DONE!! Round 2, Pantoja March 2016! BA/BL and Tummy Tuck Scar Revision. TJ, Mexico

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I stand at 5'0" about 160 pounds, still fighting...

I stand at 5'0" about 160 pounds, still fighting to lose weight, but its more for safety reasons in surgery, because I love my curves. Well I decided to start a new review for this second stage of my transformation, since my last surgery was very hard to recover from, I want to put that all behind me and look forward. It was hard mentally, to get to the point of wanting to have surgery since I had such a hard recovery. All I could think about is what could happen, and how having surgery carries risks, and I know first hand the risks. I also spent a lot of time looking in the mirror and trying figure out if I could be happy with only having half of my goals met. I had the extended TT and even with all the complications I faced, the results have been amazing. My body is so so so so much better then before. I feel so much more confident, but when I look at my breast, I feel half done. So I made up my mind that I am willing to take the risk again and finish what I started! Of course I am going to stay with Doctor Pantoja, I wouldn't have it any other way. Its nice to know that your surgeon will be there through anything and everything. And he is that type, a wonderful man, and he really does have magic hands! just look at my before and after pics, and you will see what I mean! So here we go ladies, my round 2 for a BA/BL (anchor) and I will be getting my tummy tuck scar fixed, so basically a mini TT. I am also considering lipo to my inner thighs and possibly my back. All depends on if Doctor P thinks its safe to do so.

30 days until I head to Mexico!

Super excited! But at the same time I realize I only have 30 days to try and drop some more weight. I would ideally like to be about 15 pounds lighter, so I can be in better shape for this surgery. I am way better off this time then last time that's for sure, I was like 193 or something last time I went in. So if I can be at 150-155 I would be happy, but 165 is still probably ok if I don't lose much lol. I am more concerned with eating healthy and taking my iron pills as I have always had trouble with that. Getting check up with blood work done in about two weeks to make sure I am on track. Here are some pics of what I would like my breast to look like. My husband wants me to go big lol, but I really want to make sure they still look natural and not two big balloons under my chin haha. I work with kids and I think it would be bit embarrassing to come back from my break with huge boobs that I cant really hide! If I was younger I would totally go for the porn star boobs, but I want to still love them in 10 years when I'm in my 40s. So I guess we will have to see what me and the hubby decide in the end. I think my husband may be more excited them me, lol, he was so amazed by my transformation so far he cant wait to see what Doctor P and do with my breast. I married an amazing man. He was with me when I was 220 pounds!! Yikes!! through weight loss and tt complications, he has always been by my side and tells me I'm beautiful no matter what. We have been together since we were 17, and he has liked me since we were in middle school! lol there is no love stronger then what we have. And he has proved that to me, considering I let myself go after kids and he is still the same tall sexy man he has always been. Damn I feel lucky to have him by my side! But I am on my way to totally getting my sexy back! Also has motivation to get this surgery and lost some weight, my hubby booked a vacation at the end of April to Cancun! I just hope my healing process is smooth as that will only give me 5 weeks to recover. Has anyone had open incisions still on breast at 5 weeks? I'm hoping I'll be able to swim by then......

Wish pics

Less then 30 days now!!! Working so hard to drop some weight!

So I know I put it off until the last minute, but I have joined a women's bootcamp exercise program. I started it on Wednesday, and have been there the last four days. I am seriously dying, my legs have never been in this much pain. I told the guy that runs it each day that I didn't think my body could take the beating! lol but he is super great and motivating, every time I felt like stopping, he would stand there in front of my pushing me and counting down so I knew I was close to being done. I am super proud of myself, and honestly if I could stick it out the rest of this month, I'm sure I'll be at least 20 pounds down. I just wish it was easier to get up in the morning. All the women in the program have all lost between 20-50 pounds, so that is cool to here the success stories. Tomorrow is Sunday and there isn't a session, thank GOD, I am to give my knees and abs a rest. I have to weigh in on this next Wednesday, so I hope to see a change in the number :)

TWO weeks at weightloss bootcamp!

