520cc 24 Years Old, 5'7, 125lbs, from Spain

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Hi Everyone!! Like most of you, I find this...

Hi Everyone!!

Like most of you, I find this website incredibly helpful and I love how honest and non-judgemental we can be! I love being able to relate to wanting a certain size of boobs without feeling like you are judged by those who don't understand!

Here are my stats:

Age: 27
Height: 5'10 (I think I am 5'10 and a half to be exact)
Weight: Can fluctuate from 140-150 (usually 145). I have a small frame, so although 145 sounds big, I have no idea where that weight is (definitely not my boobs lol..I have a flat stomach and people always say I look small framed.. I think the body weight comes from the bones in my hips since they are pretty curvy which I love).. I wear a size 0-2 at BCBG clothing and Hugo Boss suits blazer size 4 and pants size 6 and dress size 6 (NOTE: Hugo Boss suiting fits extremely small). I am always a size small (maybe xsmall) at stores like H&M (never a medium or more).
BWD: Breast Width Diameter that surgeon measured was 13cm-13.5cm
Implant: Under muscle, inframammary incision, smooth round silicone (Natrelle implant brand)
Bra Size: 34B is a safe bet for me to state at different places. Victoria Secret 34B fits me but i buy 32C since the cup size is exactly the same but a smaller band around my ribs. I usually always wear the double push up bras by La Senza (Canadian chain owned my VS) or VS. I would say I have a modestly noticeable amount of cleavage with a double push-up bra but I mean its because my boobs are sitting up on all the padding hoisting them up!! With regular light pad there is a fractional shadow of cleavage lol..

So I have always wanted a BA ever since I hit puberty. I am such a glam girl and love looking sexy. I am completely comfortable with myself and love wearing tight revealing clothes when I go out at night! I also have a job in business and wear professional suiting (Theory and Hugo Boss full pants/blazer or skirt/blazer suiting).

I love the FULL look and I am not scared of having that DD look, in fact I highly desire it. The only place in my life I dim-down my ambition towards big boobs is safety (going as big as I can without high risk) and because I wear blazers to work not having anything highly oversized is also a consideration. At the end of the day as long as I stay safe, I want to fullest look!!

I went into my consultation yesterday and it went well. However now I am looking at the sizer pics and thinking.. have I chose too small (520cc HP was the size I chose before our second consultation to confirm in a few weeks to come)?!!
I originally had my heart set to mod plus profiles since they give great cleavage from a lot of full pics I have seen!! The utra high profile originally I had thought might not be a good idea for my frame since it may look like two balls sitting on my chest since I have tight skin with a finely boned frame.

Surgery date to be booked but expecting early December 2015 to be the date!!

When I went into the consultation with one of the most top-rated surgeons in Canada, he was excellent and very knowledgable. I showed him my wish pics (all girls with full DD). We decided the look I am striving towards is LARGE D to REGULAR DD cup size. He measured me with his devices (BWD 13.5cm). He said I would be able to create the look I was going for. Once I tried on sizers I realized right away (which I already knew) that anything below 500cc wouldn't give my the effect I am aiming for. I was unable to have any mod-plus implants since the largest my BWD would allow for was 450cc at 13.5cm in diameter. The largest high-profiles I could have on my body was 520cc and the largest ultra-high profile was 560cc.

My big debate was do I go 520cc HP or 560cc UHP? The 560 definitely gave a big impact while the 520cc were full but natural looking in my opinion. The more I stared at the 520cc HP on me I thought OMG they look TOO NATURAL if you know what I mean?! But the fact I was considering Ultra-High Profile frightened me since I had just adjusted to the fact I was going High Profile. Truth is, if the high profiles were 560cc I would have probably gone with them without much debate.

Its almost like you feel you are "coming out of the closet" trying sizers on in the surgeon's room, you see the big ones on you and you are like inside thinking "YAY THIS IS AMAZING" and then you realize people are in the room and you feel your voice a little lost because of your own psychological mind games with people in the room thinking you want too big but they are being polite to allow you to go with what you want (but you can still feel their energy silently saying maybe too big).

The CCs for 560 doesn't scare me off, its the ultra-high profile that makes me think they will protrude off me. The 520cc High-Profile is the smallest I would consider and even those I am sure my close friends would say look much bigger. The problem is you aren't here to settle for a "bigger look".. you are looking to achieve your goal look.. Anyways would love to hear stories or comments!!

I will post pics today along with the desired look!

Pre surgery body pictures ..5'10, 145lbs, 34B

Hi, here are pics I just took now of myself at the end of the day!!

Sizers in at 520cc HP

Here are pictures with only 520cc.. I feel there might be variation in the photos because some I took with the actual implant in the doctors room and others I took at home with "rice sizers" (where you fill knee high nylons with the volume of rice as the cc's (1cc=1ml or 1meausuring cup=236cc). I was told at the doctors I have to be careful with the rice sizers since they can trap air (increasing volume) within their space of each other on the nylon making it bigger in cc's. My nurse suggested using water in a ziplock bag to have a more accurate volume in cc's.

