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Hi everyone! I've been following this site for a...

Hi everyone! I've been following this site for a while now and finally joined as I have scheduled my first consult for rhinoplasty for next Wednesday 3/1!! I'm SOOO Excited and could not be happier :) I've ALWAYS hated my nose!!! I've been reading through so many posts and it makes me feel better to know there are many more people out there like me!!! I too have had a lot of "comments" regarding the large size of my nose every since I was in grade school. I have a very small frame (5'7" and 110 lbs) so it makes my nose seem that much larger. I have my Dad's nose and while I think a larger nose on a male looks better, on a female it definitely does not. My husband is behind me 100% and I've only told one very close friend who supports me whatever I do. I actually had scheduled 2 consultations back in 2002 but I was in high school yet and my parents were very against it. 11 years later I *think* I'm finally ready to go through with it. My biggest problem is that I am from the Toledo Ohio area and there is really only one doctor that I feel comfortable even scheduling a consult with as he specializes plastic surgery of the face. I've read post after post that said to schedule consultations with a lot of different doctors but what do you do when there are slim pickins????? This doctor is definitely board certified, and what I really like is that he volunteers in missions to South America to perform surgery on people with facial deformities. If after my consultation, I do feel comfortable with him, do you think that one consult is enough???? I really don't have the means to travel hours away for a surgeon....

Oopsies!! Just realized I commented instead of...

Oopsies!! Just realized I commented instead of updating my review!! So today I took the plunge and told my twin (we are not identical) about my wanting to get my nose done and it did not go as I wanted it to... I actually was not really wanting to tell anyone until a firm decision was made but at the insistence of my husband I did go ahead and tell her. Now we are really close and I do tell her a lot but a part of me didn't want to tell her. Her first response was "WHAT, WHY?" And then followed by the typical, "YOU WANT TO LOOK LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON" .. umm no... I'm not a very confrontational person so I just basically told her I'm going to do it and didn't feel the need to further that with any more of an explanation. She then confided that she was thinking about possibly getting her stomach done because after her daughter was born it never looked the same but she justified that with "but your nose has been like that forever, my stomach isn't" UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just kind of wish that people would realize that I understand how much of a big deal this is. I would not voluntarily go "under the knife" if it wasn't something that I seriously despised!!! It's not something I just decided overnight, it's been probably about 15 years in the works now and I've gotten to the point where I'm flat out sick of feeling this way about my nose!! UGH!! Ok rant over :) Now on to search for some plastic surgeons in Michigan, hopefully not too far away :)

Sorry about this one too!!! This was actually...

Sorry about this one too!!! This was actually March 6th!! Still getting used to posting on here :) Eventually I'll get the hang of it!

So my first consultation was TODAY!!! I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY (I could go on!) Liked the PS!!! He really did put me (and hubs) at ease! He was amazing at fielding questions too!!! He had asked me what it was about my nose that I didn't like and I ran through the list of everything I despise about my nose and he came up with an attack plan of how to correct everything and even said that he would give my nose a nice curve (which is something I really wanted but didn't outright say)! He was very professional and when he was explaining what he was going to do, he took a look at my face and basically said we aren't going to give you a tiny barbie doll nose but something that more compliments your face :) He also will not pack my nose once the surgery is complete... hallelujah since I've read so many reviewers about how horrible that experince is ;) The downside... I did ask him how many surgeries he performs per year and his answer was 5-6 per year because that's what the area requires, which I believe because Im not from a very large town and quite frankly, I personally have not come across very many people who are unhappy with their noses!! I am definitely going to sleep on it for a little while, but really that is the only downside. I was talking it over with hubs and I thought outloud... in my opinion, the most difficult surgery would be that of conjoined twins... there are not many doctors who perform this surgery routinely but there are great surgeons out there that could perform this surgery well. So that being said, although he may not do very many rhinoplasties per year (however he has been practicing for 20 years) he is a really good surgeon. Board certified, FACS... I also saw a number of before and after pictures. I was happy with the results I saw on noses that were similar to mine :) I did not however like the results of patients that were not similar to mine but it could just be personal preference.... Soooo let me ask you.. what do you think????

Yikes on all of these updates! A lot of reviewers...

