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Hello everyone, my name is Elena, I am from Italy...

Hello everyone, my name is Elena, I am from Italy but I've been living in the UK for the past 2 years.
My story is similar to most on this website so I am sure you can understand how I feel!
Basically until I was about twelve years old I thought I had a normal nose, even a cute one.
Then my little cousin one day very graciously told me that I had a nose like a witch and well...since then I have started to really hate it!!!!
I was kind of doomed because both my mum and dad have big noses (and my grandparents as well!), but not as horrible as mine, which is crooked and the tip droops when I talk or smile. Obviously I was made fun of for my nose in school, but not too much to be honest. However, I feel very self conscious about it, I am always afraid that people are looking at me from a bad angle, I hate to have my pictures taken, especially from 3/4 view or side view and often when I speak I think that my tip is moving....gross!!!!
Anyway, long story short, at the ripe old age of 29 I have decided to take the plunge and fix it.
Actually I had a consultation 8 years but then I didn't go though with it, both for lack of funding and because I was so ashamed that I couldn't bring myself to tell my parents.
I am getting married next year and I don't want to spend my life looking at those picture and thinking how horrible my "trunk" looks. Also, I've had enough of being worried about my nose and I am looking forward to be able to let people look at my face without being continuously worried of the angle they are located at!!
Things are moving pretty fast because I had two consultation on the 17th June and my surgery date is set for the 3rd July. I am between jobs so I will have the month of July free before I start my new contract the 1st August. I have decided to have my procedure done back in Italy so that I can stay at my parents' place during the recovery.
During the procedure the doctor will fix my septum since it's a little deviated, then she will straighten the bridge, remove the hump, and reduce the tip. The point is very high already so she will just cut (from inside my mouth!) the so called "depressor septi nasi muscle" (I did my homework :D)which is the one that pulls the tip down when I laugh and speak.
I am starting to buy all the things I will need before and after surgery and I will start taking Arnica tomorrow.
I am already a bit nervous but really excited at the same time!!
My main concern is that I won't be happy with the result, but I am ready to take the risk!
I will update as much as I can, hopefully my review will be helpful to someone else!
I read all your stories and comments in the past months and they helped me so much, thank you to everyone who decided to share their experience!!! This is a great website, it's really amazing to be able to talk with someone that is going through the same thing!!!

:) be continued...

Unespected twist in the story

Ok, so basically what happened was I was having second thoughts about the doctor, I wasn't sure about the morph she made and even though I am sure she is a good surgeon with a lot of experience I didn't like her attitude a bit too self confident.
I had another consultation with a surgeon recommended by a family member and well, he's the one!!!!!
Luckily I hadn't officially confirmed the date yet with the first surgeon so I was able to schedule my rhinoplasty with the second one for the 9th of July. I am so happy and relieved, I feel I am in extremely good hands and I trust him completely. I love the morph he made, he understood me immediately. Also, he has an excellent CV, he is an expert in reconstructive and plastic surgery and he made me feel relaxed and at ease. I saw some of his previous work, which I really liked, and talked with some of his patients who were really happy! I think I made the right choice, but then of course you need a bit of luck as well, because even though they are excellent surgeons they are still humans!!
Let me know what you think about the new morph! ;) be continued...

Pre-op appointment today!!

Hello everyone, I will see my surgeon for my pre-op appointment today!! I am a bit nervous, I have prepared a lot of questions for him!!!
I am really looking forward to having this sugary, I have been dreaming to have my nose done for the past 15 years....but sometimes I find myself thinking "is this really necessary?" Or "Is my nose really that bad?? Is it worth taking the risk??".... But then I look at some old pictures and at that nose that I really hate and all the fears instantly disappear!!!
I am really worried about the result, especially about how my nose will look from the front..! Let's be honest here, the profile cannot really get much worse...but I am afraid I am not going to like my bridge or tip! Anyway, I trust my surgeon completely and I am sure he'll do his best!! today I will make him swear to make my nose exactly like the simulation ;))!!!

I will update to tell you guys how the apppointment went!!!!

Two days to go!!

Hello everyone!!!
So I went to my pre-op appointment on Wednesday and It went really well!!
I asked a lot of questions to my surgeon and he patiently answered all of them. We went through the details of the procedure again and he explained to me how to prepare for the surgery and what to expect for the recovery. He took the last pictures and introduced to me his assistant that will be helping him to perform my rhinoplasty. I really like her, she is super nice!!!
Anyway, I have started taking Arnica and I have bought almost everything I need for the recovery.
My surgery will be on Tuesday at 3pm and I will have to be there at 1pm. I will spend the night in the clinic (this is common practice in Italy) and the morning after he'll remove the tampons and I will go home.
I am starting to be really nervous and stressed,I am looking forward for this to be finished and to starting my recovery!!!
I will update very soon!!!!

Tomorrow is the day!!!!!

