20 Y/O, No Kids, Tubular Breasts - Implant, Breast Lift and Fat Transfer - Toronto, ON

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Hello all, After reading many reviews on...

Hello all,

After reading many reviews on RealSelf, I've decided to start making my own review to track my journey both for myself and for others who might be in a similar scenario.

I am 20 years old, and ever since I was an early teenager I noticed that my breasts looked different than others that I have seen. They are pointy shaped, with small nipples and large areolas. I only own push up bras, and don't fill out bikinis or strapless tops. I currently wear a 36B/34C bra, however at my consultation the 3D imaging system guessed my breasts to be the volume of a AA! :( I decided to get a breast augmentation at this point in my life because I feel that I will have more self confiedence and my breasts will be more proportionate with the rest of my body. I am on the curvier side; 5'6", 150lbs with a large bum lol :p

I recently had two separate consultations with a local plastic surgeon which my mom had her BA with. The PS diagnosed me with tubular breasts, which is a genetic deformity where the breasts don't fully develop in puberty. My goal is to have natural, more fuller breasts. My ideal size would to be an (actual) C or D. Me and my surgeon decided it would be best to combine a fat transfer as well as an implant to achieve this. My operation will also have a breast lift to properly orient my nipples, as they are currently at the base of my breasts.

My preop is scheduled for July 13, and my operation August 8. I am both excited and a little nervous to undergo this procedure. I will provide updates and photos as I proceed throughout my augmentation journey :)

Wish Pics

Here's some wish pics of my ideal boobs! :)


So yesterday was my preop appointment, or the "fun" appointment as I got to pick sizers etc. I had to get a physical from my doctor and blood work done prior to the appointment and everything was all clear. The nurse took my blood pressure and went through the recovery and operation process with me. She gave me a booklet of information and contact numbers for any post operation questions. Some of the things that were enlightening to me is the different times and processes that each plastic surgeon has. I've been reading on here that some people aren't allowed to shower for 4 days, or have to sleep on their back for 3 weeks. I am allowed to shower the next day following surgery, and have to sleep on my back for one week. Also, to my relief, there won't be any crazy bra contraptions that I have to wear like some other ladies have had. A simple, supportive sports bra is all I need, with the possibility of a compression garment for the fat transfer part.

I was advised to up my water intake for the 3 weeks prior to my surgery to help with swelling etc. I was prescribed Torodol, which is like a heavy form of Advil. Here in Canada they don't tend to prescribe Percocet or similar pain killers unless absolutely necessary. They also advised me to get up and walk around for about 5
minutes every hour to keep my blood flow up. For fat transfer ladies - I'm not allowed to use ice packs on my breasts following surgery, only frozen peas. Apparently the ice packs are too cold and risk freezing the fat and leaving an adverse affect. They also gave me a little care package with scar cream, arnica gel for brusing, and a special antibacterial body wash to use following surgery, which was super nice of them!

Now for the fun part - sizers! Because I have volume in the upper pole but virtually none in the lower pole, it actually took me a while to decide which sizes I liked the best. It looked to me like the sizes were very similar, minus a few small differences like being more rounded or wider on the outside. The pictures I've provided were my original choice with the nurse, which was later changed by the surgeon (but I was unable to take a photo of the final selection). The photo shows 360 cc Natrelle shaped implants, moderate height and moderate projection. The sizes that me and my surgeon decided on ultimately were 395 cc full height moderate projection on the right, and 425 cc full height full projection on the left. The implants are both Natrelle shaped implants. They look very similar to the photo though, and the surgeon noted that she needed a full height implant to create the size needed to create a more natural breast shape.

My incision site also changed, originally I was going to have a inframammary incision, but since I am also doing a lift (lollipop), the surgeon decided it would be better to just go through that way and only have 1 scar instead of 2, which I am happy with.

Next is my surgery on August 8! I'm trying to exercise and eat more healthy than normal in advance to hopefully help with my recovery. I'm a little nervous, but I always am with surgery, I know it's actually nervous excitement! :)

Post op update!

