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I chose LASIK because about 10 hrs into a 12hr...

I chose LASIK because about 10 hrs into a 12hr shift, I couldn't make out numbers or see well enough to to drive home without applying eye drops on a near continuous basis. The place is my insurance would give a discount to reburied sketchy so I went to TLC center in Westchester Illinois with Dr. Probst. I'm concerned about dry eyes. I was panicked for several weeks. I was worried about permanent damage to my vision. Would $4000 be worth this?
I had some more tests for corneal thickness& measurements for an hour. Then a sublingual Ativan. I was the first to go in. It took about 90 seconds per eye. A gentle eye holder than, a plastic cover, then my cornea was cut & flipped back. Ewww. 20 sec of laser time staring at orange light. Then the cornea is flipped back & glued back on. My vision is slightly foggy. Not too dry. Slept 5 hrs.

Dry eye hell

I feel like Hussein is motorboating his mustache against my corneas. I neatly tore my eyes out at work. Maybe an office worker can go back after 1 day, but I'm a nurse in an ICU--bright lights, the dryest environment, super infections, violent patients batting at your "permanently" weakened corneas. Your corneas?!?! I used to be unable to drive home without eye drops due to my contacts. I couldn't read sometimes. Giving this operation more time. I had it on 4/23. It's 5 days later. I have clear vision between drops. Drops every 20min?! My peri orbital skin is raw. I've spent over $100in 3 data on single use drops. I feel nauseated from nasal drainage. I didn't do drops cause someone almost died. Ok. Maybe this will get better.

Permanent annoyance

My lasik surgery has meant more maintenance, visual disturbance, & headaches. Not worth it. More expensive than contacts or glasses. I'm tied to my eyes drops. Restasis 2x per day. Lubricant drops 6x plus per day. I've lost more than half my eyelashes due to the constant drops that get all over my drops. I can't wear eye make up because of all the gunk on my eyes and wetting eye drops. I look like I have an eye disease. Don't do it.

Paid $4000 for Eye Disorders


I hate you

I had lasik in April 2015. I made a mistake having this procedure. A big one. It has been constant problems, costly, & hazardous to my vision. During the dry eye evaluation, the company representative (?, don't even know if he has a license) told me that, 'if it wasn't springtime, your eyes would be considered too dry to do this.' I then asked if we should do it at all because it will be drier weather eventually & I work in a hospital with a dry environment. He said it would not be a problem. This was NOT A true claim. I never had complaint of dry eyes ever. If the test hadn't shown this I wouldn't have known. This was a great disservice to me, misleading, & flagrantly inexcusable to do to a patient.
The procedure itself was a nerve racking experience & being awake the whole time your cornea is cut off & you are blinded was one of the worst experiences of my life. I had nightmares about the penetration & cutting into my eyes.

The pamphlets say that your corneas will "heal". This is not true according to NIH. The cornea strength is reduced to 20% of its original strength. Not by 20%, but to 1/5 the original integrity. People should be informed of this as you are at high risk for corneal trauma or loss of your cornea.

I've had constant problems. My vision may test 20/20, but my night vision is gone. Your eyes don't adjust to darkness & night driving is hazardous do to haloes that obstruct your visual field almost entirely. I can't read license plates or street signs like I use to do. The dry eye had led to a huge expense ($30 per month for restasis, fish oil, Thera tears & systane at $10/month a piece). At least $50 a month to try for comfort. That's more than I pay for contacts in 2 months time. I would pay $100 for the year. I look like I have pink eye. It scares my patients & friends. My lids are red due to irritation. Half of my eyelashes have fallen out do to the gunk in my eyes. I cannot wear eye makeup. The irritation & non-stop drops prevent any makeup from staying. My eyes feel rubbed with sand paper. They look like it too. The maintenance I've been doing after this procedure has been an extreme burden on my time and health. I'm constantly putting drops in to try to see. This takes up a lot of time, 6x per day or more at least. Every time going to the bathroom, hand washing & risking for infection. It disrupts my job. I'm responding to codes with blurred vision. I've had a stye--that was painful & ugly. At present I had a reaction to lotemax. I had a headache for 2 days & facial flushing. My tear ducts then starting leaking white fluid. Now I'm on antibiotics--oral & more instillation drops.

I have never had eye problems prior to this procedure. Now, it's a constant problem.

I could lose my vision.

I want to know what could be done. This is an unacceptable result.

