31 yr old mom of 3. 5'5" 115lbs 450cc Natrelle Anatomical TRF (textured, round, full profile) Implants. So worth it!!

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I am a 27 year old mother of 3 kids, my first I...

I am a 27 year old mother of 3 kids, my first I had when I was 16, he's 11 now. 8 have a 5 year old daughter and my youngest son who is 2. I breastfed all 3 of them and I wouldn't change a thing....but my boobs lol. Well lack of boobs I should say.I've dreamed of a BA since I was 17 years old, done breastfeeding my oldest and my cup size went from a D down to a B, not a full B either, a very loose and stretchy problem. After my 3rd, I'm down to nothing, If I wear anything without a bra I look like my son. Needless to say my comfidence wasn't that high to begin with, being a teen mother and outcasted by all of my friends in highschool.. then it went down to almost nothing. I honestly do not even feel comfortable taking off my bra while being intimate, I've been with my fiance for years and I still won't do it unless its pitch black, even then sometimes I have to stop. I think to myself, how can he be even remotely turned of to flaps of skin bouncing around? Is he really even thinking about me? If I were him I wouldn't wanna see that. How can I feel like a sexy woman if I don't even have the womanly figure that I believe is sexy? I've lost the weight, and maintaining it well, I'm comfortable with that, which hasn't been something I could say in yyears. I thought that would be good enought, but its not.

Soooo now I've finally been able to be open with my fiance about everything and he's agreed if its going to make me happy and confident in myself then he will do whatever he can to help make it happen. We don't have the best financial situation but we are happy in our home, the kids have everything they need, and we are comfortable, sometimes things get tight but I have been staying home with the kids and will only work 2 days a week until mark goes to pre-k. So we are going to wait until next tax season, we will have enough to clear the whole surgery up front! Still with money left over!

I'm sorry for all the rambling, but this is how I'm feeling hahaha. Anyway, I went for my conseltation yesterday! We scheduled a date for April 7, 2014 and I'm already counting down the days I'm so excited!! Dr. Nagy made me feel comfortable immediately, took his time to answer all my questions and didn't make me feel weird about my skin boobs either. They took pictures to do a 3D image of what they would look like, but unfortunately the computer didn't know what to do with the weird folds I'm my skin so I couldn't see that. He did measure them and we decided on high profile saline, and we'll need atleast 430-450cc

Eeeek I pressed submit without fixing all my...

Eeeek I pressed submit without fixing all my typos, not writing a review/update with my phone anymore hahaha. so April 7, 2014..Such a long time!! I'm already completely obsessed with reading stories and looking at before and after pictures on here, this is gonna be hard. I am worried about a few things though. when I did the pictures I had been wearing my super padded bra and it made my skin a little more folded than normal and they stay that way for a while so I'm not sure if I should make another appointment with the ps and not wear my padded bra that day? Without the bra my right side has a lower fold too. I'm not sure if 450cc will even be enough to get the results I want. A full C maybe even a small D. Did you girls make several appointments to talk? They said I would just be doing the consultation, then a pre-op a month before the surgery, but that I could call if I want to and I have to go somewhere else to get the bloodwork done, 6 months or less before the surgery. I'm worried about only having the one appointment with him before a pre-op which they said will be with his nurse? Is saline the right choice? Silicone kind of scares me though. I want them to feel soft and without a lot of breast tissue will I feel that its saline? I didn't get to feel any of the implants or try any yet. I forgot to say they will be going under the muscle and he said high profile will be best for the look I want (perky) and my two choices for the incision were under the fold or the nipple, I don't want to lose sensation in my nipple so I chose under the fold. I have very faint stretch marks, I don't really mind that they're there it's only me and my fiance who will see them bare but I hope they aren't noticeable in a bathing suit or a cleavage shirt, has anyone else had slight stretch marks that got more noticeable after the ba was done? Ok I'm gonna stop obsessing haha baby is up from his nap and the kids are home from school. Hopefully I can get some answers =)

Ive realized I never put my "stats" up, I'm 5'5",...

Ive realized I never put my "stats" up, I'm 5'5", I weigh 110 pounds, a size 1..I don't think I'm that petite, kind of average, my friends think I'm too thin but I'm happy with it and I believe my frame can handle larger breasts lol

So I made another appointment for another consult....

So I made another appointment for another consult. I want to meet more doctors and see how it goes since my ps was the first time I've ever even stepped foot in a plastic surgery office hahaha. I don't know if I'll change or not but I want to make sure I keep all of my options open. Ugh still a year to go =/

Forgot to mention, my next consult is on April 2nd...

Forgot to mention, my next consult is on April 2nd. I've also e-mailed 2 other surgeons to set up consults. Yay! I just know I'll feel so much more comfortable after my search is over, even if I don't change, which reminds me I need to call Dr. Nagy's office to talk about silicone. I e-mailed his office and haven't been contacted yet. No rush anyway though haha.

So I had another consultation! Dr. Samra was...

So I had another consultation! Dr. Samra was pretty freakin awesome lol. He really explained everything in full detail, the risks,recovery,results, medication everything. I left with no question unaswered, which made me feel super comfortable and even more excited that I will achieve the look I want! I still have to wait though, ugh really wish I could do it now but I can't get approved for payments with my credit =( k I have to go get the kids from bowling. Gonna update more later. Xoxoxox

thinking about getting a full mommy makeover!

