Me, but Better! Lipo of Arms, Chin, Inner thighs, Flanks and Abdomen - Toronto, ON

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I have always had parts of my body that I haven't...

I have always had parts of my body that I haven't loved, but have grown to accept. Now that I'm in a position in life where I could actually afford this type of surgery and I know I'm absolutely doing this for myself and no one else... I figured why not? I'm still young (27) and just want to feel the best me possible.

I'm going to get lipo under my chin (have never liked my side profile), my arms, flanks, inner thighs and abdomen. I originally went in just for the chin, arms and thighs but decided I might as well get it all at the same time. I don't expect to lose weight at all (I know some will come off), I just want to be more sculpted and wear clothes without the bulges. I'm more on the athletic side and don't think being too skinny would actually look good on me, but I would love to wear skinny jeans and sleeveless tops in the summer!

I'm nervous, but the reviews of others and their experiences help. I'm very confident in my surgeon and will write a full review of him after the whole surgery is over. I went to three consultations and felt the most comfortable and confident with him. He was able to show me results and pictures, set up my expectations and walk me through the process. He didn't rush me at all and I liked that I actually spoke to the doctor right off the bat.

I knew what to look for and what to watch out for because of all the reviews and doctor answers on RealSelf. I definitely wanted to make sure I had a board certified surgeon. The one I have selected is Board certified in both the US and in Canada (with the Canadian equivalent).

I will have my mom come pick me up and stay with me after the surgery. She's a nurse, so I'm also feeling confident I will be well taken care of afterwards. I will update as the time draws nearer and nearer.

Over a month away and it can't come fast enough! I...

Over a month away and it can't come fast enough! I was still toggling between a couple of other surgeons, but decided to stay with the one I initially chose. Quite frankly this particular surgeon was a little more expensive than the other quotes, but I decided because I felt the best with him, it was worth it for my body. I also like that he's a lecturer on plastic surgery at my old University, which is one of the best in the country. Gives me more confidence that I'm making the right choice.

I'm not telling anyone aside from one friend and my parents. I don't like being judged for my choices so prefer to keep it quiet. As such, I really don't have anyone to talk to about my thoughts regarding this procedure so I'm sure as surgery date approaches, I'll be on here more and more. I will post pics beforehand. I have found this site super useful and influential in my decision making so I am going to pay it forward.

Officially one month left! I'm going to post my...

Officially one month left! I'm going to post my before pics up and hopefully I will have some good after pics later!

My measurements are as follows:

Arms: 13"
Thigh (left): 23"
Waist at bellybutton: 31"
Hips: 35.5"

Height: 5'6" and I weight 150lbs

I won't have any pictures immediately after the procedure since I'll be with my parents, but based on everyone else's photos, I expect I'll swell up like a balloon. I am also prone to lots of bruising so I have purchased some arnica gel and pills to help.

At my first consultation (and I didn't select this doctor), the patient consultant after looking at my inner thighs also asked me "and do you have a problem with your inner knees?" to which I replied. "Should I???". I never even thought about my inner knees! Admittedly, I've been more self conscious of them since that exchange, but the doctor I selected told me he didn't notice anything wrong with my inner knees when I asked him for his opinion. Glad he didn't try to up-sell me!

My surgeon said to expect the most noticeable difference in my inner thighs and stomach. He believes he can get a good result on my arms as well. The chin liposuction will provide a subtle difference that likely only I will notice and appreciate. I am okay with that since I really am doing this for myself and not anyone else.

Very very excited and reading everyone else's reviews pumps me up/scares the c*** out of me!!! I'm not sure how I'll take the pain (although I am a martial arts blackbelt so you'd think I'd be fine) so fingers crossed. Will keep updating. Loving all the hints and tips I've taken away from this site. I'm creating a checklist of things to be prepared with!!!

The big hurdle from work (ie the busiest time of...

The big hurdle from work (ie the busiest time of the year) has passed and now all I can think about is this surgery! I am going for my official pre-op tomorrow and paying off the balance. Yay! I hope the money is well spent. Actually found a good article about liposuction from the New York Times:

I know I will have to maintain my activity level after surgery. I do a pretty good job now, but I don't want the "wrong" kind of fat to return. Hopefully this will give me the motivation to keep healthy. I think in the past, no matter how hard I worked and ate right, I just never saw any change in my problem areas. The rest of me would slim down, but not where I wanted to see it the most!!!

