MAY 3 2016 I Will Get Rid of Some Dead Weight and Lighten my Load in Life! Dr Pantoja - Mexico

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I am having my sx on MAY 3.... I AM SO HAPPY, I...

I am having my sx on MAY 3.... I AM SO HAPPY, I CAN NOT WAIT... My hubby is going with me as he is not a fan of mexico. We will be staying at the City express hotel. My hubby was against me getting this done in Mexico, so he had to come with me if I was getting it done. He have friends who have wives, girlfriends, or friends that have been here and haven't said much good about mexico.

So I didn't trip, he can take a vacation from life with me. It's important for me to have this sx. It's time I get my body back and become a better me. I have 4 children ages 23, 21, 19, 15.... 3 grandbabies ages 3 (twins), 2... 4 stepchildren ages 14, 13, 10, 5.

It's time I do me. Currently im in school working on my Masters in Business. My husband and I own 2 businesses Geminiz Creationz, KLH Jordan Enterprise LLC. I have my own office where I DO business consulting(helping folks to start up, develop, create, etc... their business). I am an author I have a published book called MY LIFE "What Goes On In My House" Mom I Forgive You" , as well as a Motivation book that will be released in August. I have written several screenplays and stage plays. My stage play " A Wake N Women will premier on July 9-10 in Berkeley Ca.

See I'm busy and have worked my but off to provide for my children. My hubby and I will be celebrating 5 years of marriage this July 24 not to mention my hubby and I share the same birthday, (just a different year) so I will be turning 41 on June 2.

Say it with me, It's time for a change! Time for me to look in the mirror and truly be happy with what I see looking back at me....

However ladies I'm unsure as to what all I should really be taking with me?

Also is there someone that will come to the hotel to give me a massage?

Is there a driver you can recommend to me to pick me up from the airport and take us back?

Chime in ladies and share your experience and thoughts!


What's meds are you raking while waiting to get your sx?

Items Packed

What items did you pack for the trip?

Gaining Weight

Hello ladies, I've been under a lot of stress lately. My hubby and I own an embroidery and screen printing business on top off the fact that I own a business consulting company and during (tax season I do my clients taxes), as well as help others to start up a business or improve the business they currently have.

Therefore I have been on the go a lot and eating out. I was at 193 and now i'm at 202. My surgery is on May 3.

HELP!!!! WHAT have you done to lose weight in 30 days.
Here is my plans... I will be doing the 10 day smoothie and walking? Any way you know it can help with losing weight?

What im taking with me.....

What im taking with me......
?My Hubby
1.A box of wipes
2. A jumbo pack Kotex maxi overnight pads (to go under faja)
3.Underpads (to line faja) not sure which will work better, these or the pads. I just don't want any burns from the faja so I'm going to see which work work for me.
4. Female diapers (Although drains are inserted, I heard you drain ALOT, this will help that area stay dry)
5. Arnica gel & tablets for swelling
6. Stool softener
7. Gloves
8. Medical tape
9. Gauze
10. Neosporin
11. Iodine
12. Antibacterial wipes
13. Benadryl
14. Dial antibacterial bar soap
15. Toothpaste/toothbrush
16. Deodorant
17. Mouthwash
18. Quips/cottonballs
19. Rose hip oil
20. Washcloths
21. 5 dresses
22. 2 pairs of flip flops
23. 2 bras
24. Pill organizer
25. Anti embolism compression thigh high socks
26. Arm faja
27. Femail urination tunnel
28. Vitamins and meds

Test results

My hemo is 13.8

I'm excited...but need to lose 15-20 pounds before May 2.... Anyone know how I can drop these pounds...

A week away Dr Pantoja May 3

I will be getting surgery a week from excited.... cant wait.... this will be my bday and graduation gift to myself.... I graduate college on this Friday.... my bday is June 2....

Got everything packed....

Question can I pack ensure and soup in my travel bags for my flight or will they make me pour it out at the airport....

Im here....

