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Im 3 weeks post op, i was a 44 M before br, now i...

Im 3 weeks post op, i was a 44 M before br, now i am a C/D cup now, still swollen.had 2.1 kilograms on left side which equals 4.69 lbs and 2.3 kilograms on right side which equals 5.070 lbs removed adds up to almost 10 lbs of boobs removed, and I had a free nipple areola graft. I am very tight on top of my chest, but i did not have any leaking, bleeding or bruising, i had my post op appt. And was cleared to wear any bra, as long as it is cotton and no under wires. I just bought a genie bra and it has thin removable pads in it i absolutely love it the pads protect my nipples because they are so sensitive.

4 weeks post-op

Today i am 4 weeks post op, im healing great, but i have become more swollen than usual the last couple days, the stitches on the outside are gone, but they feel tighter on the inside, i cant make any reaching movements, they feel as if they are ripping.**update* the genie bras i bought suck, if you are plus size they are not for you, the band does not lay flat they flip up and bunch up right under your breast, i bought a bally bra and it feels great, i also have been using palmers cocoa butter cream and vitamin e oil, to keep them from not feeling dry.

8 weeks post op

Healing really well, when i do too much, they let me know, i start to get really tight and the inside stiches start to feel like rope under my skin, i cheated a couple of times and slept a couple of hours without my bra, but somehow when i put it back on it feels so much better, i also can now sleep on my stomach for awhile.

8 Week Post Op Appointment!

Had 8 week appointment today, Dr was very pleased, healing well, lordy lordy she said i dont have to sleep in my bra anymore....i can wear any bra i want to...but I'm gonna stick to soft cotton bras with the band around the bottom, like my favorite Bally bra, or a genie bra, I'm not ready for a underwire yet..no need, i am perky lol, i have a little scarring underneath which feels like roping, she said to massage it and it will go down. She also gave me some samples of scar gel.

Happy 1 Year Birthday New Boobies!

Today my new boobies are 1 years young. I love them,,,, I would do it all over again.....its an everyday changing....i still get little pings and pangs in the left one but its just telling me...she loves me...lol

M cup to C cup

Dr.S. Chang

Great , caring

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