33 Year Old Post Gastric Sleeve and Losing 50 Kg -undergoing Abdominal Lipo, Tummy Tuck, Trunk Lipo and Buttock Fat Grafting

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Day of surgery and bit excited but nervous. I...

Day of surgery and bit excited but nervous. I attend the plastic surgeons rooms yesterday afternoon and got marked up ready for surgery. Have been advised that I will be having lipo completed first then the tummy tuck and then the cleaned fat from the lipo will be injected into my buttocks. Can't wait for the 3 month mark.

4 hours post op

Ok so it's about 3-4 hours post op. Had additional
Local injected during surgey and also have a pain pump, which I can use every 5 mins. Finding the pain bearable atm. Only using pain pump every 15-30 mins, with pain currently sitting around 2-3 out of 10. I know this will increase but really happy so far.

3days post op and back at home

So I made the 4-5 hour trip
Home yesterday. Due to
Having fat transfers I can't sit directly on my bum, so when I'm lying down in in either side and for sitting I have a lovely dense foam seat carved out. My father did this for me
Before the long drive home. Which was a life saver as this ensured for a very comfy ride home. So I still have one drain in place have lost 80ml first day, 50 ml second day, and then 50 ml third day. I'm hoping that I only loss 30 ml in the
Next 24 hours so this can be removed and I can shower finally. The pain is easing a bit, but since leaving the hospital I get a burning pain in the
Of the night where the one drain is. I breathe through the pain and it does resolve itself but does hurt a lot. Hopefully I will get some photos in the next few days. Overall doing pretty well.

4 days post op- drain is gone

So I only lost 30ml in the drain so it was fine to come out today. And what a relief. Drain line was at least 30cms long and it was exactly were I had the burning and stinging. Since it was removed no more stinging or pulling pain, which has been great. I'm getting around much easier without my bag. And feeling so much fresher after a shower and a clean garment. Took a
Photos but as you will be able
To tell I'm by standing straight atm. Hopefully in the next few days.

9 days post op

So I slept pretty well last night only got up a few times to use the toilet. Anyways just wnated to post a few
Pics. So less boated today. Ok I couldnt wear anything tight for long but as the pics show I have heaps less swelling and less bloated today/ this morning. Very happy. Btw look at my ass. Never thought it would be full

3.5 weeks post op

So I have been back at work just over a week and started walking on the treadmill for 30 mins last night at the gym. When I started back at work the pain would get to me at times, but doing really well, just a bit uncomfortable at times. I got to take my tape off my incision this week which I was excited about until I saw the raised scarring. The nurse at the surgeons has been great and looked at my wounds and reassured me that everything is looking how it should. Which is great to hear. Also in finding that my skin is peeling and itching with the swelling going down. Is gotten to the point where I have a red rash on my stomach. Shouldn't complain things could be worse????

6 weeks post op..... Been waiting for this

So today is the 6 week mark post op for my. So there has been a few learning curves for me over the past few weeks. This includes don't go for a 7 min jog for your first jog trial at 5 weeks. Not too clever and I felt it afterwards. So I had a break from the gym/ treadmill for a week ( I also had a cold) so it was easy to say away. I have started back at the gym this week and feeling great. Today was my first day of not wearing my full length garments since surgery, this went ok, but I'm glad I wore my suck me in singlet top
Which helped give me some support. I took
Some pics this morning. Still a bit swollen, but can see I still have my tiger stripes (they will never go) thanks to my 10 and 11 pound babies. I just can't wait to see
My results at 3 months and 6 months. And only 2 more weeks of using my cushion to limit the direct impact onto my fat transfer into my rear ????
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