I've been doing some research and I really want to get my tummy done too! I've done yoga and tightened my belly as tight as it's gonna get naturally and the stretch marks and gross loose skin is annoying, even when I get my boobs done I don't think I'll wear a 2 piece because whenever I bend over it's like hello grossness lol. Soooo, why not do it all in one shot? Save a little bit of $ and only have to go into surgery once as long as there's no complications. I'll have to post some pictures of the full effect of my stomach and see what you girls think? I think I'm going through stages where I can't get off RS and then I'll just not sign on for a little bit because I know it's so addicting to read all the reviews and experiences lol. I have learned so much more though which is a great benefit! I'm so thankful to have RS and not going into surgery blind =) April is getting so much closer, could possibly even be in march, we'll see hehehehe. Oh by the way my fiance is getting more excited about the surgery too! Did not think that would happen hahaha, he was supportive but not excited, but the past couple of weeks he actually has brought it up to me and said he can't wait to see how much my confidence improves. Maybe because I figured out a way to explain it to him in car logo, he's got this old 88 dodge truck that he loves dearly because it was passed down from his grandfather to him when he passed away and he's slowly restoring it and doing improvements and when we get our taxes back he said the only thing he wants is a nice set of rims for it so I said to think of his rims for the truck like my boob job for me, it's not something I need to "run" or survive, but it will greatly improve how I feel about my overall look. Well thanks for reading ladies. ttys

Pictures of my belly =/

Hate these pictures so much..ughhh

Wow it's been a long long time.

So I didn't get the surgery yet..and I avoided looking at this site because usually was to upset. We had some financial hardships and family issues.. I also am not going to Dr.Nagy and I'm not sure how to change that on my profile. Might just make another one lol. So now I have the money lined up and I'm going to a few more consults. The price I was quoted by Dr Nagy was for saline 5800. The price I was quoted 2 years ago from Dr. Sahmra was 4200 for silicone. I'm definitely going for silicone, under the muscle. I want to avoid any rippling, an so glad I didn't just go for it with Dr.Nagy bc I know I wouldn't have been happy with saline showing through my thin skin lol. Anyway I'm happy to be back and excited. I'm turning 30 next month, it's about time I feel good about my body!!!

Thank you real self

I was trying to figure out how to change my plastic surgeon, because I haven't made some final decision yet and I emailed real self, they took care of it for me!! Yay!! So now I can stick with the same review I originally made, and add my fixture once I have that info???????? sweetness lol. Thank you!

Another consult

So I went to another consult and it went well. Dr. Patel in freehold is super nice and knowledgeable, very friendly and I liked his patient coordinator, Liz as well. He recommended 500cc hp silicone gel, under the muscle! And that is really really scary lol. The way he chose that recommendation, was through having me try on the sizes without knowing what size I was trying lol! So smart! After I picked the 500cc 4 times as my favorite (not too big or to small) whilst switching randomly a ton of different implants. So I explained I was leaning towards something smaller and he said "forget the number" just tell me what you felt looked the best and I have to agree that the 400 sizer felt too small. Because I have no breast tissue and a lot of extra skin to fill out, it really sounds like the best idea. Having him explain so many different reasons why they would fit me best, I think I'm convinced. I'm so nervous to take the plunge, he did quote me a much larger price than my other 2 consults, but it's really not about that. I feel confident in his skill as a professional and his opinion. I need wait until Feb-march for funds. So as soon as I know when I'm getting the money I'm going to make a surgery date, hopefully the very end of March, early April. Unless I find someone that I really like more but I don't think I will. I have about 6 weeks to figure it out.

Becoming more real now

So I know the money is coming and I'm even more ready then ever. I am going to go see Dr. Samra again. I like Dr. Patel but the price he quoted was so much more than others. I know I shouldn't really take that as an indicator of who I should pick but Dr Samra is also very nice and we'll qualified and his prices are better. They're both about the same distance away from my house. I also emailed Dr. Godek, he is way closer to me actually and has amazing reviews and before/after pictures and website. I don't think the consult is free with him though, not sure.

So I've been wearing my rice boobs l around lol. They are approx 455cc. I love how i feel in my clothes when I'm wearing them and just wish they could be inside already lol. Going to upload some rice sizer pictures to document =)

Laters hope everybody who's had surgery recently has a good recovery and great results!

Another Consultation this coming up Thursday!!

Going to see Dr. Fiorillo on Thursday, Feb 25th. Like 5 more days. Eeeee so excited too, really think that he's my number 1 choice, just have to meet him to make sure. I'll see how hard the drive is too, GPS says it's an hour and 29 min so it's not too bad. He did a little pre-consultation 3D image for me, it looks pretty good but I do think a little bigger would fill me out better. 450cc or 480 cc , I'll find out more about the implants he recommends, which are gummy bears, the ones I've had my eye on forever, and my wish pics are mostly gummy bears too. Pretty sure he uses Sientra. Going to bring cash with me, bc if I meet him and like him I'm scheduling it and paying it before I lose the nerve. Haha I'm so excited but nervous at the same time to spend so much money on myself when I could be bringing the kids on vacation or visiting my mom in florida. I've talked myself out of it last year because of the money and then other things came up to prevent it completely. But this year , I feel like if I dont do it now, it's never going to happen lol. If I had breasts that looked semi ok and normal, I might have just waited a little longer until I needed a lift. That's not the case though, I need to feel normal again. I used to feel like a sexy woman before I lost all the volume and I still do sometimes, but with my super padded bra lol. Anyways I'm going to post my before n after 3D images =) oh yes, almost forgot if anyone wants to get online 3d image go to the crisalix site. It's pretty cool u just take pictures on your phone and upload them, I got my after pic within 20 minutes! OK hope everyone is doing great!

Surgery scheduled April 6, 2016!!!