I am so addicted to this website right now... reading up on recoveries and how to prepare. I'm very happy I have my mom's support after to help manage the pain. But I think I will be a bit sensitive to the pain. I went in for my regular massage therapy and the pressure she put hurt me today. Imagine recovering from invasive surgery??

It can't come fast enough. In one month, I will be about 11 days post op... so I have under 3 weeks left until the big day. I wish time could move faster!!!!

Less than two weeks! Work has picked up a bit, so...

Less than two weeks! Work has picked up a bit, so I know that time will fly and before I know it... surgery day!

I went for my pre-op last week. If I was still wavering about my PS before... well the pre-op helped alleviate all my jitters about selecting the right doctor. Now about the surgery? Still have jitters! But I guess that's normal. I've been soaking up every single review on this site. I'm not sure what I'm more nervous of... the actual operation, the time immediately afterwards, the pain, the results, the time it takes to heal, the nausea. I could overwhelm myself with thoughts so I'm going to be simple and just take it a day at a time until it gets here.

At the pre-op, he answered any additional questions I might have had and went into an in depth walk through of the surgery. He told me where he planned to place all of my incisions and then also told me the order in which he was going to perform the surgery. He was very realistic again... warning me that the arms are challenging because too much taken out will leave you with a lot of loose and flappy skin (like a deflated balloon), but not enough will show no change. A delicate balance which I am sure he will strike well.

Then we took the before pictures. I got all my prescriptions and have to get my bloodwork done, but that was it. Next time I see him, it will be surgery day! Nervous for sure, but I've committed at this point and am just hoping for good results.

I have bought pineapples to eat before my surgery as the bromelain (however you spell it) is supposed to help with the swelling. I actually despite pineapples, but for the sake of healing, I can suck it up.

I meant "despise" pineapples. I missed it in my...

I meant "despise" pineapples. I missed it in my spell check!

And the countdown begins!!! 10 more days!!!...

And the countdown begins!!! 10 more days!!! Translating that to work... 7 more work days!

I have made a list of everything I'll need to get and things to do. I had my blood work completed yesterday. Tip to all the Ontario folks out there... if you ever need to go to a medical lab, check online for an appointment system. I've been to labs before to get blood work done and the waits on a first come, first serve basis were horrendous (2+ hours on weekends). Well yesterday was no different for a lot of people, but I found an online booking system (I went to lifelabs) and I was in and out within 20 mins. They will honour your appointment before any walk-ins. I heard others complaining that they had been waiting for hours. So thumbs up for online booking!

I will be eatings lots of pineapples leading up to the surgery and will also increase my lean protein. I've been doing interval training the past two weeks to improve my fitness. Hopefully these things will help my recovery. I have to get my prescriptions filled, but I have all the other major hurdles out of the way. Ok... I'll stay off of updating now until the night before surgery! I want the next ten days to go by faster!!!!!

Well here it is. The night before my procedure. I...

Well here it is. The night before my procedure. I can hardly believe it's here! I'm pinching myself! I've read about this night on everyone else's page, but now here I am. In the same position. I'm in disbelief!

Work has been super busy, so that helped pass the time the last couple of weeks. I've been prepping and I think I have everything I need. I'm staying with my parents as I recover and I swear I brought more things over here for the five days I plan on staying then I did for my two week vacation in Europe!

I'm taking a week and a half off from work. I won't be back in the office until October 1st, so aside from the occasional checking of the blackberry, I will be solely focused on healing!

How I've prepared:

1) Been eating more clean than usual. I have upped my protein intake, lots of fresh fruits and veggies to balance my vitamin C intake and pineapples. I hate pineapples, but I'll take it! Also been eating yogurt since I've been told the antibiotics I'm taking will wipe out ALL my bad and good bacteria. I need some!

2) Clothing has been selected for surgery tomorrow. I'll be wearing something I can zip in and out of. I would have preferred a dress, but it's getting chilly now.

3) Have absolutely everything filled out for my prescriptions. Also have my bottle of arnica. I started taking arnica yesterday. If it helps with the bruising, great!

I'm also prepared from an entertainment standpoint! Lots of books to read and movies to watch. Sleep will probably be another great way to pass the time!

