28 Yrs, Seeking Chin Implant - London, UK

Hi everyone! I have wanted a chin implant for...

Hi everyone! I have wanted a chin implant for quite some time now - been playing with the idea for a few years after seeing a picture of myself from the side on facebook. My chin is not very badly weak/recessed but it is enough that I have a (to me) very unappealing profile. I am also happy for there to be a little change from the front, as I have kind of a small face and I look young for my age.

I am from the UK but I will be going to Japan later in the year for a homestay and am planning on having the surgery done there. The cost is MUCH less than the ridiculous prices in the UK, and I know Japanese hospitals are generally very clean (no super bugs, etc.,). As such, until I meet with surgeons over there I am not 100% sure who I will go with or when.

My main fear is going under general. I have had general before but not for many years. I would prefer local/twilight if at all possible, though I'm not sure whether this is necessarily a good idea or if any of the surgeons I speak to will be willing to do this.

I will add photos soon, but won't update too often until my plans are more definite. Please share your experiences and advice below, it will mean a lot to me, thank you!

Pics - my profile now, and how I'd like it

No one really knows I want this yet so I'm sorry about the 'privacy' measures. Nearer the time I will post proper pics.

My chin is quite small and I just know that in the future I will end up with a double chin. :( I imagine my implant will be on the small side. I would also like some definition on my jaw, as you can see from the photoshopped picture on the right.

I feel my profile makes me look puffy and a bit funny around the lips - I can't quite describe it, but they look slightly pursed even though they aren't. The modifications in the second picture cancel it out.

My front view - pics

Thought I'd add a front view - once again no full face, sorry guys. I've also included a picture of a girl with an awesome chin from the front, although how much is real and how much is photoshop will forever remain a mystery. I'm not even sure that that kind of look would suit me or if it would even be possible with my bone structure. What do you guys think?

Talked it over a little bit more with my mother. She's (typically) not really behind it seeing as she 'doesn't think there's a problem' (well of course it's not a 'problem', just an aesthetic choice!). But she says one of her colleagues at her workplace is an implant specialist. I do think I'd rather do it in Japan, though. It's still way cheaper and I'd be able to recover away from my family's disapproving and reproachful eyes (I might eventually talk my mother around but my other family members would never approve). Besides, I think my mother's colleague would go through the mouth and I would rather go under the chin because it seems to have fewer risks and a more straight forward recovery.

Anyway, feel free to comment and offer advice/ask questions below! Thanks for reading! :)

Overbite or not?

Not a single one of my dentists or orthodontists has ever told me that I have an overbite. But I'm still not entirely sure. I really don't want jaw surgery as it's so invasive, risky and with a long recovery time. But if I do have an overbite would that cause an issue with getting an implant? Here's my teeth from the front. There's a picture of my profile in one of the above posts.

Four months until I leave the country!

I'm so excited to leave for Tokyo. It's getting closer and I'm looking forward to discussing surgery with my potential clinic.

I sent them an e-mail a while back and I've been told that the procedure can be done locally on a case-by-case basis, and that the price listed on the website is still correct (thank goodness!). I just hope that I get a good vibe from the place once I go.

I will not book anything or even get a consultation until I have a job that covers my rent and food (of course I am also taking plenty of money with me) just to be sure.

Here is another before picture (ugh!). My neck is tilted forward as I have terrible posture so maybe that makes it worse, but it's still pretty bad. On the right is more photoshop magic. I can't wait to have a *normal* profile.

Thought of something...

I just remembered that in Japan it's normal to wear surgical masks when you're sick or trying to avoid getting sick. Sometimes women pop them on when they've got no make up on.

This also means that I can cover up my swelling/bruising pretty easily without anyone noticing.

I might even be able to work after only four or five days of rest. Any problems with speaking can be put down to a bad bout of flu.

I'm such a genius.

Extra Info and back up plans

I think this will be my last update for a while. I'll be leaving the country in a couple of months - so excited!

Here are the clinics I am considering getting a consultation with:

Shinagawa Clinic
Plaza Clinic (although there are 3 bad reviews on here which is disheartening, I will see for myself)
Clinic Le Coquelicot

I will try and find out more while I'm there.

Now, you might be thinking: 'What if none of the clinics are right for you?' In that case, I will save my money and go to the US and have it done there. I wanted Dr Mabrie but boy has he put his prices up ($6641?!). So I will go by the reviews on here and pick someone who is good and reasonably priced.

As always, thanks for reading!

Real Self prompted me to update

I'm leaving next month, so nothing has happened since I last posted. Just wanted to pop in and say that I haven't forgotten about this place! I will have a consultation with Dr Kure even if the reviews on here say he is rude, if he seems like a bad doctor I'll go elsewhere, no harm done. Apparently Japanese doctors can be quite clinical/cold-seeming and the culture there is to do as the doctor says, so it might just be a culture clash.