Im here, blood work done...excited..... my ride from the airport was awesome..... hubby and I are resting at city express.... I will be uploading some before pictures tonight.


So I really enjoyed my transportation...
Hi Kendra, we open the office at 9:00am.

The transportation arrangements must be done with the driver directly, her email is and her name is Anita.

She was on time, loving, caring, safe, etc.... She is God sent! She share lots of info about Mexico upon us asking.

Her fees are great!!!!!! She replies to her emails very fast. She is awesome....

Bbl tt lipo done

Hello ladies, I have made it to the flat side. My hubby is please with the work of dr pantoja.... I plan to post pictures tomorrow. .. Im in pain, but I promise you the staff will ease your pain...

A few pictures

Here are a few pictures

The pain

Let me say the pain is crazy.... i experience more than from the lipo areas in my back...

The pain meds the dr gave me is not strong enough...

My butt is big... will try on clothes later and post a few pictures...

Swollen still

Hello ladies, whats good for the swelling? I am having a hard time with the swelling....

The pain and swelling....

Omg... this hurts so bad... ugh... my hubby has been a saint... i so apprevate him... the bruising is horrible.... my butt is hard and swollen.... i get my first massage tomorrow....

A before and after shot

Im excited to see the final results.... this stiffness in my butt and back is painful... Its hard to sleep.... but i am managing to sleep...


So i got my 1st massage today.... o my... painful but relaxing.... it was grwat in the end... i feel better...

Dr visit today

So i had my visit with Dr Pantoja and he said everything looks great and is healing fine...

I joked with my hubby about handing him the stick to continue my after care... he told my hubby he never saw a man so helpful and he did good taking care of me so far....

Im excted to be going home... missing my children and grandchildren....

Going back to calibrate

Hello all my hubby and i got on the plane Tuesday headed home back to cali..... however our driver got us there 2 hours early...a good thing... i had to sit in a wheelchair for those two hours... it was hard... y body started to fill with fulids.... it started to hurt.... On the plans was worse.... trying to sit in those seats and be a lil comfortable was undoable.... i had to stand for 20 mins of the flight to keep from getting dizzy.... final we landed and my son was there waiting for us.... Now the two hour drive home from the airport.... o my.... it was hell... the seats in my laid all the way back.... but it was hot as hell here in cali..... i felt every bump and crack in the road... hit traffic and almost lost my mind.... finally home..... so excited to see my children... Had to go to my room upstairs..... it was step at a time.... but i made it.... Will post pictures soon.... ive been deaing with swelling like crazy....

Butt looking flat

Will laying on my back effect my bbl results.... I cant lay on my stomach, had tt as well.... What can i do to keep my butt from being flat....


Hello ladies..... In still struggling with major swelling. ... In taking arcina pills and tea.... Not working so well....

Chair with butt out

So my hubby got me the chair and cut the butt out.... Lifesaver. ... In excited to see the difference in my butt now... Will update in a few days....

Lounge chair

Hubby picked this up for me and it helps... No pressure on my butt...

My drains and swelling

My drain has stopped draining and there is an opening around the drain and my swelling has gotten worse....

Tried on a dress

So I was wearing size xl before the surgery.... Hubby went out and got me some sun dresses... Size Large.... I put one on today to go to a Dr appointment. ... Here is what it looked like on me.... Im extremely swollen in the stomach in this dress.... Can't really see my butt yet...but I know its not as flat as it was....

Heating pad

Did anyone use a heating pad... If so how often and long...

A few pictures

Hello all... I just put on some pj's
And here is a few pictures of my butt...

Its hard for me to stand up straight..

Stretch Marks

Good morning ladies. .. Blessing to u all.... I had stretch marks before surgery... And I still have them now... Whats good for them... What are you doing or did to remove them...

Some are feeling with water/fluid as I swell up.... They hurt... But when and as the swelling cease the water/fluid do also in them...

I just want them gone...have had them over 24 years now...