Ok so I'm so excited but nervous as HELL !!! So I had it in my head that dr. Fiorillo's would be my plastic surgeon. So I went with cash ready to pay up front. The thing is, he wants to use textured and I'm trying to do my research and I can't find many good results with thun women and textured implants. I've only had a few hours of research but it's so hard to find. I have found a few people who were thin and had to get a revision bc they didn't drop properly or they could feel them through the skin. I will have a 10 year warranty on them, which covers cc and rupture. What if the just don't drop or they are too firm? I'm so worried now. I was set on smooth round..so most of my research is those type of implants. So I totally blanked and didn't ask about the textured and my thin skin and his revision policy. I didnt ask which profile, I didn't ask about the difference of my creases and the fact I don't want them to be uneven, I understand that they won't be perfect but I know that is something that can be addressed in surgery and have had surgeono tell me it would be fixed. I was impressed with his open mind about my medication and the plan I've researched to approach post op pain management. I was impressed with his coodenator Kara, although wish I had a little more time meeting with Dr. Fiorillo. I do have Kara's email& cell number so I'm going to email her and ask all of the questions and let her know I blanked because I was so nervous and excited. I feel confident in my surgeon, just so scared I can't find good results with textured implants so please, if anyone knows of someone a little too thin like I am with textured natrelle gummy bear round implants, let me know!! Thank you and I hope yall are doing great during your plastic surgery journey!

so stressed out right now!!!!!!!!

Ugh this is so rediculous!!!!! I need to have a medical clearance a week before my surgery and my doc can't get me Iin for an appt until after my surgery date...so I asked my surgeons office if I could change the date, they can but it would be April 22nd and then I would need a medical clearance on April 15th..so I called a few clinics, none can get me in b4 surgery. The one said they could but demanded I go to my primary doctor anyway. I tried to explain it's an elective surgery and I can just pay for a diff doctor to get medically cleared in time. She hung up on me after that. Fucking bitch. So I'm now peeing blood, and my stomach hurts and I am almost positive I have a uti. My pre-op is tomorrow. I don't know what to do..if I change my surgery I have to change everything else I've set up..like my job and my bf's job days off and my mom coming up to help during recovery..I dont have any friends or people I can really talk to and my bf was arguing with me all morning. I can't stop crying and I have so much I need to get done..but I can't catch a fucking break with these stupid clinics.

Just wrote a very long update about my pre op appt

I don't know what happens but I just spent 45 min writing an update about my pre op and tried to attach photos and it erased the entire thing instead of uploading the photo. Oh. My . God. I am so not wanting re-write the whole thing again. Really do want to wrote it all while it's fresh in my mind though =/

So yeah. I have a UTI. I'm on antibiotics. I changed my primary doc and have a new patient appt on the 16th. Then blood work on the 30th and then have to bring that to my regular doc to get the medical clearance.

Ok I'm tired I'm going to rewrite in the morning lol ugh. I'm getting 450cc textured natrelle high profile implants though so that's cool. Ok until the morning lol

Hope everyone is doing well. =)

Ok My Pre-OP Recounted

Ok step for step this is what happened. So my babysitter canceled on me.. so I had to bring my almost 5 year old with my bf, or go alone. I emailed to patient coordinator and asked her what I should do. She said just bring them, it'll be fine. So I made sure I had the tablet ready, with headphones, and paw patrol qued up lol. He was such a good boy! And the doc was very cool about it we just faced the other direction while he watched the videos so I wouldn't feel super strange with my little boy looking at me trying on boobs lol. So it was a little wierd but ok.

So we get to the office. Everything is great! I'm pumped lol. Look like I was packed for an overnight stay with me purse and bag full of tight shirts and zip front sports bra they explicitly told me to bring to the pre-op. We only wait about 15 to 20 min, we got there 10 min b4 the appt, so it was perfect.

Go back to the room. Set my son up with his headphones and videos and he sits next to daddy and I sit on the patient chair and have to get back in the paper gown.

For about the next 45 min, we talk to the nurse. She's great! Answered a ton of questions. Explained everything that will happen pre op. Everything I need to do. Such as getting medical clearance & blood tested a week before, no longer than 7 days or the anesthesiologist will not accept me, and I won't get surgery that day even if I do it 8 days before. (Lol this has been an ordeal in itself) and all the post op instructions as well. A lot of paperwork to sign and go over.

So anyway, I'm kinda wondering the whole time in my head why isn't Dr. Fiorillo the one sitting here telling me these things and explaining? I would feel a hell of a lot more comfortable if he was. No offense to nurse vikki, she's been great so far! So after the whole Q n answer sesh, she asked if I'm ready to get the doc and I said YES PLEASE Lol.

He comes in, says hi and everything and is SUPER NICE! Then we get down to the boobs. I show my bra, but he's worried it won't stay zipped with implants in there. I assured him it would, bc I wore my heavy 455 rice sizers while working out n the zipper didn't budge lol. But he grabbed one from the cabinet and said put it on. Helped me get into it to, which was cool. Then he put 485cc in the right and 440cc in the left side of my bra. I went to grab my bag but he grabbed a shirt from his cabinet and said to put it on. So I did, but it was very loose on me. I post pics too. The bigger boob looked nice in the loose shirt. I said I like the bigger one and didn't know what sizes they were. He said that he could do the 450 or 485 and would bring them both to surgery and choose which looks better during. I said that's cool! Do it! Lol. I'm so indesicive. So he was like ok. Shook my hand and said I'll see u in surgery. I said ok... then Vikki left the room and said she would wait in the hall until I was changed back to my clothes. I still had the bra n implants in the doc's sientra shirt.

When they left I was like omg I don't know about this. Asked my bf to take a few pics and I quickly grabbed one of my tight shirts and snapped a few pics in it. Then changed and met her in the hall and we went across to the surgery center so she could show it to me. I did get to see the front counter and waiting room, which looked very nice! I asked what size he wrote for me. 450cc natrelle textured, high profile. I'm not sure what base though. If they are classic or inspira or if they are one of the other many kinds of natrelle gummy implants???

