34, LBL w Inner Thigh Lipo, gained 100 lbs in pregnancy and lost quickly - Toronto, ON

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I've been wanting to do a lower body lift since I...

I've been wanting to do a lower body lift since I was 20 years old. I gained 100+ lbs when I got pregnant as a teen (yes I was that girl!) haha and lost it all within 9 months after giving birth. Since then I've fluctuated quite a bit, 40lbs weight being the largest fluctuation after having some digestion issues. Now I'm about 15lbs from my "perfect weight" but I find it hard to stay motivated at the gym when I see my lower stomach bulge (no matter how thin I get) or when I'm in a bikini lying down I see stretch marks covering my thighs and flanks and the skin hangs to the side. So, I'm ready to get rid of this loose skin and pockets of fat so I can get and stay super fit! I'm nervous and excited but it still doesn't really feel real yet. Haven't had my preop appointment yet since I'm 2 months out from my surgery date!

Current pics

Here are some pics, surgery is one month out! Still doesn't feel real that's it going to be happening.

The s

LBL with inner thigh lipo

Just to clarify, that's what I'm planning to have done. I'm worried though that I'll need an inner thigh lift after since I have a lot of stretch makes in that area and my thighs have always been a problem area. So curious to see what they will look like post LBL. Will post a photo later.

2 weeks from surgery!

Here are some pics of how look. With clothes, not too shabby. Without.. Well you can see my problem areas. For years I've thought getting thinner and thinner would change those areas... It never did. So I always "felt " unfit. Hoping after this surgery I'll be able to feel more comfortable in my skin.

Another pic

2 weeks out!

Surgery is in 2 weeks. I started taking my supplements.

More current pics and wish pics

This is me now...

This app is a little wonky

Surgery is booked for April 15th, so those pics I put in my previous post are pics of me, and then wish pics. (Not after pics) just in case anyone got confused!

Had Pre-op appointment today, getting EXCITED!!

My surgery is next week!! Eeks. I'm excited. I had my pre-op where they took photos, went over all the meds (holy cow!) I'll be creating a spreasheet to ensure i take everything at the right time.

We went over expectations, and both the patient coordinator and my doc said my results will be a amazing. (fingers crossed!!)

I started taking all my pre-op supplements, and i'll be ordering my "medical equipment" this week. I'm getting a walker, raised toilet seat and a recliner on a rental basis.

Found out i'll be getting lipo everywhere from thighs to upperback to give me a whole new contour. I can't wait to feel more comfortable in my skin. I know my photos don't really show the excess skin/droopiness of my body but it's very visible in person. Espcially when i get thinner... which is why everytime i get to my thinnest, i get hopeless and gain 10-15lbs because despite working out 5 days, eating well and being "thin" i still have pockets of skin and fat. And it's been this way since i was 16 years old! I never really got to enjoy having a "young" body. So I'm hoping my time is now.

I have a COLD!

So last night I started feeling a bit under the weather... Woke up with slight sniffles and a little sore throat. My surgery is this coming Friday- if I am not 100% better they will have to re schedule. I'm so stressed out now because I've done so much careful planning around this date. I've paid and ordered food delivery, booked time off work, my boyfriend has made special arrangements, I ordered my medical equipment.. The list goes on!!! Plus we are supposed to be going away early July which is why we moved the surgery earlier than my original date of May 5th. Sigh. I'm staying in bed until I get better! Praying this is a mini cold that disappears by Tuesday.

Surgery is in TWO days! Eeks!

So my cold is almost gone save for some sniffles and in the mornings I need to blow my nose but during the day I'm ok. Hopefully by Friday morning that will have resolved itself. I started my antibiotics today to prep for surgery. I can't believe my surgery day is almost here! I wish I didn't spend my last week in bed with a cold prior to surgery... I really wanted to work out and be in tip top shape before my procedure. I feel fluffy and gross but what can ya do! Just hoping everything goes smoothly from here on out!

More before pics

I feel like I've gotten in worse shape in the last two weeks. Oh well. Hope my results will be just as good!

Just over 12 hours to go!

Can't believe surgery day is tomorrow morning. My cold is basically gone (phew!) I've moved into my boyfriends, packed my overnight bag, got my lift chair delivered which by the way is super comfy and awesome. Now I'm all jitters! Gonna miss my sweet doggy, I won't see him for a week! I'll update with pics as soon as I can. Wish me luck!

