30y.o F Size Small Implantech Extended Anatomical Chin Implant, and Under Chin Lipo - Toronto, ON

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Currently I'm 5 days post op so I thought I'd...

Currently I'm 5 days post op so I thought I'd write a review, considering how helpful this site has been. I had a size small Implantech extended anatomical chin implant placed via an incision under my chin. I also had liposuction done under my chin as I had a lot of excess fat when my face was at rest. I wanted a size small, as I just wanted a modest improvement, but still look like myself. For two weeks pre-op I avoided Advil, NSAIDS, vitamin E, and garlic, ginger or cayenne supplements, alcohol, and limited caffeine. I also avoided high sodium foods, and refined sugar. The night before surgery, I had nothing to eat or drink after midnight. The morning of surgery (Dec 19th, 2015), I was given I.V sedation, versed and fentanyl. Within about 5 minutes I fell asleep through the whole procedure. He injected local anaestethic while I was out, so I didn't have to feel the freezing/needles. I woke up at the very end of surgery, they were just finishing up, making sure it was in the right poistion before suturing. I was aware, but still groggy, and mumbled that I wanted more meds. They had finished up in a few minutes, and that was the end of the procedure. My chin was taped up and I had a tensor bandage wrapped around my head. I was feeling pain right after waking up, so they gave me two extra strength Tylenol. During the drive home (my husband drove of course ;) I felt nauseous, but it faded. 4-6 hours later I took two Tylenol 3s, which helped the pain. I threw up later that night, and felt better after.
Day 1-5: The pain was very manageable, I was surprised. I only needed a few extra strength Tylenols throughout the day. Lots of tightness in the chin, and swelling. I developed some bruising which I the hardest part about going out in public. I would recommend buying a turtleneck, or a huge scarf lol. I was very limited in opening my mouth, I ate soft foods I didn't have to chew. My neck muscles after the lipo feel really tight and stiff, but not painful. I've been sleeping at a 45 degree angle on my back every night. I iced under my chin for the first 48 hours off and on. Now at 5 days post-op, I'm using moist heat. Stitches come out on day 7. I have no numbness in my lower lip, or across the front of my chin. I am numb around the incision site though. My biggest struggle so far is my speech/smile. At 5 days post-op I still have trouble pronouncing certain sounds, like S, P, B, and F sounds. The muscles to move my lower lip are still very tight, so I can't smile with my teeth yet, it's more of a grimace. But I can smile fully with my lips together. Will keep you updated, feel free to ask any questions! :)

Day 11 update

So I'm on day 11 post op. My speech returned to normal around day 8. I still really had to try hard to pronounce my words, but I didn't sound too bad. I still have the occasional issue with "S" sounds, due to the stiffness under my chin, but it's not noticeable to anyone at this point. No one has noticed or commented on anything, friends, family, or workmates, which makes me happy as I wanted a subtle improvement. I still have a bruise patch under my chin, but I have covered it with makeup and no one noticed. My smile is about 90% back to normal today. I still can't move my lower lip all the way down yet, but it's almost there. I have a very firm, tight, area under my chin where the lipo was performed, under the bruised area. It should soften over the next few weeks. I might have a little residual swelling around my chin implant, but not much. Under the chin will apparantly only tighten up over the next few weeks/months. I love the look of the implant/lipo. It projects my chin forward just enough :) I used to always slide my lower jaw forward when my face was at rest, but now I don't have to do that!

Day 16 update

So I'm still very pleased with the results. The swelling is gone, bruising is gone, mine lasted the full two weeks where I needed make-up to cover it. I'm left with the hard lumpiness under my chin from the lipo, it's a little tender I understand this will go away on it's own within a month or two. I've been doing warm compresses and light massage to hopefully speed things along. Need to stretch my neck a bit as my range of motion is limited. A couple of my friends have asked if I had dental work or if something was going on, as my speech is still a little stiff. My lower lip is only about 80% back to normal, so I still struggle with laughing and smiling. The lipo has already greatly improved my neckline :)

One month

Speech and smile are back to normal. Still some hardness under my chin, but it gets better week to week. Super happy I did it, I don't notice it at all, it doesn't feel weird anymore. I didn't tell anyone I did it. My mom told me that she can't pinpoint what it is, but that I look really good lately :)

2 months post op, feeling fantastic!

I'm just about 2 months post op. Everything healed wonderfully. The swelling is gone, my speech is 100% normal now and so is my smile. The liposuction under/around my chin is my absolute favorite part. I have a jawline now and no double chin. I'm happy getting the size small, I think it's the perfect size for my smaller face. I feel like I no longer have to "try" all the time. I used to constantly be aware to push my lower jaw forward when around people, while my face was resting, and when smiling. Now I'm much more confident :)

Tip: Be Patient

Just wanted to make a side note. I'm about 2.5 months post and any weird lumps/bumps have finally disappeared. The hardness under my chin is gone from the lipo. I also had a small bump on the left side of my chin that was there for two months. It's finally gone, so I'm sure it just takes time for all the fluid/swelling to dissipate. Even up until about a week ago, I still had days where the muscles felt strange over the implant, but now I feel 100% normal. Patience is a virtue!

10 month post update

So it's been about 10 months following my chin implant surgery. Everything is normal, just as before regarding speech, movement, expressions. It still feels foreign to the touch and I have a tiny area of reduced sensation on the tip of my chin but it's no big deal. I'm really happy I did it, no regrets.
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

I would definitely recommend Dr. Ellis. He is a facial plastic surgeon with decades of experience. I consulted with three different facial plastic surgeons before deciding. I found that he took the most time with me to answer all of my questions (and I had a lot). There was no pressure at all, and he seems like a genuine, caring doctor. I am very happy with my procedure and the whole experience. Barb, his office manager was wonderful to deal with as well.

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