Okay... I need to get there by 7am tomorrow and so I will sleep soon. I'm not allowed to drink or eat ANYTHING including gum, tic tacs, or even drink water after midnight tonight. Normally I'd be starved as soon as I wake up, but doubtful that will happen tomorrow. Too many nerves! It's the way I used to feel before a big test. I'm looking forward to good results hopefully!

Thanks for all the kind words of support. I appreciate it!!

Okay so I had my surgery this morning. Was going...

Okay so I had my surgery this morning. Was going to write a detailed post, but I find that sitting up and focusing on writing makes me sick, so I'll do this tomorrow.

Overall it was good. Not a lot of pain, more just nausea. Hoping for good results and am most worried about my inner thighs because it looks like there wasn't enough taken out (300cc on each thigh). He told me that he was cautious as he didn't want to leave a divot. I can understand that!

I had my operation yesterday. Yay me! I'm glad...

I had my operation yesterday. Yay me! I'm glad it's over, but actually the experience wasn't bad at all. Here is my play my play.

Woke up to get there by 7am. My mom mixed up the dates and so she scheduled a night shift Tuesday. As a result, I told her not to worry about it and I'd get there on my own, she could be there later. I took public transportation and got there by 6:40am. I was too early! I had to wait about 5 minutes until someone let me up in the waiting room.

It was a very plush waiting room. I guess that's what you get when you go to Yorkville! Within 15 minutes, I was called by a nurse and taken to a room to change and lock up my things. She then took me to a bed where she drew the curtains and I waited. This surgical suite is shared by a few doctors, so there were others having surgeries in the morning as well. I think the woman beside me was getting rhinoplasty. She sounded like a pro with cosmetic surgery because she kept referring to "the last time's recovery".

The doctor then came into my room and asked me how I was feeling. Told him I felt as good as one can be when I was about to have surgery for the first time. He was very nice and then proceeded to mark me up. I told him it looked like a topography graph and he said that was essentially was it was. He marked up the places where the most fat resided and then worked his way out. Apparently I'm more "full" on one hip then the other. Who knew? I'm naturally not symmetrical! So lipo patients... can't expect perfect symmetry after!

The nurse came to get me and check out the release forms I signed. Essentially it states that my procedure is elective and if anything unforeseen happens, I can't hold the doctor for it. I went to use the washroom and then I pitter pattered off to the OR.

Two nurses are getting the room ready as I laid down on the pretty comfy table. One nurse inserted the IV. That was the same as getting a needle. They were trying to decide how I should be positioned. I got pretty worried about 5 minutes after they inserted the needle. I told the nurse I wasn't drowsy at all. She then told me she hadn't actually started the sedation process yet because they needed me to move around first. PHEW! I thought I was immune to the sedation after I hadn't eaten a thing since the night before. Or drank water. You can't do either!

They positioned me on my stomach and the doctor was there also making sure I felt comfortable. I then asked the doctor whether he would need to take a break during my surgery out of curiousity. He said for longer surgeries, yes, but mine wouldn't be more than 4 hours so he wouldn't need to. I can't work straight for 1.5 hours without taking a break. That's why he's the surgeon and I'm not!

The surgery begins!

8:30am - 12:15pm
So I was pretty in and out of it during surgery. I can't recall much, but here are the snippets:

- Every now and then I could feel the cannula in my body. I felt the vibrating sensation and I could hear the suctioning. I was so out of it though, that it didn't process what was going on

- I felt a pinch one in awhile, like a sharp but temporary pain. When that happened, I would wince and I think they just put more sedation

- After he did my flanks, he did my inner thighs from behind and then I had to turn around. I know this order because he told me beforehand. I don't remember turning around

- At one point while I think he was doing my stomach, Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" was playing. I sang along to it. This was later confirmed by the doctor

- I remember the doctor telling me I was done and then being wheeled into the post op recovery. The wheeling motion made me feel nauseous. The nurse gave me water to drink, but I ended up vomiting it out. I pointed out to the nurse how good I was because I vomited out water proving I had indeed not eating a cinch all day. Clearly I was still out of it. Then I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I woke up again and the nurse asked how I was doing. I told her I felt pretty good. She had a clipboard and I asked her how much had been taken out of me. She told me but it didn't process, so I asked for the clipboard. They had written it all down. But pretty much after I read it, I needed to vomit again (from drinking more water) and couldn't remember what was on the page. I asked for my mom so they brought her in.

