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So far, Dr. Campos has the best results of body...

So far, Dr. Campos has the best results of body contouring, after seeing many pre-op photos of his patients. WOW..he def has talent and I def want that hourglass figure. I am 5'3 and currently weigh 165lbs. I am trying to lose 10 to get to my personal ideal weight of 155lbs before July 13. I love the fact that Campos can make majority of his patients have the Coca-Cola bottle figure!!!

Angie, his coordintaor can be a bit vague when it comes to the detailed information that is much needed. But I guess I can live with that because after all Campos is doing my surgery and not her...she does get back to me very fast and efficient.....Can't wait...

I have to spend an additional $1400 for the recovery house. I will be staying at La Casa de Lilas.

July 31st with Dr. Campos!!!! Who else will be...

July 31st with Dr. Campos!!!! Who else will be there????

Well....... I have decided to keep researching......

Well....... I have decided to keep researching....I am supposed to put a deposit down for Campos in the next few days BUT I can't help but feel weird about the experience with Angie!!!! She is too vague and not at all detailed!!!!! She responds to emails pretty quick BUT the information provided is sub par, not even enough information!!!!! And traveling from the states to MX, we need all detailed information......So, I've heard about Dr Pantoja's staff, Nadia and how she definitely cares about a patient's concern and will answer in very detailed information. And she will be realistic too....I have the $$$$ I just sent an email to Dr. Pantoja's office....I'm curious to hear what they have to say.

If you look at my pics, I really don't like my upper's wide...but Campos never suggested lipo there....Hmm... I know I need a boob lift/ but Campos quoted me $10,000.....for ETT, Brazillian, Lipo in upper back and waist and breast lift...

First off, I didn't really search any other Dr....

First off, I didn't really search any other Dr. besides Dr. Campos. After experiencing sub par customer service from Dr. Campos' team, I decided to do more research on RealSelf. I came across many positive results in regards to Dr. Pantoja. Also the fact that his staff is very tentative when it comes to his patients, I like that!

So, instead of booking with Campos,, which I almost did, I decided to contact Dr. P's team. In less than 24 hours, I received an email from Dr. P and Nadia. Great!!! Not only was it very detailed, but there were (3) different options available to me. You can read it below:

Package 1: Tummy tuck, liposuction, fat grafting, breast lift and implants $7,000dlls.
Package 2: Tummy tuck, liposuction and fat grafting $5,000dlls.
Package 3: Breast lift and implants $3,800dlls

I am torn between Package 1 and 2. Mainly because I'm not sure about implants. If I were to get implants, I would just want it to be proportionate to my body. That's it, no cantaloupes!

On the other hand what if I got package 2 and just got a nice bra? I mean no one will see my deflated boobs, right? Aye yi yi!!! Choices... Now I am researching regrets when it comes to BA. I just want to see what it is that most of these women regretted and so far it is clothing options and the fact that they got 'em too big....So I am still undecided. If you look at my pics, I don't mind going to a full C.

Anyway, I am happy to report I have unofficially booked myself on the 31st of July. I'm just waiting for Angie's response to the payment process. Oh btw, I am definitely asking questions and it feels good knowing that this doc and staff will answer my every concern...

Oops...I meant to say that I am waiting for...

Oops...I meant to say that I am waiting for NADIA's REPLY from Dr. P's office and not Angie....Sorry about that....

Ok ladies. I almost didn't go thru with the entire...

Ok ladies. I almost didn't go thru with the entire Sx for myself. As a mom, I started feeling, "Why should I spend money on me? I should just spend the money on my children and their needs." Well, I kept thinking about it. Back and forth I went from telling myself that I sure do want to be the beautiful person I know I am underneath all this excess skin. Mind you, my highest weight I was 250 lbs , every time I tried to go shopping, I would sweat because I could never find anything beautiful to wear. I felt inferior.

Well, my current weight is 162. I am trying to get 155ish by July 31st. I also made up my mind that I am going to do this for myself. And the way I feel on the inside will finally match how I feel on the outside. I can't wait!

