Team Pantoja!! ETT, with lipo to back, Also infection and skin necrosis recovery Journey!

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Super excited to be going to Pantoja! Thought...

Super excited to be going to Pantoja! Thought about Yily, but after much thought and research on the DR I decided it was not worth the risk. Too many things to worry about. So Pantoja it is! I had lapband surgery in mexico a couple years back, and had a wonderful experience. Not to mention the US hospitals are just across the border should my recovery be a bad one! LOL so I am 29 mother of 4 little ones, I stand at 5'0" and currently weight is about 180. I just got my lapband adjusted and I'm already dropping the pounds. Hope to be closer to 150 or 160 by my surgery date. Also started doing my insanity workout. To anyone trying to lose weight or get in shape, I highly recommend insanity. Extremely hard workouts and man do I sweat like crazy and get my heart rate up way quicker then anything I have ever done. So I will post some before pics before I go under and post op pics during the recovery process. Hopefully ill be a good example of how amazing pantoja is!

This is where i started

So i took these about 3 weeks ago, before i started exercising and eating extremely healthy! Lol so far i have lost 9 pounds. Hopefully i can get down to between 150 and 160 by my surgery date! I keep going back and fourth about whether i should get a
BBL or not. I was kind of hoping once my tummy is flatter my butt would look better. But in my pics i noticed my butt cheeks are not very round and uneven. But not sure i want to be dealing with tummy tuck and BBL recovery at the same time. Decisions, decisions. Lol

butt would look better i

10 lbs gone! yay! working so hard and totally motivated!

need to stay on track!

Darn potlucks at work!!

Wow it seems every couple of days we have something to celebrate here at work. Retirement, birthday...... etc! So much yummy extremely high calorie food all around me! OMG come on will power, time to kick in! Stay away from the cookies and cake!! Lol

pantoja is amazing!

I have been seeing so many of dr. P's patients lately with absolutely AMAZING results. Its almost hard to believe that he can actually do what he does! I cant wait to see what he can do with me! Hurry up September!! I'm soooo ready!!

Vegas, not so good for my diet!

Well doesnt look like i lost anything this last week. Very bad idea to do Vegas for 4 days! Ok pantoja girls, do you think i will have good results at my current weight?? I am getting full body (not tummy) aggressive lipo and extended tummy tuck????

Hmmm, wondering what i should expect from all this!

Road block!!!

Ok so apparently there has been so miscommunication between Nadia and me. I thought i was doing one procedure and she thought i was chosing to do something else. Sooooo now my original date wont work! OMG! i hope we can work it out soon. I am very limited on the time frame i can be out of work. And i wanted to take a full 4 weeks. So worried!


Well i wasnt sure if i wanted it or not, but since i have a lot of fat in my back , arms and thighs..... i figure i might as well use it rather then waist it! Lol plus my hubby is an ass man, im sure he misses my post pregnancy ass! So i know he will be happy.

3 WEEKS!!!

Wow I only have 3 more weeks to go!! I am extremely nervous, but super excited as well!!

two weeks!!!

Wow i cant believe its just right around the corner! Started doing zumba at night, and still doing the insanity thing (not faithfully)!! So hopefully at least another 10 pounds by sx date!

drained after surgery??

So I am trying to figure out if I will be good with only getting drained during a massage once. I plan to leave back home after my two day stay at Dr. P clinic, and will get one massage and get drained right before I go. Then I will get regular lymphatic massages here at home until I return two weeks later to dr. P for removal of drains and stitches where I will get another one done. I cant seem to find anyone hear in cali that can drain me. Does anyone know of anyone?

zumba is working good!

So i been doing Zumba in the morning and the night. It seems to be working great on my tights and ass. Im hoping i will be ok with how my ass looks and just pass on the BBL. I really just want him to focus on the lipo and ETT. I want to be as small as he can possibly make me! Lol i know if i really put some effort into working out my legs and ass they would look good.......... im just lazy sometimes! Haha

correction to above!

Wow! Cant believe how many typos i keep making! I meant to say THIGHS and ass! Lol not such a good idea to update from my phone.

want to fit this again!

