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I have scheduled my round 2 with Dr Bendago. I...

I have scheduled my round 2 with Dr Bendago. I have read amazing reviews and love all his previous BBL results. I'm going to miss dr Salama, but I can't travel to the states right now. Having said that, I'm very excited to be doing my second round with this doctor! Omg guys... what the hell am I doing lol. Here we go again!

Getting Ready for The Big Day

So my bloods are done, i've started up on 1 iron pill a day and Im doing light cardio every day to keep myself healthy and surgery ready. To get prepared, I used the same list of items needed for after surgery as last time:

My doctor this round, doesn't use drains so there are a couple of things I don't need. I'll be flying into Toronto and staying for a short 3 days (if all goes well). Flying back will be a bit of a challenge with our strict no sitting rule. when i came back from Miami, I held myself up for take off and landing... I guess i'll be doing the same for this flight. Luckily, the flight is so short! (1hour)

Current weight: 143 pounds
Round 1 Starting weight was 138 pounds when I went into surgery

Chest: 37.5
Waist: 27.5


Staying in a chic Hotel

one of the worst parts of my round 1 journey was that I wanted to save money and opted to stay in a mediocre hotel. If you are having surgery outside of your home town, I seriously suggest you splurge and stay in a high end hotel. Depression sets in and you realize you are stuck in your room with nothing to do. This round I am lightening the effect by staying in a one room suite. If you can upgrade to something a little nicer than the average room... do it!

Oh and for anyone doing a bbl in Canadian winter, UGG just came out with an easy slip on slipper that actually easily acts as perfect shoe to keep you warm without needing to bend down and fight to get your regular shoes on.
So close!

Wish Pics: Days before my round 2 BBL with Bendago

Here are some wish pics. Hoping I can get this done and done. Is it Tuesday yet? Cannot wait.

Before Pictures

Here are some pics of myself today. Ready for the transformation!
Also, I ordered and received the booty buddy pillow today. The idea that this pillow will allow me to sit throughout the recovery is just amazing!!That was the absolute worst part of the first round. Feeling excited!

Leaving tomorrow!

So we are leaving for toronto tomorrow at noon! I'll be heading over to TC Clinic. I'm a little concerned that I haven't received a call or anything from the clinic about my surgery time or even just a check in. Dr Salama's office was so detailed and I really appreciated that.
Anyways, I'll be picking up my prescription tomorrow (I called to remind them that I'm coming in). Excited!


So I'm in toronto! Had a great pre-op meeting with Dr b and he is just so sweet! I'm feeling so confident!

Wish me luck! Surgery tomorrow at 11am. Xo

On the other side

I can't update much as I'm in so much pain. I made it and now giving my all to this recovery.


This is hard. Calves is the worst of it. Learning to walk again! Wtf. :s

Back to life

Ok ladies, I'm finally feeling better. Spent the day with close friends. Walking again... Now we're rolling. Dr bendago is the most supportive doctor and his staff is beyond words. Angels sent to heal you! I'm doing great with the help of everyone at Tc clinic.

More pics: 4 days post op bbl round 2

Doing fine

Getting better every day. Calves hurt a lot, but I'm pushing through. No weight loss yet.

Updated Measurements

so im still very swollen but here are my current measurements:

Chest: 37.5
Waist: 27.5

Chest: 36
Waist: 26.5

A couple pics

Healing well. Having my second massage tomorrow and although I'm dreading the pain, I feel so swollen and have some lumps. Gotta go!

Passed two week mark

Hey guys,
So I'm just passed two weeks post op and feeling much better. My calves are the toughest and walking is still challenging. The bum looks good, although I still have some dimples from my first bbl. Tummy is flat with a little water bubble at the bottom. Getting my endermologie done twice a week to make sure I'm lump free. I have a weird dent on my left calf which I'm hoping is just due to swelling. :s

Some days are better than others

Today I woke up with tightness in my calves. It's hard to stand straight. Honestly, the worst part of my surgery so far has been the lipo on my calves. Tough. Brushing is almost all gone. My tummy feel a bit chubby and I kind of wish he had been a bit more aggressive with my flanks.

My new calves

I'm still so swollen and stiff but I can see such an incredible change already!

Swollen but feeling better

My stomach is swollen and a bit uneven. Butts so big, hoping it goes down. Coming along slowly. Here's a pic with a new dress????


Things are good. Wish he had lipped just over the knee because my thighs don't blend in with my calves... I feel like I've gained weight.... been eating though. Really need to stop.


Pre-Op Chest: 37.5 Waist: 27.5 Hips:41.5 Post-Op Chest: 36 Waist: 26.5 Hips:43.5
NOW: chest: 36 wasit: 26.5 hips :42 current weight : 139 pounds (down from 143 before surgery)

my calves did not heal well so i may need a touch up. they are lumpy which can occur. unfortunately. my arms havent changed at all so im annoyed with that. My bum is very nice and im actually happy my hips have come down a little. it was too much. Waist is nice and small. overall im satisfied. I definitely will look into a calf touch up.

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