40 Yrs Old Body Lift and Breast Lift with Implants - Toowoomba, AU

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Day after surgery, feeling very sore and sorry for...

Day after surgery, feeling very sore and sorry for myself. Everything is swollen. Got up twice already.the lipo hurts the most. Was really emotional this morning and thought I was crazy getting it done. But feel better tonight. Will post after photos when able too. After the operation you feel very tired and doppy. On panadol, endone and brufen. A lot of burning pain in my thighs were I had liposuction. Nothing seems to stop the pain and I can't get comfortable. Breasts also swelling really bad. Anyone got some words of motivation / tips to deal with pain as I feel like nothing is working?

5 Days Post Op Body Lift, Liposuction, Breast Lift and Implants

Day 2/3 I couldn't even imagine the pain stopping or getting better. Had a problem with the nurses at the hospital I was booked into, which my doctor quickly sorted out. Once I got through those couple of days and got on top of the pain things are looking a lot brighter. I can already see the sculpting and can see what the end result will look like. So happy with the results even though still very swollen and bent over. Can't wait to see my body continue to transform.

Day 8- fainting

Okay thought I was having a great day. Felt like swelling was good. Had a sleep and then got my husband to help shower me. Was in the shower for maybe 4 minutes and started feeling a bit light headed so sat down. Then I had the sweats etc and apparently fainted/ blacked out three times in the shower. I then said I was okay and wanted to get out of the shower( can't remember this ) and got out and while my husband was holding me I fainted again , probably out around 2 minutes my husband thinks. Checked my blood pressure and it was really low. Have been laying down for a couple of hours and my blood pressure is back to normal but still on the lower side. Had dinner and feel okay. The water wasn't really hot or anything, it was the first shower I had trying to stand up though. thought I was doing so well. I'm a bit down now.
I have my photos, I am starting to wish I did get the fat transfer to my butt. Might look a bit better when I can stand up straight and the swelling has gone down. Oh sorry about the hairy armpits in the photos. Highly recommend getting armpits waxed before surgery.

Day 9 post op SWEELING!

Is it normal about day 9 lol surgery and breast lift implants to have LOTS of swelling. I am so swollen and feel really crappy. Has anyone else experiencin this? Icing heaps even though it it freezing here. Any ideas/solution?

Discolouration on right breast

10/11days post op and this red discolouration has come out. I am thinking that it is due to putting ice packs on for too long however are really worried it is something else. This breast has been hurting the last couple of days I reach up to turn the shower head and hurt it so I have been putting ice packs on it a lot since I hurt it. Calling the doctor in the morning really worried.

14 Days Post op

I have just hit the 14 day / 2 week post op mark and I am surprised at how well I am doing. I have had my surgical tape removed and now have just micro pore tape on which I have been advised to change every 7-10 days to get the best results. I am really happy with the minimum amount of bruising I have and how much more I can stand straighter. Hoping I will be able to stand up straight soon as I look like my new breasts are weighing me down. I am also really happy with the amount of movement I have now too. Had my 2 week check up and the PS was also really happy with my progress and his work. It has totally been worth all the pain, and to think that the results will get even better.

17 days post op

Really swollen as I have been shopping today. Still working out how much is too much.

Start of an infection freaking out

Just took my tape off as I noticed some more weeping and my breast has been hurting this afternoon and found a small infection at the T section. Really worried. Have seen some bad stories of other ladies with infections. I hope I have done the right thing, I put bedadine on it and then redressed it with meloin dressing. Calling doctor first thing in the morning, I want antibiotics again. Should I be worried??

Wound is healing well

Well I am happy to report that my wound under my right breast is healing well. So glad. I am not sure about how symmetrical they are but I know it is only early days and they are SO much better then before my surgery. Tried my new gym pants on today and even though I am still really swollen they looked so good.

23 days post op

I am really swollen so wasn't going to show my progress but here it is. I also have not been drinking enough water so going to be resting and drinking more water for the next 3 weeks.

Feeling good

So excited brought new size 10Aus size jeans and new top to show the girls.

Slow recovery under breast wound

Just an update on my wound under my right breast. It is slowly healing. It is taking so so long and I am going to the nurse every second day to have the dressing changed. They have been putting some salt dressing on and today decided to just put antiseptic cream on itand then a water proof dressing. They are happy with how it is improving but I am not aloud to do much with my arms. Funny how I thought before the surgery that it would be the LBL that would take the longest to heal and didn't think much about the BA . I am recovering well from the LBL not much swelling now at all. I am over wearing the compression pants and counting down the days until I hit 6 weeks and I don't have to wear them.my skin is so dry.
Visited my gym yesterday and planning on going back next week just to do some walking and light cycling.

6 weeks on Thursday!

I had my 6 week appointment today. Got the all clear to wear normal bras and don't have to wear those terrible compression pants again! I'm allowed to exercise, just no running, jumping, kettle bells or heavy weights. Forgot to ask about when I could do tummy exercises though. ??? What exercises did other people do at 6 weeks? I think I will be taking it easy.

Worried about the symmetry of my breasts

I am 6 weeks on Thursday and I am worried about the symmetry with my breast lift and implants. The left breast is harder and the nipple in lower. The implant almost feels like it is up higher in the left breast. I realise it is hard to get this perfect and I should be happy. I tried to discuss it with my PS he just said the nipe was a bit lower and he would look at it in February. Does this happen and then settle?? Should I be worried? Am I being ridiculous? The doctor said you don't have to massage the breast with this procedure, should I do it. Scared to even let my husband touch them. I know that it is better then my before photo.
Brisbane Plastic Surgeon

Very professional and attention to detail. Was really happy with his service leading up to the operation and care after so far.

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