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I got my rhinoplasty done by Dr Moss about 2 years...

I got my rhinoplasty done by Dr Moss about 2 years ago. At the time, I knew his fees were very expensive but I convinced myself that it would be well worth the investment because he appeared to be very reputable in his field and so I took it to be a reflection of his skills.

After several consultation appointments (the first one being with his nurse/assistant because I guess they wanted to screen/assess patients before putting them through to Dr Moss himself), I was all booked for surgery. I thought we were on the same page because I had already discussed with him and his nurses about my areas of concern. The self-assured way he spoke to me about the surgery plan etc managed to ease my doubts and I trusted that he would be able to help me achieve the look I wanted.

However, after surgery, I was disappointed with the results, because my nose still looked bulbous and my alars were still wide, they assured me that it was most likely down to residual swelling and that it would subside with time. I was banking on that hope, thinking that the tip would continue to refine itself as it healed. I was given one or two steroid injection shots to help reduce the swelling.

The first couple of post-surgery follow up appointments (can’t remember exactly how many) were free of charge but the subsequent ones incurred a fee. At the time, I thought that I had already spent an astronomical amount of money on pre-surgery consultation fees + surgery & hospital fees (I didn’t have hospital cover) + steroid injection fees, so I was reluctant to pay for further follow up appointments. I made the decision to cancel all the pre-booked billable appointments that they had scheduled. I continued with the massaging exercises on my nose at home as per Dr Moss’s instructions and I was in a good state of mind, thinking that it was only a matter of time before I would be able to see a refined look.

A couple of months later, I spotted a slight bump/lump on the tip of my nose, it was actually my mum who first brought it to my attention because she said she noticed it from a certain angle. I contacted Dr Moss, who suggested I call in for a follow up appointment so that he could better assess the situation. He said it was due to a build-up of scar tissue in the area that was operated on and suggested that I come in for more appointments again so that I could get some steroid injection shots to help break it down. I think the treatment did help as the bump eventually disappeared.

Now at the 2 year mark, I realise that things have settled, I don’t think it’s going to improve anymore. Sad to say, that the changes from pre-surgery are too subtle, I feel that the surgery was pointless in the sense that it didn’t really fix the issues that I had been so self-conscious of in the first place. My nose tip is still flat and bulbous and my alars are still wide. I continue to shy away from photos, because now when I see a picture of myself, it’s an added reminder that I’d wasted so much money on something that couldn’t be changed. Last year, I brought my concerns up to Dr Moss in the most roundabout way as possible because I didn’t want him to feel offended, I found it was just easier to email his staff, even though it took a long while before they would get back to me each time. I’ve been trying to negotiate for a revision surgery since last year, but unfortunately the quotes given to me are far above what I’m willing to pay, especially considering that I’ve already spent a lot on the initial surgery. I don’t think I can justify paying a total that is equivalent to a person’s average annual gross income (if I factor in the initial surgery & relating fees + proposed revision quote) on just a nose job, with that money, I could have gone to South Korea back and forth or even to another local surgeon for multiple surgeries.

I’m very sure that Dr Moss is a skilled surgeon, but I feel that maybe Asian noses is not his forte, I think if you have something like a nasal bump/hump or crooked nose and want it to be fixed and you can afford to, then Dr Moss would be perfect for that role but if you have the typical Asian nose that you wish to narrow down, it’s probably best to seek a surgeon who specialises in Asian rhinoplasty. Of course, this is just my own opinion based on my experience.

I now have to live with fact that I wasted so much money in vain, 2 years on and I’m still feeling disheartened and kicking myself for my decision.
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