Natrelle 410's Anatomical

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Hi Girls, I have been reading lots of your reviews...

Hi Girls, I have been reading lots of your reviews and have found all the information really beneficial in making my decision to have a BA done. I have wanted to have this procedure done for a very long time......we are talking years! I am 40, 170 cm and weigh 64kg, currently I am wearing a b cup but I am not filling it. So between an a and b size.
I have been this size all my life, and the only time I really loved my breasts and felt confident about their size was when I was breast feeding and they were a nice c cup. Now saggy saggy....

I have already had my consultation with my PS and after trying on a few different sizes we are going with the Natrelle 410 textured cohesive gel Anatomical Implants. He is doing the right with 335 cc and a full projection, and the left breast with 320 cc with moderate projection. The reason for the size difference is because I have a depressed sternum and my ribcage is lower on one side then the other......if that makes sense....he will be doing the placement behind the muscle. I only have 2 weeks to go now and I am starting to get really excited. I also had 3d imaging done to get an idea of what my results will look like which I will post. Going for a natural look.

Any suggestions for a smooth recovery would be appreciated, I know that is going to be the hard part. My husband is taking 1 week off work to look after me, run the house and manage our 3 sons, oh dear!!! :)
Thanks again ladies :) :)


Some swimsuit pics with no padding, I can't imagine what it will be like to fill these togs out......getting very excited.

Oh forgot....

Oh my surgery date is 13 th August!!

Pre op appointment

Hi Ladies, first thankyou for all the lovely feedback, it really is great to be able to chat with others as I am sure I have chewed my husbands ear off already with breast surgery talk! I have only told my parents and one close friend about " the boobs" and of course hubby. I just wanted to keep it really private, but then if people notice afterwards I will just blame it on a great bra!!!!
At my appointment today the nurse took more photos, we talked about pain management medications, she fitted me with my post op surgery bra, and some basic stretching exercises to do every hour after surgery.
Soooo 12 more days.....yippee :)

Question girls?????

I am hoping that someone can answer this question....roughly how many cc's in an implant will be needed to increase you by 1 cup size? Or how many cc's in a cup size?

Days gone by

Busy busy busy that is how I am spending these last few days leading towards my surgery day. I have started cleaning the house from top to bottom, organising meals like lasagne and soups to put in the freezer, just trying to be one step ahead because next week oh wow my heart is racing it is my turn....I really am trying to contain my emotions and remain neutral, anxious, worried, excited, scared, a bit of a roller coaster ride. But I know I will be fine and I have wanted to do this for do long, just can't believe that I am getting my very own set of boobies!!! Thought I would also add my "dream boobs" pics....happy healing to all the girls who have just had their surgeries done, and thanks for your updates :)

Oh noooo

For the last 5 days I have been looking after my own sick children just head colds and I have been so diligent with germs and trying not to spread it around. Now I have woken up this morning and I am feeling like crap, with less then 40 hours until my surgery, am feeling so upset now that I might have to postpone the surgery. I can't really ring my PS office as it is Sunday, to see what they advise. Just having panadol, drinking lots of water and vitamin c....just need to kick this cold...and be positive.

Good to go

Hi ladies , this morning I had to get clearance from my GP to go ahead with the surgery due to a head cold so I was so relieved when I was given the green light...
I have to be at the surgi centre at 8.30 in the morning tomorrow.....wish me luck only 9.5 hours to go .....see you on the " boobie side" :)

All done!

Hi Girls, today I am feeling more with it to update my review. Yesterday I was feeling really groggy and uncomfortable after surgery and just slept on and off through out the day. Everything has gone really well, the pain is manageable now, I had a really good nights sleep last night, and my husband and family have really been taking care of me. I am just wearing my surgery bra for all of this week, had a shower before so got to check them out and they are looking very nice...happy recovery to all the other girls...

I have big girls now.....

Washed my hair this morning in the shower, feeling a lot better and not in as much pain now as before, every day is just getting better. Took some snaps to update, I am really happy with the size, they feel really full but I am expecting to loose some of that as the swelling decreases. One side is more sore than the other I think it is around the incision sight and could be because I am right handed??? Just resting heaps and watching series 1 2 and 3 of the walking dead again.....for any fans out there, hehehe, happy healing.

2 weeks today

Hi Ladies, well the time has really flown by, and so far so good. I am really happy with how they are looking and they seem to suit my body type perfectly. I will post some more pics but at the moment it is just to difficult with the iPad on my own so I will wait for hubby to get home later on and get him to take some snaps and then upload them. I will do some in my old togs that I have already put on this site so you can get an idea of the before and after look.

Well one of my worries before surgery was if people would notice that I had had a BA done.....and I can honestly say that no one has noticed or even looked in that general direction, of course I have been wearing loose tops but I just look the same as if I have on my super gel bra!!! My children are none the wiser and have not commented on my larger set. I have found it hard getting on most tops or t- shirts so ladies make sure you have a few button down shirts or tops to wear after your surgery because it is just to difficult to get them on let alone off again, and it hurts!!!
Another thing I did was wear a second surgery bra in the shower, I found that when I took it off to shower I felt like they were going to drop off. Just a weird sensation. But now after 2 weeks I am no longer doing this.

Yesterday I had my surgical tapes all removed at my PS and now just have the 3mm micropore tape over my incisions. I have to press down on the incisions as if I am smoothing them out once a day, and that is the only massage I need to do. My surgeon says they are expected to drop and soften over the next few months for a really natural look.
I am so glad I am at the 2 week mark know and feeling so much more like myself and doing lots of things.....just more normal....
Thanks for reading girls, and speedy recovery to you all :)

2 weeks post pics.......:)


My skin is peeling around my chest and breast area? I have been apply moisturiser and now some bio oil on my breasts as I have noticed some small stretch marks. As any one else had this peeling skin or know why it is happening?? Thanks

Natrelle 410's Anatomical

Hi lovely ladies, it's been 2 weeks now since my last update......time really flys after your BA! Everything is going along nicely still just massaging my incisions, trying to smooth out those bumps, one is really smooth the other a bit puckered. Nipples are still really sensitive, I'm fine as long as no one touches them...ha ha

On the home front I have found the last few weeks hard being a mum to 3 boys, they have all been great and helped out heaps, especially hubby but I do feel very guilty not being able to do everything that I normally would do. But like I have said before every day is better and I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Today was my first day bra shopping!! How exciting... I was measured at a 14d or a 12dd wow I was surprised and am hoping that I still loose a little bit??? Before I was in a 12b. I got a really comfy non wire bra at Bras n Things its called the Complete Comfort Contour bra with removable wire $49.95 if any of you Aussie girls are interested. Just got the one for now as I will wait a few more weeks before going crazy with bra shopping, just in case things change. So I will still wear my surgery bras and more newbie.
Again I am very happy that I went ahead and had the surgery, love my results. Good luck girls who up for their surgery in the next few days and happy healing.
And my husband loves how I walk around topless now as before I was always so self conscious, just something he mentioned this morning. :)

Textured implants

Does anyone know if textured implants drop and fluff? If so how many weeks until this starts to happen? Mine are still quite high at 5 weeks and still really firm and god forbid they feel like that are getting bigger?? Does this mean they are fluffing?

Nearly at 6 weeks and going great!

Just pics girls....
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