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I'm having a hysterectomy and tummy tuck at the...

I'm having a hysterectomy and tummy tuck at the same time.. I'm a bit worried but I'm sure it will be a great improvement. I'm 150lbs/ 5'6/ white
I gained about 10 lbs and YES I will blamey IUD for it and for my prolapse uterus, reason for the hysterectomy.. I'm trying to make it a win-win by doing the tummy tuck

Tummy tuck 3rd day

I had it done June 25th, right after the surgery I felt great.. Only pain was in and out of bed, otherwise I've been feeling good, I was worried about depression since I suffer from it but my mood has been stable and I feel happy.. Today is my 3rd day & I've been walking around more.
I had lipo on my upper and lower back, been puttin arnica lotion and idk if it works or not but it feels good.. Dr Paredes is the best! The staff was so great and professional, I'm so grateful to have them as my team! Will upload pics as soon as things get better!

10 days post

I'm extremely happy with the whole procedure! Everyone was/has been great! I still have 1 drain in place but it better than the alternative.. It doesn't bother me at all! I bought some "spanx" which looked flimsy until I tried them on!! Waoo that stuff works!! I bought like a bodysuit so It can over my breasts also and half my thighs..
Today I had sex for the 1st time! I'm a little worried ???????? but I hope nothing bad happens.
Dr Paredes saw me and as usual super nice, he says it looks great! And I believe him!
Look for yourselves.
I started to use "scar care" roll on for the areas where lipo was done.. I still have the steristrips on the imission, which he recommends to not touch until the 3-4th week!
Best office ever!

3 weeks post op

I'm feeling my great self as usual! I can walk straight now and sleep on my side.. Jiat started the Endermology "massages" and they feel great, I got a headache right after it and gonna blame it on all the toxins and cramp it prob moved around. Started working also, I'm a dental hygienist and sit most of the day.. Felt tired but I can make it. I'm wearing the compressions Gardment all the time and bought like 5 so I let them "breath" and not over stretch them, it actually feels great!!
Enjoy the pics!

4 weeks post op

Okkk so steristrips started to fall off.. I bought the silon scar remover system And I love it because it has the shape of the scar and it covers it well.. Just washed it and took a pic of the scar itself
Here it is.. The vertical scar is where my old belly button was..????????
Tallahassee Plastic Surgeon

Dr Paredes is a wonderful man, very sensitive and great humor, also extremely professional. I highly recommend him and his office, they always answered my questions and helped me with the OBGYN scheduling the procedures. I'm waiting for my surgery date and will post " post surgery pics" By the week!

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