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Hello! I thought I would share my experience here...

Hello! I thought I would share my experience here too since all the other reviews have been so helpful and inspiring for me. I am 28, married mother of 2 children, 5'6 and 135 lbs. I have always had a small chest, never got out of a A cup except briefly when I was attempting to breast feed and barely (sadly) filled a B bra, just to deflate into something even smaller than before when weight was lost from the pregnancy.

This is something I have always wanted, something that I feel will change me and the way I view myself for the better. I have many fears I guess like everyone else, but for the most part I'm just excited! I went today for my pre-op exam, and have decided on 475cc saline rounds. Its only really from this site that I knew sort of what I wanted and the little details of stuff.

After measuring my body, and looking over the photos taken, and what I said I 'wanted'. The doctor originally suggested 500cc's but when I tried them on they seemed huge/heavy so I asked for slightly smaller as I'm aiming for full c or d-...believe it or not, taking that one ounce out made a difference for me at least in the practice bra anyways. I hope that is the perfect size as from what I've read going smaller is harder once you go big.

My Surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday 2-22-2012, and I'm feeling more apprehensive about the general anesthesia than the surgery itself...mostly because the nurse (worked for the hospital, not my PS) who was discussing that with me was being rather morbid and I felt she was enjoying creeping me out. Here's the thing... My husband has been away for training he is a solder, we have not even been together for valentines day, so when he gets home this will be a BIG surprise hahah! :D

He has no idea I'm doing this (but don't worry, he's gonna love it and would want me to anyways!) I will be uploading some before photos, and post op early on...and follow up week by week...because personally I really like to see the transition.

Two days till the big day! I've probably...

Two days till the big day! I've probably looked at 1000's of boobs online and even with the same pre-op cup size and cc's implant, I've noticed that everyone looks different.

One thing that is going to be a big relief to me is having an even balance in my breasts, I have always felt one is slightly larger than the other (even though they are both tiny!) hopefully 475cc's is perfect. :)

I'm actually glad I'm going with high profile, it seems like with a 31 in band, lots of women say it just looks better on a smaller frame.

My nerves are getting up there. As the day approaches I grow more anxious but also more excited. The anesthesia is still a big fear for me. :D

2-22-12 a new me!

Posting some pre-op pics, excuse the bra lines! :o

Well, kind of a twist and turn here ladies...With...

Well, kind of a twist and turn here ladies...With my soldier husband being away on training, I was having an issue trying to find someone to be my escort home after the surgery. The ride from Topeka to Ft. Riley is a good hour, and last minute my babysitter who was to keep my son after being at daycare backed out on fate has a way of rearing its face and telling you, there must be a different way.

I was scheduling an appointment with a permanent cosmetician in a PS office here in my town and was telling her about how frustrated I was that I could not find a ride/babysitter ect; she asked why I was not having Dr. Fischer do my augmentation and I said that the ladies who do scheduling at this office said there was no way to get me in so quickly...well long story short, I was in trying on some implants 2-21-2012, and scheduled for surgery the next day (2-22-2012)...So I have to trust that this must have been where and when I was supposed to be. It helps too that its literally 15 minutes from my house, much easier to find an escort that way.

To make things even more impressive, the new PS was more professional, thorough, and I felt just more in-tune to my wishes and desirable look. He took a great deal of time making sure I had all my questions answered, and was personable...even funny at times. Nobody likes a dry boring doctor, so this comfort made me feel pretty good.

Just like before I was trying on the testers, Dr. Fischer stated that once I found what I thought was 'perfect' to have him come in and take a look to make sure that visually it would match up to my personal expectations that I explained to him when its actually implanted.

I know with the prior PS I was set for saline high profile 475cc's...but given that Dr. Fischer said I have such small breasts and not very much tissue it would be highly likely for me to experience some 'rippling' with a saline implant because my skin is so thin and I am a thin person. He made it very clear that it was my decision, but that he strongly suggested a silicone implant for my particular frame and tissue around my breasts.

lol...and CC's went practice mode 500cc's, then he said since its going behind the muscle I should go with 550 because it will look like 500 post op. *sigh* I sure hope he's right! I have read that before on other reviews, so I trusted him on this one. He seemed pretty aware of what I wanted.

My surgery was bright and early the next morning! OMG! (today!) at 6:30 am I was to be at the Manhattan Surgical Center. (no food or drink after midnight, no makeup/jewelry/or credit cards ect with me for surgery)

I couldn't sleep last night, either out of nerves or excitement or both...or that I was afraid I'd sleep through the alarm clock. Morning finally came and I was really really excited, I couldn't believe it was really happening.

