500cc saline unders HP smooth round & Now let's add a lollipop lift to the mix

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Had BA on Wednesday, went from a saggy small B...

Had BA on Wednesday, went from a saggy small B (was a DD in the past then lost weight) to a 500cc saline smooth round High profile under the muscle. Currently on my meds but I wanna die it hurts so much. Hurts to think. I thought that I would own this surgery, I've had a home birth after all with my second child, but nothing prepared me for this. Its just so pain. My husband has my two kids and is being wonderful while I hide out in my room in the dark trying to get through this. I don't know how some go to work the next day, just baffles me.

post opop day 2

I'm feeling a bit better after applying some arnica. Uploaded some pics as reference.

post op day 3

I'm feeling a bit better today! Breats are hard as rocks. My right one is very high. They are definitely changing on their own times rather than like a couple. They are long and freakish and I'm happy I knew this would happen prior to surgery or I'd be freaking out right now. My right nipple is numb but my left is ok. The bottom part of my breasts are still very much my own skin and I'm assuming the implant will fall into that spot over time. On my meds every 3 hours so I'm kinda loopy and might leave info out, feel free to ask. :)

post op day 4

I feel better today, I hope things only get better from here on. I'm now on T3s only every few hours and I wear my straps all the time. I only take them off to take photos for all of you. I certainly feel as if I'm recovering from a car crash.

Although I know that my breasts will definitely take on a different shape as time progresses, I can't help but be super paranoid and scared that I will end up with snoopy breasts. Has anyone gone through this and ended up with their nice round breasts as they had hoped? I had a bit of sagg to start with so I knew I wouldn't look like someone who is an A cup getting implants. My breasts are different because they once were DDs. Can y'all tell I have no patience? Lol

post op day 5

Every day is better now. I finally pooped after 6 days. Got my husband to buy my laxitives. I've only had 2 T3s today, one of which I just took now, holy moly. I'm waiting for my husband to arrive as I have my first post op appointment coning up at 5pm. I'm excited to hear what they say and to ask about this darn snoopy boob! I've been trying to upload pics all day but the downloaded here won't let me, I'll jeep trying. I see a change on the left one which has dropped and I can fit two fingers between implant and collar bone. My right breast I can fit only one. My ribs still hurt and I'm still very winded. I had two naps today where I just passed out. Clearly I need the rest. I still have a lot of pressure on my chest and feel like the implants are stuck inside my pits. It affects my posture immensely giving me a huge curve on my back. I'm still very bloated and I can't even suck it in. Overall, best day so far.

post op day 5, had my first post op appointment today

Nurse said they are doing well. Incisions are doing great. And she said snippy Boob will definitely go away once the implant drops into the pocket. Thank god!!

post op day 6

Today was way better, though this sleeping sitting up is getting to me. Caught myself waking and putting my pillows in front of me and falling asleep leaning forward with my head plopped on my pillows.

I can't wait to hit the gym, it's been a whole week and I feel so out of the loop. I don't want to loose all the gains I have made this past year, though I dont recognize myselft right now because im so bloated and well, need to go poo. Hahahaha. My six pack looks like marshmellow.

I've only taken 2 T3s today and tomorrow is my last day of antibiotics, surprisingly I'm not sick and I didn't develop an infection in my lady parts which is very common of antibiotics. My breasts still feel very hard but no longer have that serious pain when I touch or press them. I've been pressing the tops of them pushing th implants down and in and that actually feels like a great relief. I would be very happy if my breasts ended up looking like the second photo where I'm lifting up my bottom boobs. Maybe with a bit more drop and cleavage. Perfect. I'd be a happy gal. So far, I do t have any Boob greed!!

one week post op

No more antibiotics, no more T3s. I feel much better but sleeping still sucks. Just had a "shower" and took off all my stuff to wash it. Thout I thought I would feel so free, I did not. I coulnt wait for my surgical bra to come out of the dryer and now I patiently await for the straps. Those are so important!!! They make me feel much more secure and protected. The tightness also makes me feel less pain. Will now be updating every few days or so as this obssessing every day is getting to me. I have to walk away for a bit and let them do thdir thing. I hope in my next set of pics I'm not so bloated anymore.