Yikes on all of these updates! A lot of reviewers have RAVED about the work done by Dr. Golden in Troy Michigan. However, there are a couple patients that gave him poor scores and not just for his bedside manner, but for bad work done. Sooo... how does one make a decision based on some really great reviews and some really bad reviews??? It sounds like he is the go to guy for revisions which means he would most likely do a good job the first time around (one would think!!) I guess this is all just SOOO MUCH INFO and becoming overwhelming!

I feel like I have a much better grasp on finding...

I feel like I have a much better grasp on finding a surgeon THANK GOODNESS!!! Thank you to everyone who has offered opinions and suggestions :) I created a spreadsheet (I'm a spreadsheet type of person) listed out surgeons I found that had good ratings on ratemds.com and here and entered tons of columns mainly certifications that I want to see them. Then I went on each certification website and looked up each one individually to ensure they met my qualifications. After that I regrouped them based on board certifications and noses I like. I have a new front runner, Dr. Sabbagh and I will be scheduling a consult with him soon :) I also found a few at U of M hospital, Ann Arbor and Ypsi! Starting to get excited again :) More and more though I am falling in love with Dr. Sabbagh's noses. A lot of the pics on his site are "my" nose and I just love what he did with them :) So we shall see but hoepfully this new grouping of Dr's will be more promising :) FINGERS CROSSED!!

Well I have another consult :) I'm scheduled to...

Well I have another consult :) I'm scheduled to meet with Dr. Sabbagh on Wednesday April 17th at 5:15. UGGH so far away! Since I live in Ohio, I had to schedule a late appointment to give me and hubs some time to drive up to Michigan. He takes late appointments Mondays and Wednesdays and since Mondays hubs and I are in class (we are both getting our MBA's currently) Wednesdays are the only days that work. I also requested a consult from Dr. Youn who was (get this) scheduling consults ..yes consults... for Jan of 2014 (nope not a typo!!). I was told that he does not work on any revisions (which mine is a virgin nose) nor does he work on any functional issues of the nose which makes me hesitant! I dont have any breathing issues but I would prefer a dr. that does work on those things to give me peace of mind.. so I do not feel at all like I am missing out on anything by not going to him. They did refer me to Dr. Schenden and Dr. Golden however. I'm going to set up a phone consult with Dr. Golden and possibly Schenden as well, but I am really excited about Dr. Sabbagh because I love his pics and I've seen great reviews from him. He also passes all of my "checks" in my excel spreadsheet! My surgery would hopefully be set for August 12th (I graduate August 9th so it would kind of be my graduation present!) ... hoping this all works out well :) The only downside is telling my parents.... my dad is a deacon and both him and my mom have expressed their concerns over this when I wanted it done in high school!!!!

EEEEK!!! I was so stoked to get back here and...

EEEEK!!! I was so stoked to get back here and update my status!!! I have found THE ONE doctor!!! I had a consult today with him and absolutely positively LOVED HIM!!!! He answered all of my questions before I asked them, and instilled a lot of confidence in me with this procedure!!! I have not yet set a date for the surgery but most likely it will be August 12th (I graduate with my MBA August 10th and I just want to get it done!!) He will be performing a rhinoplasty/septoplasty to help me breathe a little bit better too :) Narrowing the bridge while bringing the hump down along with a deprojection of well pretty much the whole thing!!! I'm really confident in his credentials and he is pretty much everything I"m looking for :) Oh I should probably mention his name too! It's Dr. Sabbagh :) Heard a lot of wonderful things about him and I've experienced a lot of wonderful things so far :) I'm really starting to get excited that this is becoming more REAL!!! :)

Oh I should mention... Dr. Sabbagh does about...

Oh I should mention... Dr. Sabbagh does about 60-70 rhinos a year, compared with the other surgeon who did 5!!!

DATE SET!!!!!!!!!!!

It's SCHEDULED!!! I can't believe it :) I did it!!!! My surgery date is officially Monday August 12th :) I"m excited and scared at the same time!! This is something I've wanted for SUCH a long time and I"m FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY going to be able to get it!!!! I started a new job and cleared the date and recovery time with my new employer :) I will graduate with my MBA on Saturday August 10th and the following Monday I'm getting my smaller, more proportional nose!!!! My surgery is scheduled with Dr. Sabbagh :) I have a pre-op on Monday July 22nd with him and the internist! I felt like he listened to me the best, but not only that, instilled a great deal of confidence in me :) I trust him completely :) Now it's time to start shopping for supplies!!! THANK YOU to everyone who has provided words of wisdom (and heck even just words at all) it's all been sooo helpful :) Now to break the news to my parents which I have yet to do... wish me luck!!!!!!