While they went to get her though, my doctor came by to see how I was. He told me I did well. I was mostly asleep and asked how I felt. I told him I felt actually pretty good. I guess I expected the worst of the worst so my expectations were low.

As he left, I heard the woman in the adjacent bed crying about the pain and asking for more meds. I could only be happy that my recovery so far had felt pretty good. My mom came in and I was happy to see her. We chatted about how it went and I gave her the blow by blow. Then she also gave me water and I also threw that up.

I fell asleep again.

I woke up and my mom was still there. I'm going to make a terrible mom. She was so patient and so concerned. I don't think I could match that. She was great! Now I felt pretty anxious and wanted to go home. I asked the nurse to see the doctor again. I wanted my mom to meet my doctor. I'm weird where I like people I like to meet each other. By now, I knew that I really liked my doctor. He came up and my mom asked him a few questions. He told her that I did really well. He said my chin looked amazing and asked if I wanted to see. He provided me a mirror and it did look really really really good. I was amazed at how good it looked. He told me by tomorrow I'd swell up and it'd look like it did before. My mom said she couldn't even see the incision, it was so tiny.

I asked how many ccs were taken out. He told me 3500ccs which translates to about 7 lbs. I asked how many were taken out of each thigh. He told me 300ccs. At this I was a little worried and I told him that. He reassured me that it would look good after the drainage and swelling and that he didn't want to be too aggressive for fear that it would create a divot. I trust him, so we'll see how it looks after. 300ccs is like a can of pop off each thigh. He did tell me that my flanks and tummy look really good and I'll have that hour glass shape now. Excited to see it!

He left and the nurse came back to help me put the garment on. She also showed my mom how to do it. I drained a lot on the bed I noticed as we put on dressing on the sutures. The garment didn't feel bad at all. Again, I think I prepared myself for the worst, but I actually kind of liked it. I looked down at my stomach and it was so smooth and flat! It felt tender to the touch, but ok otherwise.

Number of incisions were pretty limited which was good. One at the elbow each, my belly button, right underneath my underwear line at the front were two, on the back there was another two, right above my groin were two more and another two right at my buttfold. In all, I have 11 incisions.

I tried to use the washroom at this time, but I couldn't go! That kind of freaked me out because my mom told me how she once had surgery and couldn't urinate after. As a result they had to put in a catheter. I didn't want one of those! I gave up and the nurse put me in a wheelchair and out I went. Half way to the door though, I got cold sweats and felt nauseated again. It was the motion. I got over it and was loaded up into the car.

The car ride home by far was the WORST. I was very sensitive to the motion. It was only about a 20 minute ride but I felt bad. I threw up again.

Home and ready to sleep! I tried to use the washroom again to no avail. It wasn't badly that I had to go, but I would have felt better.

My mom had set up the bed with plastic absorbent sheets. I pretty much conked out right away. She asked me if I wanted to eat anything, but I had no appetite.

Awake! No pain. It just felt like a heavy workout. I was surprised at how bad I didn't feel. At this point, my mom told me take a painkiller anyways to prevent the pain that could come. I obliged, so I took a pill along with a stool softener just in case.

At this point I tried to use the washroom again and it worked!!! I think it was psychological. Using the washroom with a garment on is just a weird feeling. It was like if I did urinate, I was going to do it in my pants. Once I relaxed enough it was fine.

My mom made me pineapple juice to drink (essentially just pineapple puree) and it felt good to have. She also made me some really really basic soup. I had a cup and then I was full. Felt a little nauseated again actually, but likely because it was the first thing I ate all day.

I went back to bed but didn't feel like sleeping because I had just eaten. Instead, I answered some work emails, but staring at the blackberry screen made me feel queasy so I ended up lying down again.

Lying down was when I felt the best. I also called my friend and we chatted about how it went. She'll be coming to pick me up Sunday from my parents. I have such nice friends.

I slept some more

Feeling antsy. Don't want to sleep, but lying down felt the best. At this point, I got the great idea to try on a pair of jeans I had brought with me to track my progress. I was sad that they fit exactly the same as before. My mom pointed out that I had four layers of dressings on. True! So I felt better again. I am most worried about my thighs. My arms feel pretty good and so does the rest of my body, but my thighs were the biggest concern going in, so really want to have those NOT rub together anymore.

I know I have to be patient. Reading everyone else's experience, I have to drain and let the swelling go down along with the skin needing to retract.

