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I've had a few procedures done with Dr Peterson. I...

I've had a few procedures done with Dr Peterson. I had a BA back in 05 and ended up with a capsular contractor and we went back and fixed the problem. I've been wanting a tummy tuck since I had my son. Well once you're a patient of Dr Peterson your consults are free. I had my consult. He's giving me a awesome deal for being a repeat customer. I highly respect that. I probably should have asked him more questions like all the things he's going to do. I have my pre operative appt on the 11th so I ask then. He's so so lucky I like him because I got such a cheaper quote to get a tummy tuck, brazilion butt lift with fat transfer and lipo. Yeah it's in the Dominican Republic and with the price she quoted $3600 and with the cost of flight and 9 days at a recovery house it would actually be $100 cheaper to go with her. It's taking everything in me not to do it but you can't lay on your stomach after a tummy tuck and you can't sit on your butt after a BBL and I'm not really looking forward to a tough recovery laying on my side but damn my body would be banging. HA maybe Dr Peterson should hook me up on some lipo for sticking it out with him lol jk he should though. He has some pretty bad reviews not bc of his work but bc he's just an "arrogant" or "rude" doctor. Which I can relate to he's told me what's up a time or two but thats bc he knows what hes doing and you see where I'm still going. Ahhhh but still a recovery in the Dominican Republic sounds amazing no more pancake booty, sculpted thighs. Ugh I better stop talking about it lol well here's my before pics and I'll update later.

My surgery got canceled today :( rescheduled for oct 4th

I was at the hospital all ready to go but yesterday I had this weird mark on my hip. I thought it was a brown recluse spider bite bc I had seen a few in my house. He said he didn't want to do surgery with it being so close to my incision. Been waiting for this day for 6 years and now I'm set back even more. I understand why, so good call on Dr Peterson. Sucks about rescheduling with work. Ugh

Well it's been 8 days since surgery.

So I got to the hospital at 10am they put me in a room, nurses and anesthesiologist asked their questions put a Iv in me. Around 11:56 dr peterson came in marked me up. His team came in wheeled me to the surgery and it was lights out. I woke up, in A LOT of pain. Got dressed went home recovered. There are periods where you feel like you're in such great pain and you will scream and cry and the Person taking care of you will tell you to calm down it's not that bad. And you will yell at them bc you feel like they make you feel like you are over exaggerating the pain. I guess it's just a natural response for people to do that. So don't be too hard on yourself if you get the mood swings it happens and if the person loves you enough they will understand. I had my bitch moments but fuck I was in pain real fuckin serve pain. But this was pain I caused myself, so make sure you DO apologize A LOT. Write them a little note do something sweet. Remember you need them more then you think you do. Pain meds and sleeping pills helped a lot for my pain. I took stool softeners but the most pain I was having was from being constipated. I could feel the tightness of my guts pressing on my tummy. I felt like if I are anything else all my stitches were going to break. Getting in and out of bed is the worse. I honestly wasn't able to do anything by myself until the 7th day. Yesterday. Once they took the tubes out my body could stand taller and I could move around much easier. With minimal pain. The tubes didn't hurt to get taken out. Well I doubled up my pills that day just in case. I'd suggest not looking at the first tube after it comes out. I accidently did bc of what my husband had said. You think the tube is just in there an inch or that's what I thought, no it's way way up In there. It only took a sec for her to pull it out but you don't want to imagine it so DONT LOOK. Can't stress that enough. My insicion line looks great, I still have trouble sleeping. I've always slept in a fetal position so the laying on my back is tough but hey thank God for sleeping pills and pain pills. Now I'm not the pain pill popper type. I still don't understand the pleasure people get from it or the " high" like my friends get. I like it bc I get sleepy and I don't have to deal with the pain. The only problems I have are the constipation I mentioned earlier and the crazy dreams. They can get crazy lol. Drinking the magnesium citcericous I believe that's what it's called helped my constipation. After i took my watery shit. I felts SO MUCH BETTER. I didn't feel the tightness like my stitches were going to break ln my stomach anymore. I felt lighter like I could move around. I still depend on my husband to help pull me up if I get too low in the bed. Don't even try to get up by yourself if you somehow end up flat on your back. It uses all the muscles In Your stomach that your dr just fixed. I'll keep you updated.

18 days post op

My tummy tuck is coming along great. When I went in for my 2 week check up the the 18th. I noticed my pubic line area was getting huge I could push on it and feel liquid move to my incision. He drained it at the office, it didn't hurt at all. I think it is coming back again, lame but I'd rather that be my biggest complication the anything else. I did have a few days where my incision got red and itchy. Every day my husband put tons of triple antibiotic ointment and peroxide and this dermoplast spray and it for better and I think it's helping my incision heal up faster. My incision is up higher but I could have had the mini and it would be lower but I wanted most of my stretch marks gone. I still have a few but not near as bad as before and I plan on getting a tattoo to cover up my scar. I'm already full of tattoos anyways. What's one more. As for any pain. It's low. Except of you have to sneeze omfg it's the worse. When I wake up In the morning is when I experience most of my pain. I've been sleeping in the fetal position all my life so when I fall asleep on my back I end up moving while I sleep. But as soon as I get up to move around I'm good. I'm very pleased with my TT and also very grateful Dr. Jack Peterson has been very nice and did such an amazing job :)

Best swimsuit for a full tummy tuck

So my scar is a bit high bc I didn't want the mini, I was going to get a tattoo to cover my scar but I wasn't ready I found this swimsuit on amazon it covers perfectly without looking too high waisted and you can still accomplish the two piece look

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