Long Awaited Upper and Lower Eye Lid Surgery - Toms River, NJ

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Tomorrow is the big day! Excited and nervous all...

Tomorrow is the big day! Excited and nervous all rolled into one. Scheduled to be at the Surgery Center at 7:30 a.m. Procedure to begin about 8 and should take about 2 to 2-1/2 hours. Fingers crossed and hoping for the best. I was fortunate enough to have upper eye lid surgery covered by insurance since I was losing peripheral vision. I was tested at the eye center that I go to. Wonderful team of doctors that do everything. All doctors specializing in different fields all having to do with the eyes. So I feel as though I'm in good hands. No food or liquid after 12 midnight. Off to bed I go. Will keep a visual journal as best as I can. It was painful for me to look at the pictures he took of my eye lids so close up. Just as painful as it is for me to post these. I thought I just might help others who are contemplating or soon to be going through this surgery. Welcome to before....!

2nd day post op

Thanks for your comment and support. I'm finally able to get on the computer. Still have blurry vision from the ointment for stitches. Surgery went really well. The nurses were amazed at my outcome. Very little swelling or bruising. Just came back from my follow up with the Dr. He's thrilled and said I look better then 90% of his patients after just 2 days. These are pictures right after surgery. More to come. Later in the day on Tuesday got worse since I was laying more then in an upright position even though I was icing 20 minutes on and 20 off. For anyone getting this done, the bag of peas (I had peas and carrots...lol) are invaluable as they contour right to your eyes. Also, the ice gel packs are great too! Plus, upright. Stay upright as much as you can. Slept sitting up the last two nights. But eventually found myself flatter by early morning. Got a chance to catch up on all my DVR'd shows. haha With all this said, there was no pain, I was awake during the procedure. I did have local anesthesia and and IV to put me into twilight. Was talking while doctor was doing his magic. Amazingly, I can see and my peripheral vision is so noticeable now. The whole world has opened up to me. I'm just so happy I had this done and this website has been invaluable. I was lucky to find it 2 nights before my surgery. Best wishes to you all. More to come...!

Pictures late Tuesday - Day of Surgery

Here are more pictures post surgery at 7 p.m. Reclined position most of the day didn't help even though I was religiously ice-ing 20 on 20 off. Plus, going up and down stairs for ice packs! Lesson learned! Have been upright since. The pictures I posted prior were taken when I got home at 11 a.m.

Wednesday's Pictures 11/12 1 day after surgery

Slept sitting up. This helped with the swelling along with ice-ing 20 on 20 off. Important to stay vertical. No pain. Ointment is important. It lessens the pulling sensation of the stitches, except for you can't read due to blur. My Nook is on the biggest font there is. lol But TV watching is good! It's a beautiful thing!!!

Thursday's Pictures 11/13 - 2 days after surgery and doctor visit

Felt so much better to at least get our\t of pj's, do my hair and get off the couch even if it was to go to the doctor. He said that 90% of his patients don't look this good after 2 days, He's thrilled and said the swelling of today and the bagging of yesterday was normal. I go back to see him next Thursday for removal of stitches. Hubby wanted to go out to dinner this weekend. I said you better find a dark restaurant. haha A DD latte was a treat. It'll have to be good enough for now. Feeling amazing!

Friday's Pictures 11/14 - 3 days after surgery

I am so thrilled with my progress. I'm icing 4 times a day now and still sleeping on an incline with my grandson's 'boobie' around my waist to keep me upward. It works!!! lol Went for a slow walk just a tad too long. But I just had to get out. Thank goodness for my Nook that I have been able to increase the font to the largest there is. Still blurry vision from the ointment. Took a shower today. Was a little nervous about that, but it went well. Didn't wash my face but let the water run and then patted dry like the doctor said. Hope you enjoy the pics. I think I'm coming along nicely!

