BBL 5'1 110 Pounds 1 month post op pics

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I ran across this site and can not get off of it!...

I ran across this site and can not get off of it! I am 5'1 1/2 and I weigh around 108-110 but have been trying to gain weight for the past month I'm at 115 now surgery is scheduled on 4/6/13. Feeling nervous especially since I'm having it in TJ but my friends have all had a good experience with this Doctor. I have had 4 kids and I've worked out and get thin fast but can never get a butt I just do not have that and really want one like many of you :) I've been getting lots of omg I can't believe you want to do this crap and who are you trying to impress your husband loves you for you and what people don't understand it's not for anyone else I'm doing this for me because I want a nice ass lol ok well that's it for now and good luck to everyone :)

Last night I had the weirdest dreams! Dream non...

Last night I had the weirdest dreams! Dream non stop of the surgery I can not wait to have it done!! I've been weighing myself every morning after I pee and today I hit 115.2 :) yes!!! Just hope I can get some more weight on before Saturday I have a week to go so excited!

Omg! This is the week it's finally here! I know...

Omg! This is the week it's finally here! I know this week is going to just drag. My though process right now: I'm excited but a little nervous worried about not seeing my kids for a day and a half. Only a handful of people know about the surgery: my grandma she's going with me, my hubby he can't go to Mexico because he's in the military my kids, my uncle my sister n my BFF. Are you guys telling everyone? Im not ashamed about it but i rather people not know because i dont want to hear their opinions. Do you think it'll be super noticeable? I don't work so the only people I come in contact on a daily basis are my kids. Also my husband is taking a week off to care for me u think that's enough time? Ok so these are all the things that are running through my mind right about now. Along with this I am sooooo excited!!! Any advice as far as essential things must haves for after surgery thanks for all the support girls I feel better having others going through the same experience as I am :)

So tomorrow is the Big day! I am so excited I keep...

So tomorrow is the Big day! I am so excited I keep looking at the clock and catch myself saying in 24 hours Ill be doing this or that...... I know I will not be able to sleep tonight. Last night I had post surgery dreams funny ones that did not make sense at all; like the dr sending me home with no garments lol Yesterday I called the office and they reemailed me all the instructions, information, etc. we spoke about payment to call my card carrier and let them know Ill be using it in Mexico and hotel reservations for my grandma who is going with me and apparently clinic patients get a discount at the Grand Hotel (which is located in the same building as the Drs office) so I was happy because I had not booked a room yet. I also called AT&T to ask about text messaging & call fees while in Mexico, so I added an international package for 10 bucks I could send 50 text messages and receiving texts would be free :) I was happy because I do not see myself texting more than 50 messages out in a 30 hour period. I just wanted a way to let my hubby & kids, uncle and Bff know Im ok. I went to walmart and bought gauze, tape, antibotic ointment; things I will need once I am home. Is there anything else that are must haves after the surgery???? oh I also ordered netflixs cause ill be in bed and I want to make sure Im not bored so Im going to start some new season series starting with the Walking Dead any other suggestions???
My weigh in this morning after I emptied my bladder (I've been doing this everyday at the same time) was 117.0 I wanted to get to 120 but that did not happen :( Nothing fits me right Ive been wearing nothing but leggings and yoga pants all week and I feel so fat!!!! I weigh as much as I usually weigh at 6-7 months preggo! I hope that is enough fat Idk what makes me more excited getting this done finally or the relief that I wont feel so fat anymore :) Ok ladies any advice please feel free :) Thanks again for all the support

I haven't been on here to post anything Im on post...

I haven't been on here to post anything Im on post surgery 6 days so ill break it all up:
SURGERY DAY: I was an emotional mess the day of i kept thinking what if i didn't wake up kept thinking of my kids it was bad i cried on the way there and my grandma calmed me down and said i would be fine leave it Gods hands as u guys know I went in for my officially consult and the surgery on the same day. Everyone was amazing and the clinic was really nice over viewing golf course and all I forgot I was in TJ the entire time I was there. Dr salas was so nice he came in answered all my questions told me I didn't have much fat but he would get it from the different areas they took my labs have lab at site the nurses were super nice and then we talked about payment Carla gave me the may/June special reg was 3500 but special was 3000 then 100 for meds and 120 for garment. Waited for labs all ok, got an IV started, then took my grandma and I to the recovery room where she would wait and I got into my surgery attire, nurse asked if I was ready I said I was nervous and she put something in my IV to relax me and I went back to the operation room. Met the entire staff anesthesiologist nurses and the started epidural within minutes my body was asleep I was super relaxed dr came in and we started I was in and out of it I didn't feel anything great thing huh? Lol woke up he said we were done I don't even remember How I got back to my recovery room I was in no pain the next day no pain again got up at 7 nurse showered me put on this damn faja I can't wait to burn and explained all the meds to me. Dr salas came in to look over my incesions no drains were needed (let them drain on own avoid infection) he said everything looked good have to return in 2 weeks. They have us a medical line pass for the border which we missed the ramp waited in regular line only 45 min thank God! Oh before my shower nurse had have me a shot for pain in my thigh still no pain all the way home.