So I was able to fit this on my honeymoon in hawaii. If anything, I just hope I will look good in this again after my surgery.

I would never wear this in public!


Ok so I think I am ready! Have all my supplies and have moved bedroom around and added a recliner to make things easier. My husband even lowered our bed so I don't have to climb up like I normally do Iol! My grandmother will be flying in Wednesday all the way from Panama! She will be taking me down to tj where her friends will pick us up and take us to clinic and then back across the border after my sx. Not sure how long we will be staying in tj, want to come home asap to recover but if im not up for the 2 and half hour drive then we will stay couple days at her friends house. Her daughter is a nurse and will be taking care of me if we do stay. But like I said I rather come straight home, my friend is a doctor and he will be making house call to check on my healing ! He is awesome! He offered to remove the drains and stitches too, but I want to return to Dr. P for that just in case. I have four weeks off work so everything should be good and I plan on takibg it really easy. My grandmother and my mom will be here the entire 4 weeks to take care of my three toddlers and all housework and dinner. My hubby is excited about this.

crossing the tj border

Just a little word of advice, it takes a couple hours to cross the border in a car. And you should not attempt to cross by foot after your sx because it can take sooooo long sometimes! Ive been in the line for 6 hours and that was the middle of the week. If you can make arrangements, you should try and cross super late at night or super early in the morning. We will be crossing around 3 or 4 in the morning.

One week!

OMG IM ONLY ONE WEEK AWAY! I am so excited for this new change. Im so great full for the opportunity to have the money and the support of my family. I just hope everything turns out ok because my babies need their mama. :)

Tomorrow is my last day working!

Thank God! I am so over the stress here! Cant wait to spend couple days with my family before sx.

Flat side is just around the corner!

I am totally ready! Im just laying here on my bed doing some research on tummy tuck recovery. My room has been transformed into a recovery room. Lol

last minute!

Lol i have been glued to my computer doing last minute research and now my husband is heading out for some last minute supplies! I cant help but feel like I am forgetting something. Leaving for tj in the morning, cant wait, hope I can get some sleep tonight......

pics two days before sx

Here are my last pics before surgery. As u can see any time I wear tight clothes I have huge rolls and muffin top from the loose skin. This is why I really dont wear anything tight. Also notice how much fat I have where my arms and my arm pits connect. This one of my worst areas that I am totally self conscious about, hopefully the lipo will make a big difference.

here I go!

Heading out to mexico, I will update as soon as I can after surgery tomorrow. Wish me luck ladies!!

At Dr. Pantoja's Clinic

Sitting here waiting for the cardiologist and my blood work to come in. Nadia just took my before pics, so glad I wont be looking like that anymore! Wow its about to happen soon. So excited! Please say a prayer for me ladies! :)

surgery successfully!

Obviously cant sleep, too uncomfortable. He took off over 8 pounds of skin. We also decided not to do the bbl, as dr P said excersize would be best for type of results I want. Also he did not do lipo of my tighs, as he thought it would make me look not proportionate. He truly is amazing and I am soooo happy with my experience so far. Will post more oics tomorrow when I am up to walk or shower.

before sx

muscle repair is no joke!

Im at the end of my 2nd day post op, and I can tell you the muscle repair hurts more then the incision and the lipo in my arms and back. It feels soooo tight I almost get short of breath, and walking is terrible . But other then that I am feeling ok, not as bad as I was expecting. Will try and catch some zzz now that I was given something to sleep. Yay!

4:30 am

Come on sleep!! Sucks that im literally in no pain at the moment, but im soooo uncomfortable! They have me sitting up so my back and ass are numb. Cant seem to get any rest :/


Feel so much better now that I am showered! The faja is very tight but feels amazing. My swelling is bad, I just put my sports bra on and it is super tight on my back where I had most of my lipo.

back pain!!!

So dr. P wants me to stay completely bent over when walking, this hurts my back so bad I can barely handle walking the short distance to my bathroom. Oh btw I am back home now, trip was a little rough, but I made it ok. Im so swollen that I could barely fit into my bra that fit me before all lipo. Hopefully the faja can help with that since I can barely breath in the darn thing! Lol


Recliner stuffed with multiple pillows so I can sleep upright. This is the only way to do it! Lol

swollen! blood under my skin!