Less than a month!!

So I have less than a month to go!!!! I have my pre-op scheduled for Monday 7/22! I've been going back and forth with being super excited then super nervous, then back to super excited again ugh!!! I have complete faith in my surgeon but because the surgery is not done yet I do have doubts like what if I dont like it and I really need to stop focusing on all of the reviews of people that had horribly botched nose jobs ugh!!!! I have 4 more weeks until I graduate with my MBA and the following Monday is my surgery :) I have the week off work and possibly will be taking two weeks off depending on what the Dr. says at the pre-op! We shall see!! Has anyone else been back and forth like this?!?!


Hubs is a gamer hence the title of this review haha!!!! I had my pre-op YESTERDAY!! I met with the internist - by the way I didn't realize they were taking blood, so if anyone has a pre-op be warned they do take some blood!!!! I also had my second appt with my surgeon, the nurse and the patient care coordinator!! So the surgery is officially PAID FOR - owies on my bank account!!!! I have no clue why I was stressing out about this surgery! After I met with my surgeon I had renewed faith in him :) It's weird because I would ask a question and he would unknowingly answer the follow up question I had to it :) I have complete faith in him and am VERY glad I did as much research as I did!!!! The nurse suggested that I buy a foam triangle looking pillow to prop me up after the surgery since we don't own a recliner so have to add that to my list!! Also, I'm thinking of doing tylenol arthritis strength pain killers instead of the heavy duty ones... anyone else do that?? I always have such bad reactions to pain killers and I would like to avoid it if possible!! The nurse told me plenty of people do it so I'm seriously considering it!!! OH and hubs... good ole hubs :) He is working off shift this week (11p to 7am), my 1st appt was at 11:30 am but we had to leave by 9:30 because it's a little of a drive, second appt was at 1:00 pm and we had class last night from 6pm to 9:15 and he did it all!!! WHAT A TROOPER!!! :) So still... have to tell my parents and I"m dreading it!!! LOL!!! But now that it's REALLY set in stone I feel like it's more concrete :) I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!! :D


Nothing like waiting until the last minute right!?!? I finally got the courage, took hubby with me and told my parent about my nose surgery... the result... MUCH BETTER THAN EXPECTED...ACTUALLY PERFECT :) They knew how long I've been wanting this surgery and were extremely supportive about it!!! My Dad (who is a deacon) was like I"m perfectly fine with it!!!! They were like you are old enough to make your own decisions and everything will be ok :) Now I only wish I told them sooner so I wasn't stressing out so much about it like I had been before!!! PHEW PHEW PHEW!!!!!!! :) I'm a little less than two weeks away!!! CAN'T WAIT :)


AHHHHHHHHH I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!! Tomorrow is my surgery!!!! I'm excited, nervous, anxious EVERYTHING!!!! It's been SUCH a big weekend already because I GRADUATED with my MBA on Saturday and had a party that evening :) I have two weeks off work and I'm hoping and praying I have amazing results and an smooth quick recovery!!! :D I'll keep everyone updated!!


IT'S OVER YAAAAAY!!!!!!!! I'm finally home safe and sound!!!! I had hubs take pics of my nose before the splint went on and can I say... AMAZING!!???!! I need to get them uploaded but so far I'M IN LOVE!!! My facial expression says otherwise though hahaha!!!! Soooo here's how it all went down.... we woke up at 3:30 to get the dogs out and allow us time to get to the clinic in time. Got to the clinic a littler early THANK GOODNESS :) Traffic up by Southfield MI can be an absolute NIGHTMARE!!! They had my do a pregnancy test (negative thank goodness!!!) and then I changed into my sexy hospital gown, hairnet and some really cute grippy socks they let me take home!!! :D I was under IV sedation and to anyone who is worried about it.. DON'T!!! I LOVED IT!!! I've been under general before and I don't remember entire days. With the IV, I was asleep during the sugery woke up and was decently coherent!!!! Hubs took pics of my new nose which I LOVE SO FAR SO MUCH THAT I COULD CRY (that may be the percocet crything though). My top row of teeth were numb and I did have some pain on my right nostril. NO NAUSEA THOUGH WOO HOO!!!!!! I took only half a percocet so far because they knock me out!!! My eyes are super swollen and super bruised and I will post pics soon!!! I go back Wed to get my stiches removed :D My parents came over a couple times today with flowers :) Hubs has been waiting on my hand and foot haha I could get used to this!!!!!!! So far, everything is going swimmingly :D Can't wait for this splint to be removed!!!!


