Breast Aug + Lift to Correct Asymmetry, Plus Tummy Tuck - Toronto, ON

Dr Bray was my first choice based on before and...

Dr Bray was my first choice based on before and after photos, and out of the 4 surgeons I consulted, he was my first choice based on the consultation. He understood that I'm looking for natural results with respect to breast work, and I'm looking for a low scar with respect to the tummy tuck. He also told me that he does a lot of internal suture layers to take tension off the skin layer, which I like.

The whole consultation/booking the surgery process has been fast, because having thought about this for 2+ years, I was ready to go. I called in August to book the consultation, and got Sept 16. After the consultation, I told Paulette that I was ready to go and any date she had available was good with me. She had Nov 3 available, but I also wanted to have a talk with Dr Bray to clear up my questions before placing the 30% deposit. She got me in to see him early morning on Oct 5, which I really appreciate given the how busy he is and the expedited schedule of it all.

I will be having Allergan smooth round silicone TruForm 2 implants put in, with a breast lift on the right breast to correct asymmetry. I have about 300cc difference between the 2 breasts, as well different breast widths, so I know they won't be perfectly symmetrical post-op. I'll also be having lipo to contour my waist, with minor muscle repair. The tummy tuck scar will actually be even lower than I hoped, which I'm happy about. I lost 75lbs, and have loose skin below the belly button and a fat pouch.

The surgery will last 7.5 hours, and I'll be under for 8.5 hours. From doing research, I know there are plenty of surgeons who do breast aug+lifts in 1-1.5 hours and tummy tucks in 2 hours, but the results are what you expect for such a short operating time. I'm happy he actually takes the time to do the job properly. I'll also be staying overnight at the facility.

My fee includes OR fees, anesthesia, surgeon's fee, breast and body garment, implants, overnight stay, post-op, and taxes. I think it's a very reasonable fee considering the downtown location, quality of work, overnight stay, etc.

Paulette went over the surgery, all my pills, post-op tips in a comprehensive 2 hours pre-op appointment.

I'll be uploading before photos of my stomach. Maybe my pre-op breasts as well, I haven't decided yet as they're pretty gnarly.

I'll also be using Embrace Scar Therapy on my scars. Getting it was an ordeal, because they don't ship to Canada. I had it delivered to a shipping intermediary in the US, who then shipped it to Canada.
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Dr Bray performs surgeries with natural results, which is what I'm looking for. I especially love how he makes his breast scars so tidy and neat. We were on the same wavelength during the consultation, and he made the time to see me for a follow-up consultation to clear up any questions I had.

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