Saturday's Pictures 11/15 - 4 days after surgery

Still sleeping on an incline. Should have iced more yesterday, Some puffiness coming back near my cheekbones. Eyelids seem to be drooping over my incision. Damn that 10X mirror!!! Or is it just my imagination? Or me being overly critical? Or is this normal? Or am I just looking for absolute perfection?
Going out to dinner tonight non the less. Dark restaurant makes for a romantic dinner and no stares from others!


So I'm 5 days into this with my eyes and I'm already thinking about jowl removal! Wondering how that's done? Anyone know? Mini face lift?

Sunday's Pictures 11/16 - Day 5 post op

I took these pictures in a total different area of my house with better lighting and still that yellowish color under my right eye is still showing up. I don't see it in the mirror. I had hubby take a close look and sure enough it's there. So....I never really black and blued, but got that yellow healing tinge. Not complaining just baffled. Finally washed by hair today for the first time since surgery. No problems with that. Eyes are looking good and I'm staying away from THAT 10X mirror. Drinking lots of water and eating healthy. Still sleeping elevated and icing every 2 hours for 20 minutes.

Monday 11/17 - Day 6 post op

Again. Different room. Different lighting. So far so good. What appeared to be drooping skin the day after surgery is subsiding and just leaving a few flat wrinkles. haha Well, at least there flat because what I was seeing prior nearly put me into a tail spin. Just goes to show that you need time and patience with this surgery. Though I never realized I really do have my mother's nose with all these angle shots. I think it appears bigger then how I really see it. I can actually go for a free nose job since I was slammed in the nose at work with a broken nose and concussion last year. Well, anyway. Things are progressing. I'm icing again and I think that helps tremendously to get things moving along faster. About 5 times a day now and still sleeping elevated. I was told to ice for 20 minutes on 20 off the first 2 days. But, through the advice of a couple of people here, I've decided to keep it going until stitches are out (Thursday). Actually, tomorrow will be a week since my surgery so maybe tomorrow will be my last day of icing. I'm pleased with the results much more then I was a day or two post op even without all the bruising. So for anyone having this done....allow time and have patience. Can't wait to get my contacts in (wonder when that will be?) and make up on. I just may go and have it professionally done as a present to myself. Also, looking for an Alex and Ani bracelet to mark my 'journey'!

Tuesday 11/18 - One Week post op

I took some pictures and thought....hmmm, my eyes look a little lifeless. Let me take a picture smiling. Well, that went over like a lead balloon. Now, because all of those fatty blobs are gone, when I smile there are tons of folded skin. Well, not tons, but you get what I'm saying!!! I was wondering if this happened to anyone else that might have had lower lid surgery? I'm 61 and didn't really expect firm, tight skin. But, what a shocker it was to see those things. I've been icing and still elevating at bed time. I'm positive the doctor knew what he was doing since we had our talk the day before surgery over the phone. He knew what I wanted. Without smiling, I think the lower looks good, but with a smile.....Ugh! So if anyone else can enlighten me on this, It would be appreciated! I'm really noticing the yellowing under my eyes in the mirror so I started using arnica gel. I had it all this time, but didn't open the box since I didn't really bruise from the procedure. But, decided to try it since I had it. Anyone, with their experience on this too would be helpful or am I just too late??? Seems the 'yellowing' is more noticeable now.

Wednesday 11/19 - 8 days post op

So I got up the nerve to post the 'smile' pictures hoping someone might be able to give my some reassurance. As much faith as I have in my doctor, I know only you gals can either reassure me or tell me to get used to it. I know it's only 8 days, but this isn't exactly what I had hoped for as an end result. I'm looking forward to having stitches taken out tomorrow. I'm using arnica gel on the yellow shadow under my eyes. I did not ice today at all, but I'm still sleeping elevated. Just hope all goes well tomorrow. Feels like it'll be the unveiling!

Thursday 11/20 - 9 days post op and sutures came out..........finally!!!

