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So I been doing my homework doing research on all...

So I been doing my homework doing research on all this different docs in TJ ( I'm originally from Mexicali ) so far I had a consultation w DR Saldana, DR Buenrostro and I'm waiting on DR Campos quote over email( haven't had a chance to go to a consultion In person w him. So I haven't decided what Doc I'm gonna use yet!

Waiting on Campos Quote

I had sent him the email w pics so he could evaluate my case and I still haven't heard from him (its been 5 days) so I decided just to call see what was going on and they told me he's on vacation and won't be back until the 3rd =( it makes me sad I was really hoping to hear from him sooner because I haven't decided which surgeon I'm gonna use yet and the Info he gave me including the price estimate was going to help me alot in my decision . The only reason I'm giving him a try is because of this website .! Other wise I was pretty much set with either Dr Buenrostro or Dr. Saldana. But I'm getting a tt and bbl and everyone here talks about Dr. Campos been really good ! Dr Buenrostro is $8200 but he includes 5 day stay and 4 session in this bed that's supposed to help you heal sooner and meds . Dr Saldana is $5000 . I personally know people who went to dr Saldana for tt bbl and ba/bl and she looks amazing but her butt looks about the same. Not a huge difference.

I just received Dr. Campos quote !

So today I finally received Dr campos quote it was alot higher than what I read from the reviews here he quoted me $7995.

Dr Cardenas!

So today I have a consultation with doc Cardenas please wish me luck I really hope this is my surgeon ! I need to decide I need to figure this out my husband already told me why is taking me so long !? Are you kidding me I'm not shopping for something I'm trying to find a surgeon hello major surgery that I'm praying ill happy with my results that would make this whole journey worth it . It just made me a little upset that he made that comment . I think he's complaining because we been to TJ twice already in this past month! Anyways Dr. Buenrostro call me yesterday I had sent him pics of my expectations for my bbl he told me over the phone he can't promise those results he said "in fact you won't get them. He said you already have a nice body you will look better !" I don't know what to think about that .!? Because I want a bigger butt and I don't know exactly what he meant. I like that he took the time to personally call me after I send him the email w My wish pics. Any advice would be appreciate it! Thank you girls !


Here is pic of my butt and wish pics please tell me if you think doc Catdenas can make this happend!?

Dr Cardenas!

So I had my Consultation yestuday with Dr Cardenas and shes going to be my surgeon!! Next Friday is my surgery I can't wait ! I'm 5'6 I weight 145 and I'm getting a TT BBL and I after talking to her I decided to replace my saline inplants 400 for silicone I'm so exited !!!

So excited!!!

So I decided to get inner and outer lipo so I have more fat for my bbl and she said yes that she agrees! Only add$100 more to my quote !! She's amazing ! So far she's been answering all my questions ! I'm so impressed for the quality of service she's been giving me . 4 more days till my surgery !!!

2 more days till my Surgery!!

My surgery is this Friday and I'm soo happy ! I know and I have faith on God and Dr Cardenas in going to love my results and be alot more happier with my body! I'm not just relying on surgery to get the results I want . I had a baby 4 months ago and already lost 20 pounds by eating healthy and excersing ! but obviously excersice won't get rid of stretch marks and saggy skin. I'm doing this for my self and myself only. Sometimes I can't help it and feel selfish for leaving my girls and been always not only for the surgery but also when I'm recovering . But my hubby is taking time off to help with the girls and to help take care of me. And obviously I can't help to feel alittle nervous and anxious and some of the comments her specially the one talking about DR Cardenas having issues w infection doesn't help. I called Fatime she's Dr Cardenas coordinator she clear everything out for me she explained to me that's it's not true. Their facility is certified w health Department if they were having any kind those issues they wouldn't be open Period. I just disnt like people judging my decision I did my reach I had more than 3 consultation and this is my choice she made me feel completely comfortable answer all my questions througly. I think if we have negative feedback about any surgeon we should be able to back it up with facts. Take in consideration this a big step in everyone's life so don't try to ruin it w your personal issues. I'm not saying you shouldn't share the good and bad but since we don't see faces if your really trying to help have facts before you decide to make negative comments .

Day 5 post op!

