2 Teens, 42! Ready for my Updated Body! - Tijuana, Mexico

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I have waited many years to envision and...

I have waited many years to envision and dramatically improve me. Gave myself permission to finally do all of my yuck areas! Lol! 2 older teens, my time now! :) Diet and exercise gave limited results. I'm not a gym rat, 2x wk, but will maintain it tho!! ;)) Had a TT in 2004, Loved it!!! Older now to enjoy my entire body, not for others, but for myself! :) Dr Pantoja's office has been wonderful!! Very detailed and comforting! They have answered all questions quickly within 24-48hrs and are great to talk to! All my anxieties have disappeared! Looking forward to it every day!! :) Booking OFH recovery house for 5-7 days after :) Wonderful reviews and correspondence! The reviews and phone calls are awesome and better than expected!! I can't wait for my sx day! Pushing re-set button on body! Lol! So excited!! :) Stocking up supplies now :)

Current Stats

5"4 1/2
Huge boobs, had a waist, not sure where it went?!? Lol! and a flat as a pancake butt, which I'm hoping with my upcoming bbl, I'll get my small waist back and my dream bubble butt!! :) :) :)

Had to have this! :)

Love that it's portable! :) pricey but worth it!

My fav pillow

Couldn't live without this pillow!! :)

Paid off sx /rh and ready to go!????

Wish pics!!????
Perfect bubble butts! :) I know some of these are other real self members, I hope they don't mind! they came out so beautiful that they are now my wish pics!! :) ????????????

Curve cure bummer! Mattress great! Pillows not so much :(

Spent $400 hoping to be super comfy after bbl!
Only to test cushions prior, find out it doesn't work for me (I'm too wide) and non refundable due to opening package :( never used... Oh well lesson learned!!! At least mattress works ;)

Almost here! 6 more days! 5 because it's PM already!

Wow all packed and ready to go! Time flew!
Nervous and excited at the same time :)

1 day to go!!

Made it!!

Super sore, swollen but worth it!! :)
Dr Pantoja is awesome!!! Love love it!!

Surprised! Curve cure pillow worked!! Yay!

Well I was wrong! The curve cure pillow worked! I was desperate to sit, my back was killing me from stomach sleeping and the searing burning pain from lipo slowly starting to get better, I had to be able to sit comfy.. I thought they were too small but after some adjustments and I got ouchie bbl done, it's the comfiest pillow! Plus back support pillow is nice! Downside lol, I'm a bit to wide for the mattress hole now tho!! Maybe when I shrunk a bit...I also am getting dr Miami booty buddy, I'll let you know how that one works as well :)

Nice hips round booty, don't mind my pad lol

I know shrinkage will be inevitable! But so far I love what I see :) Dr Pantoja filled out my hip dents and gave me the beautiful butt I never had! The pain is Real!!! The first few days were torture, but my friends at the RH made it much better! Thank you! You know who you are!! ;) #TeamPantoja!! #1Dr!!!! The Best!!!

Wow lots of curves so far!

Amazed at my curves!! I'm still very swollen, only 1wk post, but results like this are impressive to say the least!! 42 almost 43 yrs old, am loving this!! :) even with inevitable shrinkage, I'm a happy happy girl! :)
36GG(nat)- 30- 45
I couldn't ask for better results!! :) #TeamPantoja!! #1Dr

I know it's very very early, but Pantojas the Real Deal!!

Dr Pantoja has transformed my 'mom' body! Maybe it's just the swelling, but even if my butt goes smaller, I'm loving my flat tummy, new waist and jawline!!
As an older mom, almost 43, with 2 grown kids, this is definitely the boost I needed!! :) :)
#TeamPantoja #1Dr

Almost 4wks liking my curves!

Almost 4wks and really liking my curvy shape!! Very happy I decided to do this! Very very happy with Dr Pantoja ( magic hands! ) Nadia, Stephanie, Hannia and Our Friends House Recovery House Susanna and Marvin.
Was a Great experience, super smooth and got to meet new lifetime beautiful fun friends! :) Going to Mexico is not scary at all, in fact it was like a 'new me' vacation, with relaxing beach views, great food, massages, etc!! The aftercare is amazing! Dr Pantoja checked on me all the time and the recovery house is so worth it!!! :) (so are Fabiola's boppy pillows! fyi!)

