24 years old, 5'1", 100 lbs, 34A, 12.8 BWD, 310cc Silicone Gel, Submuscular, Periareolar Incision

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Hi RealSelf community! As many of you, I've been...

Hi RealSelf community! As many of you, I've been doing a lot of research and reading many reviews. My breast consultation is coming up shortly (Jan.8) and I'm debating what size I should get. I'm afraid of being top heavy as I have a petite frame but based on the many reviews here boob greed is more likely than the boobie blues lol. I feel 350 cc might be too big and that's probably because I'm afraid of the number itself. Let me know what you ladies think. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Consultation right around the corner!

My consultation date with Dr. Jerome Edelstein is quickly approaching and I am so anxious/excited! I'm aiming for full D, high profile. Here are some wish pics

What I DONT want aka afraid to look like

First consultation over with. Need help on sizes! 365 cc mod?

So I had my first consultation with Dr.Edelstein today and I'm definitely sure he'll be my surgeon. I had a consultation with another doctor the previous day and I felt like I wasted my time.
Anyway, the consultation was decent today... A bit of mixed emotions. I liked the chemistry I had with Edelstein in comparison to the previous Dr. He was thorough, patient, and very kind with a great sense of humour. He refers to BAs as his "happy surgery" haha. You can tell he loves what he does.
I tried on sizers ranging from 365 which was the only mod option to 415 HP the biggest. I told him I initially wanted full C small D but after reading so many reviews, there's a high percentage that gets boob greed, so I would preferably like a D, still keeping in mind full C small D cause I'm afraid of being top heavy.
As I was given 365 mod (not sure if it was mod+ forgot to ask) I was already a little overwhelmed by the number. I thought my sizes would've been way smaller. I'm a little disappointed because I had my mind set on HP and the smallest size given for HP was 385 which I felt looked wasy too big making me look top heavy! 365 wasn't in my range at all and I don't think going that big would be something I want. I'll keep the sizes given in mind though. Also, getting mods wouldn't be the end of the world, I'd just prefer HP. However, I know if I go through with a size too big, I won't be happy/satisfied with the end result. What are your thoughts? Did you ladies feel the same trying on your sizers?

Having trouble with the app..

Here's a pic from my consultation

surgery date April 20th 300 cc moderate plus or low profile?

I finally went to my pre op on Friday and I'm more confused than EVER! I tried on the range I wanted but now I know I still look top heavy! So my next ranges down would have to be LOW Profile 300 ccs. I don't want to go for the busty look as I'm already petite and I feel 300 ccs would be proportionate to my frAme. However, the thought of having low profile kind of scares me as the projection wouldn't be as great lookingn as mod+ and I'm afraid they might sag.

All in all, if I'm willing to look busty and get the side projection I desire, I would go for the mod+. If I get low profile, it'll be the size and look I want except for projection

Any advice ladies?
Did anyone get low profile?

FINALLY decided 310 mod+ under the muscle

I have finally decided on 310 mod+ today with a great feeling of weights being lifted off my shoulders. Throughout my appointment, my PS kept telling me "go with your gut, go with your gut" and the moment I got to try on the 310 mods I instantly knew it was going to be my choice. Initially Dr.E had said it might be too narrow so it wasn't an option but Heather who is a a wonderful and very patient PS took another look at my girls and said this could actually work and let me try them on. Thank god she did because I think I was gonna settle for the low profile 280-300.
I still have a bit of doubt but I got a second, third and fourth opinion and they all said 310 looked best and of course I'm following my gut!

Surgery date is coming up VERY soon - April 20th!! And I'm getting under the muscle, nipple incision


Is there something wrong with the App?

I uploaded photos and I can't view all of them on the app but when I'm on the site it's all there.. Maybe it's a glitch?

Surgery day!