My mom came to help me change my dressings. I told her I didn't think I drained that much. I was wrong! I had leaked some on the sheets, but the dressings were actually quite soaked on the back. Less so on the front because I was lying down on my back. Yay for my mom being a nurse! I think I recall telling my OR nurses that my mom was a nurse too. Hmmm... anyways, my mom changed my dressings expertly and got me back in the garment. I have a size small on and it feels like just the right about of compression. I also have the chin strap on and my mom redid my arm bandages. I don't know what I'd do without her! She told me I didn't need to do the surgery, but she was supportive of me regardless and hasn't questioned my decision. She said if I needed to do it for me, she was with me all the way. Love.

4:00am (Time as I type this)

So really not in that much pain. Actually the annoying thing has been needing to wake up every hour since 11 to use the washroom. From not being able to go to not being able to stop going :S. I have a small bladder as it is, but I guess this is another way my body is draining.

I am starting my lymphatic massages after I go for my post op check up next week. We'll see how I progress!

I am not at home where I set it up so my pictures are consistent. That will have to wait until Sunday. I brought my camera to my parents' so I will take a few pics later today.

Not a whole lot of bruising on my body. I will attribute that to the arnica because I do tend to bruise badly and easily. Also because I was on IV sedation and haven't needed more than that one pain pill I took earlier today, not all loopy.

Well that's it for now. Going to sleep a bit more and see how the morning goes! I am taking it easy because I don't want to fool myself into doing too much too soon!

Thanks all for the support :)!

Last comment for the night/morning... But...

Last comment for the night/morning...

But seriously these incisions are tiny!!! The one under my neck I can't see without a mirror. Maybe 3mm? The ones on my stomach are less than half a centimetre (5mm at the most). I remember one surgeon said I could expect a circular scar with a diametre of about half an inch. Ugh that would be HUGE! So glad I went with my doctor. Ok results, start showing so I can leave a good review of him and brag to the masses!

Posted pictures! It's not the exact same angle as...

Posted pictures! It's not the exact same angle as my before pictures because I'm at my parents' place. Once I'm home, I'll take photos at the same spot and in the same clothes for better comparison. I was really sad about my inner thighs, but looking at my pictures, I can actually see a difference already. AND this is with swelling/loose skin, etc.

I'll photo photos again on Sunday night when I'm home, but this should give an idea as to my results so far. I'm in awe still over my tiny incisions. Unless everyone else also has tiny incisions and that's the norm!

My recovery has been relatively easy. Day 2 post...

My recovery has been relatively easy. Day 2 post op was a little tiring because I went to the grocery store with my mom. A 30 minute excursion translated into a 3 hour nap! I have only taken one pain med a day and that's more to help with the discomfort when trying to sleep. I haven't had many side effects from the pain meds. I do feel a little bit of nausea within an hour of taking them, but because I intend on sleeping, it's fine. My bowel movements have been good - likely because of both the stool softener and all the fibre I take in from the bran I have in the morning and the pineapple puree.

I am a little swelled up, but I don't feel like I'm filled with water or anything. As well, my bruising is very minimal. Appetite isn't really there, so I force myself to eat a bit at each meal. It's very balanced with a focus on protein, whole fruits and veggies and lots of fibre. I just feel more tired than anything, so it's good that I have 9 more days to rest before going back to work!

I'll take pictures again tomorrow when I get home.

My doctor called yesterday to check up on how I'm doing. I told my mom "wow, what a nice doctor!" after his call and she replied with "no, that's a sign of a nice person overall".

Still holding off on my review of my doctor until after my post op with him on Wednesday. Based on my early results, recovery, and his bedside manner, he will receive nothing short of glowing reviews from me! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Day 5 post op and I'm feeling pretty...

Day 5 post op and I'm feeling pretty good!

Yesterday I returned home from my parents. When I tried on a few things, they felt the same and I hit that wall that everyone speaks about. The one where after surgery when your results stall you say to yourself "why did I do this??". Thankfully, I logged into RealSelf and was reassured by everyone's experience to know logically... this is just swelling. My shape has improved and that's what's important.

My bruises are virtually gone! It's quite amazing actually because I usually bruise pretty badly. They're already turning yellow and there was some bruising that appeared "down there" like I read so I wasn't worried after Friday.

