24, Labiaplasty FINALLY!

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After years of wanting labiaplasty, I finally got...

After years of wanting labiaplasty, I finally got it done on April 1st! I'll continue updating as the days go on, but here's my experience so far.

Procedure day: I was a mess! so nervous, could barely eat. When I got into the operating room, my doctor explained what was going to happen and drew lines on my labia so I could see how much he'd be taking off. All good at this point. Next came the needles and omg I knew to expect pain but I was not ready for this kind of pain. To make matters worse there was an area that wouldn't freeze and he had to inject more during the procedure because I could feel it. The procedure itself wasn't bad, the weirdest part was probably getting stitches because I could feel them pulling through my skin it was freaking me out. After it was over I went to a recovery room with my friend and just laid for a bit. At this point I was so numb I couldn't feel a thing.

When I thought I was okay to leave, we headed to shoppers to get my prescriptions filled (oxycodone and t3's). In shoppers I got super light headed, lost vision and hearing and had to sit with my head between my legs for probably 15 minutes, sweating buckets shaking UGH probably a side effect from the local. Then we drove home

I started regaining sensation about 3 hours into our drive home. I took a t3 and that took care of it. I noticed a lot of bleeding when I got home, probably from all the pressure I put on it at shoppers. The pain got worse that night, LIKE A LOT! Almost in tears, I took a t3 probably every 3 hours at least. I was never planning on taking the oxy's but kind of wish I had - it was like every type of pain all at once, stinging, pinching, sharp, burning, throbbing WOW.

1 day PO: yesterday wasn't as bad pain wise. Still was taking the t3's and either they or the effects from the local were making me feel very light headed and a bit nauseated. I stayed in bed all day watching shows. I'm a bit concerned about my doctors post op instructions.. they're very.. minimalist. He doesn't proscribe antibiotics, told me not to apply antibiotic ointment to avoid yeast infection.. basically not to put anything on it at all to let it dry out and then if the drying is too uncomfortable to put vaseline on it. Very strange I'm following his instructions so far but will be using coconut oil at some point and definitely trying to keep an eye out for infection. Yesterday was pretty uneventful.. I was very swollen but only on my clitoral hood and my majora which is making it so I can't at all see what's going on with my minora and is freaking me out! I know you're not supposed to look but everything is so squished together and this may be entirely irrational but it's making me scared that maybe somehow the inner lips are fusing together or something hahaha AH! You'll see what I mean in the pics

2 days PO: woke up pain free THANK GOODNESS. Going to switch to regular tylenol and hope that does the trick. I'm even more swollen today than yesterday I think. I'm having a hard time keeping it dry down there too because of how swollen shut it is. I've been running water over it when I go to the bathroom, pat dry, and then blow dry. Today though I coughed about 15 mins after I did all this and water ran down my leg! Not sure if I should try and spread my lips to see what's going on down there or just leave it. I'm allowed to shower at 48 hours PO which is a couple hours from now. Maybe after that I'll try get a better look at what's happening.

3 days post op

I woke up today in a fair amount of pain but am still sticking with the regular tylenols because I have to study. I had a bit of bleeding today on and off, nothing significant. I'm still very swollen and very very bruised. I've tried to figure out what exactly is going on down there but I really can't figure out what is what and what belongs where !

I'm able to walk a bit, but I haven't tried sitting in a chair yet.. too soon I think. I'm trying to elevate my hips by laying on a pillow.. it seems to take a bit of pressure off the area and is more comfortable than not.

I've attached photos of before and the first 3 days so far! If anyone has any advice on swelling/bruising other than icing that'd be appreciated!

4 days post op

Pain pain pain. The worst it's been. I'm not sure what's going on - I bleed every time I move, there's so many scabs and I think that's what's causing most of the pain. My clit area is so swollen it's all twisted to the side and I think that's also making the stitches pull or put pressure on it. Ugh I just want to fast forward through this. Why is it getting worse?!

4, 5, 6 and 7 days PO

Not too much has been changing! I had a couple rough days there, very discouraging. The dryness was causing a lot of bleeding and tightness. I started applying vasaline twice a day (with a qtip) and that seems to have really helped. The dark bloody looking spots in the top middle (see day 4) are mostly gone, along with the pain that came with them. Phew! I didn't bleed at all yesterday, although I had a bit of blood this morning when I went to the washroom. Bruising is still pretty bad, so is the swelling. The swelling has gone down a bit, especially around my clit, but it's still twisted to the side - hoping it finds its way back to where it belongs soon. The swelling on the majora is still preventing me from really seeing anything inside.. I have no idea what's left of my minora, it seems like the swelling is pulling part of the minora up to the side with it, making it look like there's less left than there actually is. That's my hope anyways, I've been a bit scared the past few days that I'll have the totally amputated look, which is not at all what I was going for. At the doctors appointment when he drew the lines, I was tempted to pipe up and tell him to leave a bit more because it seemed like a lot would be gone, but I just trusted his judgement and only asked if there would be something left, and he assured me there would be. Hopefully I don't end up regretting this!