Post Op Day 1

Well I can say, nothing prepares for this feeling. When I woke up from surgery I was okay with all the anaesthetic in my system. I had two overnight nurses taking excellent care of me. Going home this morning is when things got real!! I totally expected to be able to walk and pee unassisted. Negative! My boyfriend is having to help do everything, and walking even 3 meters is utterly exhausting! But, I know it'll get better in the next few days so I'm trying to rest, but also move a little every hour so I can be more independent hopefully by Tuesday. Hard to say what my results are like cause I'm soooo swollen and I have a binder from shoulders to knees. I will post pics when I can. Probably in a few days.

Day 3

From a pain standpoint I'm feeling better today. My first day home was the absolute worst. I cried more times than I can count. Today I'm just feeling really tight and swollen and I wish I had more independence but I'm still needing my boyfriend to help me get off my lift chair to do anything. Standing/walking for more than 3-5 min is tiring. My drains are worrying me a bit cause not a whole lot is coming out.. I sent pics to the clinic for feedback. They have been really amazing unbelievably responsive even over the weekend. Here are some lovely photos with my drains lol

Post op day 4

Every day is a little better. Last night I was definitely in what I would call "swell hell". Everything felt so right and my legs look like sausages. My boyfriend jokingly called me Sherman Clump! I wanted to laugh so bad but it hurts to laugh so I had to hold back. Ah well, at least I can still find humour in all of this.

I've been having an easier time moving around for short periods of time. I still haven't attempted getting up out of my chair unassisted but I am able to get back into it on my own. I'm going to try that tonight since I'll be alone tomorrow during the day.

Am I the only one peeing on their garment??? I find it impossible to get the stream where I want it to go. I'm going to attempt taking this thing off tonight just cleaning a bit of it. Can't wait to not have it on 24 hours a day with drains. Ugh. I will try to take pics when I remove it tonight.

Poo Hell

Yup I said. Ok yesteday went from being my best day so far with very little pain, almost totally off major pain meds (only 1/2 an oxy every twelve hours) with Advil in between. Which is a long way from where I started on day 1.

So last night was going swimmingly, got up unassisted, walked down stairs to watch TV with my boyfriend.. Etc all big milestones for me.

Suddenly, I finally felt the urge to have a bowel movement. This might be tmi if so, you might wanna skip this post. Anyway- sit on toilet, nothing happens. But now I'm starting to sweat and it feels like I really really have to go. And so when I try to give up and lie down, now I have this pain of something LARGE being right there needing to come out, so I go back and try again. I do for this 1.5 hours, I was like a desperate person on a mission. I drank more prune juice and water, waited. Nothing. Except for more stomach pains indicating the need to expel except nothing was happening.

The pain became unbearable. I kept this going back and forth all night. I couldn't sleep. Woke up in major discomfort every 30min-1 hour.

Finally at 7am, I was losing my mind, called my plastic surgeon he told me get the mineral oil (that he had to said to buy the day before which I didn't stupid me) and a dulcolax suppository. Boyfriend runs to store at 8am when it open and then leaves for work.

Finally after all this, at around 1030 am little was happening even with the suppository (which I read should take 15min to work and it'll be all sunshine and rainbows). So I decided to take action in my own hands. I won't describe what I did, cause it's disgusting. All I can say is, once it was done, I was sweating and pop allover my hands. But. I felt better.

Welcome to poo hell.

Slept the rest of the day. And then had a normal bowel movement in the afternoon. (which I pray is the norm moving forward)

So.. No pics yet. Will take at my post opp tokorrow. Might be getting all drains out finally. Sigh.

Day 6 - drains are out!

Had my post opp appointment this evening, they took my 4 drains out. What a relief.
I cannot wait to shower tomorrow night. And wash my filthy garment!!!

I haven't taken pics yet because frankly I'm not loving what I see yet. Doc says I'm still 50-60% bigger than I should be and not too evaluate anything at this point. I'll try to take a pic though after my shower tomorrow now that drains are out.

I'm a lot more mobile now, walking up and down stairs on my own and stuff. But I'm still hunched over and getting into a sitting or lying position still scares me. My medical lazy boy is my best friend.

Day 7- I look scary.

So I finally took a shower and washed my garment. What a relief. Although those two activities were exhausting. I would have bought 2 garments had i known how long that thing takes to hand dry. Can't wait to be out of this garmet and in spanx.

I also got a good hard look at my body and I am REALLY hoping this is nowhere near the final result. My body looked better before! I have no waste, my thighs look huge and my butt looks flat (though it does look smooth! No lumps)

My doc said yesteday I should go down by 50-60% once all the swelling subsides. Hope it's accurate! My belly button and everything just look scary right now.