So I have a lot of blood under my belly button above my tt incision. Called Nadia and she said this normal and that's why I needed that little square patch he put on me there. Looks really ugly but doesn't hurt. Did anyone else get this?? My incision looks and feels great. Ho openings and seems to be healing nicely. Here are some new pics 4 days post op, super swollen still cant see my shape yet.

more pics

5 days post op

Had a splitting headache last night, couldn't get any sleep. But feeling good this morning, snapped a few shots while hubby was massaging me and cleaning my incisions and dressings.

back in mexico for couple days!

So ran into little snag! Not enough blood flow to my tummy so working with dr. P to fix this. Luckily I am close to mexico and have the means to come back and forth or stay as need be. Hope my new tummy doesnt look ugly after all is treated and good. Just my luck :(

hyperbaric oxygen therapy!

Im a believer in this! Feel so much better, its not only helping with my skin (which has started to peel off yuck ) but my bruising has gone down after two treatments. I haven't really needed my pain pills either! Finally starting to see little shape now!


This wedge pillow is amazing! If you plan on having tt, this makes laying down easier. Thanks Dr. Pantoja!

skin necrosis!

So just little word of advice. If you have a fuller tummy with a lot of fat and are planning to get a TT, make sure you stay bent over and dont over stretch your new tummy for at least 3 weeks. I was told to stay bent and I tried. My biggest mistake was making a 2 hour trip home two days after sx. I had to climb into my suburban and climb back down. Im pretty sure this is where I stretched my tummy too much. My skin between my belly button and incision was under a lot of tension as I have fat and thick skin so I ended up messing up my blood flow to that area. Blood flow is already decreased in that area of any normal tt, it is the piece of skin under the most tension. So even if your a non smoker and non diabetic and whatever else increases your risk for skin necrosis, YOU CAN STILL BE AT RISK FOR SKIN NECROSIS if you are over weight at time of your tt! So if you are overweight, please make sure you baby your tt and STAY BENT OVER! Ok so now the good news, I had affected tissue on big section of my tummy as you can see from my pictures I previously posted. I was worried I was going to lose all that skin, but thanks
To the amazing power of the hyperbaric oxygen treatments I will only lose a small portion of that skin down by my incision line. YAY!

getting there!

Still swollen, especially in my back, but getting smaller and smaller each day! Sorry not the best pic, will take better ones when I go home Saturday.

making great progress!

I cant believe it, my necrosis has already turned to scab in 6 days thanks to the cream. I have been sponge bathing this whole week since it wasnt completely hard yet. So today I took a shower today and I was almost in tears because some of my black scab came off, and it was red good tissue under! OMG I think the oxygen helped so much more then I thought! I don't no what is under the entire scab but if its like the portions that came off, I dont think I will lose any skin just this top thin scab! Crossing my fingers. So ladies please please try oxygen treatments if you think you have necrosis. I was so scared it would turn into a big wound or hole, but in think its going to be much less of a problem then I originally thought!

im starting to see my waist!


Why of all times my little baby girl runs a high fever and I cant even pick her up and hold her! I hate not being able to take care of her the way she needs me. Husband took her to urgent care without me because he doesnt want me over doing it. We actually argued about this! I called him every five minutes while he was gone. She has throat infection! SUCKS!!

Post op check up today

Doctor says I can stand straighter now, hallelujah! Tomorrow I get to see how bad the necrosis is. He is going to remove the black scab, hope its a thin layer rather then a hole. I leave it in Gods hands.