Dr. Pantoja's team has been ON TOP OF EVERYTHING! His staff especially Nadia has been providing me with EXCELLENT PATIENT SERVICE EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!! I also read many other patients here on realself that have raved about the Dr. Pantoja's staff being great with answering questions, changing Sx dates multiple times, Lol...Etc...The same attention they are showing me now is what I know will be expected of them post-up...I am content with Dr. Pantoja and team....

Right now I am about to book my stay at Club Med. I will be staying on July 29th, July 30th (Sx-Clinic stay), July 31st (Clinic), Aug1st-Aug 6th, (Club Med). Whoo-hoo....It sounds like a plan...I better book now and shell out the money before my mind starts to trick me into backing out!!! Love ya my RealSelf Sistas!!!!

Just wondering. Try picturing this position.....

Just wondering. Try picturing this position...After I get my tt and bbl, why can't I try sleeping hunched over on a bunch of pillows, on my knees, it's kind of like fetal position on your knees....I wish I could draw it for ya'll...But I am trying to figure out the position before Sx in July. What are your thoughts for those who have had the Sx already

I was looking into recovery houses and I decided...

I was looking into recovery houses and I decided to stay at ClubMed. Marvin seems to be on top of his work. He is also willing to accommodate me should anything arise , like the possibility of changing my sx date. Plus i have read great reviews from other RS members about their experience with CM. I like that it is a licensed facility which means it has to have certain criteria in order for the business to continue to run. ..

Dr. Pantoja & Nadia...EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!!

Nadia, part of Dr. Pantoja's team, has been EXCEPTIONAL!!!! I have sent her over 80 emails and she has ALWAYS responded back to me quickly. I swear, I sounded like a basket case in most of my emails and her professionalism has shown through the emails she has sent back. She answered many of my questions with greater detail than I expected. So far, I am very confident in my decision with this team. She has shown great care towards me...and I haven't even had my sx yet.

Two more days until Sx

Hey everyone! I have 2 more days until sx. I am staying at ClubMed tomorrow and then after that, I go to Dr. Pantoja's office. Yay...Send me good vibes!!! Lord, bless me in my recovery and heal me quickly. In Jesus' name. Amen!


Susana, Marvin and all the ladies here are GREAT! The view here is spectacular. CM overlooks the ocean and I can hear the waves ; very relaxing! I flew in yesterday for my first day stay b4sx. But will return to CM after my first two days with Pantoja.


Ladies. This will be brief. Dr. PANTOJA IS SO AMAZING....the pics will speak for itself! He took about 10lbs excess skin. I don't have a pic of my booty yet coz I'm still a bit light-headed.....hubby said I look like a mermaid. And my saggy breasts look bigger coz they're not laying on my rolls of fat! Woo-hoo!!!!! GOD BLESS ALL OF THE PANTOJA TEAM!

ass is huge! keep in mind I'm so very will fluff out. me no worried :)

Hey ladies....I know my ass will fluff out...right now its swollen & HUGE! it looks wide but I not worried coz I'm swollen. The full results will be later. But I can tell Dr P gave me the max....I'm happy....swollen coz of my circular tt which u can tell by now my sides..... looks like a chinky eyed cat lol....

ass pic.....

Phat ass!

items I brought with me.....

Backpack. 3 tshirts, 1shorts, 1 yoga pants, 2 underwears, toothbrush/paste, proactiv kit, cotton balls, passport, cash....

ClubMed provided: arnica tea, robe, launder services (of course) , boppy, basically all the extra things we want to get before sx....meals (of course)...oh and a large mouth cup (pee pee cup) a lifesaver! Lol....

nausea, headache, no rest, massage, side sleep

All those things in that order. Maripaz helped me drain so much from my bbl. Dr p leaves an open drain in ur booty. When Maripaz worked her magic in my lower back, liquid came out like a leaky faucet. It felt nice.

side sleeping approved with guidance of course

I'm now in my side. Whee. I'm gonna get me some sleep.