Sutures are out!!! That was the only painful part of this whole process. Not really that painful but some snips did hurt a little. Big baby here! I really have had no pain at all through this whole process as was promised from my doctor. My daughter was rather inquisitive (she hates anything having to do with the eyes) and I got a thumbs up from her. She said you can't even see the lower lid incision which is good since NOBODY knows I did the lowers. They only know about the upper lids. She swore that you really can't tell anything was done and wondered why the threading was different for the bottom (dissolveable) compared to the tops lids. I really didn't have an answer for her. No make up for 10 days. No contacts for a week. Ointment at night only. Mederma , if I want, in 2 weeks. I have some swelling under my right eye at the upper cheek area. Back to work Dec. 1. (I work with special needs kids.) So happy this is all over, but I would totally do it all again!!! I go back to see him in 2 weeks.

Before and After Comparison

It's sort of amazing!!! I'm thrilled!

11/25 - 2 weeks post op

I'm noticing a 'pulling' at the corner of both my eyes. I'm hoping this goes away. When I put the antibiotic gel on, I no longer feel the pulling. But it looks bunched up too. This just started a couple of days ago. I'm hoping this goes away and is all part of the healing. The arnica gel took care of the yellowing I had. I highly recommend it. I was a non believer! No more!!! I see my doctor Dec. 3 so I'm hoping it either goes away or he can reassure me that this pulling look and feel will go away eventually. I still have some desolveabel sutures in my lower lids. He left them there. They're literally sticking out are visible. Well, to me anyway, in my 10X mirror. Damn mirror. I'm tempted to yank them out, but I won't! *sigh* I hope this is all part of the healing.

Bumps on outer corner of both eyes

I forgot to post these pictures yesterday. I have bumps on the outer corner of my eyes. Ugh! Part of the healing process? I hope so. I know...it's only 2 weeks. I thought I was more patient then this.


It's a start. But with dry eye and eye drops to help, there was some smearing. Had to cancel my make up consult for tomorrow because of it. Seeing doctor on Wednesday. Wil find out how long dry eyes last. Please tell me this is temporary?!?!

12/2/14 - 3 weeks post op

3 weeks post op and back to work yesterday. The girls were very curious and supportive and thrilled. I'm experiencing dry eyes and a dumbness in my upper and lower lids. I actually didn't realize they were numb until I applied eye liner. Also, since I have dry eyes, eye makeup is out for now since it smears when I put drops in for it. I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow, so I will be addressing these issues with him. I'm hoping they're temporary. So it's no make up and glasses for now. Contact lenses would be a no no for me with dry eye. I, also, still have dissolveable sutures in my lower lids. Damn those things won't go away on their own. I'm thinking he's going to take them out tomorrow. Anyway, here are my before and after. Before was taken the night before surgery and after was taken yesterday. Something to be said when someone else is taking the close up....you're eyes aren't goggley eyes like when you take a selfie. lol I'm more then over the moon about the results aside from my 'issues', which I consider minor. I've addressed so issues with the doctors on this site, so if you have any questions about your procedure, no matter what it is, you should use this option. It's available to all on here. 7 doctors so far have commented. All agreeing my issues are normal and part of healing process. It will take 6 months before I see the full benefit of this upper and lower lid surgery.

12/3/14 - 3 weeks 1 day post op

Appointment with Dr. Lautenberg went great. He's so pleased with the results. He wants to see me back in one month. Then he takes 'after' pictures. Can't wait!!! Here were my questions/concerns with this visit: Remaining stitches came out. They were a little stubborn and were supposed to dissolve. They needed a little help. So, I am suture free....finally! He said dumbness is normal and only women notice it because when they go to put on makeup it's apparent. Men never realize it. He said the numbness will go away in 4 - 6 weeks. As far as my dry eyes go, he has me using Restasis. He said it will take a while for it to take full affect. I'll need to give it time to build up in my system. If that doesn't work, he'll put plugs into my tear ducts. This will allow for the increase of the eye's tear film and surface moisture to relieve my dry eyes. It takes minutes to do and is done right in his office. I can wear my contact lenses, but to start out slowly for just a couple of hours....like dinner out. I liked that idea! :) The bumps on my incision and outer area of my eyes will go away with time. He already sees a decrease and so do I. I told him about the 'pulling' and 'bunching' that I experienced last week. It really has gotten better so he was't able to comment too much on that other then it was from the incision and part of the healing process. I'm still using the ointment on incisions until the weekend. Then that will be done! Sunday I go for my make up consultation, so I'm excited about that. Finally! Perfect timing since I'm going out to dinner that night with in laws. So...so far so good. Will post more pics at 4 weeks post op.