Day 8 had my first real "outing"

Every day gets a bit easier to move around. My swelling is still really bad, and my emotions are allover the map throughout the day.

I go from feeling positive and happy with the progress I've made, but then I'll be in tears minutes later feeling depressed wondering if I did the right thing.

Tonight I don't feel as sore and tight as I normally do, wonder if it's cause I was moving around a lot more today. Boyfriend and I went for a lattee (yay my first one in 2 weeks) and then picked up my beautiful golden retriever to stay with us. He's been at my house with my son since the surgery.

Can't wait to be able to sit down at 90 degree angle and do normal things! And of course.. I'm hoping my results will start to emerge.

Day 9 new pics

So day 9 was similar to day 8 in terms of progress physically. This phase
is annoying. I feel limited in what I can do, but I'm no longer feeling the
need to sleep all day. So I'm just going stir crazy.

I took some pics before my shower...On a positive note, I do like the way
my bum looks but I am still very very swollen in my waist, thighs (which
look massive!) and back.

Day 11- pics

I'm stating to see the swelling go down, but in still very swollen. But it's nice to see that it is finally starting to go down. Is that why I'm peeing so much??

I still don't see the results I was looking for, my body looks and feels alien to me. And, I'm still worried my inner thighs look oddly "sewn". Maybe I'm just paranoid.

I also have a big scab where my old belly button was, I thought it was be beginning of wound separation but my ps says it's fine.

Day 13

I would like to fast forward 4 weeks to when I don't feel sore and tight.

Every day I'm slightly more mobile. The progress after day 6/7 starts to slow down. At first every day you're hitting another recovery milestone, but then it starts to slow down. I thought for sure by now I would be driving around and feel comfortable getting into a sitting position. But I don't.

Sitting on a hard surface hurts cause I'm legs are still so sore and bruised. And getting info and out of sitting position still scares me (at a 90 degree angle) which according to my PS I shouldn't be doing anyway for extended periods of time until the 4 week mark.

I don't know how people go back to work after 2 weeks. Lucky for me, I work from home so I went back to work on day 5 but I'm working from my medical lift chair. A desk job would seem very scary to me at this stage of my recovery!

Swelling is continuing to go down, I see my ribs starting to show! Yippee!

I just want this tight, sore feeling to go away..

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt driving to see my PS to get some new coverings for my scar.

Day 13 pics

2 weeks post op. Almost fainted today!

So i was feeling bolder this morning, took off my garment, took a nice shower, took some pics... Etc

Suddenly felt queasy as I was applying polysporin to my belly button. I started to put my garment back on, and my head started to spin. Luckily I made it to my lift chair which is right next to the bathroom cause I was about 5 seconds from passing out.

Not sure what caused this? Low iron? The hot shower? I'm going to see my PS today for Mepiform, maybe they'll have me see the doc.

2 weeks post pic

Post op day 17

So my big fear now is wound separation so I've been sooo careful the way I move not bring any tension to my incisions. Well today I noticed slight oozing near my hip. Showed my PS via text message and he said not to worry. Just keep it clean

I really hope it doesn't turn into anything more but I know "wound separation" can start as oozing as the first sign. Hope mine is nothing.

Went out for dinner for the first time, i leaned back in my chair the entire time, to avoid tension.

Here are some pics. I know I'm still very swollen, and look Frankenstein-like, but I'm clothes I must say I'm loving my shape already.

Day 19 pics

Found another spot that's oozing a bit. I just want to be at the point where I know I can't open up any longer. I know I'm still in the risk phase for that.

My next post op is tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to seeing my PS, and getting his feedback on my progress

Swelling has gone down even more, although one thigh is more swollen than the other and looks so big. But I can see the shape emerging and liking what I see.

Day 20! Had my second post op appointment

Went super well! I'm pretty happy. My PS said I'm healing fast and he cleared me for light exercise (no ab work) and in a week from now I can start wearing garment only during the day. He also moved me to Spanx, yay! No more stinky, thick ugly medical onesie lol He said i still have about 40% of swelling that will go on which is awesome cause I already feel smaller than pre surgery. He also confirmed the that my inner thighs are fine, there's nothing botched, it's the "pie crust" stitching that makes it look weird which will go away with time. He said I'm out of the woods for major wound separation which is a relief!!

Day 22 post op new pics

So I decided to try on jeans and underwear today. Jeans are still too tight to button (my hips, thighs, low belly are still very swollen) but I did like the way I look in underwear!