Getting home: day 1
I was on lots of pain meds slept most of the day. Was weird using the bathroom for the first time while wearing the garment felt very dizzy out of it no pain I kept thinking wow not too bad!

Day 2:
Damn I was in pain taking pain meds but makes me feel sick dizzy about fainted wafted shower my hubby was taking care of me and felt he was popping pills in me every other hour slept most of the day could find a comfy position.

Day 3
Pain regretting doing this kept asking myself why did I do this! Emotional day cried a lot! Same thing happened after shower had to lay there almost fainted threw up think I will pass a shower the following day husband thinks the same thing. Lots of PAIN can't get comfortable at all!!! Called dr they said I could take vicodine I have at home just discontinue the pain meds they have me. Also said its normal to feel regretful during the first week and emotional cause the pain and frustration. I feel fraustrated I Am in so much discomfort and can't help around the house and with my kids also faja started leaving me marks up in my arm areas (day 4 decide to put maxi pads in that area has helped)

Day 4
Read I don't feel as dizzy and sick of laying in bed trying to find a comfy position since I'm not as dizzy decide to walk around makes me feel better not as stuff and sore and since I'm up I don't have to worry about finding a comfy position the faja hurts my ribs big time the pain I just can't handle it I finally pooped today and can't stop since may be tmi but I know lots as about this. Measured waist 26 butt 39 butt looks huge!

Day 5 (yesterday)
middle of the night I decide getting out of the faja and using a pair of spanxs just can't handle the pain in my ribs 2 hours later got back in my faja not enough support but ribs felt better think I gave them a break I felt so much better on day 5 I also discovered I can find a comfy position on my sofa vs my bed guess were I slept? Yup on the sofa! In the morning i was emotional again im not used to seeing my butt this big i kinda feel fat although my waist is tiny not used to this shape i guess; hubby reassured me it is still swollen and ill take time getting used to my new body. Took a shower in the evening finally no more dizziness and I did it with very little help and my incesions are not leaking anymore. Not being able to sit is hard although dr had told me it was fine I don't want to risk killing those fat cells

Day 6: today
Sleeping on the sofa was so much better!!!! I got up 3 times to walk around after about 2 hours I get super tangly and have to walk around makes me feel less stiff and sore. Still in pain but more like a soreness stiff pain I swear I sweat like crazy at night I walk up drenched! My butt is still hard and looks bigger than what looks right on me I know it'll go down today ill be taking photos after shower since I'm finally not feeling dizzy sorry took so long to take them but I will by the end of today. My stitches on my back are drying out so they're itchy my ribs still ache my butt is sore too and I can't bend down it hurts still this faja is killing me can't wait to burn it when I'm done with it lol lower back area is started to hurt this morning too ok ladies that's it for now time for breakfast and a shower

Sorry I'm not going to read this over and spell check it just going with it to try to catch u up on things and the real emotions i went through :)

Here's some pics ladies not the best quality........

Here's some pics ladies not the best quality..... It has gone down a lot and hope it goes down some more I'm still very swollen I'm not sure if it was worth it yet because I feel it's too big and my tummy looks swollen.... feels Im bigger than what I was (tummy wise) can't wait for it to be 2 months from now so I can see the final results :) I'm feeling a lot better now I started driving 2 days ago with a boppy and I feel no pain while up and walking have some pain in my ribs when I lay. Update on My compression garment I'm on the second set of hooks (size xs) measurements 26in waist 38in butt alright ladies arms area still bother me some from the rubbing of the garment. As far as social life goes I haven't went out much; I don't want anyone who knows me to see me because it is def noticeable and I didn't want to tell anyone I had the surgery so I am hoping this swelling goes down soon lol I think that's it for now thanks for the support :)

Hey ladies well its been a month now I'm still...

Hey ladies well its been a month now I'm still going in for massages not wearing the faja anymore my doctor said I could start wearing supportive Underware last week which goes up to my tummy I'm still bruised on my sides and according to my massage girl and doctor who I saw 2 days ago my sides are still going to go down some this weekend I took these pics while shopping I finally got into some clothes I went up in pants size because my but doesn't fit in a size 0 anymore it will button up but in my butt area it's just super tight! So at a size 5 my butt can breathe now my waist is measuring 27 and butt 38. Overall I'm happy with my results it looks natural and can't wait to see what I look like when the swelling goes down completely. I started exercising too feels so good ;)
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