When we arrived at the Surgery Center, everyone was very nice. I was given a hospital gown to wear that opened in the back, told to strip down to my skeevies only, and given hospital socks (hated those!)...they did make sure I was warm with heated blankets.

I was given an IV in my hand and 3 pills, two to help my stomach keep calm, and a valium to calm my nerves and boy did I need it, once I got back there and started getting ready for everything I did start stressing out. lol.

I was wheeled into the operating room where it looked like something out of a TV show, everyone was explaining things to me but by that time I was already a little loopy from the Valium.

After a new heated blanket was added and the oxegen mask, I was told to take a few deep breaths as they were going to start to put me to sleep. There was a sense of apprehension but I just did it...and bam I was out.

I woke up back in the original room where I had changed out of my clothes, implants in place and my friend present smiling at me with that...'so you have boobies now' look.

It was a very in and out feeling at first like I could just go right back to sleep, they brought me water and a fruit bar...which for some reason I had no interest in. I wasn't nauseated just didn't want a fruit bar, haha. After not eating all morning I was hoping for a waffle or something (not from their of course).

I was eager to get up and get moving around, I felt like until I did the whole feeling like I might fall in and out of sleep would continue and it did even after I left the hospital. However, I did only sleep for about 1.5 hours afterwards before I felt much better and whatever effects of the drugs and anesthesia wore off, and I was up and walking around good to go. Even stopped by the store to buy some gauze.

EHM, now...I was told after my surgery that my PS decided on 600cc's during the surgery. I can only assume (since I did not speak with him after the surgery he left) that this is because most surgeons will sit their patients up and make sure placement looks appropriate.

To me that cc's seems like alot, like alot alot...but when I look at it in the mirror even though my implants are basically about an inch beneath my collar bone right now...they don't look too big, actually quite perfect. I am eagerly and likely prematurely hoping for the D&F fairy.

As far as pain goes, all day today (day 1) there was not much, until tonight. As I write this its 1 am CST, I would and should be asleep right now, but for some reason laying down is actually the most uncomfortable thing I've done all day.

So I lay here until it gets too uncomfortable and then I get my bags of frozen veggies and try to get the swelling down, I fell asleep earlier for about an hour I think but still keep waking up. I guess its normal. Getting in and out of bed is pretty crappy, there has to be a trick to it...maybe rolling out or something lol, I'll figure it out.

I have this bra I purchased (suggested by my PS) its a simple sports bra style that clasps in the front, I hate it...mostly because I've never owned any bra that wasn't shiny and under wire but I suppose I better get used to things being different down there. Its not very comfortable but I think its wise to wear it

Today I am excited, but since they are so high its hard to really see the final outcome first day...I'm sure once they drop just a little I'll feel more at home with the new girls. Cleavage outlook seems like its going to be impressive!

Hopefully I can get some rest. I will post some pics in the morning for you all, they will probably still be pretty high...might not be perfect yet but I'm sure they will be!

Thanks for the responses and keeping up with me!

6 days post op today, pain management is much...

6 days post op today, pain management is much better. I'm off the pills for the most part. I was terribly constipated until yesterday, glad thats over!

As far as my breasts they are settling a little bit, which makes me happy! They are looking much better.

The only pain I really have today (and in the evenings) is at my incision site, and mostly on one side (which was the smaller breast) which leads me to believe its because its stretching to match the other and the massive implants.

As far as the steri-strips, I'm getting annoyed with them. I'm pretty sure this is normal to be curious as to whats under there. My instructions were to leave them in place until they fell off.

I'm not sure if I have dissolvable sutures or whatever but my 1 week post op is tomorrow, so we will see what he says.

So far so good! I'm so excited! All my friends are so jealous its so nice not being flat chested and I'm enjoying the attention! ahah!

Later girls!

Headed to 1 week post op check up, I'm not...

Headed to 1 week post op check up, I'm not sure why my review says 'not worth it'...uhm, I think thats an error because I have always said 'worth it'. hth. Update later today with what my PS says!

Its been 8 months with my new hooters, and I...

Its been 8 months with my new hooters, and I couldn't be more happy and comfortable with them. The size is good, at 600cc it actually turned out just as I had hoped and asked for which was a large C or filling D. They look great, and the incisions are a light pink color. They are soft but I wouldn't say they feel 100% natural but still very nice! I am happy to say that cleavage is NO problem!

I would recommend my surgeon. :)
Topeka Plastic Surgeon

Overall very impressed with Dr. Fischer!

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