I have been working out so hard and eating right. Really been focusing on eating foods that are healthy and are good for blood circulation, its helping me so much. The weight loss boot camp really has made me accountable for what I am eating as we have weigh in on Fridays. I have been able to lose 1.5 inches already, its absolutely amazing. I am so happy I found this program. I haven't move the scale much, but I believe its because I have gained muscle, but I look like I have lost like 10-15 pounds so I'm ok with that. The trainer thinks I can probably lose couple more inches before my surgery. I'm on roll! Now on to other things, as the day gets closer, I'm starting to get scared. I have been dreaming about getting necrosis on my breast! I found my self searching realself for other women who got it on their breast. I keep telling myself "what if it happens again??" but then I tell myself "no you are 30 pounds less this time around!" It really is messing with my emotions, I really wish I didn't need an anchor lift and could just get the BA. I am almost at the point that I don't even care if they are not perky and perfect, I really don't want to have such a major incision. I was kind of hoping that if I lost some weight my breast would be smaller and maybe I could get away with a lollipop or areola lift instead, less cutting less chance of necrosis. Well so far my breast have gotten smaller so maybe it will work, fingers crossed!

Two More Weeks!!!! Nerves!!!

So I am two weeks out! Still doing awesome with my diet and workout. I started to see my muscle coming through my arm fat, feels and looks awesome. I am hoping I will lose at least another two inches in the next two weeks. My bootcamp leader suggested a little cardio workout after the bootcamp to maximize my results. I was like "WHAT!!!" LOL I am pretty much dead after haha. But I think I will try to do what I can to help burn some more calories. I guess I can do the treadmill for a while or something. Anyway, I went ahead and booked a couple hyperbaric oxygen treatments for the first couple days after surgery. If anyone is struggling with healing after a surgery I highly recommend the treatments, they really helped my heal from my necrosis and minimized how much skin was lost. I'm doing it this time around just as precaution, if I don't have any complications it will just help me get back on my feet fast so that's a good thing. Other then that I have everything ready, I already went through a TT so I am prepared for that, now for my BL/BA I am getting some button up pjs just to make it easy. I did not buy any post surgical bras, because at this point I don't know what will fit because I am unsure with what size I want to be. I will have the bra that doctor Pantoja will give me so should be fine.


Next week at this time I will be lying in hospital bed, saying "why the hell did I do this!!" LOL just kidding, I'm sure it wont be anywhere as painful as my extended tummy tuck was. I am so excited, still been going to the weight loss boot camp. Having great results, especially in my ass area. I have noticed my ass has gotten tighter and perkier. Can you say BBL the old natural way. squats, squats, and more squats!! Check out my pics, tell me what you think, is boot camp working??

Taken today, 3 weeks of boot camp!

love everything except my bra and back roll. But I think I will have good results since Doctor P is going to address these areas. I seem to be losing weight everywhere else, boobs have gotten smaller as well. I will make sure to post an after picture with this same angle.


Ok I definitely was not this scared or nervous before my last surgery. But having been on the complication side of things, I can't help but worry. I have done everything I can to prepare mentally for this, but still having trouble sleeping this week. 3 days and counting!

Full back lipo

So I may be getting full back lipo also now. I am posting some before pics of my back rolls just in case, for comparison.

Sleep PLEASE come!!

OK so I have to be in TJ tomorrow morning, would like to get some sleep but its proving to be difficult. A mix of excitement and fearful thoughts flooding my mind. I'm not scared of the actually procedure, I am more scared of how my body will heal from it. My body let me down last time, hoping it will be better at it this time. Time to count sheep, a few hours and counting!!

I'm here

Hello ladies, I am here at the clinic. Haven't been here in a while, didn't know they changed the way you enter mexico. You have to show your passport coming in, use to be able to just walk in. So now the wait, I'll update later today/tonight once surgery is over and I'm able to focus a bit :)


Ok the plan is 600cc round textured silicon gel (gummy Bears) above the muscle. Wish me luck ladies!!!!

Surgery A Success

Doing well and resting. Feeling the effects but, but still happy the op was complete. Will post later....