Pain was intense first few weeks for me, but it's much better now. Stinging in my back and stomach still, but that's to be expected. I think the worst for me are my fingers hurting lol. I work with my hands so it's noticeable to me. Sleeping on my stomach is not easy. Fingers go numb, hurt fades away throughout day but takes a while to do so! Feels like arthritis :/
I'll be glad when I can sleep normal again! :)
Driving is tough, balancing awkward pillows, head almost to ceiling lol, limited mobility. I only drive to take/get son to/from school, but am dreading when I go back to a LA commute next month lol! I'll be a pillow pro by then hopefully lol!! ;))

Some BBL Pillows I tried- what I've learned so far

So in my obsessive quest for comfort I tried or made many kinds. Just my opinion as everybody and thier body level comfort is different ;)
My fav so far- Curve Cure! Inflatable and super comfy! Best one to drive and sit with by far!
Cons: not easily discreet, little larger than the others.
Boppy - good for sitting, but difficult to maneuver in tighter chairs/cars
Dr Miami booty buddy - convenient size, portable (the back pillow is great for lower back support in the car) pretty comfy, but overall bad for driving, foam is very firm and makes legs numb after a while
Original bbl pillow- I haven't used, but I hear it's a good one also! :)
DIY- Dollar store foam noodles (cut/taped)- works on chairs, driving short distances, overall not as comfy as inflatable!
Neck rolls/memory foam - Works if you can find correct firmness/height to support body- hit or miss

Chin lipo - Worth it!!! :)

Loving my jawline! Took years off! So glad I did it!! Made a huge difference with me. Dr has good deals when combined with another procedure!! :)
BUT!!! Was much harder on recovery because crazy swelling and stomach sleeping!! Beware puffiness lol!! Looked like I was beat up for over a week lol! Still numb/swollen in the area but getting better and tighter every day! :)

Pain meds...make sure you are prepared ;)

Pain meds: Make sure you bring some!! or get what they give which is Tylenol 3 or pain reliever that is similar :/ I thought it would be strong like Norco, vicadin, Percocet.. But no :( Tylenol 3, antibiotics, probiotics, iron, antacid, anti clot, etc..
The first day after anesthesia wears off, you will def need them! ;) lol
***No ibuprofen as its a blood thinner***

Still Loving It!!! :) :) Almost 3 months post bbl! pics!

Dr Pantoja is AMAZING!!! Loving my butt so much now!! Looks natural and everyone compliments me wherever I go! I can tone it down for work or wow with gym clothes lol!
Absolutely in love with my shape!! 43 never looked or felt so Great!! I'm very happy I went to Dr Pantoja, my results are everything I hoped for and more. Results so good in fact, my sister also booked :) :)

Almost 3 months :) no loss in hip/butt inches, waist snatched!!


5 months post and still loving it!!

Love love love it!! Changed my life! :)
I had to delete my personal butt pics on here when word started spreading of the amazing Dr P's Awesome, Great results!! Had a few nosy people I know trying to find my nude butt pics on here ;)) lmao

Touch up!! Back fat/bra rolls w touch up bbl!

Amazing results!! In Love with my shape even More after All these years!! Mid Forties never felt so Great!!! :) :) Worth Every Penny!! Absolutely The Best!!! Like a well oiled machine that gives perfect results every time!! Smooth, easy, no nervousness whatsoever! I can see why he is in much demand and his office is packed!! He and his team really Are the Best!! If your on the fence about it, just do it!! Seriously So Worth it!! Dr Pantoja, Nadia, Stephanie and staff are the most professional, caring like family group you will ever find!! Love them!! I refer them to everybody! The results went above and beyond my expectations, literally blew my mind!! I'm in Love with myself after all these years!! Best relationship ever!! Hahaha!!! :) :)


Just a few pics to show how awesome his work is!! :) :) Couldn't be happier!! Best decision Ever!!! Thank You Dr P and amazing staff once again! You guys are the BEST!!!

Few more

Before and after Dr Ps amazing work :) :)

BBL 15months later-Still Perfect!! :)

Dr Pantoja is The Best!! Compliments all the time! Hourglass figure and booty holding on strong! Love love love his work!! A+!!
Highly recommend him! Nadia and Stephanie and the rest of his staff are Amazing!! Super sweet, informative, best customer service Ever!
Life changing procedure! Thank you Dr P!! :) :)

Better look at previous post pics :) bbl Dr Pantoja 15 months later :) :)

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr Pantoja (magic hands!!) is the Real Deal!! He transformed my 'mom' body to a curvy Jessica rabbit body!! Wow! Better than my high school body!! Now that I'm older, I can appreciate and have fun with what I have!! No more wishing Lol!! Perfect time in life to love your body the way you always wanted too!! :) :) Office ladies Nadia, Hannia and Stephanie are wonderful! Love them! Everything was super smooth, confident, caring, all emailed questions with quick, detailed response! BEST experience!! Available all the time. Very comforting and caring! Dr P checked on me frequently! His aftercare is amazing!! Couldn't have chosen a better doctor to go with!! :) Very very happy and satisfied!! This is definitely a 'worth it' life changer!! and such a Fantastic deal on price I couldn't believe it!!! Better results and experience than those triple the price!! :) :) Mid 40s never felt so Great!!

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