So after we left I'm excited but really nervous because I don't feel confident in my choice and I don't feel confident that the doc knows what I really want. I think that if I was able to explain it better than maybe I wouldnt be so unsure but I just don't know.

After the Post-Op Freak Out LOL...

So over the next several days I am just thinking about this and size and my medication issues and setting up my reg doc appts and all that. I saved a ton of pics with girls who are about the same stats as I am, not exact because every is so differnt but the closest ones I could get. I am having a lot of side effects from weaning my medicine which was to be expected. Stomach cramps, intestinal issues, Sleep issues, can't control the temp of my body, so I'm sweating but freezing at the same time and MOOD SWINGS FROM HELL. Can't wait until I'm on the other side and get back to normal levels.

So I don't want to do this surgery if I don't feel a lot more comfortable with the size and if I don't know what implants exactly that I'm getting. And the plan for post op pain is actually set up so im not so stressed trying ti figure it out after surgery. I know I already paid up front but do I just go in feeling like this so I can have a ton more panic attacks? NO WAY LOL. So I am trying to have trust in the doc. His 16 or 18 years experience says it all and his before & after photos are great too.

I spent several days making an email to nurse vikki. The email is VERY Long lol. I even cut out a ton of it to try and shorten it.

It's basically about my medicine and pain post op and how I know the lowest dose of oxycodone will not do anything for me bc I'm on suboxone which is a way stronger medication , and I have a tolerance. The research is there to prove it and I did give print out to doc at my consultation and thats a big reason I paid up front too. I felt validated and like he was going to listen and actually work with me. It seems to me that he didn't read it and is just doing the normal thing for anyone, but im not anyone. I'm on a strong addiction medication for several years, so things have to be adjusted to make sure I'm not in horrible pain post op.

Let's hope that since my breasts were huge in the past and I breastfed for mad long that I won't even need paid meds. But even though I have a high pain tolerance, being in withdrawal from this medicine is causing me to be a whole heck of a lot more sensitive to pain. The science is there to prove that too!! I linked all my references in the email.

I've been researching this for 3 years. I am very thorough.

So I thought it would not get to her until this morning. But it got to her after 10pm last night. Omg I was mortified! She replied and said it's late, don't worry, and she will call me tomorrow and be there to help every step of the way. I'm kinda embarrassed about the whole thing. Am I just being crazy?!?!?

I edited about 15 diff pics of women with similar stats with boobies I like the shape & size of and the ones I think are too big & too small & set to wide spread apart. I labeled each one and tried to attach in then email.. they didn't send lol. So I didn't want to send her ANOTHER email late at night..I have the pics ready so I'm going to go do that once I'm done updating here. I will send 2 pics that are perfect wish pics, 2 that are too big and 2 that are too small. I hope that it's enough to let them know what I'm actually talking about.

I just want to feel like my surgeon is on the same page about what my goal is. At this point, I feel like he thinks I want large fake looking D cups, but I really dont! I want a natural looking small D and if I end up a DD I would be very upset about it. I don't want to go get special sizes, I want to shop at Victoria Secret and get cheap target & Walmart bras whenever I feel like it. If I go huge, then I'll be stuck special ordering and have 1 or 2 bras like I used to when my boobs were gigantic lol. There is such a thing as going too big and I want to be able to wear cute sexy strappy things without spilling out either lol.

Ok so I'm going to go email those pictures and see what happens lol.

Let's hope they don't just think I'm crazy =D

Just pics

Here are the pics of 485cc and 440Cc textured implants! ???????????????? and the only pic I could find when I had my real 36D boobies!!

Anxiety level down. Excitement level up!!

Whew! I am so relieved to say that I feel a whole lot better now than I did last week lol!!

I was really just stressing and worried but thankfully Vikki did call me and talked a while and really eased my worrying.

As far as the pain medication goes, we will play it by ear. As long as I know that they are going to listen to me and work with me & communicate I'm good! She said they will not let me be in horrible pain, no matter what they need to prescribe! But manageable pain is ok! I know that surgery brings pain and there will be a recovery period. Im expecting the worst, so hopefully I'll be suprised if it isn't as bad as I think lol.

As far as size goes, she said the doc will have several sizes to choose from on the day of surgery. She said to bring my wish pics and doc will use the size that best suits my body and matches my wish pic. They both know I don't want DD's. Vikki will be in the OR too, so that makes me happy.

On another note, I got blood tests done by my regular doc and everything came back normal but I have a vitamin D deficiency. I emailed surgeons office to make sure it wouldnt effect my surgery and asked if I could take a vitamin D supplement. Dr. Fiorillo emailed me back super fast, on a sunday! He let me know that I can take the supplement and it won't effect surgery at all. Then Vikki emailed a little later to take 2 vitamin D 4000 a day starting that day. It actually explains a lot that I have the deficiency because I always notice a differnce in how I feel in the winter compared to the summer when I'm outside more often.

So I'm just trying to stay healty. Taking my multi-vitamin and vit D as instructed and working out daily. I feel great! I gained 4 pounds! And after all the squats I gained an inch an a half in my butt lol, sweet!

I think my body is Def getting used to the lower dose of suboxone and I think I'm going to stay at the lower dose and try to wean completely with my doc after I recover from surgery. Then I won't have to be physically dependant on anything, which is my ultimate goal. =)

Yayyayayaayayay 15 days lol
Hope everyone is doing great!

I have cold symptoms 8 days pre-op ugh

This is crazy I hardly ever get sick and the past 6 weeks I've had a UTI and now I have cold symptoms. I'm at the internal doc waiting to find out if I have a cold or what the deal is. I really hope this dodsnt interfere with my date! I've been taking vitamins every day and extra vitamin c & washing my hands and cleaning and sanitizing everything and I still got sick somehow !!