Skin retraction is what I'm most concerned about on my inner thighs. The skin there does have stretch marks, so I have been massaging with Bio Oil nightly. I have no idea if that will work and I didn't even read that anywhere on these forums, but I figured it needs hydration, why not use the bottle of Bio Oil I have lying around?

I have stopped all pain meds and really don't need them at this point. The only pain comes from changing positions (ie. Sitting to standing) and it's a quick pain, like needles stabbing my lower back.

My skin feels tender still and is a little sensitive to the touch depending on where (under the chin, lower abdomen, inner thighs).

The garment hasn't been that bad. I feel the same when I wear it versus when I don't. I read that a lot of people needed to wear it to feel "stable". I haven't really felt that sensation, but because it doesn't bother me, I will wear it for as long as I need to.

On a plus, a friend came by to visit today. They didn't know I had any surgery and upon seeing me, exclaimed "you've been shrinking!". So even though I can't seem to notice, clearly someone else has which is nice.

My post-op appointment is on Wednesday at which time I am also beginning lymphatic drainage massage. I really haven't felt THAT swelled up and I will credit all those pineapples I had. I know I'm swelled a bit, but from pictures I've seen and stories I read, I expected it to be a lot worse!

Nothing else to report. I am glad that I took this week off from work as well. While I already feel good, I'm relieved that I'll have another 6 days to relax/recover until I have to head back into the office!!

Today I had my 1 week post op (WOW time flies) and...

Today I had my 1 week post op (WOW time flies) and my first lymphatic drainage massage.

1 week post op went very well. Dr. Tong took out my sutures and aside from an occasional pinch, it was very straightforward. He was very happy with my healing and progress. I am too! I realized how far I've come in the past week and my results are already really good. He said that he tells his patients that if you're already noticing results at 1 week, then you'll be really happy when everything settles in. I am still swelled up and he asked me how I felt about my thighs. I told him I'm not in love with them yet, but I know I'm still swelling so I will wait patiently. We also have really short memories, so I have noticed the change in my pictures. I think I just really wanted them to be small immediately! He cleared me to start wearing my chin strap for night only along with my arm bandages. My main compression garment needs to be worn for another 3 weeks 24 hours a day. It's now fitting comfortably so if I keep shrinking where it actually fits loosely, perhaps I will get a second one. He also said I can exercise again now because my incisions have already closed and I'm already so far along. He did tell me that in his opinion prior to the surgery that I would have a pretty smooth time with the recovery. So he was right!

I forgot to ask him the exact details of what was taken out of me (oops!) but perhaps it is almost better not to know yet. I think sometimes we get so hung up on numbers (like the number on the scale!), that if it doesn't seem high enough, I might get down. I should just let the results speak for themselves and find out at my 6 week post op!

I also went for my first lymphatic massage. The masseuse asked me how I found the clinic. I told her I googled it. I really had no idea where to find a good lymphatic drainage therapist in Toronto so I googled "Lymphatic massage Scarborough". However, I really liked her and she explained a lot to me (to satisfy the inquisitive mind) as she did it. She has dealt with liposuction patients before, so she was very careful with me and concerned for my comfort. Did it hurt? At first yes... but it was really quite gentle and started to feel soothing at the end. I'm glad I did this 1 week post op (and Dr. Tong told me not to start until after my incisions closed) and not right away. I think it would have been painful immediately after. I did feel really good after it and I've had to use the washroom a little more frequently since. Apparently that is part of the draining!

Overall, I am now comfortable to say "worth it!". I think you need realistic expectations and a really good surgeon. I definitely had a great one and my relatively easy recovery is a credit to both my good health going into the surgery and what I truly believe is Dr. Tong's skill as a surgeon. I hit the wall earlier in the week, but felt good when I was playing dress up this afternoon with my wardrobe and the clothes just fit so much better! I know it'll only get better from here on out.

In regards to my actual healing... I am starting to get a little itch in the areas I liposuctioned, but it's nothing really annoying. I am getting those sharp sudden (but quickly passing) darts of pain, like I'm being pinched. All part of the healing! So it's good :)

New pictures posted! I didn't review my previous photos though before posing, so I forgot how to pose. Now I'm dressed again and too lazy to take off the garment and do it again. I promise to post another set next week. I will take some measurements then as well.

Alright so I'm looking at my pictures and a) I...

Alright so I'm looking at my pictures and a) I really need to clean my mirror and b) I do see the difference in my thighs!