Hello everyone, in less than 24 hours I will bid farewell to my old nose and I am freaking out!!!! I am packing my bag for the night in the clinic and I cannot believe the 15 years long wait is finally over!!
I am nervous but excited too, I have a mixture of feelings inside and I am trying to keep myself busy to calm my nerves down!! I am a very emotional person and this is a huge thing for me!!
I have found a picture I hate, it shown how my tip points down because of the "tension lip" thing! Horrible!!!!
It is really great having the opportunity to read your stories and knowing that all of you guys know exactly what I am talking about and what I am going through!!!!
Good luck to all of you who are still waiting and best wished to all those that are on the way of recovery :)!!!!
I will update very soon!!!!!!!


Hello there!!!!!!
So, I had my surgery two days ago!!
I arrived at the clinic at 1 pm and had a visit with the anaesthesiologist, a very nice and funny man!! He made me laugh and relax.
Then I wore my paper knickers (horrible,haha), my green robe and the white socks for surgery they wheeled my down to the theatre in a bed with weeks and I had to climb on the operating table. At this point I was freaking out but the nurses, anesthesiologist, my surgeon and his assistant were all so nice I calmed down immediately. The anesthesiologist started telling me jokes, then he stroke my hair and told me "now I make you sleep"...he asked me "can you feel it?" I replied "it tastes bitter", then I blacked out.
I woke up to the anaesthesiologist calling my name and telling me to breath though my mouth and stop tryin to touch my nose (I don't know why I was doing that)!!!! They brought me back to my room where my mum was waiting for me. I had a very sore thoat and I was feeling very nauseous...It was a hard moment but then luckily I threw up and I felt soon much better!!!!
Surgery was supposed to last for one hour but in the end it lasted two hours. Apparently my tip was much more "difficult" than expected, so it took a bit longer to shape properly. Also,since my cartilages were really thin he had to reduce them and then transfer a bit of cartilage in my tip! I am glad he is an expert in reconstructive surgery!!!
Anyway, I spend the night in the clinic and the surgeon didn't want me to get up from the bed until the morning. I didn't sleep very well, my mouth kept getting very dry and I was feeling unconfortable! Luckily, since I didn't have my septum done i only had the splints in for one night. The morning after the surgeon's assistant came to remove the splints and she told my my new nose is nice and she likes it very much!!!
At about 10 I went home and I basically spent the day in bed...I had a very dull headache and I kept icing my head all day! I was feeling a bit down honestly, it's not easy to accept the swelling and bruising and I kept asking myself "what did I do to my face???"! I took a pain med in the evening and I went to bed. I slept on and off but better than the night before!!
Today is going better, the swelling is a bit less horrible, apart from my upper lip!! It's difficult to speak, smile and eat but overall I feel I am recovering quickly!!! I really hope it's not going to be worse tomorrow!!!
Ah, in the end the surgeon managed to correct the "tension lip" without cutting inside my mouth, so that's really good!!
I am drinking loads of water and fruit juice and eating mainly cold things. I have started rinsing my nose with a spray my surgeon gave me and putting a gel inside the nostrils on the stitches! I have also two external stitches on the tip, I hope I will not have a scar!!
I get tired easily so I am trying to take it easy!!
I will update soon!!!!
Thanks for reading this!!!!!

Feeling better!!!!!

Sooooo, I am at day 4 after surgery and I feel so much better!! The bruising is going very well, I have a bit of black but most of it is turning yellow and the swelling is going so much better too!! Also my nose is far less swollen!! A couple of days ago I looked like the piglet Babe (don't know if you know the movie, I'll put a picture for reference :D) and now it's almost back to normal! The upper lip is still swollen though and I still find it hard to smile!!
The nose is a bit itchy now and I am getting nervous about taking the cast off and seeing my new face!!!I in two days I will know!!! I still can't believe it!!!
I'll update soon!!

Super yellow today!!!

Cast off!!!!!!! I am soooooo happy!!!!!!!!

Ok, the cast came off today! I was really nervous yesterday and last night I couldn't sleep! I kept on thinking "ok,tomorrow I will finally see it,what if I don't like it???What if this was just a mistake???"
Anyway, I went to see my surgeon this afternoon and his nice assistant was there as well. Removing the cast was not painful at all. They cleaned my face and bruises and let me see myself in the mirror..Then he put the plasters on my nose and...OMG, it was so painful!!!!!!! The most painful moment of the whole experience I dare say!!! He was pressing so hard and the nose was so sore!!! It had tears on my eyes!!!
Anyway, I am at home now and I had the chance to have a proper look at my nose from all the sides and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's still quite swollen, especially the bridge, but it will get better in the next months!!! I am so happy, it's exactly how I dreamt it would be!!!!
Please let me know what you think!!!

New pictures

Here are some new pictures!! I am really happy about my nose, it looks really natural!!! It's amazing not to worry about it anymore!!!!


I posted the update before finishing to add the pictures!!! Here they are!!
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