2 weeks 1 day

Feeling more human, it was a rough go that's for sure. Started sleeping on my back a few days ago and that made a huge difference in my tiredness and bitchiness. Lol. Although I wake and my breasts need to be released from the top strap and massaged to get some blood flowing.

Though the tops of my breasts are no longer sore, the bottom parts are. Almost like I am engorged from breastfeeding. My nipples are very sensitive but not in a good way. I have feeling in both.

Some days I wonder if they will ever drop, especially the right one. I ah e my second post op next week and I will be getting my stitches out, therefore, I can finally have a shower. I feel disgusting from just bathing and baby wiping. Blah.

3 weeks post op today

So three week post op came and went with not much change. Got that long strip I had stuck to me removed and replaced with those shown in the pic. Those are to remain in place until they fall off or 6 weeks from now when I see PS again.

The shape is about the same, frankenboob, sweet potatoe, whatever you wanna call it, I got it! And it sucks. I am still to wear my strap on the bottom aswell as top. I have been shown how to massage them now to lower them and I have been giving the right one extra attention as its almost in my throat.

The sensations vary. Sometimes I have muscle spasms, although they are more infrequent now. I get very itchy from time to time. The swelling is gone but now I have new aches from massaging them, which is more like squeezing the top pole to push the implant down into the pocket. The incisions hurt a bit especially if I'm without my bra and strap while I wash them. I need their support. I tried to buy some sports bras but no luck. They are still so hard and unwilling to cooperate.

I have started back at the gym doing lower body and cardio which I detest. But somethings gotta help me loose these couple pounds I've gained since surgery. So no lifting and no activation of my pectorals especially my right one.

Boob Greed Phenomenom

Boob greed is very real and it happens to about 99.9% of breast augmentees. I thought I was an exceptional case, but I am not. As the swealing disipates and my mind clears from this BOOB crazy fog, I now realize why so many women if not all suffer from this "Boob greed". Some women never have breasts at all, some like myself had large ones once, yet deflated. What others think or how others will react usually plays a small part in the selection. We think people will be shocked and ask questions, yet this doesn't really happen the way we think in our minds. We are so involved in this breast surgery that we think others are seeing what we see and this is not the case. No one notices and no one really cares. I wish I could go back and tell myself this, I had a huge issue with thinking people would just know. My extended family, my clients, and god forbid, the people at the gym I go to everyday. So far no one has noticed nor even batted an eyelash. I had been aware of Boob greed prior to surgery and went from 350ccs to 400ccs to 500 ccs driving my surgeon probably mad with my fickleness. I wanted large breasts (needed a large implant to fill out my once 34 dd breast) but my thoughts where always so overshadowed by friends or just comments I'd overheared to girls in the past "just don't go really big". I was affraid of being the "huge tit" girl who everyone knew her breasts were fake. I am far from that. So, along with the external chatter of others and not being a board certified plastic surgeon, the choice of CCs suddenly become just as important as naming a child. You're sitting in the office holding this massive squishy device trying to imagine what it might look like inside you. You put the device in your bra and jump aroind a little yet still, you're clueless. We're told that about 20-50 ccs disappear once under the muscle but really, can you actually visualize this? I didn't think so. And no matter how many selfies you take with Sixers in your bra, you'll probably still lay on the surgery bed thinking "should I just go a bit bigger? But what about the profile?" My recommendation is this. Once you decide on your CCS, add 50 CCs more. You will not look like a porn star! I guarantee you. It takes a lot to look that way. The image you have prior to augmentation is nothing like the real thing, and really, having big boobs is a good problem to have. Happy new years.