Hello ladies ! Here Iam day 5 post op ! Feeling tired and super hunched so I haven't taken any pics my incision is super low but I don't like what I see just yet I know once the swelling goes down And the bruising it's going to be better ! Today is my first day at home ! But my hubby is here and he learned alot at the recovery house so he's doing really good job taking care of me. In taking pain med every 10 hours I'm trying to space it out as much as I can because it makes me feel dissy and super tired. I'm taking my antibiotic every 12 hours but always w food and it it helps alot so I don't feel sick from it.

Loving my boobies!

I had implant replacement I love the size and I love that it's not painful at all!

Day 6 post op!

Wondering if you ladies know when I can start using my lipo foam under my garment ? Here a pic I took after I showered .

Day 7post op!

Here Iam hoping this drains come out soon How long do they usually stay I know it's different for everyone yesterday both had 25ccs in 24 hours and today was the same alittle less than 25ccs . I hope soon I need to start feeling human again. I think that will help alot. I just showered and I'm posting some pics my incision is so swollen . I hope it smooths out with time. I still have a lot of stretch marks left but that was expected .

First post op appointment !

I went to my first post op appointment she removed the drains I'm feeling alittle more human lol . But I'm very concerned about the swelling I have between my belly button and public area she said its totally normal and it's going to go away just give it 3-4 weeks =( makes me sad because I never had that even before surgery I had my saggy skin w stretch marks but no pouch. And then my lower back it's super swollen too . So my butt looks the same right now. I'm trying to be patient here is a pic of my boobies and my waist I'm loving it !

2 week post op

Today I'm feeling much better as far the pain goes and been so uncomfortable . I was able to get a good sleep last nite so I woke up feeling a lot better.
My results in the other hand I don't know yet. My lower abdomen and lower back are super swollen I'm just hoping its just swollen and it's not gonna stay like that . My abdomen looks like a pouch it's not flat my stomach use to b flat before surgery just saggy skin w stretch marks that's the main reason I did this. Well I still have stretch marks which I knew there was no way she could completely get rid of them. But I don't know about the pouch on my abdomen it almost looks like extra skin. I know I have to be patient. I'm just nervous of not liking my end results. And bbl I haven't posted any pics yet as you can see because it still looks the same but Dr. Cardenas said its normal because of all the swelling so I have to trust her word =( feeling blah
Here is a pic of a bathing suit I bought

Here is what I'm taking about !swelling!?

Swelling !?

Need some encouragement!

I'm going to be 4 weeks post op this Friday right now I'm 3 weeks 5 days! And I'm totally depressed my new belly button has a little ball inside that when I went to my app she explained to me it was always there I just couldn't see it and it was swollen so it was going to get better. I hope so because it doesn't look nice normal I ll be embarased to wear a bathing suit that's how bad it is. My swelling on my incision it's major I don't know if it's swelling I can't wear anything even with my faja on because I have a big pouch . Feeling sad&discouraged. I don't know what to do or think I been watching my sall intake wearing my lipo foam inside my faja.. Help ladies!!

Belly button

Here's a pic of my bb

TT revision and 2nd round bbl in June !!

Hello ladies it's been a while since last time I updated u girls I'm sorry because I haven't replied to many private messages I just been really busy and I was also a little depressed about my results and needing to have a tt revision but my doctor explained to me it's like a second stage of the surgery to remove excess fat from
My abdomen and make it look flat and also remove a 1/2 vertical incision she had to do below my belly button that she couldn't do during my tt. I wasn't expecting going through surgery one more time but going to stay positive because hopefully after this surgery I will be getting the results I dreamed of!!! In this picture I'm
Posting you can see what I'm
Talking about ( little pouch on my abdomen) that's going bye bye and to my butt :)

Tt revision !!

Today is the big day again I'm having my Tt revision with dr Cardenas I'm nervous but happy that finally I'm going to be completely happy with my results she told me it's an outpatient Surgery so I'll be coming back today .

2 days post !

Hello ladies! Well still super swollen but I know this is just part of my recovery like last time. I have faith this time I will be completely happy with my results I was feeling a little discouraged because I had my belly button revised and end it up with a vertical incision right below it. I was feeling depressed about that because I know it's a scar I wasn't expecting to have . Dr Cardenas personally called me because I had sent her an email expressing my concern and she made me feel so much better! She has a beautiful kind heart and she really cares about her patients ! I will be posting update pictures soon.!

Here is a pic right before my second round

Before second round as you can see I don't have much fat on my abs but that's the fat she's will be using for my second bbl. In happy with the size I have I just want more of a C shape. Once the swelling starts going down I will post pics ! I'm so excited to see my final results !!

Dr Cardenas!

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