26 Years old , Fairly Active, 30AA to 295cc Silicone (Allergan) - Toronto, ON

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Little about me: Background: Vietnamese Height:...

Little about me:
Background: Vietnamese
Height: 5"
Weight: 100lbs
Current bra size: 30A
Surgical date: August 2nd 2016
Submuscular, 275cc silicone, moderate profile

I went for my first consultation with an office in Toronto. I consulted with the nurse first then the doctor came in afterwards. Ive done my research and had an idea of what I am aiming to get.

I wanted to get breast augmentation that will give more volume, but still achieving that natural look. I would recommend having some naked photos of some breasts you like and to have someone there to give their opinion as well.

Silicone would be the choice as I don't have a lot on my breast and it'll give that "fatty tissue" feel that someone with breasts would have. Silicone cost roughly 8900. Saline was a lot cheaper 6900 but it was not for me. as it wouldn't give that fatty tissue feel.

I was debating between the two trans-ax or breast fold. After seeing the Dr and nurse. He mentioned the trans ax is possible but it'll be a pretty big incision for silicone, because silicone already has its shape. But for someone who is doing saline trans-ax would be good. as the incision is smaller due to the fact that the saline is empty prior to being in the body.

Dr recommended submuscular over supra for round cohesive silicone. Decided on moderate profile for the more "natural" look. High profile will give the rounder high look. When looking at all these naked breasts, I wanted one that will give that teardrop look when I'm naked not the round symmetrical look.

When being measured, she said I was quite symmetrical on both sides. We went through a chart of what's "ideal" natural for my size and height. Ranged from 240-275. I tried the on the right 240 and had 255 on the left. I thought it looked good but that's because I had no boobs to start with. She put on 265 and I thought,"oh man this looks big- too noticeable" so we decided to choose 255cc. After looking at my pictures that I took with the 2 sizes I forgot to counter the fact that if it's going sub and it'll look smaller then what is in the picture. I called the office to consult more about if I was to go bigger will it achieve the size I had on during my consultation appointment. I also asked if going up a little bigger will i achieve a little side boob as well creating a little curvature to straight body. So after thinking and reviewing other surgeries of women wishing they've gone bigger and how what you choose is a little smaller after surgery. I've chosen 275cc moderate - being the max size for moderate profile. She said this size will still look very proportion to my body and still have that tear drop look. If I wanted anything bigger it would have to be in a high profile and it may have more of the rounded breast look.

This is my experience so far and I'm quite nervous but at the same time extremely excited that words cannot explain. I feel this would boost more confidence in myself and I will finally feel like a women instead of a girl!

Meet and greet + Consultation

These are some photos of my first sizing. These were the 240 cc and 255cc. I did not take any photos with the 265cc when I had them on. I will be going in for my next sizing this Wednesday July 20th. More photos will be posted then.

Rice sizers 275cc

I decided to try rice sizers to give me an idea of how 275cc will feel and look in my own clothes. They weren't too bad. I was still able to fit my clothes however it just looked bigger than what I would feel comfortable with. But then again, from reading lots of reviews even from PS comments, that it will look smaller when it's under the muscles.

Sizing part 2

I went back to try the different sizes again. I know the rice sizers aren't as accurate as trying the silicone ones. I tried the allergen 275cc moderate and 325cc HP. Allergen doesn't come in mod+. I really liked how the HP looked on. It gave more of a protrusion/volume when looking from a side view. When compared to the 275cc moderate was very flat looking and wide. 275cc was max they recommended for me if I wanted moderate profile. Anything more then 275cc would have to be high profile as my width was measured at 11".

Sports bra with front clips

My previews post from today. Meant to saw my bwd is 11cm*

Read reviews about buying easy wear sport bras so I did some shopping last week. I ordered some sport bras that will be easy to wear from Amazon Canada. it was only 20 dollars for a package of 2. They are pretty comfortable too.

8 days...

I'm getting quite nervous, my surgery is in about a week... been looking at more pictures of 325cc HP profile and it looks kind of big naked.
Then I came across "Elaliliamelia" and 290cc HP looks perfect. It doesn't look too huge and not small either. I know for sure I didnt want the 275cc as the projection looked too flat. (I had posted some pictures above) I remember last week when I tried on 295cc and 325cc there wasn't much of a difference. So I decided to go with 325cc, since the nurse says it'll look smaller when it's under the muscle after the surgery. I'm reading reviews by the doctors and they're saying it's only about mm difference, about 1 shot size difference.

Am I over thinking this now? :(

Tomorrow is the big day

Tomorrow is my surgery day.. I'm feeling very excited and slightly nervous. I read over the pre and post op instructions already. And it's recommended to have clear liquid diet for the next day. My surgery is at 8, but they want us at the appointment 2 hours ahead of time to prepare. I'm staying at the hotel that is included with the cost so I can check in at 3pm the same day. They give you an option of having someone there to care for you (friend or family) or a nurse they provide at a cost.