4 weeks and 4 days

Right now, I can't say I am too too happy with my breasts. I know they ha r not yet settled and I still have a long way to go especially with the right side, but I feel as though I underestimated how big my breasts had been in the past and should of increased my CCs to accommodate this. Don't get me wrong, im happy to not have flat saggy pillow cases drooping from my chest anymore, but when you spend 7.5K, you wanna be extatic. I could just be having a bad impatient day....

The pic I posted where I poked my breast, that's my natural tissue, so the top of the implant needs to drop in there . But I wonder how full the top pole will be after this happenes. I fear I will ha e large saggy breasts.

Reading as much as I have post op I wish I ha waited longer, to really understand the mechanics of augmentation and pick according to know aquired knowledge. Lesson learned. I advice those reading this to really research their opinions.
I hope they settle into the pocket soon. This is bugging.

just some pics

Did a little window shopping at Victoria secret. Bought two bras and will be trying them on every Thursday to see how they fit and how my breasts drop and fluff out.

6 weeks post op

Well, they are still high. Right higher than left as I'm right dominant. Still think that 50ccs mire or even a 600cc implant would of been better, but I haven't dropped in yet so its hard to tell. I was told by the nurse that even if they don't drop the PS can surgically bring them down. I asked about hypotheticallly going bigger and was told that would be $2500 but if I wanted to go bigger and PS had to go in there anyways to fix them, that the cost would be less. Good to know. I'm still hopeful they will drop in time. I'm just that girls who's boobs take FOREVER!!

Finally I can wear a normal bra. Its wireless and feels amazing. Very comfortable. I've never been about to wear wireless. I still have to wear the strap however.

surgery disrupts your menstrual cycle

General consensus is such, surgery messes up your period. I had a freak attack yesterday when i realized I was almost two weeks late. I lost my mind. Husband got a pregnancy test while I stayed home with my sleeping kids hoping to god I didn't just blow 7.5K on boobs that will be destroyed from breastfeeding, AGAIN!
The test was negative but I started reading that this happens to a lot of women post BA. What a bloody scare. Buyer beware. Lol

The strips finally came off the incisions yesterday and once showered, I replaced them with steristrips. I realized that the itchy pain was not the incision but the area that had cheap glue all over it. Still itchy but km trying not to touch.

The incisions are very clean cut! I'm very impressed with my surgeon. They are not raised or bumpy whatsoever and they don't even hurt. After seeing so many incision marks I was expecting the worst.

In the last boob pic, I have my bra Flipped up and the strap pressing down on the top. I love how this looks, they feel a bit hard because they're being pressed but I love the fullness and the projection. The boob pics the surgeon had looked like these when I had my BA and he said he went by the pics, hence using a HP instead of the moderate profile. So I'm hopeful that maybe they will turn out somewhat like that. I love how perky they look, my breasts have never looked so incredible. I wanna recommend BA to every woman I see but something tells me that I might create a lot of enemies if I do that. Lol

7 weeks post op

Getting close to the two ninths mark. Right impla t still in the same spot. The left is looking nice but there is still lots of boob to be fillednout at the bottom of the right. Kinda getting frustrated. Seeing PS in two weeks and I jipe he has good news. Hell I hope they drop tomorrow already!

9 weeks today

9weeks today

I'm still ridding high. I massage every day but now I'm starting g to feel like I may need to have them pulled down surgically. The last 3 weeks haven't shown much progress. I feel the implant chosen was a bit small for the amount of skin I had, even though they are 500ccs.

I also wonder if I actually needed a lift as well but PS said I would not need one. I'm gonna trust that he did what was best. I can't help but wonder especially the more and more I read and educate myself on breast augmentation matters. I wish I knew as much as I know know, I wouldn't of been afraid of 600ccs because I feel that would of filled me out better. I don't fillbout my old bras and that worries me.

I see him again next week and will discuss this with him then.

