Team Campos !! - Make me over!!!! Lipo w/ Fat Transfer (BBL)

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Just at the beginning of my journey. Haven't even...

Just at the beginning of my journey. Haven't even received my quote back yet. But OH am I excited!!! I'm hoping to find a Sx Buddy to split some of the hotel costs with. I don't know exactly when I plan to head down for the procedure, but my thought the next few months. If you're thinking Campos too, lets talk!

Pre Photos and Wish Pics

Pre Photos and Wish Pics

Wish PIcsssssss

Procedure Date - Oct 1

Still looking for a possible Sx Buddy. Excited!

Campos' office really needs to get it together.

I sent off my deposit almost a month ago to their post office box. I've had been trying to get a confirmation from Angie for my $800!! Finally today I just decided to call after my multiple emails were not getting a response. One of the ladies that works at the office ( who did eventually answer all my questions, but continued to cut me off) told me that they don't send a receipt of payment out, that " if you don't get a calling telling you that there was a problem with payment, then you're fine." WTF??
What kinda setup IS this? Anyway, It was a bank check so if they cash it, Ill be able to track it.

I was also told today that the only consultation before surgery is actually the day of... an hr before you go in. :-/
UGH...Campos' work is amazing though so Im going to get putting up with it lol
I sooooo wish I could push my date forward. I want my new booty already!!! Im over here obsessing over "wish pics" I hope Im able to find enough photos to show him what I REALLY want.

Im obsessed with butts now!!

I can't help it! All I can do is daydream about possible results!! lol

Updates Updates Updates

I've got a travel buddy!!! Myself and GetMeRight are going at the beginning of Oct. Trying to decide whether or not to stay at a hotel the whole time or recover for a day or 2 in the hotel (Pueblo Amigo) then rent out a condo on the beach for the remainder of the time. SOUNDSSSSS like a no brainer right? Well what comes along with that is get transport to and from the Drs office, stocking food, having help moving around, showering, etc.

So! We have decided to hire a caregiver to help us for the week while we are there. MULTIPLE times I emailed Angie asking for the information of their nurse who goes out to the hotel. Either I didn't get a reply or it was some answer about going to a recovery house. ANGIEEEEEEE if I wanted to go to a recovery house I would make THAT call. I know the office gets a kick back from the Lilas place but stop trying to stuff it down my throat please geez lol

So the hunt is on for a caregiver! Ive posted an ad and was worried for a little bit because it took a couple days to get any replies, but it's actually worked out ok. Hopefully we will nail down a condo now.

Pain meds... Will someone PLEASE tell me how to get some REAL damn pain meds down there? Im scared. Tramadol ..thats it? For real? Im reallyyyyy nervous about recovery. But beyond all that ...YAYYYYYYYYY 2 weeks away!! I'm so excited!!!
I think I may lipo my upper back also. Having everything else in shape with a chubby upper back? Not a good look I don't think :)

K Ladies and Gents, thats all for now!!!

My Costs Breakdown:

Surgery: $6045 (3122 already paid, added on another 600 in case I decide to do upper back lipo)
Hotel: $400 ($80/nt split)
Caregiver: $120
Food: $120 (hopefully less, but gotta be prepared)
Transport: $80

I don't even know how much all this cost me:

-Arnica Tablets and gel
-Disposable wash cloths (Assurance brand from Walmart **THE BUSINESS**)
-Wound care supplies
-Tank Tops
-Mini Fan
-Garbage bags
-Toilet Paper
-Enema... you can try and be cute... but if I need it Im using it!! lol
-Tide Pods

-Boppy Pillow (Found it at Goodwill for $3, SAME DAY I decided I was going to do the procedure...couldn't back out after that, I had my Boppy ;-)

-Forever Lazy (Look this up!! It will change your world!! I have the original not the cheap ones they through out in the store...I digress lol)

-Rubbing alcohol/ Hydrogen Peroxide
-Undies, Socks
-Maxi Pads/ Tampons
-My OWN sheet to go over the hotel bed.
-Gopher (grabber thing)
-Female Urinal
-Pill Organizer
-Postpartum Girdle

grammatical error ;-)

* Threw...not through lol, I was in a hurry don't judge me!!

