Decided to Change my Life and Get the Sleeve! I'm Going with Dr. Ary at Long Term Vsg Has Anyone else Had Surgery with Him????

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I'm paying my deposit today. Initially I was gonna...

I'm paying my deposit today. Initially I was gonna go with dr maytorena but his is $500 more lol so I decided on dr ary. Has anyone else had surgery with him? I would like to know so I can get some insight on how your surgery went and what to expect. I'm so excited. Also has anyone went with their financing they have???


Just paid my deposit today now I'm just ready for surgery! 30 days to go

2 weeks away, LONGTERMVSG

My pre-op diet starts today!!!!! Which means only 2 weeks until my surgery. For the diet they tell us to do high protein and low carbs. It's supposed to break down the fat and make it easier for them to perform the surgery I BELIEVE. Lmao don't quote me y'all. Usually I cheat myself on my diets but i got too much to look towards and I can't let my over eating habit mess up my chances for surgery. Almost thereeeeee. Also does anyone know how to delete previous post? Or are we not allowed to do that?

Countdown!!!! They changed my doctor to Maytorena

I'm only 4 days away and I've got to say I'm scared as f***!! Lol but I really really need this surgery. I don't really have much to say but I'm going to post a before pic of me at my biggest which is around 245

Preparing myself.

I got some vitamins today and other stuff I feel like I might need. Also I picked up a heating pad. Not sure what else I'll need suggestions are welcome

Omg the painnnnnnn!

I got my surgery done Friday around 5 pm and it is now Saturday at 5 am and I'm in some pain. This gas ain't no joke y'all I'm tellin you it's ridiculous. I been takin my gas x and it works some but I need somethin stronger. Lmao but I'm happy the surgery is done with so far. In 2 hrs I go for the leak test to make sure everything's working properly. I'll keep you guys updated

Maytorena is the BEST!

So polite and nice. Also my roommate Olivia was the best I love her!!!! Lol now we're in our own rooms at the recovery house but I can say she definitely made my first day so much easier for me. The nurses don't speak too much English but they're nice and they try. It's currently 11:13 pm and all I've had today was liquid for a Leak test, pill crushed into water, and like 3 spoonfuls of chicken broth. Highest weight is 250, the day the preop started I was 240, and I dropped to 233 for the day of my surgery. I'll keep you updated on my progress and I'll also insert some pics


My room at the recovery home

More pics! Lol

Pics of me post op. I only have 3 incision sites which is less then I expected. Still have my iv and uncomfortable drain in. I leave tomorrow at 11;00 am
Dr. Ary Zarate

I haven't had the procedure yet

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