Pain was really bad up until yesterday. I can walk a bit better (still like a penguin though) and I can sit in bed, but not in a regular chair yet. I haven't started itching yet.. still just stinging, pulling and throbbing here and there. It's constantly changing. Yesterday I only took 2 tylenol extra strengths, the pain is more of an annoyance, it's not unbearable. I'm still icing as well but at this point I don't know if it's having any effect.

I'm on day 7 now and really I'm just starting to get impatient!! Impatient to see what's left of me, impatient to actually be able to do things again! ughh!! I'm hoping for some major improvements in the next few days, sitting, walking normally. I'm thinking about starting to use coconut oil soon too, but I'm not sure if it's too early. I'll probably wait until it seems like my incisions are closed before I start that.

Day 8

Today is a good day. No pain and no blood (so far)! I still haven't tried sitting on a chair, but I know it needs to happen soon. I'm definitely still babying the area and taking it super easy. It's exam time so I haven't had to even leave the house. I have no idea how some people do this on a Friday and get back to work on a Monday, but I certainly envy them.

My post op routine has been very minimal. I shower each morning and try to wash the area with a mild soap. Cleaning is probably the hardest part, I feel like I'm only getting the outside but I don't want to mess with the stitches so soap running over the area is the most that happens. I'm not allowed to bathe for 6 weeks which is interesting because I noticed a lot of people start having sitz baths a few days after! I'm guessing these people have an easier time with stitches coming out.. we'll see how that goes for me in a couple weeks.
After my shower I put vasaline on the area. I pour water over the area when I pee, pat dry and sometimes blow dry afterward. I've been icing up to this point but the nurses have suggested I stop and just let things take their course. I wore underwear for the first 2 days when it was bleeding regularly, but haven't since.. it just feels way better which is weird because before my procedure I hated going commando! Before I go to bed I sit on the edge of the tub and wash with the mild soap again, and apply more vasaline after. That's really it!

I don't have too many concerns right now, mostly because I still have no idea what's going on down there. My hood is slowly going back to normal. One thing that's confusing me is the bottom labia on the left in the photos. The minora seems to just merge into the majora.. it wasn't like that before. I'm assuming it's because of swelling. I hope it goes down soon so i can get a better idea of how I'll look soon. I'm also confused about the area under my clit. I can't tell which side is which and don't want to mess with the area to figure it out.. I guess I'll just have to keep waiting!

Day 10 anxieties

Pain is gone, I still waddle a little bit but I can walk and sit for short periods of time. The biggest struggle now is the emotional one. I know it's still extremely early but I can't shake the feeling that things are completely uneven and that one side is gone entirely!! Even though in my photo where I kind of pried things open things looked even before the crazy swelling set in. Right now one side is clearly defined and I'm happy with it. The other side though I can barely see. I just don't understand what's going on! I don't know if it's from swelling or what... it's so hard to tell because it seems like my incision lines aren't on the outside, it seems like they're inside pointing towards each other, but again I have no idea. I'm just stressed and obsessing and this is really not a good time :(

I'm thinking either the swelling is stretching the minora and kind of making it attached to the majora and therefore look smaller (and explain why I can't seem to see the incision line). OR I'm entirely missing one side. UGH driving myself insane.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? All the photos I've looked at everything is so clearly on the outside it's easier to gage what's going on, how the incision line is, which side is which. I feel like I'm just totally in the dark waiting. And I also still can't figure out where my clit is or where the skin under it belongs :(

Day 23

Been super busy lately! I've been looking at it less and less to avoid stressing myself out over my results. A lot has been changing though. The bruising is entirely gone, the pain was gone almost entirely, although things were a bit sensitive still. I had to move yesterday and do a lotttt of heavy lifting and the swelling has returned around my hood, damn it! You can see on day 18 though that it was significantly smaller than today. It's a bit soar today too. I'm still concerned about the left side.. it's looking pretty non-existent. Not sure what happened there :( It's early though so I'm not making any final judgments yet. It's also hard to remember that no one is going to be inspecting it as closely as we do!

Day 27 & What's this I see?!

Why yes, it's left labia! Happy days! For those that have been following my recovery, you know that I've been super stressed about a possible amputation situation. Today I took a look at things and look what I found, both sides!! I sure hope it's there to stay!!!!!!!!


Over all, I`m very happy! It`s not perfectly symmetrical, but that`s to be expected. The bits near my clit are still a bit weird, I hope they soften up and blend in better. Still can`t believe I don`t ever have to be insecure about this again, it`s amazing!!!!!!!!
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