Oh's getting real now. 2 days away.

Really, I've been pretty cool about it up to this point. Ive had "the talk" with everyone that knows Im going to have it done...."are you sure?? it safe?? look fine already!!! much do you know about this doctor???"
God Bless them :)

Anyhow, I'm tired of looking at myself like this in the mirror. I'm ready to roll. I sent in all my money except 125 for the meds. That sounds kind of outrageous to me, so I'm just going to have him write the prescription and I'll go to the pharmacy myself with my caregiver.

I'm packed!!... will been packed for a while now. Didn't take pictures of everything but I damn near brought my whole house. Im still a little concerned about the pain meds. I would like to be pretty numb or at least knocked out sleep the first few days lol
I certainly wish they were willing to leave the foley catheter in for the first night so I wouldn't have to get up to pee constantly. I am going to TRYYYYY and get everyone updated. But who knows how that pain is going to have me feeling. But I'm sure you guys stalk the postings just like I do. lol


Today is the day

So I arrived at the Real Del Rio last night. For 65 a night the hotel is pretty nice. Had a bit of a hiccup checking in but made it to the room. The hostess at the restaurant downstairs really bothered me though. I can't even give you a reason, but she was just kind of rude. I ordered a salad to go (which was very yummy) which looked 25 min to finally get because they forgot I was sitting right in front of them apparently... not a huge deal just was one more thing in a line of irritations during the day.

Was planning on writing more but just looked at the time. Gotta go!! Pray for me guys, the girl I came with had to stay over night because they said she lost too much blood and didn't snap out of anesthesia as fast as they'd liked. Talked to her...shes good. Just hope I get to come straight back to the hotel. ANYWAY here are some parting photos of my (old) body!

Day 2 post op

Ok so Im not armmed with photos just yet (really will work on that today) because Im still trying to recover from pain lol. But let me tell you, not the say kind of pain people have been talking about on here like they are dieing....well I mean its not constant like that, there are moments believe me.

Anyway got there at 0720 and was let in through a side door because the front was not open. I went to go and check on GetMeRight who had to stay overnight. To my SURPRISE she was standing up and talking to our caregiver with a slight smile on her face. WHAT A RELIEF.

Angie was up front and summoned me up there so I could get my paperwork started. What I WILL repeat that most people say is...have ALL your paperwork with you (Receipts, Quote, Labs EKG...ALLLLL that) for some reason, Its almost seen as your responsible on the day of to have all that together for them the day of even though you've already sent that to them. Im like wth?!? IFFFF she had checked her emails like she was supposed to she would have seen all the payments that had been made to her....I digress.

Anyway, Campos walks in (sporting a new beard, looks good on him) :p
We go over my problem areas, he flirts a lil..not too much ...not in some creepy way lol but maybe Im not as cute as the other girl on here that was claiming he was doing too much. lol He adds on the upper bra line at no charge THANK GOD. But she NOTTTTT mention what you really want worked on until you talk to her. That woman is as money hungry as she can be...or just doing her job TOO well lol
IV was started, from a glass bottle...strange, but whatever. Had the epidural placed....really not as bad I was expecting it to be and then I was given some meds and was out for the count. Woke up with my girdle on and was ready to head out. First day consisted of sleeping mainly. Slept for 2-3 hrs at a time at night. Sucked having to get up constantly for pee and drain the JP drain. Today we are in the condo we rented by the ocean. HIGHLY recommend it. Try to get some photos up later.


Ya'll I reallllyyyyyyy hope my butt goes down. Love the shape but it's HUGEEEEE

Full of errors

Ya'll I'm drugged up lol Please excuse the errors in my postings. Dr C is a male, not sure why i keep saying "her" instead of him. But as I plan to continue to stay drugged up, excuse future errors as well lol


Lipofoam/epifoam is NOT an option. If you want help with all this darn swelling... GOTTA get it!! :)

Going home with the drain.