Compression Garment = added health benefits + shaping on body

Ladies. Im feeling much better. I got to sleep on my sides (Hallelujah). I was tossin from side to side but I got much needed rest. Thanks for the love & prayers. Regarding the faja/compression garment....the first 2 days I bitched! "O I think its small, o its causing me headaches coz I feel like a sausage, o I think I need a bigger one, o I can't sleep good coz its too tight" Ladies, I am on my 3rd day wearing it and.....its fitting nicely! And when I took it off for my massage, sho enuf! My A$$ was forming! Some women say they saw immediate results....what I saw was a wide huge ass....but the wide part subsided (I was swollen, which eccentuated the wideness) lol, and my ass is turning into a bubble. I shouldve taken a pic.....I will do so soon just to show you RS sistas! So some women will see immediately but in my case my cg is assisting in getting the swolleness down and my body is taking on its beautiful shape. And my A $$ is looking awesome. Wow a FILIPINA CHICK WITH A BUBBLE BUT AND BANGING like!

4days post op

Great improvement for thd swelling. I love the beauty change. I may not be perfect in looks but I'm worth it. ?

4days post op


So I look in the mirror and what do I see? I see sagging boobs staring at me ; But you know what? I'm content with me. I came a long way. I'm happy with my results. Dr Pantoja did awesome ! We can really get caught up with our flaws, but its at that moment we snap out of it and say " Hello me, I'm going to be good to you by loving you for who you are!"

more pics ....


5days post op...booty....

more booty fluff as days go by :)

I'm starting to feel the jiggly in my ass. Abd the more days pass, the more I see the results. I'm still a bit swollen around the "S" curve above my booty...which should begin to form in the coming weeks. I am amazed at the difference! Dr P is great. I especially love love love my tuck and the line!

6th day po booty is looking great :)

Def changing each my booty!


By word of mouth, she is what Mexicans will say, "EXCELLENTE! " Ladies, post op it is imperative to get massages from her. She is like a doctors second eye. "She knows her shit!" Tons of experience...she is definately part of the recovery process. My body couldn't do without her!

Dr Pantoja! TO BE CONTINUED.....

I will update at home in California because Dr P deserves my respects in terms of his review! He CARES SO MUCH FOR ME AS HIS PATIENT! And He gives the glory to GOD! I want to be able to type every word correctly and gather all my thoughts, experience, and feelings about this humble man who gives his credit to a higher power! ? him!

Team Pantoja!

These two young women have EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE! They gave me a courtesy call 3 days po and 5 days po...and they continue to check on me via email, now that I'm here in California! WONDERFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!

ClubMed....wondeful ladies!

Everyone has taken great care of me here at ClubMed. I am returning in 8 months when I do my breasts. I love having the added benefit of caring and funny women taking care of I want the delicious quesadillas and home cooked meals, even if I'll stay for only three days, these women are fun to kick it with. There are two women that I didn't get to this pic from right to left it is; Favi, Suzanna, Consuelo. Not photograpahed: Selena and Alicia. Cant wait to be with all of them again! These women love what they do!

Forgot the pic of ClubMed ladies!

12 days post op :)

I've been resting on my butt most of the time but from what I can see and feel, its still pretty hard and I love my shape! Hard in the places where I got is still going to fluff out. We need to give it 2-3 months. In the meantime, I have veen healing VERY WELL! Love my results!

12 Days tummy tuck shot :)

Wow....from the way I was before until now! I love my new change! Cannot believe it! God bless the Pantoja team!

12 days, still healing well...

Love it! Still draining....I should take it out by next week....

Dr Pantoja & Staff.... (Aftercare)

Love the Pantoja team. The staff continue to take great care of me, checking my progress and prompting me to call should I need assistance. This kind of reassurance and professionalism is second to none! Thanks to Dr P, Nadia & Hannia....also every nurse that works for him too! God bless all of you.

