Dr. Plazas in Cali,Colombia It Is!!

Hi ladies, I've been looking into a Brazilian butt...

Hi ladies,
I've been looking into a Brazilian butt lift for the last 3 years. I finally narrowed it down to 2 doctors, Pantoja & Hazani. I had a consultation with hazani on Tuesday.

Both doctors are amazing but I'm leaning more towards pantoja. His results are amazing! I'm just scared about going to Mexico for surgery.

Do you girls recommend it?
Those who have had procedures done by him..how is his facility?
Did you girls go under general anesthesia?

Consultation with pantoja

Just got back from my consultation with pantoja. I am so happy I went. Although I've seen a lot of before/after pictures I was really nervous and hesitant about getting surgery in "Mexico". It was completely the opposite of what I was picturing. The office was very clean, the staff was very friendly and the doctor was so good at making me feel comfortable.

I've made up my mind and going with pantoja!

Surgery: November 18,2016

Appointment is set/ club med questions

Hi girls! My appointment is officially set! NOVEMBER 17,2016 with dr. Pantoja.

He gave me Info for club med and suggested I stayed there at least 2 nights.
I just talked to susana at club med and I just got an email from cub med and they charge $595/3nights +$70 if a guest starts with you. And that includes, tv, phone,laundry, cooked meals, assistance, rides...

I'm still debating but seems like the best thing to do especially if you have little ones. I have a 2 year old so those 3 recovery days may be worth it! Lol

Another question... Those who don't live to far...how did you cross back? Sitting? Or laying on ur stomach?

Also don't forget to get a doctors note to cross back through the emergency medical line. I just went on Saturday for my consultation and waited 4 hours to cross back????

Before pics

Hi ladies!
A few of you have been asking for before pics, I've been a bit hesitant for obvious reasons BUT that's what we're here for right?!?! ????

So here they are!
(Surgery: November 18)

Dr. Pantoja patients

hi ladies!

as you all know I scheduled for my bbl with Pantoja on November 17th. I would love to see before and afters from pantojas patients whom have previously had procedures and those whom are scheduled for future procedures.

ive been looking through profiles but I figured it'd be easier just to have it all in one post to help future ladies considering Pantoja and also its be nice having eachother to lean on

hope you all are doing well!


So I'm set to have a bbl with dr. Pantoja on November 17th(deposit paid) but the more I look around and research the more I feel like he isn't the right doctor for me.

I've been seeing a lot of bbl patients going back for implants 1-2years later because "their fat leaves" I found dr. Juan Diego mejia from Medellin,Colombia and his work is amazing! He does lipo, abdominal etching and butt implants(check out his work) and dr Stanton in Beverly Hills.

I've also been thinking about getting my breast readone at the same time, which is mostly what is making me look for a new doctor. I haven't really seen pantojas breast lifts.

I'm really leaning towards dr.mejia only thing that has me stalling at the moment is that he recommends patients stay in Colombia for 15 days

Dr pantoja or dr Juan Diego mejia?!?!

So my deposit is set and I'm scheduled for November 17th for bbl with pantoja. I was set and confident about going to him but as my date gets closer and the more I research I'm changing my mind.

I was only going for a bbl but now I also want a breast lift w/implants.
Also the more j research the more I see patients who have had bbl go back after a year or so for a second procedure due to fat leaving. So I'm kind of thinking of going with butt implants.

I found Doctor mejia (Medellin,Colombia) on ig and have been researching him. I had a consultation and got my quote. He does an AMAZING job (breast/butt & ab etching). I made an apt for November 17 as well.

I was quoted $6100 (breast lift/breast implant/bbl or butt implants/lipo)

+ hotel for 10 nights =$1,100
+ flight for my husband and I= $2000

I am so confused! lol

Doctor change, going to colombia

So my mind is set, I'm feeling confident and excited again, deposit is paid, flight is booked



He gives the results/shape I've been looking for

Surgery date: November 19

Plazas dolls!

Hi girls!
The closer my date gets the more nervous/anxious I'm getting.

My procedure is set for November 19 and I am flying back 8 days later. It's an 8 hour flight!

Girls that traveled to dr.plazas how was ur flight? Am I pushing it?

Also any advice? How was it? hie was Cali,Colombia?
Dr. Luis Eduardo Plazas

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