TT, Lipo, BBL. Dr. Pantoja, MX. May 9th, 2016

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Hi everyone. So i made an appointment with Dr...

Hi everyone. So i made an appointment with Dr.Pantoja on May. They did give me a quote in an email but it includes doing my boobs and im not sure if i want to do it. But i am for sure getting Tummy Tuck, lipo on my back, and fat transfer. I have been looking for a doctor and after reading all reviews and viewing pics over and over from other doctors and I just feel dr. Pantoja does a very great job! I have not read many bad reviews only one from 2012 and she got an infection. But other then that i havent read anything bad. Of course like everyone wants to get it in the US but most doctors in the US dont know how to give the curve that i been wanting. So i am just preparing for May and i will continue to read more and more about this doctor. I will post pictures later close to my surgery. In case some of u guys want more info about me....
26 years old
5 feet
126 pounds
2 kids (both boys) natural births

May 6th 2016!! i see the DR. The surgery is on May 10th!!!

Hi all. So it was sooooo hard to actually pick a doctor u have not met yet to be doing a TT, Lipo, and fat transfer! But when u live far away from the doc u just have to go with what ur heart is telling you. I will be seeing Dr. Pantoja on May 6th because i just feel like i have to see him before i get anything done. U never know maybe when ur there u just dont feel right or something. My family lives in SAn Diego so i will drive there and after my surgery come back to them. I wont be staying at TJ. Anyway just wanted to update on the dates for u guys.

P.S. I see alot of people taking sooooo much things. Do i need to take all of those things? I dont even know what to buy. I see soo many post that they buy so much things it just makes me dizzy lol.

I will post pics like 1 or 2 days before surgery. I really dont want to post any pics because i just dont feet comfortable but then when i think about all the ladies that uploaded pics and how much help it was, so i just want to help others out as well.

Anyone else going around the same dates?

Need an April Date... : (

So i have a party happening in May.. And i want to get my surgery in April. But i just emailed Nadia and she said April is all full!! : ( so sad.. Idk what to do now.. : (

Instagram name: pantojabarbiedoll

Hi ladies. So i just found out that u cant delet post or pictures on this website. So who ever wants to follow my journey i will post my before and after and everything else on instragram. I think its more private.....

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