real boobs!! lol they are still firm at the top and don't have as much movement when standing straight, but when I bend over they are very soft and getting jiggly.
I'm also now good to wear whatever type of bras I want and go braless. Although it is still recommended to give them as much support at all times. And I'm still holding off on investing in any good bras until they drop way more - which Heather also suggested that I wait doing.

Other than that, not much is knew on my boob front. lol I saw a couple of my girlfriends this weekend that I haven't seen since the surgery and was able to have a nice chat about everything with both of them and they said that they look very natural in what I was wearing!

OH - and I found out what my BWD was. It is 12.1 cm for everyone who was every asking!!! :)

Enjoy some update photos - I've included some in clothes to give an idea of how they look and also in the bikini top in my "before" photos to give some comparison.

3 Months PO

Hello Realself friends!
So today marks my three month PO. I'll probably only do monthly updates as there isn't really big week to week stuff anymore. But I'm always creeping so feel free to ask questions!
Boobs are good! I'm loving them more each day. They still have not dropped any as the scars are still sitting in the crease. But they are changing shape little by little! My left boob is starting to smooth out on top more than my right, but both of them are looking way better! Started being able to wear tighter fitting clothes!
Not gonna lie. some days I wonder if I could of gone bigger, but am still super happy and feel these are the boobs I always wanted/wished I had!! They are obviously noticeable naked or in tight clothes but in looser clothes can be hidden well.
I was home for xmas and my saw my mom for the first time since surgery and we obviously talked a bit and I was wearing a looser shirt and she agreed its hard to even tell. Which is good, the last thing I wanted was to all of a sudden have huge things on my chest that were like WOAH. lol
My mom and her boyfriend are still the only ppl within my family who know!
I have seen a couple of my girlfriends who knew and we had a nice chat, but was at a party so couldn't be to openly talking about it haha but I'm seeing all my gf's who know this weekend, so I'm sure there will be lots of boob talk and I know my one friend will probably be grabbing at me!
Other than that no one has said anything or asked. So still going with the needs to know basis for telling ppl!
Boobs are also progressing well in terms of softness and movement. Still pretty much the same soft wise as last month, but they are starting to move more, like when I go down stairs I can feel them bounce, and when I lay on my back they fall to the side like real boobs! I can also sleep in pretty much any position - laying flat on my stomach is still uncomfortable.
Also, I couldn't help but check out boxing (canadian) week sales and clearance sales at La Senza and VS so I made some first real bra purchases! Lightly lined bras are my new friend. Boobs still cannot properly fit into a bra with ANY sort of push up.
All bras I bought were a 32DD! I highly recommend the "wear everywhere" lightly lined bra from Pink! I got two for $50 (black one in pics and I also got a red one)
I'm sooo excited to be able to go into bra stores now and be able to buy any type of bra I want and not have to worry about padding and making my boobs look big!
REALLY need to get my act together and get back in the gym though.. my middle is starting to soften and Christmas goodies did NOT help!! aaahh!

Sizer and Implant comparisons! Quick update.

So, thanks to a very sweet realself member asking me some questions, I decided to take some after pics braless in the same shirt I wore in my first consult to give an idea of the how accurate the sizers turned out to be. Top is NOW, Bottom is consult sizers.
The implants actually look WAY better than the sizers. But overall there is minimal difference.
I also put a couple stand alone pics wearing a 32DD lightly lined bra.

Also, very small quick update. I think the lower pole of my boobs is starting to stretch out, it appears the scars are moving up.. yaaay!!

4 Months PO

Well I guess its been 4 months today! Here are some progress pics.
Got some bikini tops on sale. Still got a size small actually because the back was a hook and not tie so I needed the tighter band.
Tried getting a push up strapless bra from la senza last weekend. did not work out! 32DD was way too small, so I tried the "sister" size of 34D which didn't fit the greatest. Tried the 34DD, which was a little too big. sigh! I'll blame it on the style of bra lol
I'm overall happy with my result so far. I think the size is really natural. Some days they feel small maybe because I'm just getting used to them?