12/4/14 - 3 weeks 2 days post op - MAKE UP!

Was to excited not to post these pics. Make up, I guess, means a lot to me. I feel I've gotten over the hump after seeing my doctor yesterday and with all sutures out and Rx eye drop for dry eye AND all that I've been through post op (icing, sleeping elevated 2 weeks, etc.) I feel I just plain deserve it!!! So, I couldn't resist. Now, I just can't wait to ditch the glasses and get back to wearing contacts. He said to take it slow and just do a couple hours at a time in the beginning. Hoping the drops for dry eye work since I'm not sure that I would like to go the route of plugs in my tear ducks.

12/9/14 - 4 weeks post op - Make up and Contact Lenses!!!

I posted a while ago about going for a make up consult as my present to myself for this surgery. Well, the consultant for Clinique stood me up. Long story and I was very disappointed. So I took my little tush and went to Walgreens and now Maybelline is the new Clinique in my book. I pretty much know how to put make up on, so just buying new was good enough for me and saved my tons of $$$. One thing I did notice and that is that my mascara is no longer smudging under my eyes. I always thought it was the make up I was using. Not! It was the fat under my lower lids and the skin from my upper lids dropping that was causing it. Well, I'll be!!! :)
This is my 6th day with full makeup and 3rd day with contact lenses all day. Yes, the girls noticed in work since my glasses where hiding my eyes pretty much. My upper and lower lids are still a bit numb. Such a weird feeling when putting on mascara. Lowers are number then the uppers. Using Restasis for dry eyes 2 times a day. I'm noticing a bit of an improvement. My doctor said it would take a few weeks to see better relief from the dry eyes. The Rx need to built up in my system. I have suture lines under my eyes that weren't apparent before but more so now. At least to me. Some funny scarring on my left eye in the corner which I'm hoping will smooth itself out. I still have wrinkling under my eye, but his job was to remove fat and cut some skin away. I'm not sure if he was being overly cautious but I'm thinking about where to go from here with that. Not for a while since I will give the surgery a full 6 months for the final end result and take it from there. I have more pics, but I'll keep it basic for now. Good luck to all having or thinking of having this surgery.

Having fun playing with my new eye make up!

Here is my new shadow that I bought Saturday. Maybelline is the new Clinique since the Clinique girl stood me up. I used the bottom darkest color for the liner. You really need to have a very thin, flat brush to apply it just along the lashes. I bought two different color pallets. Charcoal Smokes and Natural Smokes are the two different colors, Wex. Also bought an eye liner pencil that's awesome. I use that on my lower inner lashes.

12/11/14 - One Month Post Op

I thought I would just throw these comparisons in. I hope they're not getting old, but I love looking at them and showing them off. I love my new eyes!!!

12/22/14 - 6 weeks post op

I really don't know what's going on, but the sagging is really getting to me. I had thought by this time it would have gotten better. Seems my prior post op pictures didn't show the bagging like it does in these pictures. I was wondering if anyone else had the this experience and what you might have done about it??? My oculoplastic surgeon told me he did remove skin from the lower lid. I have been trying firming creams. Ugh! Is it still too early to accept this as my final result? Am I still in the healing process? Any comments will be appreciated.

12/30/14 - 7 weeks post op - Is it my imagination?

Took these pictures in the same place that I took the prior ones of last week. Was wondering how some of you felt about them. Some improvement or is it my imagination? Been mixing things up trying to 'fix' my sagging problem.

Love this stuff!

