Twins and Illness Will Truly Change Your Body...hoping Dr.P Will Put Me Back Together - Mexico, MX

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So so excited, only 70ish days to go until this...

So so excited, only 70ish days to go until this body gets snatched by Dr Pantoja.
I am a mom of twin toddlers, a grad student, wife, realtor, dog owner, chronic pain get it- IM BUSY! Lol

I am finally ready to get my dream body and get my confidence back. After struggling with post partum depression, it was really hard to bounce back- luckily school has helped to get my mind back on track and now, Dr. P will help me get my body in shape.

I suffer from arthritis so excercise can be painful- so the surgery should help get some of this dead weight off. Hopefully that will make fitness less painful.
Truly, i cant wait!
Nadia has been amazing thus far, and I typically hit her up atleast once a week!

My hubby has finally gotten on board and all of my deposits are IN!
My gf lives in SD so she will be dropping and picking me up at the boarder-and a taxi will take me to my hotel -which is walking distance to Dr.Ps office.

So far I have been taking a lot of Iron, because my numbers tend to dip sometimes. Also, i have been taking a multivitamin (as often as I can remember).

I have been using my Loofah daily because I heard that it helps to keep the blood circulating. Also, I have been walking and will start lifting weights soon so that once swelling goes down, i can see a bit of toning.

Feel free to ask questions or make comments. Also, i could use all the advice I can so don't leave anything out, veterans!


Each day down is a day closer to the dream!

Hi Dolls!

I'm getting more and more excited everyday!
I am a super planner, so i will begin purchasing my after care supplies soon. Any recommendations on MUST HAVES?!

Looking for a second hand bbl pillow- any takers? Looking to spend $50, let me know.

Bye for now

Less than 30 days

SOOOO EXCITED! Starting to get all my ducks in a row. Still need to book a hotel for the night before surgery.
Anybody have experience with Hotel City Express?


Can't even believe surgery day is on Tuesday.
Tomorrow evening I will arrive in San Diego and head to City Express-its right across the street from the office!
And then first thing Tuesday morning I will be at Pantojas office for the big day.
Keep ya posted!

Before Pic

Work your magic Dr. Pantoja!


Spent the night at City Express- Dr. P is actually around the corner but directly behind the hotel (i got turned around)
Got to the office and immediately did blood work and now the waiting game. Keep ya posted.

Surgery went well!

The pain after waking up has gotten steadily worse (not horrible-more like really painful period cramps)
Going back to bed. I'll post again once i make it to Club Med!

Love Pantoja and staff

Everyone here is so kind and Pantoja is a sweetheart. He's checked on me many times and so far so good!
So happy to have chosen this doctor!


Ladies, listen closely-- If you are staying at Club Med DO NOT PACK A BIG BAG.
Bring 3 gowns and 1 robe and a book.
Do not buy the boppy or bring anything extra.
No toiletries necessary.

Current pic-3 weeks post op

Feeling better and better everyday. Let me know if you have questions.
Haven't weighed myself
Or measurements

From week 3- today :1 month out

Feeling great-just need to refine my diet to stay on track. About to start doing some cardio and resistance band to tighten up.
Hopefully my 2 month pic will look more toned.

Extra Faja

Hey ladies, i have a large faja that doesn't fit me- willing to sell for $75 (i paid $94) and i will cover shipping- US only.
Also have Bromelain for $10 (i paid $17)

Nadia has been AMAZING thus far!

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