Yes! It has been 6 months!
I'm pretty much 100% in love with my new boobs! Are there some days I wish I looked into going bigger? YES. In some clothes they look barely noticeable, and they're not as big as I would like in other clothes. But at the end of the day, I feel Dr. E gave me my dream boobs and I finally feel proportional! I think I am actually already so used to how I look now, that's why I feel they are not that big sometimes.
I absolutely love how my left looks, righty is still ever so slightly higher and not as nicely round on the bottom, but looking at the before and afters from the office, my right looks to have always been higher. who knew! lol I'm still hoping it will match the left a little better at some point.
Softness wise, they are pretty good, i do hope they get a little softer and in some positions still seem firm but overall getting very good boob like movement wise!
The best thing is how NATURAL they look, that is the #1 comment by all my friends who I've seen and know, is that they look so real and totally natural.
It was funny, I actually went to VS to do like my first real bra shop (aka get measured and have the girls help me find some bras) and I told the fitting room girl I had implants, and she could NOT believe how good they looked. At one point she was like well now im just STARING! lol

Ok so stats wise, before my chest was about 32" and I wore a 32B but did not fill it out.
AFTER: chest is about 35" and I'm finding at VS and La Senza 32DD fits me best in most bras. I did buy a 34DD strapless from La Senza and I went to VS this weekend and got measured and had help finding some good bras, and they had me at about a 32DD-DDD. I got a 32DDD which gives a little more full coverage in the cup.
One bra I got was VS wireless plunge bra. EVERYONE NEEDS TO GO BUY THIS BRA NOW. I honestly wish I had tons of money to buy like 10 of these!

I had my 6 month post op appt. with Dr E on Monday and he says everything looks good and that I'm "over the hump" so to say, and my scars should continue to fade over the next 6 months - year.
So as long as the redness goes away, I think my scars are going to turn out well, its already hard to feel them sometimes!
Heather took another set of photos for my "afters" and was saying how I pretty much got the "dream boob"

I'm going to post a bunch of before and afters I took myself as well as the ones from the clinic.

I'll try to continue to post updates from time to time, but always feel free to ask me questions!!!

Last thing, any girls further out PO have advise for good push up bras? I know push up bras don't work the same on implants, but I am kinda frustrated that it was easier to push my boobs up and fake good cleavage BEFORE than now. I just want like one really good push up to be able to wear once and a while? I want some in your face cleavage happening! but all push up bras do right now is give me terrible double boob. uuggh someone help me!!! what bras have you found???

Bad Case of Boob Greed

UGH. So I just thought I really needed to make a post, as I feel the past month I've got a bad case of the booby greed. I know its something completely normal that probably everyone that gets a BA goes through at some point. But I just can't stop thinking about if I should of asked if I could of gone bigger. Yes, I went with the biggest size offered, but maybe that was the biggest size because of what I portrayed I was looking for at the time. I asked for a "full C" and yes, I think 100% I was given that and my boobs look awesome. And yes, at VS and La Senza I measure a 32DD-DDD. But I think I'm truly like a 34C. I bought one of those completely soft VS bras for sleeping that look like the plunge wireless bra but has absolutely no padding or extra hold... and its a 34C and I feel like I could of fit into a 32C if they had one at the time. (i'll add some pics)
I remember after my first consult I was going through the crazy times of thinking of size and I originally wanted to ask about going bigger - like 385. But I actually calmed down and convinced myself 365 would be fine. But now I don't know. I know 20 ccs is like nothing, but maybe that's just what I needed to get the look of the 365 that I liked.
I think I have actually become SO USED to how my boobs look now I can't see how big they actually are. It's just sometimes in clothes I feel I'm just not getting the look I wanted... in terms of filling stuff out. I don't know!!! It's great I can dress them down for work, but sometimes I just wanna show them off a little!! Maybe its because I've been having such a hard time finding push up bras to help give more of the look I thought I'd be able to get wearing push ups that makes me wish I would of gone bigger to make it easier. Is it so hard to ask for some intense cleavage???
I do feel my boobs are still changing a little.. I also wish they would get softer, and I can still feel them moving around in my chest... does anyone else still get that this far out??
Also laying on my chest, I REALLY need a massage but I just can't imagine laying face down on a massage table..... The only reason I find it easy to sleep almost on my stomach is my crazy foam mattress topper that shapes to your body so it molds around my boobs! lol
Anywho, I'll stop rambling!! I just thought I'd come here for some support from you awesome ladies!! Please make me feel better!! lol


So I just hit my 1 year PO!
Just posting a quick update. Going on vacation in a couple weeks, so will probably post a bigger update post after.
Posting a few quick pics, tried to get my scars!