Fortunately, everything went smoothy - I woke up fine with barely any pain and I had a caring nurse that helped me get dress without having to ask :). The procedure felt so quick and I remember waking up and seeing Dr.E smiling and telling me the surgery went well.
I've been sleeping on and off all day and eating some yogurt and salad as I do not have much of an appetite.. Hopefully I won't lose too much weight!
My chest is starting to feel tight now so I know I will def feel the pain tomorrow; I'll start taking pain neds within the next few hours

Ps. My neck pillow is life right now haha


Recovery has been going very well that I must say, I am definitely one of the lucky ones. From the day of my surgery til now, I haven't been in any excruciating/unbearable pain. I have been able to do almost everything on my own (of course very slowly with caution) except for getting uo after a nights rest laying down flat on my back. However, after the first night and a few naps, I've learned its best to be propped up so ever since then, I've been propped but it's making my back hurt. The only thing I have to complain about is getting in a comfortable position to sleep as I'm mainly a side sleeper but I mean I'm just complaining now hah.

Other than that, I've been peaking at the new girls everyday and I can't wait to start seeing results! I know it's too soon to tell, but Ibe been obsessing over the size and I can't help it lol. I have to remind myself to be patient and I don't think I'm alone on this one ;p

Pics will be up soon :) xox


It's too soon to tell, but I can't help but wonder how 330 cc would've looked. Maybe too big? Maybe I could've pulled it off?

Anyway, as promised, here are some pics

Let me know what you ladies think :)


Whoops, the pictures didn't upload the first time

Post Op Day 9

So, post op day 5 I was experiencing maaajor hypersensitivity but it has gotten better since and sleeping has been slowly getting more comfy so things are going well
I think my breasts are dropping fairly quickly and they are already starting to feel soft which I wasn't expecting to happen this soon but it's great, no complaints. Other than that, I really can't wait for it to fully drop and fluff to see the final results. I'm curious what cupsize I'll be (hoping NOT full B small C) and I hope my gap gets a little closer as my PS mentioned 310cc is smaller than my BWD

3 week post op

I went finally to my two week check up on my third week and everything's looking and feeling great. I can't wait to start sleeping on my side again!! Besides that, I'm havinf a a bit of boob greed. I think I could've def pulled off the 345 or 360 without looking "top heavy" or fake. But I must say I'm pretty satisfied. The girls are getting softer each day and I can't wait for bea shopping

6 week post op

Everything has been going great. I finally got rid of the steri strips today and replaced it with the silicone sheets. The scars look like they're healing well (left side better than the right) as well as the softness the left side is softer

2 month post up

It's been a while, but not has changed. My breasts are getting softer by the day and my scars are healing very well.

I finally got the OK to ditch the surgical bra and it feels amazing to be in regular bras again. I went straight to VS after my follow up appointment to buy a few bras and I'm a 34 C. I didn't want to splurge on bras just as yet since I've read a couple reviews on real self that the size will change. I'm chose the smaller range so maybe it won't change too much? It's so tempting to buy a whole new bra collection. Did you ladies splurge or wait?

My nipples are also getting less numb so my nerves are def coming back a lot sooner than I had thought. I can't wait for it to officially settle!

Happy healing dolls! Xo

Another photo

I totally suck at taking pictures lol

4 Months Post Op 310cc

Wow, I can't believe it's already been 4 months since my surgery. It has been such an easy and fortunate recovery I wouldn't hesitate to go through this again, haha. But as good as it's been well all have our concerns and worries. I am not sure if this is normal, but sometimes when I lay down in a certain position, it feels uncomfortable and I can feel my implants moving and stretching. I know I'm only 4 months post op but I thought by now it would've felt more settled. I'm not entirely sure about the discomfort I'm slightly feeling and the stretching so I'll def send an email to my PS today.
As for the size, I'm quite happy with them. There are days I really love the way they look in clothes and other days I tell myself I def could've gone better. I'm pretty sure everyone's had that though. Overall, I think size I picked is very natural looking and suits my petite frame and im glad I went the nipple incision. Which is getting less numb by the day. Woo to nipple sensation ???? haha.
Anyway, my breasts are pretty soft but I wish it was a lot softer by now. When I'm leaning forward it's the absolute softest but when I'm standing up it has a different feel. That's all for the 4 month update :)

Happy healing!
Dr. Jerome Edelstein

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