I got my readyscript stuff in the mail today. It includes the surgical soap to use the night b4 surgery and afterwards, muscle relaxers, gabapentin for the night before surgery, scar cream and I think antibiotics or nausea medicine lol. So now I have all the medicine and everything I need!! All I have to do now is a big grocery shopping trip, but I'm going to do that closer to my date to make sure I don't have to go grocery shopping for a couple weeks afterward.

Please please please let me get better quick enough to keep my date. It would be a pain in the ass to change everything now!

Well I hope everything is going good with everyone else, thinking happy thoughts! !

Medical Clearance & Blood tests Faxed to Dr. Fiorillo's Office

So happy that my medical clearance has been completed! My internal doc said my blood tests from the other day were all good and had them fax it to Dr. Fiorillo's office today! Whooooo!!!! So so so excited, I still had some sort of reservations about it and being afraid I wouldn't be able to get this clearance done because of my cold or something not right in my tests but it's really happening OMG!! I'm still kind of exausted because I keep waking up at like 5 in the morning and unable to get back to sleep lol but I'm pumped for this and it's just on my mind 24/7 lol. I think my fiance is also getting that nesting thing he has been helping me out getting everything ready and maintaining the cleaning in the house! He even cleaned the yard while I tried to stay inside and rest n get rid of this cold yesterday! So happy and grateful to have him & that he's on board with this.

Going to finish packing my overnight hotel bag, cleaning my bed and getting sheets, pillows and pillow cases cleaned and ready for post-op. Getting rid of a bunch of junk we don't use or need yay

Did I buy too much?? Oops hehehe

Posting some pictures of the bras and stuff I've been getting in preparation. The surgical soap and scar cream & antibiotics are in the blue prescription containers =)

I was also thinking a bit about the whole sister sizing aspect and how band size will play a huge role with what cup size I will be. I would love to be a 36C with sister sizes I'll fit into of 34D & 32DD. I've been wearing a 36C bra with another padded bra under it for over a month every day to make it less noticable lol. I've gone to family functions and hugged people and they didnt seem to notice =D. The only people who will see a huge difference is anyone who have seen me in a bathing suit without a bra under it, because I usually wear a bra under my suit or a shirt over it, or both!! God I cant wait until I dont have to mess with that junk anymore!

Thank you girls who have commente and supported me this far, it means a lot to me! I think I'm just as excited to see some of you girls results as I am to see my own lol.

Surgery Done at the hotel

I'm finally at hotel and feel good! Suprisingly much much better than what I felt like when I first woke up. I was just crying a lot and it hurt but they took care of me and gave me the valum and percocet. When I first first got there I was so anxious and crying bc that's what happens when I get anxiety, I can't really say anything n cry uncontrollably & it's very embarrassing. Thank God for Dr fiorillo and all the nurses be so understanding and amazingly helpful and reasuring ! Jon got me some soup so I'm going to go eat and post more after. I hope all my boobies sisters are doing amazingly and anyone having surgery ...it's not as bad as you think it will be. Still have my bra on so no after pics yet. If I don't pass put I will post some hehe

Post Op day 1

I'm posting some pictures. I am so freaking happy!! They do look more swollen but I can feel they are even a little softer than yesterday already!!!

I'm going to post some pics now yay!!
I have to move really slow and pay attention to what I'm trying to grab and move but as long as I don't use my arms too much I feel totally fine, feel like I need to express some milk lmao.

How are you girls doing? If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask =)

Post op day 2

I feel ok as long as im taking meds but as soon as they wear off I can barely move. I'm still really happy with the size and shape and love them.

My mom is here and very chatty, sometimes I just need peace and quiet so I can rest, so that is starting to make me very over tired unable to sleep n rest ..she invited her cousin over and it became this big hectic mess had to stop resting in bed and try to entertain a guest, I just went back to my room after a couple hours but I'm paying for it now..the toilet over flowed into the basement again ....the bank is screwing with our money and now we are in the negative after we had over 500 in there on purpose for anything we might need for recover and food ..all money is gone so I had to call and freaked on them. They still didn't help us and said they would call back but still havent. If anyone is looking for a new bank don't go to TD bc they are the absolute worst I have ever dealt with.

Anyway..aside from all this bullshit drama I'm so happy I did this now instead of waiting another 10 years.

Posting some day 2 pics.

Sorry I haven't been commenting very much on u girls reviews..it's a struggle even to get this typed out.

just a few more pics

I'm amazed at how I can fill this out without a bra under. Omg . =D

Post op day 4

I woke up today with barely any pain! All I felt was tightness and took only the muscle relaxer. I may be done with the pain meds for good now, we can play it by ear but I doubt I'll need anymore! Thankfully =) putting the ice packs in my bra helps relieve the tightness the most for me, its almost instant relief. I don't have to worry about re-inducing my buepernepherine bc I've kept taking a very low dose daily the whole time. If I decide to even keep myself on them. I don't know if I will. Anyway just wanted to update for anyone who might be following my progress. Hoping to keep everything positive. My fiance has done a great job taking care of me and my mom did amazing cooking and helping with the kids. If you are planning to do this surgery and have children it would def be wise to have extra help because I would not have been able to, and probably could have caused damage to the perfect breasts dr. F gave me!

more pictures they keep changing!

Wow. Just happiness. I tried some dresses on and felt amazing in them ..how can something that seems so trivial make me feel so complete Inside as well as outside? It's no longer an anxiety for me..even if they stayed up high I wouldnt care bc I have my hourglass figure back that I've wanted so bad. My grampy is coming over and we had plumbing issues and a ton of stuff happen at once yesterday and this morning but after I got a full nights rest all I feel is grateful that I could do this and had an amazing doc and surgical team..everything else is just trivial, I won't even remember it next month so why stress? Anywho, hope ya'll are doing well too.