So has anyone else had to sneeze really badly after their surgery?? I get my stichtes removed tomorrow so I'm hoping since they are in there I did't do anything devestating to my nose!!! I sneezed out through my mother but do you know if that's ok??


AND I ALSO HAVE PICS!!!! Today is DAY THREE :) Made it phew!!! My parents have been visiting every day so far and hubs has been cooking for me! I get my stitches out today (not looking forward to the pain with that ugh) but hoping my dr will clean out my nose and I can breathe again!!!


Today is FOUR DAYS :) 3 MORE DAYS UNTIL THIS STUPID CAST COMES OFF!!!!! I noticed a small bump that hurts a smidge on the roof of my mouth... I'm wondering if it is from something they stuck down my throat during surgery??? I have some canker sore medicine I've been applying! Sleep - yeah no sleep haha! My cast is HUGE and I can't turn to the side (well when I do hubby usually rolls me on my back which in turn wakes me up... so back to the couch until I get this cast off!!! He has this biological alarm where at 3:00 am he will come downstairs to where my "spot" is in the great room and make sure I get something to drink ahha :) He's also been the one cleaning out my nose because I get nauseous looking at all the sticthes and yucky stuff up there!!! The swelling in my eyes has gone down CONSIDERABLY THANK GOD!! I'm still bruised around my eyes but that's it ;) I'm taking arnica pills and icing religiously! Everyday I feel a little bit better but I'm SO anxious for Monday!! Yesterday when we went to get a few stichtes removed, my Dr. let me see my new nose and I just cannot believe that I GET TO WEAR IT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!! Hahahaha :) Can't wait can't wait can't WAIT :) My parents have been amazing, coming over every day so far! My mom came over twice on Monday :) They always have a little present for hubs and me, food or flowers or whatever :) So far things have been going good! Still some tenderness around the incision marks in my nose but the nurse said that's normal.. ugh.. hoping that goes away soon!!! So I may be on later tonight since I know I'm probably not sleeping until this cast goes away!!! Good think I have all next week off work too :) catch up on my zzz's :) and wander the city with my STINKIN CUTE NOSE :D


I GET MY CAST OFF TODAY I GET MY CAST OFF TODAY WAAAAAHOOOOOO!!!!! OMG it's been HORRIBLE sleeping with this thing for a week!!!! I had a cast that covered probably close to 75% of my ENTIRE FACE!!!! Plus I can't breathe, so eating is kind of boring because I can't taste anything UGH!!!! I'm really looking forward to being able to sleep after I get this cast off!!!!! :) It's kind of crazy to think that a week ago about this time I was driving home (well hubby was driving home, I was drugged up and asleep HAHA) and now I'm FINALLY going to get to see my nose in person (well for the second time hee hee my dr. let me take a peek at my first post op!) :) Plus I have this entire week off work and I"m looking forward to getting re-acquainted with my new nose :D!!!!! My bruising has subsided CONSIDERABLY thank goodness, and the swelling has gone down almost completely!!! I do have some bruising under the cast, I did see a little poking out, but hopefully concealer will do the trick :) I have some frozen peas in little baggies so I can attack those bruises and have them gone by the end of the week :) I'm looking forward to joining the world again and not being a hermit on the couch :) I definitely am NOT a couch potato!!! I was looking forward to it, but by about Tuesday I was SUPER bored of watching TV all day!!!! HI WORLD :) I"M COMING BACK!!! :D


