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1 yr ago I got 370cc cohesive implants under the...

1 yr ago I got 370cc cohesive implants under the muscle.Now have grade 3 capsular contracture in one.My ps wants to do a revision but I'm not keen on the 50/50 odds that it may return-and frankly, I miss who I was.I'm need advise on this and any amazing surgeons that you'd recommend in Toronto area.

This Is Horrible....

As everyday passes I am getting more depressed I was for making such a foolish decision to do this to myself. Will I ever be/look the way I use to? What a mistake!!! I have read things that scare the @!$& out of me--like the muscle will never fuse back on the chest. I have had a consultation with one surgeon and another one next Thursday. I'm also hoping that I can see a few others. Can the body bounce back or will this disaster lead to other health complications down the road?

So Few Dr's Do Removals...Correctly.

I have been (trying) to make consultations with Dr's who do explants. Its shocking how few Dr's actually do them. Not only with frequency, but who are willing to do it properly and can offer information about long term recovery and any implications about any heath issues that may occur or perhaps be overlooked based on a) getting the stupid implants in the first place and b) the removal and the impact on the body. I'm beginning to feel defeated and lost. Why doesn't anyone (in Ontario) specialize in this??? I am certain that there are hundreds of women who would gladly remove their implants if they knew that there was a way and that someone was willing to do it effectively and with do care.
I am getting married next year--and I just want to be back to my old self. I want to feel and look beautiful and put this mistake behind me.
I remember when I made the consultation with the Dr who ultimately gave me the implants. The nurse basically told me that if I don't put a deposit on surgery right away I'll never get in to see him. Had I been a stronger person, I would have said "F it. I guess I'm never going to see him then". And I would have never been in the situation I am now...

The Consults Continue

It has been a little bit since my last update. I have had a few consultations with surgeons to remove the implants using the en bloc method. I still have another few lined up. A few things have come up during the consults.... Firstly, how few Dr's are willing to remove the implant and the capsule at once. Ironically, one the Dr's I saw disagreed with my original surgeons assessment that I have capsular contracture and stated that a pocket revision is what the actual problem is. Its funny because I have a constant tightness in my left breast. If I could only turn back time... This whole experience has certainly allowed me to see how many different plastic surgeons there are and what their varying opinions can be. I am still on the hunt however. I have another consultation on Monday. We shall see.

The Game Plan...

After reading/researching so much about implants subsequent to having them and knowing now, that I'd just be happier being "me"--I have put a plan in motion.
I have had 5 consultations with some of the best surgeons in Toronto. All don't wish to do the en bloc procedure. After all that I've read, I feel that (in going forward longterm for my health) its the best method. Ultimately, I'll go to the US to have this done. The exchange rate will kill me but...
After all of my consults, the other PS have said that I don't have capsular contracture but that I would require a pocket adjustment. I finally spoke to my original surgeon and told him this and that I did not want to disrupt my breast tissue any further by creating a new pocket, having a capsulectomy etc etc which was his original plan. In order to alleviate the pinching of the left implant we have have agreed on a capsolotomy and that is all. This is a temporary fix (in my opinion) to allow the implant to drop and settle properly. I go into surgery April 23rd and between then and however long it takes to save the necessary funds to explant the implants correctly (en bloc), this will have to do.
I have been corresponding with an amazing woman on this site who went to Dr Feng-and although her health concerns ultimately were unrelated to the implants, Dr Feng did a wonderful job.
Why are there no surgeons in Canada (Ontario) who run such a business?!?
End game...I don't believe in borrowing money or debt, so I will wait until I can pay cash to have the en bloc explant procedure done in Cleveland. Likely-Christmas. Ironic.
Until then-wish me luck on April 23rd :o)

Revision. Done 3 days ago...

In lieu of having the $10k required to go to the US to have the implants removed with full Capsuleoctomy, I opted to have a revision done by my original PS until the funds have been saved. On Thursday I went to a hospital, ushered in with a dozen other people there for day surgeries, in order to have a temporary fix to the problems these implants have caused me. I like my PS. I do. And he is as baffelled as I am as to the issues I have been having. So, as a compromise, and as a result of the 4 other consultations I had indicating that I DONT have capsular contracture, we decided that I would have a capsulotomy (and if need be replace the implant), and open up the lower pocket. Once the surgery was done I asked him if he was able to determine if I had CC. He said although there was a bit more scar tissue than normal, the implant was also high. And as such, there was no way he could determine matter of fact. I will post photos as I am able. Damn it....if I could only turn back time. Now, rather than save for my wedding, I'm saving to have my body put back to some semblance of what it use to be. Something I would give anything for right now.


So, subsequent to my revision (which really didn't turn out to my liking), my PS has basically decided that that's all he can do and that's it..... I am have had previous consults with other surgeons re removal, and most were empathetic. No matter, I have only been left with 2 options... seeing a lovely female Dr here in Toronto or goin to Dr Feng in Cleveland (which I am leaning towards). Don't I wish money grew on trees. I will post some pics pretty and post my revision.

scheduled for removal

I, after much thought and research, have scheduled myself for removal in April. If I can bump it up to February I will depending on work. A Dr in Toronto, Petra Schiller, will actually remove the implants enbloc. I am thrilled. I had 2 consultations with her and she was kind and understanding. I will keep you posted. Still hoping for a February date. I will post photos shortly of my botched revision.