My first priority will be settling in and finding a job. Once I've done that I will look into getting the surgery. Hope everyone's journeys are going great!

Flying out on Friday

Finally going! Getting very nervous.

I've given it some thought and, after seeing that there has been yet another negative review left for Dr Kure, I will prioritise Le Coquelicot clinic instead. They have English-speaking services and are in fact cheaper that Dr Kure, so that's another good thing. Once I have a job, I will consult them and see what impression they give. Their blog has some good before and afters but not of chin implants, so yeah...I'll have to see when I get there.


I hope every one else is doing great! How are my chin buddies out there? Let me know where you're at in your journey!

Well, this is embarrassing...

I choked. I couldn't go.

I got to Amsterdam to change to a flight to Tokyo and I couldn't do it. I realised I didn't want to go. The feeling came from a place of absolute truth. I've been planning this trip for months without stopping to think if I still truly wanted to do it.

So I thought long and hard, and decided to get on a plane back home. It felt right. It still feels right. Of course, it's still kind of embarrassing.

But I still want to get my chin done. Now I will be seeking UK surgeons, which means much more expensive, but eh, what are you gonna do? Find a job, of course! I have savings but I don't want to splurge them all right away on a chin. So for now it's going to be watch-this-space.


Phew, it's been a long time since I posted anything.

Well, my trip to Japan was a bust as in the end I decided not to go. But I haven't forgotten about getting an implant. In fact, excitingly, I have had a consultation with Dominic Bray and am looking forward to booking in with him later this year.

Dominic's clinic has seen a huge surge in popularity and so get a consultation was not easy. I went to an open evening held at the Marylebone Hotel after months of texting his PA Lucy (who is absolutely lovely!) every Monday to see if there was an opening.

The Open evening was very informative. Dominic usually performs facelifts but he told me he does around 12 chin implants a year. That's an average of one a month, which I don't think is too bad! His presentation was very open and he spoke frankly about what can go wrong during surgery (although a chin implant is obviously much more straight forward than getting a facelift).

He told me at first that he didn't think I needed an implant and that injectable fillers might be better. I've been against that idea because I've seen so many people get fillers that only look good for a few months before they start to look crappy and become lumpy. Considering how expensive they are, I didn't want to have to deal with it.

When I went to my one-on-one consultation with him, he conceded that a small implant might suit me. I showed him my before shots on here and the 'after' shot of my profile that I shopped, and he told me that it looked feasible although he said it's unlikely that the skin beneath my chin would 'lift' the way I have pushed it up in PS (I will upload my original and also my new estimation so you can understand what I mean).

Right now I am a temp and I am between assignments, and once I am settled in a new assignment (which should be no more than a couple of weeks) I will book my surgery date. I have the money for the op, but I would prefer to book in when I am earning just as a safety buffer.

I really like Dominic, he is very open, down-to-earth and realistic. I know people say shop around, but I am happy to go with him.

Once I have booked a date I will update you guys! This is very, very exciting! :D

Still nothing new

I'm temping right now and unfortunately I've had very little work the last three months, meaning I've been unable to book my surgery (technically I have the money but I don't want to commit to such a big financial agreement until I am employed). I start a three-week assignment in two weeks and after that I should hopefully have an ongoing assignment that will carry me through to the new year. That being the case, I should hopefully be booking my surgery in September.

I also want to apologise to everyone who has left a comment and not had a reply. Real Self does NOT tell me when I get a comment, it just sends me an update every few months. So I will check my settings and try and fix that. Thank you everyone who has commented, please be assured I have read and appreciated your input.

I am still super psyched to get this done, although much to my annoyance I've developed some mild acne on my jawline. I went through my teenage years and early twenties with only the occasional blemish and now, at almost thirty, I'm getting acne?! And near my chin of all places! Still, it is beginning to clear up.

As soon as I have booked I will update this blog again. Poor Dr Bray has probably forgotten me by now!

I got a date!! 08/03/17

FINALLY. Holy crap, this journey is a long one! It's been forever since I last updated, but I finally have a date! I'm both excited and nervous.

I will be seeing Dominic Bray. Unfortunately Real Self will not allow me to change the location from Tokyo to London.

So, if you've had chin implant surgery, let me know how it all went and if you have any tips to share, please do!

Just paid the booking deposit

So now all I have to do is wait to hear more. Dominic's PA Karen will tell me once it's been received. It's pretty crazy to see that kind of money leave my account. I was terrified in case it went to some random person, I kept checking the numbers over and over again, lol.