Post op day 5 and halfway thru day 6 =)

So I had a post op appt with Dr. Fiorillo yesterday to change the bandage thingies and just check them and take a progress picture. He said I am looking perfect and he's amazed that I did so well with the pain. I was amazed too lol! I was just so nervous. He said I can go back on April 21st to get my stiches out!! There was a little bit of bruising thats almost all gone now. He said I can have full range motion of my arms and wear a bra to sleep but can keep it off around the house, however I feel comfortable. I keep it off about half the time because I feel too much pressure on my insicions which is a good thing bc. I want them to drop to cover those up a bit lol. He said normal activity but listen to my body. No lifting over 5 pounds! I actually had mistake happen on day 3 bc the cat got out and I picked him up to get him into the house and he's about 12 pounds I felt it in my right boob tho so that's a no go ! He said don't do it again lol =)

I haven't taken any pain medicine today!! Only my 1mg suboxone and 2 muscle relaxers. One at 6am and half one at 3pm. They seem the help with the tightness the best. My breasts feel softer at times, but swell up and I ice and them and feel relief. I can feel tiny bubbles in the bottom near my insicions on my right side, which I've read is the internal stiches I believe. They feel tender to the touch but fine as long as I leave it alone.

I'm in love with them and hope that I can just keep going and doing fun stuff now especially with the kids but If I over do it I can feel them swell and my arms feel like I've been doing some workouts. So I have to lay down and take a break for a while and I'm good again.

Yesterday morning was the worst pain for me because I didn't go poo for a while week. I make the mistake of taking the full recommended dose of a laxative with stimulant in it...let me tell you I was stuck on the toilet for hours, sweating and I got about 75% of it out. But it hurt my whole body. Pepto helped a lot and once I took that and a pain pill I felt better, went to the doc and have only had minor cramping since. I'll never take a laxative with a stimulant again omg. Stool softeners that are gentle will be my best frinds for a bit. Hopefully the bloating will subside completely soon though. Otherwise im pretty darn good for what my body just went through =)

Thanks girls for the love & comments!

Photo collage

Befpre up until day 6 small changes every day =)

Post op day 7 & 8

I'm feeling alright. Had a long day yesterday bc I needed to get more groceries lol.. food goes way too fast in this house, but we're all happy & healthy so that's what matters anyway. My boobies are great. They're sore and I thought I might be able to start massages but I talked to Vikki at ps office and she said def don't do it!! She said textured implants shouldn't be massaged and the stretches are what will help. So I'm doing my arm stretches out the the side and straight up and shoulders pulled back and pushed forward. 3 reps of each exersize. I pretty much do it every time I start feeling really tight and it does help a lot. Minimum of 3 times a day docs orders.

I did go and get gentle stool softeners with no stimulant. Took 1 yesterday and got activia yogurts. This morning my belly is almost 100% back to normal. I had no pain and no more stomach cramping thankfully =) hopefully this helps someone cuz I know it's tmi lol.

So I took so many pics I don't know which I want to share lol. Just going to put a ton up from yesterday bc I didn't take any day 8 post op pics yet. Doing that after my shower lol.

Going to go shower and then visit some family with my mom if I feel up to it. I didn't get to sleep until super late bc I had to work late last night, so taking it slow and easy today. I'll have to work again tomorrow night and have dinner plans at fam house so I need to prepare my body lol.

Lil update until I get time to do more

So I have gone back to usual activities and work and I haven't driven yet but was given the ok to do that now too! I did way too much though and ended up in a ball crying in pain last night and my emotions were all over the place. I was scared I messed them up bc they looked great from the start but they looked squareish yesterday and was like wtf?!?

Thankful I got enough sleep and I'm not irrational this morning though lol and the girls look back to normal.

Thankful I got a lot of sleep.

Quick pic updates before work

More collages and pictures hehe hehe heh

Roller-coaster of emotions

So yesterday seemed like it was the hardest day. I woke up with "morning boob" and my daughter missed the bus so I had to drive her. She was a little late bc I needed to take a muscle relaxer to move my arms enough to drive without hurting. The girls felt like they were melons stuck on my chest lol. I keep trying to do stuff I shouldn't do. Like clean the oven lol. And the microwave. Even though I'm doing it slowly, I think that's more frustrating bc it took me 3 hours to do those 2 things lmao! But hey, at least they are clean now. Even if I had to come take a nap afterward.

I feel like I'm always the opposite of other people and I was so happy and loving myself at first. Not to say that I don't love my new girls or myself now. Just had a really down day yesterday. When its seems like other girls are starting to get to the happy point by now? Only having my fiance to count on to talk to sometimes isn't the best. Especially since he came home and we were arguing immediately bc he was so late and I needed help and it was just a big mess..thankfully we love each other as much as well do lol so I am just glad we are ok now.

Woke up again in pain today but took tylenol & only a quarter of the muscle relaxer and it's actually helping without clouding my brain like a whole 5mg valum does.

I am going to a new church group for women on friday. I'm really excited about it and so want to create a new network of people in my life that aren't toxic.

Today is a new day and it can be a new start. Can't change anything that happened yesterday but when you're down so low, there's no place to go but UP. So that's what I'm trying to do.

Hope that all you girls are doing well ??? remember that no matter what, things can always turn around and there's always a way. Even if it seems impossible.

Stiches are out!

So I had the dreaded stiches removal appt yesterday. It wasn't terrible. Actually a lot faster than I thought it would be lol cuz it all came out in one long stitch! A little sting, comparable to getting an immunization or blood tests maybe. It stung for a few hours afterward but the insicion isn't what's bugging me now.

It's my muscles !! They keep moving on their own. And my boobs go and twitch and every time my left one does it I can see rippling in my cleavage. Mostly on the left side. I can feel like soreness and tightness and didn't get a lot of sleep last night. Sleep is my best friend at the moment aND I always feel better after getting enough but this muscle thing getting in the way of getting comfortable effects everything.