I had a wonderful massage from the amazing Maripaz yesterday, she had to do one small aspiration in my lower right back (ouch) but swelling is so much better today! Im just over two weeks post op, my results are already amazing!

necrosis update

Ok so today Dr. Pantoja removed my triangle shaped black scab. I couldn't really watch because I thought I would pass out! Lol but it is gone, and it was about 3 centimeters thick so not too bad. So lucky its not a hole, thank GOD! So I do have an open wound but I dont have to pack it since its not deep. So for now I have to clean it 3 to 4 times a day and put clean gauze. Dr. Pantoja seems to think it will heal in a month. And then we decide how to fix the scar. He can pull more skin down, but that would be like another mini tt without muscle repair since he would have to redo my belly button. And that just seems awful to go through all over, but there would be no scar. Or he can pull skin from the side, which seems awesome since it will make my waist even smaller, but it would leave a vertical scar . So unsure about what to do. And let me just say to all the women out there deciding on a doctor, make sure you discuss how the aftercare will be if you have any complications. I have been blessed with Dr. P because he genuinely cares so much about me, he hugs me and treats me like a daughter. He is planning a vacation in couple weeks, and his clinic will be closed, but he wants to see me every week until my skin is fully healed so he will be making special trip to his clinic during that week to see me. That is what you call an amazing doctor.

no drains!

Also got my drain out! Yay!

new pic!

So im loving my results sooooo much. Here is a new pic, wearing size small pants! YAY! I do have bunch of gauze stuffed in under my belly button but my tummy still looks flat!

skin update

Well im having a bad day today. My skin is healing from what I can tell, but im starting to get feeling back around the necrosis area and it really burns and hurts when I clean it. Dr. P said last week it was a good sign for the feeling to come back, but now I dread cleaning and changing the gauze 4 times a day. Not to mention I woke up very swollen today. I just wish I could be done with this recovery. So over it!

starting over??

So my wound is closing up, but its a black scab again? So now im wondering if I will have to have it removed all over again? Hmm doesn't look exactly like the necrosis scab did but I think the black means dead tissue? See my PS Wednesday so I guess ill find out more then. Oh and its not so painful around the scab anymore just a little dry skin now, wonder if I can put lotion on.


Ok so as I thought, dr. P removed the scab again today. It looks better now, little smaller and a round shape now rather then triangle. So I guess thats good. Just sucks I have to clean it next week while im at work!

skin update

Ok so today I noticed the edges of my wound are turning a little black, but all the middle is nice and red and healing nicely. So happy, since last time the day after it was removed started turning black immediately, anything black will have to be removed so the less the better. Good day today! :)

I am so happy

I am soooo swollen around my open wound, but even with that and all the gauze I am still amazed with how my shape is turning out.

Bad news!!

Went to ER last night and found out my wound was infected! Noticed a bad smell so I decided to get it checked. Now I'm sitting in the hospital and have about 3 plastic surgeons trying to get a game plan to tackle my necrosis. I really wish I could head back to dr pantoja right now but my family wants me to stay right where I am and just get treated. It's hard to just trust anyone with my body. They want to take me to surgery tomorrow and remove more skin and then place a wound VAC. I'm worried because there approach seems very extreme. Please pray for me ladies I've been crying because I really don't want to go under again but they seem to think it's the only way......

Surgery went well!

Ok so the surgery went well and the PS didn't remove more skin like he originally thought he would have to! Thank god because dr p called me and said there was no need to remove more skin just the inside of the wound. So it is now pretty deep , but it's not any wider then it was before. I like the wound VAC because it is going to help this stay cleaner and heal faster. Also I am soooo happy the hospital is going to give me 30 days of oxygen treatment! As I posted before I believe so much in this treatment , and I happy I don't have to pay out of pocket for it. Just hoping everything just keeps moving forward. Thank you all for all the prayers.

Here we go again!

Another surgery tomorrow at 9:00. Again they will be cleaning out the wound and cleaning out those two pockets of puss he found last surgery. Had CT to make sure no more other pockets exsist. But I dont know what the results were, so guess I wont find out until right before the procedure. I do have to say im so happy the PS is doing this because he volunteers his time at this hospital and he is not charging me anything, so my insurance is taking care of it all. Luckily because the general surgeon took one look at it and said im calling in a favor because this needs a PS! God is good.

May going home!

