Mommy makeover

Hello, so I have 5 children and in need of a...

Hello, so I have 5 children and in need of a transformation. After my 5th baby my body hasn't been the same, I've always tried to stay in shape, but it has been so discouraging seeing my body especially my stomach, being left with excess skin. So that's when my search began, than was freaked out by the prices and than thought it was impossible to go through with it until someone suggested going to tj. Honestly at first I was hesitant but after searching and reading reviews it changed my mind. So after searching for months for the right Dr I finally found him and decided to go with Dr Irving and will continue to post my journey.

Getting nervous

So I reschedule my surgery date to the 28th and now that the day is getting closer, I'm getting more nervous and wondering if I am doing the right thing. Is this normal? Lol

Wish pic

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

So far its been really good, Paulina has been more than helpful replying to my every question and concerns. They really seem to care for their patients and that brings security to me.

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