Hello everyone,

I thought now would be a good time to post my first update after surgery. My surgery was at 12pm on August 8, and my doctor said it went smoothly. I was allowed to leave around 6pm and go home, where I immediately went to bed and slept until the next morning at 10am when they called to check up on me.

The first couple of days have been hard, it's difficult for me to get up by myself, and my breasts are both painful and numb at the same time. I was able to take a shower today which felt so nice! And I have some pictures of the bruising and scarring. Please don't mind my stomach as I am still quite swollen from the surgery.

The pain has subsided in a couple of days from an 8 to a 6. I am trying to keep up and walking, as well as take my medicine and ice regularly. I mostly feel gross :( and I have a hard time getting comfortable laying on my back.

I will post another update after my post op appointment on Monday!

Post op update 2!

So yesterday was my post op appointment! I wasn't able to see my doctor because she was in surgery, but I was attended to by a nurse. She cut my stitches so they weren't so long, and she said I've been healing well. They won't take the tape off for me yet, they want it to stay on to protect the scars longer, which I was dissapointed but understood.

The best part of the appointment is that she said I don't have to wear their support bra anymore! I can wear any bra without an underwire, and as long as it's supportive but not restrictive for my breasts. So I went to Victoria's Secret and bought a bralette, sports bra and a wireless bra. They sized me as a 36 DD, which I am very happy about, but I will go back and get resized in a couple of months when everything settles down.

I'm no longer taking the pain medication, or icing them. I only feel tightness, and a little pain if I try to move in bed at night.

Right now I hope that my bruising subsides, as there are many tops that I cannot wear due to the bruises appearing either over the top or on the sides.

I have another post op appointment in 2 weeks, and I'll update everything again :)

2 weeks post op

I got a bad rash on my breasts :( the dr thinks it's from the bra I've been wearing. It's red and bumpy and sooooo itchy! They gave me an antibiotic cream to apply and I'm going to visit them tomorrow so they can see if anything is wrong with them.

1 month post

Hello all,

Sorry for not updating sooner. I've been really busy and traveling as well. For the past 2 weeks I've been having rashes and allergic reactions to certain bras and products. My surgeon says it's because the skin is more sensitive for a couple of months after the surgery. For now I just wear a cotton sports bra and only using coconut oil to stay moisturized. I'm really happy with how my breasts are starting to drop and look more natural. They are still hard to the touch but are slowly starting to soften. At my 2 week post op my surgeon was worried that my left scar wasn't going to close as it had a small gap and wasn't healing like the right scar was. I have a feeling this was because I went back to work too soon (1 week post), where I do more intensive work than an office job. However, the scar thankfully started to heal properly and now there are no problems :)

I have gained a bit of weight as I have been eating as I normally do without working out. :( hopefully at my 6 week they will clear me to start working out and I can get back into shape. I am still happy with the overall shape of my body, now with my breasts it looks much more proportionate.

Here are some update pics:
Ps don't mind the blood vessels they are just inflamed from the surgery, the nurse says its normal and takes a couple months for them to return to normal.

3 months!

Hey everyone!
It's been a little over 3 months since I had my surgery, and a lot has changed!
My last post op appointment went well, and I don't need to see the doctor until February. I was cleared to start working out, which I'm very thankful for because I gained some weight after my surgery. Did anyone else gain weight after surgery? I gained almost 10 pounds :/
I have stretch marks on my breasts now which I am disappointed in, but besides that they look great and I'm very happy :)
Hopefully the stretch marks will fade with more time. I've been putting lots of moisturizer and shea butter on them to keep them hydrated.

I thought since it's been 3 months that I would post a "before and after", so here are some photos!

1 year post!!!

Hi everyone!

It's been just over 1 year since I had my surgery, wow does time ever fly! A lot has happened since the last update, my breasts have dropped and fluffed more and look very natural which was the result that I wanted :) my scars and stretch marks have also improved and my doctor said they will continue to fade which I am happy about!

I am now realizing that I have some 'big boob problems' that I didn't have before, such as boob/underboob sweat (ick!) preferring to wear sports bras, and I can't wait to take my bra off at the end of the day lol!

I most definitely recommend this procedure to anyone who has tuberous breasts and are looking to improve the shape and size. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or message me!
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