Looks like I will be going home today. CT scan showed everything looked good so the PS only had to clean out my wound and removed a tiny bit more fat in there but he said it all looks awesome and he suspects the would should be a lot smaller within two weeks???? That seems fast but here is hoping! Just waiting for my smaller wound VAC to take home and also have to have a PICC placed so I can receive more antibiotics at home. Home health care nurses will be coming out to change my wound VAC dressings so that a relief, but my grandma will be trained by them to handle my IV. So that's what's going on with me ladies, just moving forward and happy to be going home!

Wound VAC

Here is what it looks like today after surgery. Since I now have a hole I will take pic for you ladies next time the dressings are changed. I don't even know what to expect since I haven't seen it myself yet! Yikes!

So I'm still here!

Ok so I was hoping to go home yesterday since everything looked good , but I needed a PICC line placed in my arm so I could continue my antibiotics at home. We'll the nurse failed to insert it into my right arm because my veins in that are we're too small! It was so painful and mentally draining for me, I couldn't bare to have her try the other arm. So we decided to let me sleep on it and try again this morning, and she was successful! I was so much more nervous this morning then yesterday because I was scared it was going to be painful again but it was a piece of cake! So I have to have a full day of my antibiotics today and then I can go home tonight. Tomorrow morning the home health nurse will come and set up my IV. And I already got my new wound VAC that I'm taking home, since the one from the hospital it huge and heavy. I'm soooo ready to be home with family! And I think I will go see Dr. Pantoja as soon as I'm done with the antibiotics. I want to know what he thinks about this wound VAC, because he will be doing my reconstruction if need be. I am concerned it will make the dent worst since it seems to be squeezing it from what I can see. But I'm just happy it's all clean and I don't have to clean it on my own!

Home finally!

So got home late last night, and had a horrible night! The PICC site for my IV was so painful I couldnt get comfortable or sleep at all. This morning the home health nurse came over and set up my IV and trained my hubby and my grandma to change it out. Ill be on this IV for 10 more days, really sucks but at least I am back with my kids. Oh and had a much needed sponge bath and washed my hair. Feels soooo much better!

the hole!!

So got to see my wound today, and let me tell you I was so worried it was going to be sooo much deeper and wider! But im amazed at how well the wound VAC is working along with the oxygen treatments. It was about 3 centimeters deep before the infection. Then I had two surgeries last week to remove infected tissue and dead tissue, so that made it deeper! But today it measures 2 centimiters deep, thats awesome! Still pretty wide though at 9 centimeters wide and 8 centimeters length. I guess the doc was right when he said it would heal from the bottom up. So very happy today! Here is the hole! After 5 days with wound VAC.

wound VAC

After todays vac change.

slowly healing

So I am seeing a big difference in the depth of my wound. The nurse that changed my vac dressing kind of messed up, since you can see the white sponge sticking out when the black should be covering it. But oh well I was too busy talking to her to notice. So the white sponge is placed in first and that use to be a couple centimeters down inside the wound, but now it is flushed with the rest of my tummy when its in. So the wound is healing up, so I am wondering how it will look when its healed if it continues to do so. I was expecting the edges to come together rather then the bottom coming up, well at least thats how ive seen other wounds heal. I see the PS from the hospital tomorrow, and hopefully he doesnt want to do anything drastic! Im only following up with him since he is the one who was able to put me off work. I go see Dr. Pantoja this week so im super excited. I dont trust anyone as much as him. Im hoping he can close the wound up now that my tissue is healthy.

fun pic!

I cant wait to be rid of this wound and wound vac! I cant wait to hit up vegas nightlife in this sexy black dress, I never thought I could look like this! Thank you dr. Pantoja, your hands are magic! I am still swollen since I cant wear my faja, so hoping once I can my waist will continue to shrink.

getting smaller

Todays vac change, sponge got a lot smaller since last week! Was using a white sponge under the black sponge all this time, but now the PS said no more white sponge, which will speed up the closing of the wound he said. Also I have had nurses come to my house to change my vac, but there is a certain way he wants the black sponge placed in ensure my wound doesnt suck in causing a dent in the future. Hope I can remember everything to tell the nurses.


Here is a little comparison of before and after pics. I'll be two months post op next week. Also im not wearing any compression garment in the after pics, so I think I will look even smaller once I can wear one again.

another vac change today.

