28 Y/o 5'4 142lbs 13.5 Diameter Weight Lifter

Im thinkin about 400-450cc mod plus profile under...

Im thinkin about 400-450cc mod plus profile under muscle. Of course im nervous. I know a lot of girls wish they would have went bigger but i dont want it to be the focal point. I want it to go with my body that i work hard for. A natural look. Im usually in gym clothes but when i wear normal clothes i want to feel more confident. I use to have bigger boobs but lost them when i lost body fat. I had a full C and that would have been perfect to keep.

1 week pre

I domt feel nervous yet but i did have a dream that i got my surgery and my implants were trying to flip haha. Mayb because i keep looking at stuff and reading stories on here. Im ready for mext friday!

Few hrs post off

Well i just got home. Pain isnt too bad just constant pressure. I basically dressed myself and the nurse said i was acting like i hadnt even had surgery. I rated my pain 2/10. Im sure itll increase with time. Doc ended uo going w 450cc. I dont want to judge them bc i know they will def drop but right now they r at my collarbone. Right now im in the recliner and just relaxing. Just got a lot of stiffness.

24 hrs post

It's been a little over 24hrs and i am feeling pretty good. I have a little more soreness today but no real pain. Im staying on top of my meds every 4 hrs (hydro). I have a muscle relaxer to take at night. The doc recommended that for me bc i have thick pecs from working out and she said it would help w muscle spasms. She also gave me stuff for nausea but thankfully i havent had any of that. Only time i felt kinda blah was when i was gettin dressed after surgery but bot like i was goin to get sick. I do beleive making myself eat soup yesterday evening helped. I wasnt hungry but i knew i needed to eat. I slept in the recliner yesterday and night. That went well. Im sure the meds help w that bc im usually a stomach/side sleeper. I havent had really any pain. Im just more sore in my arm pits today. My incisions arent sore. Ive been moving my arma around slowly just to keep from being so tight. Doc said i could do anything that doesnt hurt.
I went into the surgery thinking ok its just goin to be really sore not painful for recovery and so far thats really all that i have experienced, is soreness. So ladies go in with a positive mind set. Ive read w different reviews some ppl needed to be fed or wiped and couldnt move around. U can, its jist how your mindset is and how u take the soreness. I workout daily and im notmally sore on the daily. Yes this is intensified but it is a lot better than i was thinking it would be ! :)

Day 2 post op

So today is the most pain i have felt. Nothing bad like a 3/10. I feel it mainly in my R boob and armpit. Kinda a little pain and a little burning sensation. I have some tightness but i dont feel like i have as much as before. I got to shower today yay. I felt kinda warn out afterwards lol but it was easy bc i have already been doin range of motion exeecises with my arms and im able to put my hair in a pony tail. I just go slow and make sure i dont hurt myself. I took some pictures today and i feel like ny boobs look a lit bigger in the pics. Again, im not judging them yet bc they got a lot of dropping and fluffing to do. Im still taking my meds as recommended. Thankfully i still havent felt sick ir anything but last night i rode around w my friend just to get out of the house and let me tell u, u will notice every single tiny bump lol. The ride didnt last long bc it started making me feel blah. But it was nice to get out and move around. So this morning ive just sitting on the porch enjoying listening to the bird's. Im about to ice my boobs and prob take a nap. Hopefully my pain does not increase. I did feel a little tighter when i 1st woke up i guess thats the morning boob ppl talk about

Day 3 post

Today i woke up and felt some pressure but ive been sleeping in the recliner so i just sat up a little for the last hour of sleep so my body could get use to it. I felt fine getting up and i got myself ready to go find a bra for myself since i go back to work tomorrow. I just got a few sporta bras bc my booba have a lot or changing to do. The 1st few i tried on like smashed my boobs and i was like omg they r huge lol. Especially trying to fit a bra around them. I tried on about 4 different ones and got the loose one. Afterwards i started hurting around my incision site on the L side and i felt warn out. It's the most ive done in the last few days. Im still taking my meds and my head felt kinda spacey just walking around the store. I came home and iced ny boobs and took a nap. I woke up feeling better without any pain so thats good. I cant really tell a differe9w my boobs today but ill load a pic anyways. All in all ive barely had any pain so that makes me happy

Day 4

So today i had to return back to work. I only had to be there for 4 hours but during that 4 hours it was either the walking or the bra that made my boobs hurts. Probably a combo. I walked slow and the bra is loose. I had to drive & it's about 20 min both ways. The driving wasnt bad at all. When i got home i couldnt wait to take off ny bra. I had like a stinging feeling in my R boob above ny nipple and also the L side of my back by my armpit. I iced and relaxed the rest lf the day. I very bloated amd i thin that is causing me not to feel that well this afternoon. I think my L boob is goin to drop before my R but we will see. I dont really care aa long as they end up pretty without any complications, then ill be happy! My boobs r still looking huge especially in the sports bra!

Day 6 post op apt

This morning i went to my post op apt. Everything is looking good and she showed me my massages. Im juat sore and randomly have a little bit of pain in my R boob likr a stinging and every now and then my R tricep catches & it's like a pulling... very aggravating. I stopped takin my pain meds yesterday. I didnt go to work yesterday bc i had a bad headache and was getting dizzy. That never happens so since ive stoped taking my meds i have felt better. It didnt help w the soreness or stinging anyways. so just got to give it time. They arent as swollen and high as they were so thats good. All in all everything is goin well and just got to deal w the soreness & wait.

After consultation with 2 different docs i went with the 2nd. She was much more attentive & didnt rush me like the 1st one. She listened & asked questions. After talking about diff implants and my goals she gave me 450cc fillers. They didnt seem like they would be too big. She actually said sbe would recommend 475cc. I told her my expectations and i do think we will be able to come to an agreement and make the best choice while im in surgery. She said she will put the size of choice in and if it is not what she thinks it is the look we discussed she will put a different size in. Im leaning more toward 400-425cc. My friends that have went to her were very hapoy with their surgery. One girl went with the bigger size she recommended amd was very happy she did. It's hard to go off of other people bc each implant looks different on everyone.

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