Wow 1day post op

Hello all you beautiful ladies!! I am on day post op and feeling great. My tummy was still a bit numb from the last tummy tuck so I think that's why the pain very low. Only felt it a bit when I got out of bed. My breast are looking great already, they give me bit of pain up higher where the implants are, but very manageable. Soooo glad it's done, now on to the healing stage.

No back lipo

Btw I didn't get my back lipo after all, but doctor p did lipo the bra roll of fat that connects to my breast! He is so awesome.


Two days post op

Feeling ok today, just took spong bath since can't wet my breast yet. My tummy is healing nicely, that was my biggest worry. No signs of necrosis!! I only had to take one pain pill last night, and that was mainly because my right breast was giving me some pain up high where the implant is sitting. They are both still high but I love them already. I have regular sensation in my nipples so that awesome. My incision under my breast is so short Im very pleased. The lipo dr p did on my fat side roll that connected to my breast is wonderful. I look 10 pounds light without the rolls hanging on the side.

Updated pics 5 days post op

So today has been my best day. Using just Motrin now. Breast pain is very low. My incisions seems to be ok on my Breast but I can't really see them since they are covered with tape and I'm using the spray over it that doc prescribed. My tummy looks good, no wound separation or anything. See doctor on Saturday so hope to get a good pic of my nipples then.

More pics

6 days post op

Time is moving now, I'm feeling good today. Wish I could stand up straight since my back hurts more then anything. But I'm not taking any chances on me tummy. So hopefully when I see doctor pantoja this weekend he can give me the ok to straighten up. Breast are looking better each day seem to be dropping together which is nice. I still can't believe I have these boobs! It's a dream come true, I've always had ugly small breast. Can't wait for the next few weeks to see How my healing progresses.

8 days post op

Can't wait for these damn drains to come out. This is my second time having them and they still suck! Lol I am not draining much so hope to have them out tomorrow! So far I love love how natural my boobs look. Have the round fullness I wanted without the fake look! So please!! My tummy is coming along, need to remember to post pics of the incision.

Absolutely amazing change!

So something came up with my husband job today so didn't get to go see doctor pantoja! I was so looking forward to seeing my beast incisions, but now I have to wait until Monday! So until I have some better pics, here is little comparison photo, can't believe I lived with those ugly Breast for so long! Lol it's just sad!

Lipo results

Here Some pics of the lipo I got under my arm, the roll that connected to my Breast pre op. The results are great, I should have paid extra to do my entire back and the other roll I had under that one. But oh well, I an work of the other roll lol!

Relaxing and feeling good!

Here are some updated pics, I am feeling great and thank God I got my drains out. I'm Breast are starting to get squishy a bit. Left one still bit high, but so far so good. Saw my incisions yesterday and so sorry forgot to snap a pic. I will say they look awesome! Can be scary thinking about that scar, but honestly it was ok nice and thin. My tummy is healing very well, doctor pantoja wants me to hunch over for two more weeks! Say what! My back is killing me! But I know he is being very cautious because of my history. So back pain will continue, along with sleepless uncomfortable nights in the recliner :/ on to brighter things I love the results so far, can't wait to heal and see just how much doctor pantoja has changed my body!

Dropping but looking bigger?!?!

I think I do like the projection after all!! Lol I was so worried about sticking out too much but I am starting to like the idea...... Haha

Feeling comfortable for once!

Laying down in my bed, have my knees up on pillows. But to my surprise my Breast feel fine right now, usually they hurt a bit when I lay down. Yay! I can't get use to my boobs standing up even when I lay down lol. Always had flat boobs not even enough to fall to the side! Lol

The scars

So my tape was peeling off and I thought is looked kind of moist, so I panic and took off the tape! So false alarm everything under looks great. So I washed the incisions really good and applied some clean tape. Here is pic of the incisions, so far so good!


