23 Years Old White Female, Wanted to Get Rid of Shallow Acne Scars - Tokyo, JP

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Hi everyone. I am a 23 Years Old white girl...

Hi everyone. I am a 23 Years Old white girl currently living in Japan. My story: I have never had real acne issues, but when I was 18 I got big pimples on my right cheek caused by stress (I suppose), pimples which became scars when I turned 19. It has been a huge complex for me since then, even though they are not so deep and everyone around me was telling me it was not even that noticable. But people with flawless skin cannot understand what it is like to have scars, so I decided to get a laser treatment in Japan this year. The consultation: In Japan people care a lot about their looks so I was pretty confident in doing the procedure here. I made a lot researches about doctors in Tokyo and I found a plastic surgeon who specializes in Acne scar treatments. He even had his own clinic opened 6 years ago so I thought I could trust him. Also, he is running a blog with almost 60 articles about acne scars ? before after pictures of many patients he has had since 2009. He has 6 lasers : 2 Palomar Starlux, Sciton Profractionnal, Pearl and Pearl Fractionnal, and one Affirm Multiplex. When I went for consulations (I got two free consultations before the procedure), he told me he would use Starlux with Pearl or Sciton, but I ended up with Starlux and Affirm Multiplex. He said he would not need to use strong settings since my scars were not that deep. I had my first consultation last May but I wasn't sure if I really wanted to do it... The laser treatment: I was so affraid of doing it after all the bad reviews that can be found online ... I was especially scared of the pain, the bleeding, the results. So I came to the clinic at 11 am. I wanted to get rid of it in the morning then relax at home. The nurse told me to wash my face, made me sign some papers, and applied a numbing gel. I felt no discomfort nor pain but I was very nervous. They made me wait about 20/30 min lying down on a bed, turned on the machines. My plastic surgeon came in and suddenly said: "ok let's start". He started with Starlux so quickly that I got really surprised. I felt the laser under my skin but no pain. He said the next laser would probably be more painful. Then he continued with Affirmn Multiplex. Again it was not painful, but I've always had a high pain tolerence so I guess everyone is different. I really hated the smell of my skin burning ... It lasted only 5 min, because I just needed the treatment on my right cheek only. My cheek was quite hot but I was okay. The nurse asked me if I wanted a mirror. I said no. They put a "mask" to prevent redness from happening and to help the skin rejuvenate faster. Right after the procedure, I had some minor bleeding (like several red dots) but the rest of my skin was not so red ! I thought it would be x100 worse so I was quite happy with the result. Now I'm home, I feel very good. My skin still has the red dots but no pain and no sensation of heat anymore. I'm going to get a nap since I couldn't sleep last night because of stress ! I'll upload more pictures everyday. *550? is the price for 3 treatments (one every 2/3 months)

Day 2 in the morning

My skin is a bit dry when I touch it. I applied a moisturizing day cream, 50 spf sunscreen, and some Vaseline they gave me. The great thing is that I can wear a face mask in Japan and pretend I have a cold !

Day 3 in the morning

My skin is not so dry anymore. Also, it is less and less red. My few scars are unnoticeable, probably because my skin is still swollen. I'm no longer worried about hyper pigmentation or laser damage. I feel that my skin is healing well, and it has been only two days.
Here is how I take care of my skin now :
One day after the procedure, I gently cleaned my skin with a natural soap made of coconut and milk, then I applied a natural rose lotion before moisturizing my skin with a Avene rich night cream. Before going to bed I put my Vaseline on my right cheek. I'm doing this every night.
In the morning i just refresh my skin with water, apply my rose lotion, moisturize my whole face, put 50 spf sunscreen and after that some Vaseline.
I bought a lotion and creams with vitamin C, collagen and hyaluronic acid, but I'm not going to use them before Tuesday.

Totally healed

Sorry everyone for the lack of updates !
My skin is 95% healed now. I got a few small pimples after my laser procedure, but I think it was mostly because of the Vaseline.
I'm not sure if my skin has improved or not ... If it has I would say about 5% better ... I will ask my PS to take pictures and compare them with the older ones.
At least the laser didn't damage my skin at all and I'm super happy since it was what I feared most. My skin is back to what it used to be, no new scars, no hyper pigmentation, nothing. But again I didn't get a strong laser treatment ...
I'll have my 2nd procedure in December. My PS may use different lasers but I'm not sure.

Day 14 before/after

Without makeup. The brown spots you can see are only healing pimples I got from the laser or Vaseline. But I didn't get any further scarring from the laser.

Round 2

So it's been two months already and I was exited to have my second appointment. They took my picture because I wanted to compare the before/after results, and as I said in my last review, it did not change much BUT I got some improvement on scarred pores and the other scars got a little bit softer.

So today, they used the same two lasers but with stronger settings. The pain was the same; totally tolerable. (But it's only my own opinion, everyone reacts differently to pain)
The result looks the same, a bit swollen with some blood.

Day 3

It's healing normally. Yesterday evening I washed my face for the first time since the procedure.
Still swollen and red but no pain. If you ignore the dried blood, my skin is very soft. I wish I could have this result after my treatment.

It works !

I'm on day 10 today so I think it's safe to say that my skin won't change much now.
I'm seeing real improvements this time.
My PS went much deeper this time so there are still some rednesses but my pores have definitely improved as well as my scars. They are less deep and thinner than before.
I will post a picture in a week or two.

One month post 2nd treatment

Quite happy with the results. I have 4 treatments left so I really hope to improve my scars by at least 70?.

Third treatment

My PS surgeron said he is seeing some improvements but that I'll need a few more treatments to get a nice result.
I hope to get more improvement after this third laser session !

Third session Day 2

Before applying Vaseline

One month update

One year after 3 treatments

With makeup on.
I'm thinking of doing another 3 treatments next year to make my skin look nicer.
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