One thing I don't love, is the scar placement at my hip level. But I believe my PS went with my natural hip placement which i think is what is supposed to be done. I have a naturally short toros and long legs and one leg is about 1-2 inches longer than the other which you can see in the scar placement. I'm a Freak what can I say? Haha
My ps told me the scar would be higher as he sutures my thigh to my hip bone to tighten the leg , I'm fine with it.

If anything, I will laser my scar if need be.

As far as how I'm feeling, I'm feeling really great. I'm still sore and bruised but I'm moving almost as if I were normal(just a tad slower) and I'm walking upright. Never would have thought my healing would progress this fast.
Now my next "I can't wait" is : garment off at night, and swelling to go down to where I can wear jeans!

Almost 4 weeks post op pics

Well I'm happy to report that I'm continuing to heal well. No wound issues, and the tightness is starting to let up. I switched back to my first medical garment though, it just felt more comfortable. And oddly... I was peeing like crazy again and I wonder if the compression is better so it helps push fluid out?? My only little concerns are: lower belly is still quite swollen and bruised (hematoma??) my belly button pulls to the right (hopefully from swelling and will be normal once that goes down) and one thigh is significantly larger than the other (hopefully from swelling!) Other than that, I'm moving around well, walking upright and less tired. Although I'm not sleeping well since I sent the lift chair back to the rental company. I'm still sore everywhere so I wake up when I change positions (about every few hours) so I end up needing a nap during the day. I think by next week the soreness will be much better. Next week is my first lymphatic massage, looking forward to that!

4.5 Weeks post op. Need to take it easy...

So things are moving along pretty well, although i have two small minor wounds that won't heal over. They are about 4 cm and just surface wounds, but still i wanna be able to take a bath already! I think those areas are from where my drains were.. so i guess they are a little behind in the healing department.

Last week i think i overdid it physically, went on dog hikes, went to a dinner party..etc and my upper abdominals started to throb. They continued to hurt through the weekend and even more so when i moved so i called my doc and they confirmed my suspicion. I need to slow down a bit. They said i don't need to restrict my natural movements or anything but just be careful and don't push it! Body is clearly still healing....

I guess cause for the most part i feel so normal, i naturally want to act normal but i need to remind myself.. this was major surgery and i still have another 4 weeks of healing.

As far as how my body looks, I'm pretty happy. I'm getting smaller by the week, although i am still quite swollen. I wore a dress on Saturday that i bought almost two years ago that i couldn't wear because of my mini kangaroo pouch and my love handles. Now, even with swelling, i can rock the dress and my new CONTOUR is what makes all the difference.

Pics in workout clothes

I finally tried on my fave yoga pants... And it's astounding how different my body shape is. I'm so used needing to pull up my pants to squeeze in my loose love handles. And my large triangle butt. My body is completely re shaped. Pretty cool. I'm obv still swollen, my belly button looks weird, I have scars galore but I prefer whaf I see now. I don't feel ashamed to walk naked in front of my BF anymore. First time I've felt this way since I was a kid. And I'm far from perfect but I definitely feel more "normal"

Forgot to attach pics

5 weeks! Had my first massage..

Had my first lymphatic drainage massage, it and was part relaxing, part painful. I also saw my doc and he said I healed really fast. And ultimately I had no complications which is awesome!! I can start stretching now, and working out as long as I don't use my abdominal muscles (not until I reach 8 weeks)

He showed me my before pics and I thought for sure he had the wrong chart! The photo of me from behind, at first glance looked like someone in their 50s or 60s. Certainly not a 34 year old who works out the way I do. He said I still have a lot of shrinking to do, these aren't my final results but even if they were I would be pretty darn happy. I don't love my thighs yet- but I love my smooth bum, smaller hips, flat stomach, no love handles, barely any stretch marks, and my overall shape.

I'm can't wait to get my butt in the gym and pump some iron!

After gaining 100lbs in my pregnancy 18 years ago,...

After gaining 100lbs in my pregnancy 18 years ago, i was left with sagging skin, cellulite and pockets of fat. I workout 4-6 days a week, and no matter how thin I got, my body shape/contour never improved much. I had been thinking about this procedure for about 15 years, and I had gone back and forth on whether i needed a mini tuck, an extended TT..etc I'd consulted with several surgeons over the years but it never felt right. After hearing about Dr Adibfar quite a bit, i went to see him for fillers in my cheeks which went very well. Then i finally saw him for a consult for my TT. He gave me several options, and one of them being a Lower Body Lift with inner thigh lipo. Although this time it "felt" right, i was still terrified that I would end up making a mistake, this is a big surgery. I spent weeks reading reviews online but i still needed more. Agata, the Patient Coordinator let me speak with another patient who had a similar procedure and that sealed the deal. I am now 5 weeks post op, and even though i am still healing and have swelling, my shape is amazing! I walk around naked now.. and I haven't done that ever in my adult life!! I had read in other reviews people saying that Dr Adibfar is an Artist. Well, it's true. He's a sculptor. And i couldn't be happier with what I'm seeing already.