RS Ladies, I am healing very well! I pulled my drain out and it was a breeze. Ia coming back for the final step in my transformation. ....boobies! And of course I will be doing it with the PANTOJA TEAM in April. I'm just waiting for them to give me the okay....Dr Pantoja said for me to wait 8 months. I cant wait. Im thinking full C's to small D's. Lol.....


I return to work this week. I'm not going to buy a new wardrobe yet! I'm waiting til after the 3 month mark! I have already begun to carry my 20 month old.....a couple times up the stairs coz he was sleeping...but I'm not making it a habit! I'm still sore and swollen but I expect it to last over the next few months. I just want to hit up the Mexican clubs with my hubby! Even tho I am not Mexican..I still want to hit up them clubs and dress't wait!

Drainage after massage...courtesy of Maripaz!

Ladies. This was taken after Maripaz massaged me. She had to use a needle and squeeze out the built up fluid in my back. This is one time but she drained me 7 days straight. :'( It was very necessary for me. Like I said she is a doctors second eye and she knows her shit! She knows when our bodies are healing well and if we need to see the doctor immediately.

5 weeks post op!

Still LOVING my ever so changing body...I've got a nice silhouette hourglass and bubble I'm ECSTATIC! LOVE TEAM PANTOJA! I love and miss everyone I came in contact with in Mx. I really miss all my dear friends at ClubMed too....sigh

2 months PO! More pics!

Hey Ladies! I'm almost two months post op! I'm VERY SATISFIED with my results. I have taken a couple pics for ya ladies that wanted more. I still wear my faja. I just feel more "together" with it on. For my ASS pic, I TOTALLY understand women that want to do a second round! Lol....but these pics do not do my ass justice. Lol....maybe, just maybe, I am thinking of doing round 2 for my ass. I want a DONK! LOL.....I am definately going back to Dr Pantoja in April/May for my boobies. The top doesn't match the bottom half of me. It sags and is deflated so I will need a breast lift to perk it up! As far as cup size, a full C/small D....I'm thinking...let me know if ya ladies need anything. Love ya all my RealSelf sistas!


HHey Sistas. Sometimes I think I'm getting too skinny! I don't do skinny....I LOVE THICK & CURVY!

oops correction...3mos po!

Oos. Above pics are almost 3mos post op!


Ladies, here are pics of me before & after. Its been a long journey. My last part of transformation will be a breast lift and implant. I will be doing this with a REALSELF SISTA, TEENA2202! WE ARE ALREADY MAKING PLANS!!!!! I can't wait! We are shooting for May 16th, 2014.


Ayi yi yi sistas! Above photos ARE almost 2 MONTHS POST OP.....I guess I feel so good that it seems like I've been well for a while. Only thing is when I try to jog a little, my ass kinda hurts where the injection site was under my butt cheeks....I'm thinking coz its a heavy ass...hahaha... .love ya all...let me know if u all need anything.....


Realself Sistas....this is for you! AS WOMEN, WE DO SO MUCH! "AS DAUGHTER'S, WIVES, MOTHER'S, etc....whatever it takes to match our outer beauty with our inner beauty & how we want them both to match. I used to be without a bounce in my, I'm walking with more confidence. I can FEEL IT! " These pics are for women just like me thinking & waiting for their transformation to begin!


Ladies, I will now begin to exercise....definitely squats, weights for my arms, cardio, walking/ trying to see if I'm comfortable jogging. Like I said beforen my ass is a bit sore when I try to jog coz its a heavy

S Curve! & other thoughts if mine!

Hey know the "S" curve above the ass? I wonder how to get that. I know one option is more liposculpture. But I will research on possible exercises. Having the scurve will def give more definition in my ass as far as appearance. I will ask TEAM PANTOJA what their thoughts are! Plus, I can get more lipo sucked from my waist to make it a wee bit smaller....hahaha...


Hey ladies! I have been keeping in touch with Dr Pantoja & Team! They are SO GOOD TO ME! My plans for getting a lift with implants are moving forward! I just want a perky full C.....that's bigger! Lol...I'm thinking April. I was going to do it with my realself buddy ...I'm still hoping. We shall wait & see......I really LOVE DR P, NADIA AND HIS ENTIRE TEAM! BESITOS!

updated pic......booty shot!