Date for explant scheduled

The big day is February 16th. I have decided to use Dr Petra Schiller. She is honest and doesn't give unrealistic expectations following surgery. She does remove the capsule. I am grateful for this as I don't want any reminders in my body. I keep saying I'll post pictures. This weekend I will. Promise.

photos after revision

I'll need someone to take pictures of my breasts with my arms raised. My left fold is at least an inch lower than the right. Wasn't like that before. Just looking forward to removal. And in case anyone thinks not having the capsule removed is acceptable-it is NOT! The capsule will show on mammograms and it may put you through panic without reason.


He lower the fold (against what we had discussed). Now the revised side is hanging lower every day. Girls.... DO NOT buy in to the online hype about the best "breast augmentation" surgeon. This guy was rated the best and was horrible. In February I am hoping this hell will leave me and I will recover and consider it a bad memory in my life. A ten thousand dollar lesson.

Two Weeks Away....

I am 2 weeks away from explant. I have ordered a few bras via Amazon. One is a Champion zip up. I've received it and like it! All of the bras I've order are high support zip up's. Word of advise....if you need something like this, a few come from overseas so it takes a bit longer to receive them.
I have been using Palmers cocoa butter for the last few months as well as taking supplements to help with recovery.
I am SEVERELY nervous about the outcome and just can't wait to get this over with. I am trying to keep a positive outlook and my fingers crossed that everything will be fine and that my body will return (more or less) to my preaugmentation state :)

One week until explant!

Well, by next week at this time my explant will be done. I am nervous, but slowly feeling relief that all of this will be over with and I can begin a new chapter in my life. I appreciate all of the women who have reached out to me thru private messages to share their stories and their trepidation about going through this process.
I have purchased some necessities for the coming weeks. I have included a picture of what I have bought. I have been using the Palmers for some time already and can already see a difference with the tautness of my skin. I hope to continue to see improvements after explant.

6 days until surgery....

A few pics of before and after implants. Naturally I will post more pics after explant.

2 days away....

So..... I'm starting to freak out a little. I'm going to work on Monday and then by 6am Tuesday morning I will have checked in for day surgery. I am remaining optimistic that I will be fine and that the results and bounce back will be satisfactory. I have just about 2 weeks off work which I'm hoping will be sufficient. I am already anxious to work out again and start my running. I have signed up for 6 runs beginning in May-something that I have had difficulty doing since I got implants. My fiancé is being supportive and kind and is helping me stay positive.

Implants Gone! Thank Goodness!

I will post an actual update when I'm feeling more up to it. Just groggy and in the bit of pain right now. So glad this is over with.

Day 2 Bandages Off

Sorry I haven't posted sooner, but I just haven't felt up to it. I took the bandages off today, largely because they were falling off-and I've put them back on as best I could along with a zip up sports bra.
The surgical team was amazing. All women. Dr Schiller reassured me before surgery and the anesthesiologist and nurses were great.
Oddly, in recovery it was found that I have an unusually low heart rate-37 beats p/min, so it took a lot longer for me to be discharged. Something I've been told to look into going forward. May explain why I'm so damn tired all the time.
The Dr explained to me that on the left side, the side I had the revision on, the pocket was so large that she could see the blood vessels running into my armpit. Good God! And my implant weren't even that big by most people's standards. It just makes me more angry with my original surgeon.
She was able to remove the majority of the capsule and said the thickest was in the lower portion of the pocket. The top was thin. Not sure if she removed that area for fear of disrupting my breast tissue. I'll find out Wednesday at my follow up.
I've only taken 1 pic. My incisions are still very sore and I'm trying to do everything to ensure proper recovery. I will post more when I can.
I give all of you lady's love and support if you are going through this. It's a hell of roller coaster. But I am relived :)

One Week Update

First of all, how could my original surgeon not have know that he screwed things up?!? Come on. People make mistakes. Admit it for the love of God!!!!! The last 2 years of my life have been completely derailed as a result of this.
At my 1 week post op today all was good. The tissues of my old scars, capsules and implants had been tests by pathologists. The right side was fine. The left, the one that bothered me from the beginning. The one that had the "revision". The same one the removal Dr saw blood vessels running into my armpit as a result of over-disection, also told me today that the tissue samples showed inflammation. Though not cause for concern, but had I not explanted, would have never ended.
What should I do?!?
What a horrible Ba DR. And if you Google and believe in all the social media bull, no one complains.....

5 Weeks

It's amazing how much the body changes in 5 weeks. I DO feel physically better. The horrible spasms I was having in my left side are gone. I can sleep on my side which I struggled with having implants. I am back in the gym. Thank GOD! I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted, literally. The left side is recovering at a different rate. The surgeon who did the implants did a revision on that side (Dr Edelstein) and even after I indicated to him that there were an assortment of issues following the revision it was "the best he could do". That side is still holding on. Regardless, Dr Schiller is incredible. I am grateful for those who lead me to her. And I am thrilled those toxic bags are OUT :)
Dr Edelstein

Nice man but it was basically an assembly line of breast implants. Paid for the procedure before even having it because one is made to feel that if you don't, you'll never get so much as a consultation. And when discussing sizes, "bigger is better" was very much reinforced. After the augmentation turning out poorly and one subsequent revision, there has been no follow up and my last conversation with the Dr ended in, "they look great" and they won't do anymore. Heather is the best thing about that office. Although Dr E is "nice", once the damage is done, it's done. I would not recommend him. I have been left looking horrible and almost 10k poorer.

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