What I have done in the home pictures is used one breast with water in ziplock and the other in rice sizers to make sure I was on the correct cc volume. I only did 500cc in both water and rice sizer since you "lose the look of some cc's going under the muscle" and to account for any inaccurate higher volume effect the rice sizer or water could be giving me.

I trying to decide if the pictures at the surgeons room look the same size or smaller than the ones I took at home. I am wearing a less supportive sports bra at home so they appear "saggier" than the surgeon's perky ones (I used a tighter sports bra of theirs compared to mine)!

Would love to hear your thoughts especially on the size difference you may see between the surgeons room and my home! Thanks :)!!

Medium padded push up bra, 34B natural size no enhancements or another sizers (just regular bra padding and tight fit push up)

Water sizers on!! Cross fingers they look similar ;)

I tried on water sizers with 500ml (equivalent to 500cc) in a sports bra. My plan is to go 520cc under the muscle. Since you loose 20cc in size going under the muscle, I used 500cc for sizers even though I plan on going 520cc.

The water sizers are just water in mini zip lock bags and I kind of made the oval shaped by twisting the bag. There is no air in them and my nurse said water sizers are better than rice because it's liquid (rice traps air in between the pieces). I then put the bags tightly in a sports bra and made sure they were placed well in the bra.

I just love how they look and they look bigger in person (the sizers on)! I really love this size for me :)

It's amazing what camera angles do!

So I was playing around with my camera for before photos .. It's amazing what the camera angel does with size impression.. I always try to keep that in mind when looking pics that appear big but the cc's are not enormous amounts lol .. Here are some of me (34B) PRE BA ..

One week until DD!!!!

So I am one week away!! I am looking forward to it and have gotten what I need during recovery..
Pillows, meds the doctor gave me (including scar cream), zip up sweater, bra for surgery and entertainment items (books, tv shows)!!

Day of surgery

Hi everyone!!

I had my BA today! It went well and I was fairly relaxed all day. Once I was in the car going to the surgery I felt good. My doctor is just so relaxed its great. I brought a book along that I was reading before I left the waiting room before I went in. The doctor marked me up and I was shortly in the surgical room benign hooked up to the equipment. I was knocked out before I even knew. I woke up feeling good with slight chest tightness and heaviness. My surgeon came to see me after a few times and talked to me which was great. The staff were great. I felt nauseous on the car ride back. I got my pain and antibiotic meds. I haven't ate much but it's because I feel slightly nauseous and loss of appetite. I couldn't take a picture more than in my sweater and bra since I don't have much movement in my arms. I have been wiggling my feet and taking deep breaths every hour as they told me after the anesthesia. Overall manageable pain and just resting tonight!!

Day after surgery

There has definitely been pain of tightness, heavy feeling and soreness on my chest. As a result my back is hurting too I think because it is working harder with my stuff muscles in front and sleeping upright. I have tried to do light walks in my parents house every few hours for my circulation. I ate yogurt and oatmeal, toast and avacodo with red pepper and feta cheese, crackers, pita and home made vegetable pot pie for dinner made for me!! I took two 15min naps today. I have continued to sleep upright to reduce and help any swelling that is occurring. Still not much arm movement since my body is stiff and they feel sore. My family helps me get up when I am lieing down on two pillows on my back on the couch by pushing me up slowly from my back so I don't use my muscles which I found really helpful in getting up! Here are some pics today, I thought they looked small looking down at them but when I looked in the mirror at the side angle I realized how much bigger they are!!

Nauseous upset stomach

Hi, has anyone experienced feelings of nauseous 2-3 days post op? I got an upset stomach and threw up last night (day after surgery) and this morning and I think it is from the antibiotics .. Would love to hear if anyone felt this..Thanks

When did everyone take first shower?

I am planning on taking my first shower tomorrow (surgery day Wednesday, then Thursday, then today.. So day 3).. I don't know how it's going to go since I have little arm movement.. I am just doing a body shower and not my hair .. I was considering my mom helping me since I don't want excess movement from my arms damaging anything.. Let me know!!

Day 3 Update

The pain is much more manageable today and I feel a lot better.. I am extremely bloated and haven't passed anything since pre surgery so my stomach is much bigger lol.. I have taken multiple naps today sitting up which felt nice ..The pics I took were before my shower and I love how they look thus far ;)!!