Hey RS Sistas! Here is an updated pic of my booty. I need to start exercising.....for real! Tonight! I want my ass to be perkier. I do see my ass stick out in yoga pants and jeans. When im naked it doesn't capture it....but when I take a pic in jeans, it still doesn't capture it either. All I know is that in person, I can see my bubble and silhouette of my hourglass figure....and I feel much more better about myself for real!

1Year Out!!! Still keeping in touch with Team Pantoja!!!!!

In a few words, I haven't gotten my boobies done yet! Other obligations came up. However, I still keep in touch with Team Pantoja and they always accommodate my needs! The Team and Dr have great manners and wonderful customer service. I plan to get my boobies done in the near future just not sure when. My weight has been fluctuating! From 155-165. I'm doing my best to lose 10 pounds to get down to 155 again. I love my results! My pic that I will load up does not do justice... Coz when I wear a certain things, it hugs to my body and I feel super sexy and confident , the way a thiq woman should feel ;) Hubby hasn't been able to keep his hands off me so wives beware!!!!!

Side profile Booty ;)

Hey Ladies... Pics don't do justice for my booty. Let's keep in mind my before & after. I typically have a square butt & I'm Filipina so I really do think that a persons ethnicity may be a factor to consider. Like I said before, I do have a bubble butt , it all depends on what I'm wearing... Plus from the backside angle, I definitely have a bubble. I could use additional volume/ projection.... This is probably when exercise and diet play a role AND being that I am at 165lbs, I could lose about. 10-15. I am going back to Dr Pantoja in the near future.... To do boobies, not sure if I want implants! As far as my booty, I would like more projection ... But my ethnicity, my butt before sx, and the way your body will take the fat grafting are all factors to consider. Hope this helps....I would like more separation of my thigh and butt for sure. Overall, I am very happy !!!!!!!! Much love RS!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I decided to get sx done by Dr Pantoja because I was confident in the great results he has with his patients, his genuine concern for me, and the courteous professional care I received from both he and his staff. On sx day, as I was waiting in the lobby, Dr Pantoja walked in and greeted every single client/potential client, family members of the client, etc. My first impression of him: sweet, caring, humble. Dr. P does many consults. His office was always full of what seems to be potentials and returnees! They looked FABULOUS with BEAUTIFUL RESULTS! One woman from Palm Springs showed me her tummy tuck and breast augmentation and was VERY ecstatic! The look on her face was priceless. As I was called in, the doctor smiled at me. Nadia was assisting him to translate any concern I may have had. He was very funny! The language barrier was not a problem. He marked up my body and I stated for him to make my body tight with a nice shaped bubble butt.I wanted my body tight because my skin was sagging all over due to losing 90lbs. We joked a little bit more and off I went to get prepared. After the sx was over, the doctor told me he had removed lots of extra skin, close to 10 lbs from my abdomen around to my butt! When I took the first pic, I was in awe & amazement. Dr Pantoja and his team did wonderful. There was always a nurse in my room watching me, very comforting and if they had to step out for a minute, they gave me a device that would ring at the push of a button. Dr Pantoja came to check on me many times throughout my 2 day stay there and made sure to leave me each time with a smile. I told him he was perfect. He pointed up and stated, "No, perfect is God. " Dr. Pantoja recognizes that his talent comes from God the Father and I truly find this very cumbersome.....knowing that the doctor gives his credit to Him! In ending, Dr. Pantoja did an amazing job with my body. Everyday it is changing for the better, especially my butt. My tummy tuck looks and is healing very well! I am in awe of my change and what he and his team accomplsihed. Before returning to the states, the doctor saw me off, after having done my post op finalization (everything was healing nicely), he gave me the green light....but before I left, I received my consultation on my breasts....I will be returning to Dr. Pantoja in 8 months to finalize my change from caterpillar to butterfly.....he truly cares about me as his patient! God bless him and his team!

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