I went in last week to pay the full amount of my surgery. I once again tried on the different sizes again. After reviewing more pages and seeing that 325cc results to 32DD I didn't want that. So the nurse and I decided on something smaller which was 295cc.

I've picked up my meds as well. There's are so many different kinds. There antibiotics, sedatives, cortisone med, pain killer and Tylenol 3, med for nausea.

rice testers 295cc

Trying on my homemade 295cc rice testers one more time. I think they look very natural and proportion to my body. This is the look I'm going for. I love how the knots on these bags makes it look like my nipple in these photos.

Hotel check-in and anticipation begins...

I woke up this morning to eat before 6am, knowing my sugary is at 8 pm today.

I arrived at the hotel at 1 today and was able to check in. Beautiful hotel and clean room.
Very convenient for after surgery to stay the night. I have a friend accompanying me, so we both have our own bed.

I am getting very excited and super HUNGRY. I usually eat at least every 3 hours. Can't have anything to eat or drink from 6 am until my appointment.

Beauty is pain and sacrifices. It'll all be worth it.

They are in..

They are in. My appointment was originally at 8. The office was a little delayed in taking me in. I didn't get a call until 840. The nurse gave me some meds to take, and then I waited until about quarter after 9 to be taken in by Dr Jugenburg. He drew on me and got me to go over in my own words what I wanted and confirmed the procedure for today.

As I laid in the operating bed, within a few minutes the general anesthesia kicked in after a few breathe. Next thing you know, I woke up and I was in another bed in the operating room and I'm all done! I woke up feeling a little bit cold, shivered with my teeth clattering. The nurse had put on an extra blanket and a heater. I was super thirsty so they gave me some water to sip on. By 1130 pm I was taken back to my hotel room with my friend.

I feel a lot of pressure on my chest, but it's bearable. I took Percocet yesterday but I felt so nauseated. I switched over to Tylenol 3 and it seems a bit better.

Day 2-3

Pain level I would say 5-6/10. Feels heavy on my chest as in something pushing on it and it's a little hard to breathe. My nipple is feeling a little more sensitive today as well and I'm starting to feel itchy around the tapings. All i want to do is rip the tapes off, but of course I know I cant do that.
Guess what though.. when I move my arms forward as I am typing right now... I can feel some SIDEBOOBS! :O yay! haha

I am still taking my antibiotics as instructed until finished and taking T3 every 4-5 hours when needed. I cant wait til next week when I have the follow-up appointment, then I can SHOWER! Im going to have my friend sponge bath me a little today to make me feel a bit more comfortable.

Off of T3

I weened off of t3 yesterday and started taking regular Tylenol and continue taking my antibiotics. I was able to go for number 2 today. First time after my surgery. Think the prune juice helped as well. I spoke with my PS and I no longer need to do the sternum massage if it's not swollen in that area. Today my right side of my breast feels more tender and tingly, both my nipples are sensitive. These are normal post op sensations. I can't wait til next week to take off some of the tapings on my body.

Day 5

I noticed a little bruising on my left boob under my nipple that just appeared today. It doesn't hurt, I'm not freaking out about it as I read over the post op, it's normal to have some bruising/swelling after a surgery. I am loving them girls but they are heavy and it's something I have to get use to.

Day 6 - Back to reality

First day driving and back to work.
I woke up with soreness on both sides of my armpit/side boob and arm. Didn't hurt in pain but more tender. I feel like a nice arm and back massage would be heaven right now.
Driving was not bad, turning on corners was a little odd. I can feel my pectoris muscle area tender there. Worked an 8 hour shift. Anything to do with pushing and pulling I can feel it. Again, doesnt hurt just tender. 2 more days until my 1 week post-op appointment. Can't wait to get these taping off.. i am starting to really get irritated and itchy right along my sternum area and under the breasts. Nipples are still quite sensitive - but nothing abnormal. Similar feeling to when its near my menstrual period.

Best feeling ever!

ahh best feeling on Tuesday this week when I had my taping removed and showering never felt so good. My PS showed me 2 massages to help with the swelling.
1) push the two sides of my breasts together
2) push on the top part of my breast (cleavage) down.
He also told me to lift my sport bra up and leave it sitting on the top of my breasts as well.

In 2 weeks, I have an appt to have my stitches removed

4 weeks tomorrow

Had my stitches taken out last week. I forgot to ask what ointment or scar gels I should use or does anyone have any reccomendations?

These are the twins today

9 months after surgery

Hey guys. Sorry for the late updates.
Here are the girls 9 months after.
They're pretty much healed. Scars are slowly going away but you can still see them. I'll get random shock pain around my left nipple sometimes or when I do pushups. Other then that my PS says it's healing very well.
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