So today we are leaving PO day 5 for me (or 4 depends on how you see it) anyway. still too much drainage for him to take out the drain. I got my final massage.... ohhhhhhhhh those are awful. But certainly not at the fault of the massage therapist, she was sweet as she could be. I would have much preferred a nerve block before those "treatments". Ok Percocet kicking in. Ill update in a bit

Today sucks

Im not sure if its because Im back home and just got into the routine of the hotel...maybe its because I'm around all able-bodied people now and it's pissing me off lol

But Im just not happy. Im so sore. Feel like my pain meds aren't working at all...hoping I'm not taking too many pain meds. Got my garment on and off for the first time by myself today with someone on standby. That sucked but was doable with patience. I think what people tend not to focus enough on when deciding to do this is the shitty shitty recovery. Im not at the point where I'll say "it was sooooo worth it Id do it ALL over again!" But I do think I will get there so I'm trying not to complain. But seriously this recovery will mess with you physically and mentally. I don't recognize that body in he mirror and it's freaking me out! There is no comfortable position. Some just hurt less then others. There is a constant pain. But I'm good, just need to take some more meds and go back to sleep lol .

Hmmm updates...

So today is PO day 10. WHAT a difference a week makes. I took my drain out on tuesday (day 7) and almost instantly felt better. That damn thing was REALLY far in there. Like 5-6 inches. Didn't even feel it when I removed it though. I was TERRIFIED. But it didn't hurt at all. I could move (for the most part) how I wanted after taking it out. Not taking pain meds throughout the day anymore, maybe once or twice. Lost approx. 9 lbs of water weight in 4 days. Ive been peeing like crazy!!! But ohhhhh does it feel better to have all that fluid off. I have knees again! Im typing this from my first day back at work. I'm still technically on vacation but figured Id come get a lil money since Im feeling a little better. But they are already working my nerves so we'll see if I take tomorrow off.
My hips are going down which I am happy about. I really hope my butt rounds out though, because even though from the front I'm happy with how I look, I was really hoping for a round backside. Right now it just looks wide. I would like to put up photos, but right now the room with the mirror is a mess because I can't really bend over and said screw it on the cleaning for now.

Day 10

Day 10

Seriously looking kinda wide. Hoping when the swelling resolves there will be a better shape. But over all I love how I look in clothes. Just still getting used to my new shape.


They seriously don't even need to tell you to stay off your butt for 2 weeks. Although I don't have constant pain in my butt. Even leaning on it for more than a few minutes is SO uncomfortable. This is my first day back at my job that Im sitting for almost 8 hrs. Luckily Im in an office but i have to get up every 5 min! Even with my boppy...butt chair and pillow :-/

Patience is Everything!

First off, I want to say that there is NOT enough information about the BS that you have to deal with after surgery on this site.

Here is what life is like 2 weeks after your liposuction. The area thats been lipo'd is STIFF, you literally have to fight with your own body to move around. It is MANDATORY that you give yourself daily massages to break up the scar tissue. Sometimes, I have to do it multiple times during the day. I am still sore and achy every morning. Only using pain medication periodically though. There are little "pea size" beads of death fat under your skin that you have to find and massage out. I have to tape cotton balls in my belly button because the compression garment deforms it without it. We trying to prevent "Lipo Tummy" over here!!!
Over all though I have to say that I'm pleased with my results. My butt doesn't seem NEARLY as big anymore, thankfully. My waistline is super small. Trying on my clothes feels like I bought a whole new wardrobe. But I just didn't want to get on here talking about how great everything is now that I have this new shape. Recovery SUCKS!! I have no idea how I would be able to do it if I had children or a job that had very strict hours. And this is coming from someone with no complications! My friend is having infection issues! ...she looks great though...Would I do it again? Man...I dunno, but now that I THINK the worst is over, except the daily care I have to do, I am glad I did it. But please don't take the decision to do it lightly. This is not an easy procedure to go through alone.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Overall, I enjoyed my experience with Campos. There is only one staff member that was messing with his score, everyone else was wonderful. Especially Ruby. Unfortunately, the staff member that is causing all the issues, you have to deal with the most. Would have the procedure with them again. He does great work.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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