So my wound is looking healthy and good. Cant wait until its all closed and over with. Here are some pics I took while the nurse was cleaning it.

update! One month with wound VAC!

To all the woman out there struggling with open wounds please get a wound VAC if possible. I started out without a wound VAC and was healing well with just oxygen trtreatments and my surgeon cleaning it every 3 days. Then went back to work and developed infection! The wound was made much bigger after two surgeries in the hospital to clean out the infected tissue. I was left with the big hole you see in my pic above. They placed a wound VAC in and the results after 4 weeks are unbelievable. It went from 5 centimeters deep to now half a centimeter deep. Dont wait, get one now to save you time with healing. If you notice in the VAC pics above the black sponge was way bigger the the plastic circle the tube is attached to, and now the plastic circle is way bigger then the black sponge (sorry pic not that great, sponge is barely visible) im starting to see an end in site! Today is a great day!

4 more weeks of the VAC!!

Well I am supposed to see the new ps in 4 weeks and he wants me to keep the vac on as long as possible. But at this point my wound it so high now, the nurses have a hard time putting the black sponge in. So looks like I'm just about done with it. I will see my original ps on the 14th to discuss when it can be closed. I'm hoping soon since he was waiting for it to come up to skin level and for the tissue to all stay healthy. I haven't had any tissue removed since my infection a month ago, so I think I'm in the clear with any blood flow issues. So now I have a question for you ladies, do any of you know anything about skin grafts? I'm wondering if it will completely fix this big scar I'm going to have or not??? If not I might as well just let my ps pull more skin down and revise my bb again, but I just really don't want to go through all the tightness again.

come on wound, heal faster!!

Moving along but im so ready to be cordless. Just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I continue to heal at the same rate and it doesn't slow down.

3 months post op

And still healing! Lol well guess thats how it goes sometimes. Im happy with the progress of the wound vac. My wound is a square shape and measures about 4 centimeters by 4.5 centimeteres. But im happy with my body and just cant wait to start planning round 2 to do my breast and full body lipo. Going to see doctor pantoja tomorrow to set date to revise my tummy, so super excited about that!


Ok so Dr pantoja says he can close it now, but because I am still numb and swollen from my original TT and this open wound we should wait. He wants to do it in about 2 to 3 months and the plan is to do a mini tuck and pull more skin down and get a new bb again. Yeah I know I'm crazy to have to go through the TT pain again, but no muscle repair and a smaller cut this time so I should be able to handle it! I could take a verticle scar, but the point of this surgery was to be able to get back into that bikini right?? Don't want something else (scar) making me cover up like my fat rolls did before.

two months on the wound vac

So im excited because dr. Pantoja gave me the ok to start wearing my faja. Its been so long since ive worn one I actually forgot how uncomfortable they are! But im gonna suck it up so I can start waist training and moving forward to prepare for my next surgery. I want to lose 15 lbs before my next mini tt and breast reconstruction so I wont be at risk of necrosis again. Plus I want to make sure my tummy has a little lose skin so I wont be pulled too tight since its tight now!


more pics

wound is getting very small!

It now measures 2.5 by 3.2 centimeteres! Im so happy with the progress, and I think im just about done with the wound VAC. Its been over two months so im soooo ready to be cordless! Lol

thick and curvy!

I havent felt this sexy in a really long long time! Hubby is very happy guy these days. My wound is like size of a quarter now and doesnt bother me at all. Time to finally enjoy my new body.

Ready to try......

Ok im going to try and do a light workout tomorrow. I havent done any exercise in 4 and half months!! This will be interesting, but I need to lose at least 15 lbs before my tt revision and breast work. I dont want to develop necrosis again and thinner my tummy flap is the better. I also want to get aggressive lipo on my back and love handles. But if it could compromise blood flow to my incisions then I wont get any lipo, so ill have to see what dr p says once I get to my goal weight. Wish me luck, zumba is calling my name! Lol

work out

Ok so did exercise yesterday and it felt great! But I was so swollen after it was terrible! But by this morning swelling subsided but my ass and legs where so so so so sore! Omg I am so out of shape. But to my surprise, my tummy didnt hurt at all today! So I guess my body is ready I just have to deal with the insane swelling after!

