Botox and fibromyalgia - Toronto, ON

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The most important pro to receiving botox...

The most important pro to receiving botox injections to the face with Dr. Martie Gidon is that you are patient and client. Receiving both medical and cosmetic care are very important factors for me: especially since, I am an individual who lives on a modest income due to fibromyalgia. In other words, to correct or to live with injections which did not turn out right would be a nightmarish on many levels.

Prior to becoming Dr. Gidon's patient and client I reviewed many reviews of the procedure and also read reviews and "curriculum vitas" of doctors and individuals who do botox for cosmetic and/or medical reasons.

Following "Dr.'s orders", the appearance results are terrific. AND, my migraine headaches at worst, are without the face pain; and at best, the migraines are gone (for now). I will know when to go for more injections when the severity of the migraines returns. Fortunately for me, the botox injections are long lasting, so in many ways (as mentioned before) it is less expensive than having it done by someone who is "less expensive".

Thus far, I am very pleased with the botox results and can postpone my face and neck lift. For now, personal finances and my return to school is amongst other reasons for postponing my face and neck lift surgery.

In essence she has given me, through the botox injections time to comfortably move into cosmetic surgery when botox will no longer be able to do what it is presently doing for my appearance. At some later date, with the completion of my courses of study I will probably be in a better place and have the cosmetic surgery. However, I predict that I will continue with the botox injections to treat my migraines until another procedure eclipses the benefits of botox. Again, without the migraines or their severity my return to school and studies is so much easier.

Has it changed my life? Yes, it is a life changing experience! In 2000, I was forced into early retirement by disability: fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia has many symptoms. One of the symptoms which is not mentioned is premature aging but is acutely apparent to people who have fibromyalgia.

Chronic pain,depression, fatigue, compromised immune system, and the worsening of any other illness or condition made a forty year old me behave, move about like a very fragile elderly person.

A more youthful looking face and freedom from disabling migraines has increased my motivation and success with my necessary lifestyle changes.

A more youthful face seems to make a trim body look more youthful even though I still move about slowly due to stiffness, pain and fatigue. In essence, now at 60 years, and almost three years with Dr. Gidon, I do not look as old as before nor feel as old as before. I have a new optimism in the faith that I will age with more gracefully with fibromyalgia and everything else life has to offer.

What I wish I knew before hand is what I now know: go to the best doctor for your botox injections or any other cosmetic wants and needs: the results will be health and beauty.

As a matter of fact, in today's society or in most other societies, regardless of time and place, beauty and health are synonymous. Almost as synonymous is beauty, health and a youthful appearance at whatever age.

I hope that I have been of some help to others like me.

Sincerely yours,

Jessica Maher

Toronto Dermatologist

The rating is high: excellent because the doctor and her services are excellent. Dr. Gidon's reviews and her education, expertise and her interest in combining and having a medical practice with cosmetics assured me that I was going to have the best results with one of the best dermatologists in Canada. Her staff seem to have been carefully chosen: how you are accepted by them as a patient and a client reflects her personal and professional goals - to have "beautiful" results for her patients and clients alike within a medical and or spa setting. In short, while waiting in the waiting room, I do not know whether the person(s) sitting next to me are there for medical or cosmetic reasons. This is generally good for most of us. Dr. Gidon's sincerity with me, and what the botox could, and/or not do, for me prepared me for my results. It is also reassuring for me to have a female doctor performing the cosmetic aspects of the botox. This is my personal kind of reassurance and/or bias. I am positive that there are male doctors, who do understand the cosmetic and medical needs of women. However, Dr. Gidon's personal appearance, a very attractive woman and the warm professional dynamics of her staff (who are also very attractive, forward thinking women) further my confidence in her each and every time I have an appointment for my medical/cosmetic needs. Probably, a dishevelled, frazzled, in a hurry kind of practice would motivate me for obvious reasons to leave the premisses very quickly. Dr. Gidon, her staff and clinic while not extravagant is clean, aesthetic and professional. Her waiting room has a screen which explains each treatment available at her practice. This is another plus which I have yet to see in other practices be they cosmetic or medical. The outcome(s) are as Dr. Gidon predicts, AND better (in my opinion) because with botox my face has improved. My skin looks smoother, I look relaxed, happy, healthy and pretty. My face is not "overdone" or "underdone". Dr. Gidon has also emailed me to make certain that I am ok and following the post injection care. Upon my request, her recommended choice of plastic surgeon is excellent even if and when it is of no financial benefit to her. The plastic surgeon, she recommended, like her, is at the top and forefront of his profession: Dr. Sandy Pritchard.

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