Round 2 with BL

So in excited about my body and the way its shaping... But I new before the BBL and TT that i wanted the BL. ... But Dr Pantoija said no ...not at the same time... So im waiting 8 months and planning to get a BL... So I figured might as well get lip and BBL. ..

New pictures

I took these today. .. Swelling going down... Im loving my lounge chair... That's how im staying off my butt... I sleep in the chair... It's helping my butt to form... Im drinking pineapple juice, lots of water, taking arcina pills 2 every 4 hours, bromelain pills 1 every 4 hours, eating healthy. .... Small portions.... I will start walking as of Wednesday. ...for about 30-45 mins.... 2 times a day....

Stitches out and drain removed

So on Tuesday my drain and stitches were removed.. The drain...well it did not hurt but felt a lot of pressure. .. The stitches... My hubby couldn't get them out... My skin had healed... Got to emergency room and they took 2 hours to get them out... They had to dig under my skin to remove them... So of course they had me pain meds... Dr yhrer said my body healed fast...and everything looks great.. I feel so much better with everything out...

Im n my 2nd garment New photos

Here are a few pics with 2nd (med) garment and jeans on....

This garment is to big also... They gave me a large garmeant when I had the surgery... And we bought a med garment before we left. The large was too big after 2 weeks.. And now The med is to big... Can someone recommend me a garment that contours the body. ..

Im loving my results so far... Still swollen in the abdomen area.... Butt still sore...

Im enjoying the drain being out... It was nerve wrecking. ... My scar itches a lot and where they lipo at...

Out at my daughter graduation

So I went out to my daughter graduation yesterday. ... Son video me walking... I couldn't do it straight up... But I was walking with a heel.... I paid for it later...

A Friends Wedding

Yesterday my hubby took me to a friend of our wedding... Slayed this dress.... Dr P.... Is the man.... My hubby loves him.....

Before pics

Before pics

My hubby cant keep his hands off my butt....

Hubby loves the new me... He tells folks we had surgery...Lol

Birthday Behavior

Heyyyyyyyy its Gemini Behavior. ... Scream with me as I Scream Happy Birthday to my hubby and to MySelf... I get to share this day with my Bestfriend, my Homie, my Hubby, my Right Hand. .. Yup...its the Our Birthday. Yup we have the same Birthday. .. Now fix your face with a Smile and Thank God with us.. As we Thank him for Our LIFE!!! Another year we have been Blessed!!! Pics soon

Random pic

I am swollen in this pic... Was a week ago. ..

Still swollen in the abdomen

Just a few pics I took playing around with my hubby. Still swollen in the abdomen, back and sides...

Current up date

Swelling going down in abdomen. ... But still on sides and back. ...

Sorry i havent been updating

I have been busy working. My hubby and I own several businesses.. Im working on my play I wrote and trying to get ready for a movie I wrote and a few other things...

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Still swollen

Still swollen.... I am doing a round 2 of lipo and fat transfer to my butt. Currently having mixed feelings about my results thus far

Some current pictures

Still swollen in the stomach and lower back areas...

Need your feedback ladies

I went to dr and found out I have a hiatal hernia in my abdomen and scarring of the subcutaneous fat of the flanks. I understand why there is scaring of the flanks.... But what do i do about the hernia? Dr said it was from surgery and I need to consult with the Dr that did the surgery.

My stomach is still very swollen. In lots of pain on the sides near and around the area where the TT cut is at. Very hard for me to get up.

Ladies help me. I need feedback. I sent this to Dr Pantoja on August 1st and haven't heard back from them yet. So please share if you or someone you know had these issues. What did they do for the hernia?

New pics coming soon

Im on Instagram... Just started my sx page... Will update it and here by Sunday. ..

Instagram name pantoja2016new

Hello ladies how r u all doing?

Miss you all .... Round 2 in 2017

Here is a picture of where I come from.... Sorry I've been Mia... But I am on IG @pantoja2016new which is where I will be doing my sx updates....

My wish pics for round 2

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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