Anyone else see rippling this soon correct itself as the capsule forms around it? I'm trying not to freak myself out bc it's obvious that you can see the implant through my thin skin and even my tiny muscles. I don't care if its on the outside, but in my cleavage sucks =( either way, it's still better than what I looked like before so I'll deal with it but I hope it does subside!!!

Doc said I need to take it easy for atleast another 4 weeks!! He said if I do that I should be back to normal. If I don't , its going to take even longer and CAN cause a whole host of other problems. Like opening up my scar if I lift or pull too hard on something. He said it has happened to patients in the past and it's only 4 weeks. Not even lower body exersizes. It's ok bc I would much rather be happy with my results then work on my booty atm. I can workout later, once they are ready for that.

My before and after pic from the doc is amazing I just can't believe the differnce . Craziness lol.

He also said I can start using my scar cream 3 times a day rub it in softly at first then as time goes I can use more pressure. I didn't start last night and was warned it can cause some skin irritation, so waiting a few more days is ok.

I'm returning back to rest , rest rest. Trying not to let the mess in my house bother me bc if I go too hard I'll mess up my investment and that would not be cool!!

I still have to work tonight but not quite sure how it's gonna go by how I'm feeling right now. Ups& downs. Just waiting to get back up lol.

Hope all you ladies are doing well. Happy healing ????

**Stopped at VS and tried some wireless bathing suits & sports bras. None really fit exactly right yet so I just got some new panties which I've wanted to do for ages now. Very happy about these hehe =D**

Things are great! I'm really happy with my outcome so far =)

So they do keep changing and seem to be getting more natural looking, which I Love! I definetly see less rippling than I did the other day too thankfully.

I found my favorite bra yet! It's a Danskin sports bra from Walmart. The black "fruit of the loom" front closure bra that was the most comfy up until about 4 or 5 days ago became too loose and bulky now that the weather has warmed up. So I kept waking up in the middle of the night and tossing and turning and just felt like I wasnt being supported by any of the bras I had or they were too tight lol. I would change and then just end up going back to the black one that was stretched from all the swelling & ice packs I shoved in there lol. It has served it's purpose and was good while it lasted hahah. I still prefer having the front closure, even though I can put bras on over my head. It's nice to just loosen it or open it whenever I feel I need a little break! So I got this new bra after work last night and I slept perfectly! Didn't wake up until I needed to for the kids this morning which is great for my man too, since I was accidentally waking him up and he has work at 8am so I kept feeling bad for messing with his sleep too lol. Hoping this one lasts a while. I just haven't had the time to go to a differnt store and Walmart is 24/7, so going when kids are sleeping and grandma is at home is easier. Omg I found out there's a Victoria secret only 4 miles from my house. I haven't gone yet, I'm afraid lol. Going to have to bring someone so I don't break the bank lol. June is the semi-annual sale right??? I haven't been able to find any actual dates yet of course but so excited for that to happen. Just hope I'm healed enough and know what my actual size will end up being.

So far I think I might be a 34C? I haven't tried any bras that have underwire yet but measured myself with an online calculator I found. The first one I found kept saying I was a 34AA and I was like, "no I'm not!" Lol so I searched "breast implant bra calculator"

This is how I found out Im probably a 34C but might even be a full B?? It says to use measuring tape to get your band measurement around like normal. Just make sure you go up half a inch if you're in between like I am because if I go down half an inch, the bras are painfully tight. It also depends on the person. How tight you normally like things to be.

To get the cup size, you put the tape measure starting where your cleavage starts and put it over the top of your breast over the nipples and the end should be where your side boob ends. Close to where your arms sit. I think I'll post a pic lol. Thats what I took from the directions I saw anyway lol. Ok well, thanks for reading and hope this helps someone out. =)

If anyone has any tips, I'm open to any lol =) I'm learning as I go here. Happy healing everyone !!

Breast implant bra calculator

Copy/pasted this info from " her room . Com "

Cup Size with Breast Implants

Measuring for your new cup size is not the same method as the measuring system for normal breast tissue. With your tape measure parallel to the floor, measure your breast from where your breast begins in your cleavage, across your breast apex, then over to where your breast ends near the armpit. With this measurement, and your band measurement, use this table below to determine your cup size: 

I'll post a screen shot I took from the site. But you can just check it out yourself if you want. =)

Are my updates even showing up??

Just wondering what happened to everybody. Are my updates not showing up or something??

I feel great!!

I am so happy I went through with this surgery!! I'm still on restricted movement and lifting for a couple more weeks but I'm doing great! I haven't needed any meds but tylenol. I took some tylenol last night after work and it knocked the soreness I was feeling from wiping down counter tops and desks out in 20 minutes! I didn't need to take any tylenol for 3 days before last night though!! I love them so much and it's frustrating not being able to work out yet or lift over 5 pounds but I would do it for another month if I had to, to have a great outcome that lasts for hopefully 15 or 20 years before replacing them lol. I do feel like my butt is getting flatter though lol. I hope everyone who's recovering or having surgery or about to is feeling great too and thank you for reading my update =) <3 <3 <3 <3 Here's some more pics lol my storage is maxed out cuz I keep taking so many. Gotta get a new SD card hehe. =P

Built in bra tank tops are amaze-balls

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the awesome mom's!!! I'm a day late, sorry lol. Hope ya'll had a nice day =)

So, Kara at Dr. Fiorillo's office suggested built in bra tops and I just kept forgetting, but I found one in my closet and holy crap! It is so comfortable and makes the girls look great! I'm definitely going to buy more. Love it lol.