Overall really happy with how natural my results turned out! I think most people would never guess I had my boobs done.
Still have moments I wish I went bigger, but that's always an option further down the road.
They're not as soft as I thought, but i mean.. its an implant, i'm assuming it can only get so squishy, especially pushing in from the front which is the most firm.
Scars are good, pretty not noticeable. They feel pretty smooth as well. Only thing is I feel their position isn't where I thought. When I raise my arms up the scars are pretty much under the boob completely.

Pics are in VS 32DDD push up bra. Haven't searched too hard lately for other push ups.

Anywho! Keeping in short and sweet!

1 Year PO

Ok so I said I'd post a longer 1 year update on my last post, but really.... I don't have thaaat much to say as I've updated pretty regularly throughout my healing?
I'll post some pics from my recent vacation - which was more fun having boobs to fill out bikinis and feel more confident and sexy!

Again, overall %100 happy with my results, they are so natural and proportional to my body. But I do still wish they were a liiittle bigger. And its probably something I will consider at a later time as I'm still paying off just under half of the cost.

I'm happy with how the scars look - I've only used the scar gel recommended from the office (which i was also able to purchase off well.ca) Still not so happy that when I raise my arms the scars are like completely under my breasts (I meant to take pics - i will do that soon and upload!) But pretty sure it wouldn't be visible wearing any sort of bra, and I never thought about it wearing a bikini for like a week and a half.

The overall softness is less than what I was hoping. When I bend forward and give them some slack they are super soft and squishy, only went standing straight up or laying on my stomach do I feel resistance pushing in, but that's probably normal? And laying on my stomach is overall ok. And overall movement of a natural breast is good. They bounce and move around lol

I had another time of intense nipple sensitivity near the end of my vacation - figure its more nerve healing but hoping it wont happen more! it's super annoying.

I want to go bra shopping again ahah the search for push up bras continues! Its funny how fast my bra collection grew - I just love bras and panties. I got this halter bralette from VS that has a little cut out between the boobs. its sooooooo cute. Its funny though because stuff like that I still need a size small usually because my rib cage is so small (i'm a 32 band) my boobs just look that much more great it them ;) and its nice to be able to wear stuff like that now!!

Larger more proportional breasts have definitely helped me feel better about my body - I have a tiny frame so when my weight fluctuates even a little or I'm being terrible with my fitness - I still don't feel as bad as I used to because I still look and feel overall more balanced.

I'm so happy I finally made the decision to get implants, and I don't think I will EVER regret them - and I hope to be able to help other women with my reviews and experience. Even if its a different procedure.

Now I'm thinking about nose jobs (LOL!)- I think I broke my nose as a child (mixed with getting my fathers nose) and I've always hated my side profile! Glad I know a GREAT PS if I ever am serious about my fixing my nose.

And ladies - I'm ALWAYS here if you have questions! Just shoot me a comment or inbox me :)

Scars Pics!

Posting some pics of my scars with my arms raised to show what I keep talking about lol. Its not that bad on the right compared the the left
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

After researching some Plastic Surgeons in Toronto. I found Dr. Edelstein's website, and was instantly impressed with how detailed it was. Once I read about the bloodless technique he performs I was 100% sold and knew he was the PS I wanted. It was the first time I found a PS before and after gallery where I liked almost every results photo. I was really lucky I was able to get a consultation appt. as fast as I did. Dr. Edelstein's staff is all very polite and professional. I had a pleasant experience each time in the office. My consult went very well, and I felt confident the Dr. E was the right choice. I booked my surgery a week after my consultation. I'm now 4 months PO and very happy with my very natural looking results! I feel like Dr. E picked the boobs I've always imagined having. My whole experience from start to finish has been great and I would definitely recommend Dr. E to anyone looking for a great PS. He is #1 in my books!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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