I'm really excited but also nervous. It feels far away but I know it will roll around really quickly. My current job is a temping one so by the time March comes I may have finished there. I'm kind of hoping so because I don't want to take medical leave, I'd rather just take a break between assignments, and then my next employer will never know that anything has changed.

Getting Closer & Family Reacts

Eek! It's less than three months away now. Getting both excited and nervous.

I broke the news to my mother and brother. They are...not supportive, really. My brother gave a nervous laugh and was like 'Really? You're really doing this?' He thought I was joking, then once he realised I was serious he kept saying 'you don't need it, I don't think you need it'.

You know what? Yeah I don't fucking need it, you moron. No one 'needs' cosmetic surgery. I didn't 'need' to get my nose pierced, either. People who have tattoos don't 'need' them. I don't give two craps whether or not *he* thinks I need it. What an idiot. My mum's resigned herself to it, she knows not to try and stop me (I mean, I'm 28, she can't). Both kept asking how much it was, and I was like, I'm not telling you; it's not their money, it's not their business. They'd freak out if they knew the exact sum so I'm gonna keep quiet.

So now of course the pressure is on. If it looks bad I'm going to have my sanctimonious and 'ever-so-concerned' brother pulling the sympathy face and my mum making remarks about it.

I think they're under the delusion that I have low self-esteem. I don't. I'm freaking VAIN. If I thought I looked like shit I wouldn't bother - why waste money on something that isn't worthwhile? I'm doing this for me because I love myself and always want the best for myself.

I'm not saying that they HAVE to be on board with it, or that they have to like the idea; I just hate the way they always freak out if I do anything. 'Oh, you don't have to do that'.

Fuck you Imma do me.

More before photos

Realised I didn't have a lot of 'before' photos, so here they are. This should hopefully make it more obvious why I'm doing this.

I'm really excited for the procedure. According to the PA I spoke to I won't be seeing Dominic again before surgery, so that's, uh, that. I'm sure he will tell me all what I need to do when I get there.

One thing I wish i could do is delete some of my entries, especially the ones about getting it done in Tokyo! I can't even change the location from Tokyo to London, which is really stupid. I get that RS don't want people to 'post and run' but I feel there should be some leeway, like you can only delete one post per day/week or something.

1 month to go

It's exactly a month until my procedure. I'm starting to feel the nerves. I keep oscillating between 'can't wait to get it over and done with' and 'omg this is such a big deal, so scary argh'.

I'm gonna contact the office again because everyone else on here seems to be given advice on meds and stuff to take before surgery and I haven't had anything so far. The girl I spoke to on the phone the other week told me I won't be seeing Dominic again until my surgery so I'm not sure if or when I will be given any prescriptions.

In the meantime I will be purchasing the following:

- an elevated pillow
- a travel pillow
- meal replacement shakes
- drinking straws
- bio oil

And here are some other things I plan to do post-surgery:

- remove all mirrors from my room
- get a bunch of books on my kindle
- subscribe to netflix again

As sad as it may seem, I'm looking forward to the time off work as much as anything, lol.

Pre-operative nerves and anxiety

How do you guys deal with the scary build-up to surgery? It's not the procedure I'm worried about so much as the fact that I have anxiety disorder which I worry is going to make the next few weeks and the day of the op really difficult. I woke up this morning with a feeling of dread. I know it's good to feel these things now rather than not experience them until the actual day.

I'd love some stories and advice if anyone has any.

2 weeks to go

Can't believe in two weeks time I'll be recovering from the procedure. This has been a very long journey that seems to have crept up on me all of a sudden. What doesn't help is that I got the flu last week which has completely pushed the op from my mind, so now that I've recovered and got back to work, it's like...eek! Still doesn't feel real AT ALL. (I suppose I should be glad that I got sick now rather than nearer to the operation...)

I'll probably be working from home during my recovery, which kinda sucks but at least I'll get paid. I told work I'm having an 'orthodontic' procedure and I'm taking a week off, so I hope that will be enough. Out of the blue they're hiring an assistant to my position and he's/she's started the week of my op! So I'm gonna have the added stress of trying to train them remotely while I recover.

Other than that, I'm good to go. I've got everything I need for recovery with the exception of pineapple juice and frozen peas, which I will buy nearer the day. I'll also pick up some bio oil for the scar but I can get that post op. I just want to give my bedroom a good tidy and I might as well use anti-bac wipes in the lead up to the day.

Still nervous, but coping for now. I'll add some more 'before' pictures for your, er, collective amusement. Btw I know my hair is godawful in all these pictures, I've kind of let it get long recently because I thought it'd be easier to hide swelling that way. I will get it cut beautifully once I'm recovered enough. <3
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