Late on my 6 weeks update

Hey everyone!! Sorry I haven't been on here as often. I actually think it's a good thing though because I'm not as obsessed with looking and reading about boobs lol!! I finally have the breasts I wanted. So now I can just look at myself lol. It's fun to try on different clothes. The only thing I'm not 100% thrilled about is how big they are. I feel like I could have gone with 350 or 400 and been a lot more comfortable. I went to Victoria secret and I couldn't fit my boobs in the 34 DDDD. This is exactly what I was worried about. I was all excited bc I thought I was a C or large B cup. I know VS sizing is screwed up, so hopefully at other stores I won't be stuck with the ugly bras that are big enough or bras that just don't fit right. It's so frustrating bc I did make this known to the nurse, who said she would be there on surgery day to help, but she wasn't there. I don't even know if Dr. F knew that I didn't want to be a DD and I would have been happier with a C. I have the opposite problem now. I can't find bras bc my boobs are too big lol. So before they were way too small to fit into an A cup and now I have to find special bras that are above DDDD cups =/ I need to try other stores. Sad about it, bc I love VS bras and my goal was to be able to go and just get a bra without a bunch of hassle. Don't get me wrong, I love the change!! I think they look amazing compared to what I looked like before. Not everyone wants huge boobs compared to their body. I just wanted to be more proportional. And not have saggy skin there anymore. Maybe I'll go to Boscovs or macys or and be able to find something. My fiance said he thinks I wouldn't have been happy if I went smaller. I just don't know lol. Everyone is their own worst critic. Sometimes I feel like they're perfect. But then I try to find bras and I can't. Please, if anyone has suggestions for bras that would fit me comfortably, without padding, let me know. I measure 28 inch band and 34 inch bust. Im afraid to buy online after all the bras I tried on in person failing. Probably tried on 30-40 different styles between VS, Walmart & Rainbow. I'm still happy with them, going to just embrace it and try to move on without getting upset about it. If anyone else has similar stats and wants a C cup & no larger than a D, don't get 450cc hp lol. Otherwise, I feel great!!! No more pain! Aside from the occasional twinge here and there. I've been released back to regular activity and lifting, exersize, anything! Went to 6 flags and rode roller coasters and they were fine. They even jiggle when I go up n down the stairs lol. Hope everyone is doing well and happy summer!! My bra hunt continues... =)

So happy, I've got exactly what I wanted!

So my short lapse in not liking the size is now over lol. I am absolutely in love with them. I am so glad I waited and went back to Victoria's Secret! ! I think I just wasn't done swelling and didn't try the right style bras. I went last night and I am now wearing my new favorite bra. 34DD dream angels lined demi!! It fits amazingly. I got the body by Victoria unlined demi 34D which fits great too! I found about 15 that fit great and bought 6 of them. Love the start of my new bra collection and the semi-annual sale is happening now! They were all $20 or less!! It feels amazing to be able to go in the store and find a bunch or pretty options and not have to worry about searching specialty stores and online ..although I can order online now that I know my size, pretty much lol. I ranged from a 32DDD lined to a 34D in ulined. I am just thrilled with my results now and u wish I could delete my last post lol. Atleast people can see the truth of how you continue to change and hopefully these bras will continue to fit and stand the test of time =). I bought a super cute bathing suit too. In a medium top =) now I'm going to get ready for my son's 8th grade graduation and don't have to worry about hiding my sports bras or showing nips to all the other parents & 8th grade grads lol.

Just a quick update. So thankful for my surgeon's skill and expertise! It was all WORTH IT!! I feel confident wearing a bathing suit in public, which I haven't been able to say since I was 15. That in itself is such a liberating feeling, stretch marks and all. My body may not be prefect. But I feel confident in my own skin, faults and all.

I hope the best for everyone going through surgery/recovery. Much love and respect to you all ????

day 85 pics

Love my new shape and enjoying this summer so much. I got a cute bathing suit size medium top. Love it. Only thing bugging me is if I use my upper body for something like raking or pushing a heavy shopping cart, the muscles make my breast move apart. So I can see the muscles flex over my breasts. Hoping it doesnt make them farther apart somehow. My right nipple is more sensitive and kind of feels like touching a bruise. Its not bad though. I can comfortably lay on my stomach now =). My scars looks good and feel almost flat now =)

13 month update!

It's been so long since I've updated because I started working a whole lot more and just keep putting it off lol. I can't believe it's been over a year now. They feel great, like they've always been a part of me! I have some rippling, which is normal because I didn't have a lot to cover them to begin with and it was expected. Doc said there way really no way to avoid it completely, just ways to avoid a whole lot of rippling by using silicone. I really love how my shirts and dresses for me now. I'm happy with my decision. I do still feel like they're a little bigger than I wanted,but I would rather have them too big than how I was completely flat lol. Overall I'm still content with my choice and would do it again! I'm going to take some more pictures and update them now as well. Thanks for reading!

13month update pictures!

They look and feel very soft and natural. Love them!

He's warm, kind and attentive. His experience gives me confidence that I'm safe and will have the results I want to achieve. The staff in his office are great! Specifically Kara and Vikki! Lovely women, very knowledgeable and made me feel immediately comfortable , which is hard with someone who has social anxiety lol. Wanted to add more to my review as time went on. I have been having an amazing experience with everyone at the office. Especially Vikki, she has replied to every email super fast and called and talked with me when I was super anxious about the size and I am just thrilled with how everything is all falling into place! Surgery in 3 days and I am way more excited than nervous! I'm 6 days post op now and thrilled with my results already!! All my fears have been replaced with gratefulness!!! If you need a breast augmentation, Dr. Fiorillo is your man. Lol. Seriously, him and his surgical team did a great job in his private surgical facilities were perfect & spotless! My breasts just keep looking better & feeling softer every day!! They are EXACTLY what I asked for. I can't ever thank him enough for how he changed my life forever for the better.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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