Ok so I am very lucky and blessed to be self employed. I was able to take as much time as I wanted. I am still not 100% because of the TT, but my breast are feeling pretty good. The left one still gives me some pain, but I am not taking anything at all and it manageable. Biggest thing is I get heartburn...... hate it! So I have decided to see a few clients today and get out of the house for once. I have literally been in the house everyday except for my post op appointment, my husband can make his own hours, so its been awesome not having to jump into all regular task right away. He has done all the cooking and cleaning, and getting the kids back and forth to school. I think he may be tired of it now, so I am going to jump into it today. So am I going to be in pain driving ladies?? Anyone had a mommy makeover drive at 3 weeks with any issues?


Ok so worked couple hours yesterday, and totally was tired so I didn't even get a chance to go to the store. I drove about an hour and honestly it was tough, the bumps hurt me, turning hurt me, and over all my back hurt from hunching over and standing when working. Sucked! But today I am not in pain just tired. So I guess it was not too bad.

3 weeks

Ok just over three weeks post, so far my Breast are still firm but I can squish them together a bit. I have lost some volume on the top portion but seem to be gaining it at the bottom. I still feel like the projection is the same just a different shape, if that makes sense. Today my left Breast looks bit higher so hope that evens out lol. Sleeping is getting so much better. New development, my nipple are so damn itchy. I had bit of itch on my tummy and Breast, but seriously it started to itch so bad last night and still itches now! Killer! But I guess that's better then pain. I still have my stitches and they are scabbed up and my tummy incision is supper dry, I want to put something on it since it's all closed but I figure I should just leave it alone. Stitches out Monday!!!! Yay!!!

Bra shopping

Ok so today I went to find something better to wear then my surgical bra. It doesn't not support my breast enough now that that have changed a bit and are lower. I went to Walmart, and I had a bit of a problem, if it fit around my breast then the straps where not tight enough. I was little frustrated! So I ended up getting these soft cotton bras that button in front. I went with 38, snug and makes my Breast feel so controlled and stable. 2 for $10 was pretty cheap, so they will have to do for now. They are comfortable and I needed something with more support like now, my breast felt like they were moving around too much last night in my surgical bra. I really want to try and avoid bottoming out. Two for my friends did, but they both would sleep without a bra too early and also didn't wear supportive bras too long. I may try target and couple other places tmorrow.


Ok so today I go some stitches out. I still have them down my breast and under. Doctor pantoja doesn't want my breast to open up on the lower part, bummer to still have them but better safe then sorry. I don't have them around my nipples but between the tape removal and the stitches removed my breast are all red and irritated. Doctor P prescribed some cream to put in the red part, it itches so bad and the cream helped a lot. I have few stitches around my belly button. On leave for cancun on the 29 hope they are all out by then. I'm 3 and half weeks, But doctor p said no working out or anything for another 4 weeks, and no sex either, hubby was bummed lol. Oh well I need to heal completely!

Overall my transformation

So I am really excited to post this, I have gone through two surgeries with the amazing doctor pantoja Over the last two years. I suffered major complications first round and doctor pantoja was there through everything! He promised I would be beautiful once all said and done, and he was so right. I feel amazing and so beautiful again and I can't thank him enough. He has changed my life! I want to let everyone know I didn't have any fat transfer to my butt, and never had any lipo to my tummy or my waist. My results have been from his amazing cutting and stitching back together, not lipo sculpted. I had lipo to my bra rolls and love love love the results from that. Also had some lipo to my arms first round. I wanted to show the real results before I hit the gym in few weeks to hopefull drop like 15-20 pounds, tighten everything up lol. TEAM PANTOJA!!!

Fat V??? Not anymore!

Here is a better pic of my tummy, vertical scar to fix the necrosis scar from first TT. Sorry for the v shot! Lol but I wanted to show it for those women who have a lot of fat on their V, I had a fat one and hated it so much. Intimacy was a problem for me before becuase I was insecure about how it look. But there is hope ladies, with a good TT it can be raised and made smaller!

5 weeks post op!