This is the skin care line my hair dresser has used for 20 years. So far so good. I do use other under eye creams, neutrogena and roc and rotate them. I'm excited about the retin A I hope to get a script for tomorrow. But this facial moisturizer is awesome.

1/6/15 - 8 Weeks Post Op - Improving Sags

Having had to deal with 'sags' after 'bags' were removed, was more then I could handle after the excitement of having such a beautiful job done on my upper and lower lids. As some of you know, I've been dealing with fixing the 'sag' part of this journey. I can't blame my doctor and I won't. It is what it is. Apparently the bags left sagging skin (see 12/22/14 - 6 weeks post op). I have faith that my oculoplastic surgeon took as much skin as he could take from the lower lids without causing a droppy eye lid. I'd much prefer the sagging skin. I'm still working on it but have seen much improvement over the past 2 weeks.

My Arsenal of Eye Creams and other little things you didn't know about me!!! :)

These are the different creams I've been using for my under eye sagging. What ever mood I seem to be in, is the one I pick and use. I really glob it on at night and am sleeping on my back. Did you know that you're NOT supposed to sleep on your face??? It causes wrinkles! Well, that's what I read, anyway! Don't know how true it is, but I'm doing it. It did take some getting used to since I'm an 'on my side' sleeper. Also, switched from coffee (It's supposed to be worst thing you could drink) to green tea for it's antioxidants and lots of blueberries too! Just started today taking Vitamin C and tomorrow I go the my doctor and plan to tackle him to the ground for a script for retin A!!! lol On another note, I was wondering if anyone has heard of or used Rosen and Field Cosmetics/Creams??? A woman in my doctor's office has had unbelievable results with it. I know it's expensive and if I didn't see the actual results, I wouldn't have believed it. She did one side of her face for 2 weeks to actually compare and see for herself. The darn stuff WORKS!!! She had lines and crows feet on one side of her face and NONE on the other!!! Well, I'll be!!!

So Excited!

I saw a friend yesterday who I haven't seen since my surgery. She looked at me with surprise and as she took her hand and encircled her face with it, she told me that I look different. Did I have "work" done? But, she wasn't just talking about my eyes. She was talking about my overall look. I told her I had my eyelids done! She went on and on about how wonderful I look and that my face is so bright and there is such a difference. I think it's not only my eyes but also my skin care regimen that I have been keeping up with.

Now, this brings me to my question. I have another friend who is selling the Rodan + Fields skin care line. I did see the results first hand with a receptionist at my doctor's office. She used the eye cream on one eye and not the other and the results were amazing after 2 weeks. So, just wondered about your thoughts about this line. Has anyone used their products????

Improvement! Check!!!

Well, it's certainly been a roller coaster ride. I do believe the 'sags' under my eyes have improved tremendously. I tried to show a comparison. All pictures are post op!!! Yes! My upper and lowers were done November 11, 2014. The sagging pics were at 6 weeks post op compared to today's that are 11 weeks post op. I tried to wait until 12 weeks but just was so excited that the various creams I've been using have helped without a doubt....along with sleeping on my back, drinking 16 oz. of water immediately upon waking up and staying hydrated all day (64+ oz.), exercise (walking), taking Vitamin C, eating clean, cutting out coffee replaced with green tea and blueberries (antioxidants) along with olive oil (2 tsp. a day) and salmon for omega 3. I'm still on my high horse about Retin A which I'm getting a script for in 2 weeks from my surgeon. Also, some fun experimental serums (Vitamin C) and other interesting stuff. Will review at a later date as soon as I figure out how to use it all. haha But, for now, more then pleased about my bags (pre op) that turned into sags (post op). I feel so much better...inside and out! Plus, today was a good hair day. Who could ask for anything more!!! Okay, maybe a mini face lift! I know....never happy!
Dr. Mitchel A. Lautenberg

Very nice and personable. Gave me a thorough examination. Listened to me and all of my concerns. Answered all my questions, which I had more of at the very last minute and got back to me immediately, 1 day post op (that would be today). He's an Ophthalmlic Plastic Surgeon, so I feel that I am good hands.

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