3 months 1 week

I'm not happy. I have a revision tomorrow at 6. He is releasing the right pec to let the implant drop more......then, I get to have a lollipop lift on both breasts. I'm so sad that I'm getting all scared up. I had just come to terms with my crease scar, now more. My husband is so upset as he never wanted me to have this done in the first place. But I couldn't live with saggy breasts the rest of my life.
The lift will eliminate the extra skin along the bottom that isn't being filled out by the implant.
We are hoping to achieve the shape and roundsness of the pics where I'm wearing the strap. I know I should of had a lift from the start, I think he underestimated my breast size. He also offered to release both implants lower but then I feel my breasts would be soooo low and because the pocket is huge, KNOW they would just hang like a ball at the end of a sock. Feel free to ask anything. I hope I didn't leave anything out. I'm just sad...

Post op#2 day 1

Damn, I never thought I'd be writing that tittle above. But when it comes to cosmetic surgery we have to remember that some times we aren't so lucky on the first try.

Where do I start, obviously I was not gonna live with snoopy boobs and I wasn't going to have the implants lowered as I wanted perky boobs not sagging bowlder. So lift was the choice. Everyone was very nice and pleasant, except for one receptionist that said that my boobs look good from my chart and I thought to myself "really, then why the f@@k am I here?" I just thought it was such a thoughtless and dumb comment to make to a client there for a REVISION. She could of just said, "he's the best, and he doesn't stop until his clients are happy". That would of made me feel much better. Anyways.....

Pre opt went well. I was marked, I told him how and where I wanted my nipples, which directio . I wanted them pointed and discussed size on nipples which was as close as possible to what I had. Before I knew it my chest was a road map of manic marker which resembled blueprints for a major highway. Cap went back on the marker and away we went to the OR. I had the same nurse and anesthesiologist as last time who remembered me. They were all very pleasant smiling and having fun with music playing. Last sight of my surgeon was him bopping his head to the music while behind some shelf unit. I'm not gonna lie, I was shitting my pants. I hoped to all that is good, that this second surgery would make me happy about my breasts, for once in my life!

I woke up literally 2 seconds later. I love anesthesia for that. One second I'm fighting my eyes open (i always like to fight it so i know exactly the moment I'm out), next second I'm sitting in recovery. I asked for water right away as I was so9o thirsty. Then I saw my clothes and picked them up and started getting dressed. This was amazing because they first surgery I was a mess!! Total mess! So much pain, completely incapable. And this times I'm just doing my thing like no big deal. Nothing hurt. I was a bit sore but I've had more pain the day after leg day at the gym. I chatted with the nurses for a bit and she told me about her Brazilian butt lift (showed me her butt too which was amazing). I was then weiled to the hotel valley entrance where my husband was waiting with our car. So much of this is a blur because of the anesthesia. I was in and out of sleep till we got to grandmas to pick up he kids.

I was a bit nauseous when I got home so I couldn't eat a thing. I took my meds by midnight and went straight to bed. I slept well, very well, until 430am when i woke. I got up like nothing happened and havent taken pain meds since last night. How weird is that? I was expecting to be dead like last time. Last time I was not back to normal til week 3. And here I am making toast with eggs, coffee, taking care of my two kids ages 4 & 2, cleaning my kitchen and sweaping. What the hell... Lol. I ain't complaining, just shocked of how great I feel. Especially because I had a cold too. I am swollen and a bit achey if I stretch out my arms. I do not have any sensation what so ever on my nipples or areola. I made the huge mistake of looking at someones story who had nipples necrosis after a lift and her nipple fell off. Now I'm super paranoid about this and Im touching my nipples every couple hours hoping feeling comes back. Maybe by just touching them will increase circulation and supply blood to them so they don't die. Am I being crazy? It does happen, obviously.