TOmorrow is 5 weeks post op but in busy tomorrow so posting today. Thinks are going well with my breast and I love the results. Have lost some volume since the beginning but they finally look the size I wanted. They are much softer now, but still firmer the. Natural breast. Tried on some bras and have no idea what size I will be yet. Somewhere between a 36-38 and DD-DDD depending on which band. 38 is little lose but 36 little snug, so I think I need to lose a bit and I fit into the 36DDD or maybe DD if I lose in my Breast. So I'll let you guys know where I end up in few weeks, started as a 38C. So Breast are good, but tummy has had some issues, had some stitches spitting out, seems to be healing now but stucks because its on the vertical part of my incison, so that will make it even wider :/ I think I will have to work hard on scar therapy on that part for sure. Horizontal part of the incison is completely healed and closed, started maderma and silicon. I'm keeping the scar flat using surgical tape after the medrema is completely dry. Same on my breast that's why my skin looks like it's peeling in the pics, it's the silicon and maderma which dries and then peels off. I have to put it over a big part of my Breast since I have the tape burn and I don't want any scars from it. Hope all is well with all you beautiful RS ladies! Off to cancun I go!!!


Having a blast in cancun, just wanted to share some pics. feeling sexy, thanks doctor P!!

6 weeks!

Back from cancun! Was awesome, just wish I had all my stitches out :/ but other then that I felt pretty normal, boobs were sore after wearing swim suit too long. My husband talked me into wearing not only string bikini but I also had one that pushed my boobs up and they looked huge. I didn't like the look at all. But in string bikini they look awesome! Beautiful shape and not push up needed! Here is comparison and updated pics.

In clothes

Here is a little look at what my Breast look like in regular clothes, nothing fancy just tank. Love the cleavage and I can still cover them up pretty well if I hide the cleavage and they look much smaller.

8 weeks!

So I'm 8 weeks already, time just flew by. I still have couple stitches under and down my Breast, but so excited to get them out tomorrow. My breast now feel like part of me, although they are still very firm. Husband loves them and I am beyond happy. I still have issues with the size, most days I love them but sometimes I feel bit too big and think I makes me look wider. I'm just hoping to get clear by doctor pantoja tomorrow to start back at the bootcamp. I want to drop some weight probably about 20 pounds to be exactly where I want to be. I noticed I have a lot of fullness above my belly button, I'm supper flat under where my t incision is, so maybe it's all the swelling pushing up. I'm just going to hit the gym hard abs see if I can improve the area, but worst case so lipo :/ seriously we ladies are never satisfied! Lol well here is some simple picks as I lay here in bed being lazy. Love my new boobs!

Victoria secret anyone?

So Victoria secret is having one of their annual sales, so I figured this would be the perfect time to go bra shopping and save some money. Let me just say I have never even been in a victoria secret fitting room before. Never was a big bra shopper, but that's not the case anymore! I was in there for like an hour, I must have tried on 20 or more bras. So here is the size...........dun dun dun!! Lol 38DDD. WHAT! That's huge I know. But actually I was squeezing into 38DD and my boobs were bulging out and now with the correct size they don't look so huge. So ladies get fitted, your Breast will thank you. I am soooo in love with my Breast, I still can't believe that I got some beautiful lace bras no padding needed just my Breast and the shape is awesome! It is strange wearing only lace with no padding or anything to cover your nipples, but it was awesome to be able to fit one and not need the push up or padding. I'll post some pics of the bras tomorrow. I'm off to bed now. Good night RS ladies.

Lacy bra :)

Here is pic of one of the bras I bough VS. No padding no push-up just lace, love love love the look. I got three like this different colors.


So I finally feel good enough to go back to bootcamp to continue with my weight loss. Originally I thought I would be able to do it after 6 weeks. No way was I ready! I still have discomfort now with my Breast and my TT incision. I am going to take it easy first week and hope everything goes well. Looking to drop like 15-20 pounds and tone up my ass again lol. Hope all you lovely RS girls are doing well!

Week two of boot camp

So I ended up going to the boot camp three days last week. Trying for 6 Days this week. Little harder now that my kids are off school. I could go at 5 o 6 am, but who wants to work out that early, not me!! lol
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