Pics at almost 6 weeks post op

Counting down the days till I can workout with weights and Pilates! I see changes every few days I body. I see small "dimpling" coming back as things relax but my doc said that would be case but it would be nowhere nearly as bad as it was before. And that's all I can ask for, major improvement- not a Victoria Secret ass haha

Smooth bum...

Feeling almost 100% though it still hurts my abs when I sneeze. I can't wait to start working out hard.. I think I'll be ready for that by next week or the following week. For now I'm running (not fast) and just hiking. I love my bum and stomach, my thighs are WAY better but I think they need more work. They are still larger than I would like, but I think working out and diet might be able to fix that now. They have some cellulite but they aren't lumpy and saggy before (on the outside) inside there is some skin laxity since the LBL does not address the inner thighs.

Almost 8 weeks post op!

Feeling good, feeling *small* and lean. (Except for my thighs.. Those need some work, but that I will handle in the gym! So pleased with my results.

12 weeks post op

Really enjoying my new "young" body. It isn't perfect but it feels and looks normal and right for my age. Been working out lightly for a few weeks no, but starting next week I'll be hitting the weights harder once I'm cleared by my PS at my 3 month post op appointment. Can't wait to see how my responds to weight training now that I don have all these skin/fat pockets

Bikini pic 3.5 months out

Back to working out fully now, but I'm pretty weak especially in my core. My trainer says I'll be lifting heavy again within a few weeks.

I'm pretty stoked with my results. Although some of "lumpiness" has returned now that things have settled I would say it's a HUGE improvement from where I was. And hopefully I'll be table to take care of that in the gym. My fave changes are the shape of my body. My PS carved out my true shape, small waist, curvy hips and my bum is round again like a mini kardashian. Lol

My only issue now is my thigh area. Huge improvement but I'm still insecure about them. I may get a mini inner thigh lift next year. I'll see how much the gym can impact them.

Also, I'll be getting a BA revision next year, I'm very excited about that! Currently I have 17 year old saline 325cc implants. Thinking of switching silicone HP 500ccs but I'll see what my PS says at my consult.

Loving how tiny my waist is!

And how hard and flat my stomach is. I hope it stays this hard! Though I think it's supposed to soften over time..

6 month post op & Before pics!

Can't believe it's been 6 months. I feel 100% back to normal and I'm working out consistently with a trainer. I couldn't be happier with my results. Am I perfect? No. but that was never the goal. I now feel like I have a body that makes sense for my age and level of fitness.

When I went to my 3 month post op appointment, Dr Adibfar had a file with some photos in it. I remember thinking to myself, as he was talking, "why does he have some old lady's naked photos in my file??" Well... low and behold.. those pics... were ME!! When he said, here are your before pics, i was like no!!!! Wrong person!!
But as I took a closer look, I realized it WAS me. I can't believe how much he changed my body.. and I can't believe how old and saggy my body looked. Considering I'm 34 and I've worked out 3-5 times a week since I was 26 years old doing weights, crossfit, Pilates.

Now, I can finally see the benefits of my hard work. So here it is.. I've uploaded my dreadful before pics. I will post some recent after pics soon.

New pics

Here are some recent pics. Overall I'm quite happy, don't love the small vertical scar but it's a small price to pay..

Recent pics

Just wanted to upload some recent photos of myself- not posing- just me. I'm not perfect but so pleased with what Dr A did. He shaped my body so that even when I'm a few lbs heavier.. I still look great. At least I think so!
This is me, post holidays carrying an extra 5lbs.

Side by side

Toronto Plastic Surgeon

When I met Dr Adibfar, he initially came across as abrupt. He's very to the point, but he's also very thorough and he does not try to sell you on anything. Once you get to know him a bit more you see that he has a warmer side, and he is truly passionate about what he does and is a perfectionist. After my surgery Agata and Dr Adibfar were amazing. I would have never thought I would receive such amazing care afterwards. I had both their cell numbers (which I used quite a bit!) I would not hesitate to recommend this clinic, and I will be going back when I need my breast implants replaced next year.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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