Been a while!

Hey everyone! I have been really busy with life, so I havent had time to update. So here is the latest....... My wound is healed, YAY!! I decided to quit my job and go back to school to be a nurse. This whole experience showed me how much i want to help people just like my nurses helped me with my recovery and complications. Today is my 30th birthday, and my hubby is taking me to the big apple tomorrow morning! I have never been so i'm super excited.


Well it has been a long time since I've been on here, but I am still looking forward to my next procedure with dr Pantoja towards he end of the year. I will be having a mini tt and hopefully a breast lift and implants. But I have my work cut out for me, I need to drop 30 pounds! yes 30 pounds! my tummy is so flat and tight that there is no skin to pull down to fix my necrosis scar, so if I lose the weight I should be ok. hopefully I still have the curves I have now after the weight comes off. I stand at 170 and love my curves, but it is 10 pounds more then after my surgery, but I had a hard time when i was dealing with the necrosis so I am trying to get back to eating right. That's why I have turned back to realself, needing a little encouragement ladies. Losing weight is soooo hard!!

Doing good!

So I have been able to drop 15 lbs, and now I have more motivation then when I first started dieting. Doing the weight watchers and its actually been very easy, now if I could just fit time in for working out I know I would lose much faster!

the scar!!

Ok I have waited long enough to post it, but better late then never. My tt scar moved up dramatically when my wound closed up, my belly button is a little wrinkled now that I dropped couple pounds (luckily it wont matter since im getting a new one with my revision). Hard to see in the pics but I have a dent where the scar is, but I noticed the last few pounds that came off actually improved the appearance of the dent. But im definitely looking forward to getting it all fixed and getting my breast done as well, im just not sure when it will be. I will be seeing dr p next month, and its been a while so im hoping the scar tissue has softened enough to cut it away and fix this dent :)

HELLO! I'm back!

Hi all you beautiful RS ladies. I have been gone from this site for so long it seems like. I have been super busy with school and family stuff the time just flew by. So I have some great news, after all the struggles with my recovery last time, I am finally mentally and emotionally ready to finish my journey. I contacted Doctor Pantoja, I wouldn't go anywhere else, and I am going to get my scar fixed and............ drum roll............. getting my boobies! Yay!! So hopefully I will be getting them done at same time as my tummy, or this might have to two rounds. I have gone up in down in weight over the last two years, but I have finally become motivated to eat right and exercise regularly. My husband and I will be going on vacation in few months so I'm hoping Dr. P can fit me in quick! The one thing I love about Dr. Pantoja and his staff, is the fact that once you are his patient you will always be his patient. When I contacted the office by email, to talk about my next step, they returned my email within 20 minutes! Love that! But as you all know, I seen the best side of doctor P, he really took care of me and made sure I got through everything with flying colors. So here are some recent pics, of the boobs (Yuck) , and my horrible scar! looking forward to having the whole package very soon! 170 pounds and hope to lose 20 by my surgery date for sure. Been hitting the gym three times a week for last three weeks. Next I'm going to be joining a boot camp that my husband goes to, its been amazing for him, so hopefully I can do it!

Not sure how big I want to go......

Updated pics

So as you can see my tummy tuck results have held up and I still love it. I do still have problem area in my back (bra rolls) as you can see in my pic. This dress is so cute, but if I bend or twist, you can see the rolls bad!! Not so back if I stand up straight, not sure how that's going to work on my vacation, so hopefully if I lose a little bit of weight and with my breast lift it may improve. Dr. Pantoja wont over operate, so I'm hoping he can lipo a little in that area. By the way, for all you ladies who are not sure about a BBL if your already getting tummy tuck, if you get an extended tummy tuck as your surgeon to pull up you butt when he does it. Dr. Pantoja said I wouldn't need a BBL because he would pull it up in surgery, and I love love my butt now. I already had a fat ass, so adding fat would have just made it huge! but by pulling it up it sits higher and looks bigger actually. So just something to think about.

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