My next post op appointment is on Tuesday. I think bandages come off them and I get knew ones. I'm so worried about them taking bandages of and my boob just opening right up. I'm worried that I'll just burst out into tear forms seeing so many cut marks all over my breasts. I don't know how I'm gonna feel. I know that it won't be for a while till I know what the will look like so I'm not expecting anything amazing right away, but one can dream right? ;)

Post op #2 day #5

Well well well, what can I say, my boobs look like torpedoes from outer space and I love them. Ive never had breasts that are this perky and nipples that stick so high up in the air. I know its early. I know they will change. But so far, I like what I see! Snoopy is gone from what I can tell and they are just amazing through the top of my chest, nice and tight.

I had my first post op for this surgery today just a fee hours ago. I'm still bandaged up and need to be for about 6 weeks. I'm not to shower just yet and I go back again next Tuesday for dressings swap. Can't beleieve today was the 10th time I've been in that clinic. Geeez.

Upon seeing my surgeon, he told me how my surgery this time had been very tricky. So trick, he had to redo it three times as every time he had it done and sat me up, they just weren't sitting quite right. There was lots of juggling with my nipples and the implant that wouldn't drop ect. I was so shocked that this had happened that I didn't even think to ask specifics. Finally he was satisfied and closed me up. I wonder why they were so troublesome and what did he do differently each time to get the desired result. Questions for next Tuesday for sure.

So far, no pain. Some soreness and I can't pull things. So blowdrying clients hair is out of the question. Swelling is almost gone. I see a bit of skin discoloration looking like a greenish bruise but its being covered by my bandages. No sensation on my nipples yet but they still get hard if I touch them.

Post op#2 one week today

I am one week today! At this time last week I was on the table. I'm very excited that I am beginning to feel some pain in my incisions. Pain is good. Pain means tissues and nerves reconnecting. I'm getting tingles and itching. Some zingers and overall soreness and over all discomfort in that area. My right pectoral muscle is still sore and I cannot lift my arm very much. This will also pass soon.

I attached a wish photo next to my most recent pic of myself and I am amazed as to how close they both look. I wish this had happened the first time around but I am realistic. Its surgery and nothing is 100% perfect. I'll settle for second time around. Having said this, I am still so worried of my scars. What the hell will they look like and will i be able to cope with how they look? I really hope so. I remember have a few tears slip past me the night before this surgery. I had just looked at my breasts in the mirror and admired them knowing that this was it. My nipples would never be the same again. Never have that perfect natural starburst I was born with , rather I will a clean cut out scar. I have to find a way to come to terms with it and deal with it until I grow to love them in their new state.

Post op #2 day #12

So today was the day, I saw my incisions. Nurse was changing dressings and man was that tape hurting coming off. Its that glue! While clenching my teeth I looked down and saw my right nipple. My reaction was "oh my fucking god". It was right there. My nipple, stitched on. I felt like I was raggedy Anne who lost her nipple and someone stitched it back on. Brutal!! Now I know its temporary. A very long temporary. And once some time has gone by, the scars will fade and they will no longer be staring back at me they way they do now with attitude. I tried to preparing myself for seeing them for the first time. I looked at others ladies before and afters of their breast lifts and thought "ok, yeah thats not that bad....time heals all". But when its your breasts, your nipples, nothing can prepare you that Heart sinking feeling. My gut literally felt empty.

6 weeks 4 days

They are coming along. I love the shape! Its just how I wished they could be. Nipples differ from one another but what can ya do.... I've already had 2 surgeries and I'm not about to have a third. This is where nipple tattooing comes in. I have an appointment for April 2016 to have them tattooed more symmetrically. One is a rounder shape while the other is More oval and long.

3 months and 2 weeks

I'm back!! Its been a while but I had to just focus on something else other than boobs for a while. And these puppies turned out very nice. Sometimes we just have to look away. They are healing well and I'm back to normal phisical activity. I still have my appointment for nipple tattooing to even them out. Scars are still redy pink and I continue to use kelocote cream on them twice every day. I have put on a couple pounds of fat but the fat has distributed very nicely around the implant.
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