Day 6

Hi!! So they are starting to drop which is great and the swelling is minimal :)
They are still hard and don't move much but that is expected.. They do look bigger in person from the front and you can see the size more realistically from my side picture I posted.
Would love to hear your progress in what day or week you really saw a drop and fluff effect?
When did you see a big difference in softeners of breast and how did this compare to the how hard they are the first week?
What was your activity level like the end of the first week and second week? Thanks ;)

First Week Update


The first week was a journey of physical and emotional feelings.. The first 3 days I was in a decent amount of pain which the pain medication helped a lot.. During the first 3 days they were hard as bricks and the tightness in my chest brought me to much soreness with next to no arm movement (my family did everything from prepare all my meals and switch my pillows to my mom showering me and doing up my bra to having to be pushed up from under my back while laying down on the bed since it felt too heavy to get up on my own and I had no movement beyond my elbow).. The bloating and and feeling of tiredness was constant through the days.. My back hurt but at this point it wasn't as noticeable since tight heavy feelings in my chest were overpowering .. My nights I slept sitting no joke lol.. I wanted to sleep on my couch since I could better prop my pillows up for swelling instead in laying flat on my back.. Well as the night progressed I realized I could not stay on my back for more than an hour without unbearable back aches and tightness in my chest where I wanted to sit up.. My mom who slept beside me on a mattress we moved near the couch would have to push me up since I couldn't use my strength to sit up straight from a 45 degree sleeping angle.. I found sleeping will sitting up with a pillow behind me for support allowed my back in the most comfortable position and at that point I was so tired I would take advantage of any sleeping position where I could fall asleep..I litterally counted the hours for my pain meds..Emotionally it was harder since it felt like two bricks were on me and I had feelings of what did I do since I was in pain with hat felt to be hard rocks on my body that didn't feel one with me..

Days 4-5 was a transition period it felt like where I started feeling better even though I was still tired and sore.. I was on half the pain medication with the nights being the worst to get through..during the nights my back was in so much aching pain I was restless.. I moved from the couch to sharing a king bed with my mom since I needed her help getting up in the night to sit up (I alternated sleeping on my back and sitting up since sleeping on my back caused my back to be in pain).. I got a few hours of sleep each night since my back hurt too much to go more than two hours without switching positions.. I slept during the day sitting up on the couch with pillows.. My mom would often massage my back since it always felt like it was so stiff and aching .. I found walking around the house helped the most with my back.. My chest didn't feel nearly as tight but I started feeling the tightness of my bra and more sensitivity on the incision tape area with the bra .. Nothing too painful but very obvious in the shift of heavy chest feeling from the first few days.. On day 5 I went on a 10 min slow walk on my quiet residential street since my surgeon said it was good to walk for blood flow but I made sure it was very manageable .. I noticed in the walk at the last few minutes my chest started feeling heavy and I knew I couldn't do much more than that.. I had been in my parents house the entire days up to that point so getting some fresh air was nice making sure it was low impact.. Emotionally I started feeling better but couldn't help still feel a little self reflection in my body.. Looking at my new boobs in the mirror I was glad I didn't go bigger since they felt so much bigger than my normal..

Day 6-7 the pain was significantly better with pain meds only being taken at night since my back aching was the main culprit of discomfort.. Also my bra lower band around my rib cage felt so tight because of my skin being sensitive .. I kept letting the band slighting on the incisions since I felt pain of it being too tight (the band itself wasn't too tight I think the swelling and band tightness caused me to bruise slightly under my arms and at hat point the bruise and band tightness were making the skin sensitive) .. Back pain still very present but better, walking and my mom rubbing my back made it bette (warm bean bag on my back helped which was approved by my doctor).. Emotionally I felt happier since I was out of the pain and started seeing positives in my boobs softening in my skin and dropping (nothing significant but the small change was encouraging)..

I posted a week photo :) :)!!

Day 8 tank top size pics

Uploaded pictures in a tank top with my sports bra:)

Progress pictures

Here are my progress pics so far!!
Top left 3 days, top right 6 days, bottom 9 days

3 weeks progress pics

Hey everyone!!
Here are my 3 week updated pics .. Went to follow up today and everything is good so far and I am so happy with their shape at this point in the journey:)

Progress pics

Over the three weeks the dropping with the bottom right being the 3 weeks!!

3 week side profile

What they look like from the side!! Love the look and projection especially when they will be in a regular bra;)

Love my cleavage almost four wks :)

One month cleavage love it!!

4 weeks pics and other info!!

4 weeks and they have changed a lot!! Softer, more movable, better looking, no pain, regular sleeping and rounder shape!

The darker lighting in some photos does make them look bigger but I will say in person they look bigger than with the full bright lighting!

Some photos

Pushing up life with a push up bra

Hey!! So after a month of getting used to size it's nice to add a push up bra to see what the added volume looks like.. Great for days you want a little more and knowing me that will be everyday lol!! This bra is from La Senza (Canadian store owned by Victoria Secret). It is medium padding I would say ;)

7 week pic

I will update without bra pics too

Week 7 update pictures

Bathing suits and sports bra at VS

2 and a half months and these are bathing suits at VS (pink is 32D and stripes is 34D same bathing suit push up underwire top). Sports bra is 32DD which I think I would go for a bigger band since it was so hard to clip.
I love how they look!
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