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Here is my experience. I am 30 years old and have...

Here is my experience. I am 30 years old and have two children. My youngest is 11 months old. With this last pregnancy I did not bounce back like I did with my first. I am not overweight however I am rockin a serious pot belly. I am 5'7 and weight 139 lbs. I was considering getting lipo however I read a lot of stories of people getting streaks and scars. I was reading a magazine and I read an article about coolsculpting. I researched the website and Internet and thought this sounded like a good option.

I am currently living in Japan. Good and bad, it's good because Japanese doctors have really high standards but bad because not many offer coolsculpting being that there are not many fat Japanese people. The Coolsculpting website listed 4 providers in the whole country. 2 had all Japanese websites, 3rd was in English but they would not accept me as a patient because I do not speak Japanese and the 4th finally got back with me. The doctor recently acquired the machine and is only using it is a trail basis. He said he will do treatments for around $300 an area if I agree to before and after pics for his practice. $300 is great because the other places wanted $1300 an area. (Yes, Japan is really expensive)

So I agreed, today is the day. I traveled 3 hours by trains to get here, the doc explained everything to me. He said he has yet to use his large aplicator because it's too big for Japanese people. I guess all he needed was fat American! So I change into paper undies an let the nurse take my pics. The I sit in the chair and she puts a really cold gel strip on my belly. This feels good because it is so hot in here. Then she get the applicator and puts it on my belly, it starts to suck my fat in and then gets to a point of excruciating pain, I scream "get it off me". It felt like my muscles were being ripped apart. So she tries afew more times and I'm screaming. Then she moved it lower and I could bare with it. She walks out and I am counting the seconds, it hurts soo bad and burns. I am drenched in sweat and feel like I might throw up. Some how I manage the hour, then she turns it off, OMG. Fire. Fire, it was burning and so red. I could hardly breathe.

I asked it the pain would subside and they said to wait 10 minutes. So then comes my sides, I am so nervous now. She does the same prep work and it really does no hurt. I am actually typing this as I am getting my sides done. When she took it off my side it did burn for a while but not nearly as bad as my front.

After all is done I put my clothes back on and they do hurt a bit. I wish I would not have worn jeans. I feel really sore like I just did a long workout, I am also very tired.

Day 2- I feel a little sore like after a good work out. Today my skin feel really numb but painful like a bruise if you push in. My sides look like I have giant hickies with little red spots. My stomach and sides too are obviously swollen and hard too.

Day 3- When I woke up this morning my stomach and sided skin felt really tight. My still feel numb to the skin and feel like a giant bruise when touched. I am starting to get bruises on my sides.

Day 5- The numbing feeling is starting to ease up however I tried to massage my belly today and it still is very sore. Fells like it is bruised. My hips feel fine and the bruising is almost gone.

One week update- Ouch, ouch, ouch. The pain is...

One week update- Ouch, ouch, ouch. The pain is pretty bad. Now it sort of feels like needles are being poked into my stomach. If I put an ice pack on it I feel much better and it helps for about an hour after taking it off. The pain is the worst after taking a hot shower. The pain seems to move lower and lower each day. Also including my recovery this week I have been dealing with the flu. Not my best week ever.

2 Weeks- Wow, what a week. I had the flu and the...

2 Weeks- Wow, what a week. I had the flu and the pain from the coolsculpting was horrible. It felt like I was being stabbed with knives. I ended up going to my regular doctor for relief and they prescribed Lidocain ointment and some mild pain pills. They did nothing. I lived with the icepacks on for 5 days. Just today, 2 weeks post, the pain is going away. My skin is still really sensitive but only if touched. Now hopefully the bad part is over and I hope to see results in a few weeks.

3 Weeks- The pain is gone! Finally the horrible...

3 Weeks- The pain is gone! Finally the horrible pain is gone. My stomach and sides still have a numb feeling when I rub them. Now I am getting an itching feeling on my stomach but it does not feel better to scratch it. To rub on my belly gives me shivers. I know it is too early to see anything from the coolsculping however the swelling has gone down and due to my workouts I have lost 5 lbs so things are shrinking. I do not plan on talking after picture until I hit the 2 month point.
Greenwood Skin Clinic

He was the only doctor in Japan whom which I could have this procedure done.

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