I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT :D I need to get some pics posted up here but I have to doctor them for confidentiality :D I noticed when I googled my doctor's name and rhinoplasty my profile came up YIKES!!! So I'm trying to make it more anonymous :D Holy moly though, he took the cast off and it was SO much better than anything I'd ever imagined :) The stitches hurt coming out a little bit and the internal splint didn't feel so great coming out but he was quick :) Hubby and I went out to eat because I CAN TASTE FOOD AGAIN :D hahaha I think my stomach shrunk this past week though because I was not able to eat as much as I normally do! But I can breathe and OMG life is so much better now hahaha :) I didn't care when cars pulled up next to us because I know they were not staring at my nose :) And if they were they were like holy moly that girls nose is super cute :D I PROMISE to post pics tomorrow :D LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! :D




I thought I'd post an update of how everything is going sans cast!!! For the first time today (Saturday) I am finally able to breathe through my nose without using a decongestant!! My PS gave me a saline spray which I can't use for longer than 3 days at a time. Apparently your nose can become dependent on it and the swelling could potentially get worse!! Don't want that :) I've been putting frozen peas on my nose at night which does seem to help with the swelling! The PS wants me to wear my splint either at night or when I'm home to also help with the swelling! I had a nose bleed on Friday morning, but it was most likely due to the dry air I was inhaling at night!! I've also noticed a hard area at the very top of my nose where my nose meets my forehead. I did ask the doctor about that and he didn't seemed concerned, it sounds like it is just healing right now. It is 100% invisible and you only know it's there by touching it. I read some reviews from doctors that say it's normal and not to be concerned about it so I"m trying not to haha!!!! I do have more definition in my nostrils and my nose from the profile view seems to be getting a little smaller by the day too :D I go back to work on Monday and I'm pretty excited to get some normalcy back hahaa :)!! I will post 2 week post op pics on Monday!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!! :D

Running again!!! :)

Well I'm almost 1 month post op!!!! It's been a rough and tumble few weeks!!! I'm a runner so it was VERY difficult for me to be ok with taking 2 weeks off of running while I recover (for a very good reason but still hard!!!). I have a half marathon coming up at the beginning of November so after the two weeks my dr. wanted me to take off I was DYING for a run! He told me to start slow 1/2 a mile and then work my way up! The first run was CRAZY UNCOMFORTABLE!!!! I seriously felt like my nose was going to EXPLODE because the pressure was INSANE!!!! By the end of the first week I was definitely feeling better though :) Week two of running went a little better but I think I'm pushing myself a little too hard and need to back off uuuuuuuugh!!! Anyways thought I'd post some pics!!! I had a little bump at the top of my nose right after my cast came off but that is gone now :) It was gone pretty much after the first week!! The little bumps at the top of my nose that were invisible but I could feel are also gone!!! I'm breathing a little better every night and I'm not snoring as much!! I still can't pick my nose HAHAHAHAHAHA :) so if there's something up there, I go digging for it with a q-tip haha :) I'm still swollen pretty majorly though! I can tell because when I put my splint on for 30 minutes my nose takes on the shape of the splint!! When it cools down at night my internal swelling is better so I can breathe easier and the external swelling is also better :) I'm looking forward to the swelling being gone for good :) Still SO SO SO glad I had this done though!!!

Time flies when you're havin fun!!!

Well!!! Got some big news :D Hubby and I are expecting BABY NUMBER ONE in June :D So the 12 week sign I'm holding up is actually 12 weeks pregnant!! This would be 15 weeks post op for me though!!! The swelling has gone down CONSIDERABLY and on January 20th I go in for my before/after pics and I will post those as well!!! :D Some things - I've had two facials because when you are preggers, there aren't a lot of medications you can use for your face that are safe for the baby... I've noticed that my nose is still tender to the touch when I'm getting a facial massage. Also... some good news.... my uneven swelling in my nostrils has gone down A LOT as well!!! They are looking MUCHO better :D Hope everyone is doing well!!!!
Detroit Plastic Surgeon

After much consideration I decided on Dr. Sabbagh. Something just clicked with my with Dr. Sabbagh. I loved his personality and the way that he instilled so much confidence in me with his work. He took plenty of time discussing everything with me and my husband, explained everything in normal people terms and was extremely friendly :) I don't know if my results would have been as good with any other doctor :) I'm SO happy I went with him :D

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