Blood Tears& Corneal Erosions

My ophthalmologist diagnosed me with "corneal erosions" today. He said it casually to a resident he was training. I looked it up later on and found out it was the reason why when I wake up in the morning it feels like I'm tearing my corneas. It may also be the cause of the pain in my lower eyes that feels like burning. I have been using refresh p.m. for a couple weeks and it does provide some relief when I wake up. He wants me to try autologus serum eyedrops due to corneal erosions. This means that I had to have blood drawn to be tested for AIDS and hepatitis and then I get 20 vials of blood drawn to have a serum made for my own blood to instill in my eyes every two hours while awake. Sounds like fun! The blood serum is supposed to have healing properties. I'm having the blood drawn for the serum on Monday. I don't know that much about side effects of this procedure and again, I will apparently be having to put the blood derived tears into my eyes every two hours while awake. The estimated cost would be at least $300 to make the drops & then $30 per bottle that is a 1 week supply. So $600 out of pocket total. Man, I miss my once a year $300 contact bill right now. & having to put in my contacts once and then maybe have to put in 1 eyedrop before driving home after a 12 hour shift. This isn't about the money. It's about my eye health. I've been living in a near constant state of anxiety and almost depression because I'm worried about going blind and all of the maintenance and life disruption is kind of getting to me. My right eye also appears 'conical' in shape? I received a call today from the TLC office in Westchester who suggested that I cancel my appointment that was on Thursday. I consented to the cancellation because we have 11 inches of snow expected the day prior to the appointment and I may not be able to drive up in that storm. I am very dissatisfied and distressed by the results of this procedure. It has been painful, costly, and very high maintenance and disruptive to my life. I could probably go legally blind and not be able to notice it for four hours because my vision is either blurred due to the drops or two dryness. Vision is very inconsistent. The pamphlet states that the dryness should last 1 to 3 months. I am almost one year post op. When I heard that up to 30% of people have dry eye afterwards I thought it was a simple feeling that was easily fixed with some lubricant drops. This is a very incorrect assumption. I have tried literally every single eyedrop available with regular installation. My eyes hurt & look terrible. I have a constant pain in the outer corner of my L eye and it looks like I have varicose veins there which I have no explanation for. It feels like someone hit me. I don't know if maybe all the drops are damaging the microvasculature around my eyes? And then my eyes look I am like I have pink eye all the time. I see a halo around anything white and lights are horrific right now. I used to be a voracious reader and now I have trouble editing my younger sister's five page paper. I've actually stopped looking at my iPhone & TV. My prescribed regimen is fish oil 1500mg, multivitamin, Restasis four times a day, moist heat to my eyes for four times a day for 10 minutes, lubricant eyedrops as often as possible about ever 1-2hrs, and a thick gel lubricant of before bed. I clean my eyes twice a day to prevent gunk buildup and infection.I'm also trying Muro 128 a hypertonic sodium eye drop for corneal edema that burns. It's exhausting & doesn't seem to help. I'm seeing doctors a lot. I've had reactions to eye drops (Lotemax: eyelids swelling, wheezing, 2 day global headache & then had a lacrimal gland infection. Maybe the steroid fed the bacteria?) another eyedrop made me tear up and then the tears caused a swelling reaction on my face.Before this procedure I took a multivitamin &Benadryl for sleep I especially can't find anything that helps at work. I bought special glasses for night driving and foam-lined sunglasses for wind protection when I am outside. I stopped taking Benadryl which is the only thing that could help me sleep due to risk for increased dryness. I'm still trying to find something that I can take safely to help me sleep. I don't think I've had more than four hours of sleep per night in the past month. I know it's hard to believe but I am in no way a princess and the Pea type of person. It takes a lot to irritate me. I hope everyone had better results than I have had.

Placenta, blood tears, & Pain

I can't believe how many problems this procedure has caused. I feel like I was not fairly evaluated in that these doctors would take money from anyone and probably butcher a baby's eyes in order to receive a profit. In December, I had to have a prokera, which is human placenta would you wear over your eye for a week. I had to have my eye taped shut. I then did three months worth of auto this year I'm drops, which are eyedrops made from my own blood at a cost of about $250 a month. I had punctal plugs which cost about $1000. Each time I go to the doctor they sat my corneas look worse. I have not had one comfortable day since this procedure. It has taken away any spare money that I have and has caused me constant discomfort. I clear away secretions from my eyes all day. My skin surrounding my eyes is painful due to the constant watering and/or secretions. I can't believe how much this 'simpl'e procedure has ruined my life. No one seems to want to believe this because they want to be free of classes or contacts. The Lasix center makes approximately $160,000 a day by my estimate. they butcher ~40 patients A day, at about $4000 a pop. that's how much they are making off of misery.

This procedure has ruined my life. This was the worst decision of my life. These providers intentionally lied to me stating that dry eye would not be a problem that would require more than, "1 to 2 drops per day." They are scripted liars & a shame to their profession. I initially could not believe the overly emotional and bad reviews of Lasix until after I had it. This procedure has destroyed my life. It is causing constant pain, vision fluctuation, and has severely damaged my finances. Your eyes have some of the most nerve endings in your body and because of this my eyes constantly feel like they are burning and in pain. This company has intended to discredit any negative claims, but I am aware that I have almost no recourse against the permanent damage that has been done. Every day, more than half my day, is spent in pain and active discomfort despite the many treatments I have paid for including going on doxycycline which causes me nauseous, stomach pain, yeast infection and puts me at risk for major infections. I'm also on Restasis, autologus serum drops, and over the counter gel drops, Eyelid wipes, & must put a hot mask over my eyes to try to steam open my myeibomian glands every day multiple times. I spend $300/ month on eye care. My eyes look absolutely horrible. Just Google corneal etosions and see if you want to look at like that for the rest of your life and be in constant pain with the burden of spending more in a month anywhere in contacts in a year. This is the absolute worst thing that has ever happened to me. I can see why people make it there life's mission to make other people not have this operation. If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to me. I would never want anyone else to suffer like this. I can see why even healthy people contemplate suicide after this. this operation is unnecessary, debilitating, and just causes permanent damage to your eyes, your most important sense. They earn $4000 for 10 minutes of butchering your eyes and you're left with the consequences for the rest of your life. Please do not have this procedure.

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