Sorry, it's been a while! First off... I have no...

Sorry, it's been a while! First off... I have no idea where I put my camera right now. I need to find it to post pictures. I tried to find it for a wedding yesterday I attended to no avail. So I'll look for it today.

3 and a half weeks post op! I have to say my recovery has been pretty smooth. The incisions are going to heal into small scars I can tell. People are commenting that I've lost weight and look great! I am down 7 pounds which is what I would expect to be based on the amount of fat taken out. I know I've lost inches because my clothes fit better.

Here are the results:

Arms: 12"
Thigh (left): 22.5"
Waist at bellybutton: 29"
Hips: 34"

So definitely some results, but the inner thighs are slow to show. I read up more on the inner thighs and it's a tough place to do without getting uneven results. My PS did say it takes the longest to see, so I shall be patient.

I don't wear the chin strap anymore and I also don't wear the arm bandages. Still a little sore and tender, but I am pretty much back to 100%. The one thing I still have difficulty with is heavy exercise. I can only do low impact stuff like spinning and light jogging.

Lastly, the only thing I didn't know about beforehand is how the surgery can impact your menstrual cycle. I was 2 weeks late! After some more detailed research, it's actually quite normal. Essentially the stress you put on your body can delay the period or miss it altogether.

Will look for that camera!!

WOW.. been so long! Mostly because I couldn't find...

WOW.. been so long! Mostly because I couldn't find a camera so I couldn't take pictures... but it's been 7 weeks post op now! Time really flies. I went in for my 6 week post op last week and the PS was happy with my progress and results. The great news? No lumpiness or bumpiness!

I did have two minor issues. One is that there is a bump on my stomach that you can't see, but can feel to the touch. It's tiny and doesn't bother me, but I was curious as to what it was. The PS said it is likely calcification of fat. Since it was the only one, I didn't bother asking how that could happen. I read about the risk before but can't recall the cause.

The second is the slight uneven appearance of my inner thighs. You have to look directly to see it, but I noticed it even from before. I'll wait until my skin fully retracts to determine if it bothers me.

The good news overall is... no complications and great results in general. My thighs I had unrealistically expected them to get super slim, but I've seen results where the thighs were really slimmed down, but very uneven so I am happy overall with them. I notice the difference the most when I can fit into jeans I previously could not.

The best results have been in my arms. They can fit into shirts that they couldn't fit into before! And my body proportions are just right now.

Measurements as below:

Arms: 11.5"
Thigh (left): 21"
Waist at bellybutton: 28"
Hips: 33.5"

I am down 5lbs to 145lbs.

In my picture you'll notice there is still a little bit of puff on my lower abdomen... it's still a little hard and not fully recovered from the swelling. My PS said I'm 80% done swelling and even after the swelling is gone, it'll be another few months for my skin to fully retract. Hence there's a line in my midsection. That's the loose skin that kind of folds together. That will all go away.

I still haven't fully worked out as I want to. It still hurts to go heavy, so it's been very low impact for me.

I'm still tender in places, but happy with my results! And happy I found my camera!!!

Last thing (sorry post is fragmented as I keep remembering just when I'm going to stop) are the scars. They are small, but dark. The PS suggested bio oil or cocoa butter to massage in 5 mins a day to help lighten them, but they will fade in time.

2 year post op

I forgot how terrible this site was for updating. This is my THIRD time trying to update. Froze on me twice. Now this will be really short.

Life is good 2 years later. I've maintained my weight at 140 lbs. It was a life-changing experience. I got a revision to the arms for no charge in May 2013. Took me a full 6 months until the results really settled in.

Sorry that was short. Too frustrated to re-post AGAIN!

Dr. Tong at the Yorkville Institute of Plastic Surgery is an amazing surgeon and just an upstanding individual! My recovery has gone smoothly and the results have already blown me away. He was very realistic in what he could or couldn't do for me and set my expectations well (although they have been exceeded). He showed me pictures at my initial consultation, took the time to answer my questions and I never felt rushed. He walked me through the process and even told me how many incisions he would make and where he would place them so I was comfortable (and the incisions are tiny and healing beautifully). I felt like he genuinely cared for both myself and my results. He even took the time to call me after my surgery to check on my progress two days after. I was nervous about the whole process, but he put me at ease and has delivered results that are superb! Thank you Dr. Tong! You are amazing!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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