21 Years Old Mother of 1

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I have been Indecisive about making this review...

I have been Indecisive about making this review but reading everybody else's and how much they helped me I figured I would, plus I'm super nervous!!! I've been researching doctors for about six months now I really wanted to go with Dr. campos but his services through email we're not great at all and his quote was pretty high and he didn't listen to any of the needs that I wanted. second was Dr. Suarez I have a friend who went to him and said he was good but after reading all his reviews seeing how many bad ones he had I didn't think it was worth it. Thankfully I found Dr. Pantoja and through email they have been so wonderful and gotten back to you so quickly I wasn't sure when I wanted to get it done I wanted to get it done quickly but I just started a new job so I was kind of waiting until I was able to take days off so when I was finally ready and I had messaged Nadia and she told me that there were no more dates until January so I was pretty bummed out then I keep asking her if there's any cancellations and finally she got one for November 18 I just found out about a week and a half ago and my work is letting me take the time off it's all happening so quickly I'm so nervous and have no idea what to expect.

Tummy tuck

Every doctor I have talked to said I need a tummy tuck. I'm still young and want more kids so I'm not going to get one. They say my skin is going to be saggy but I'm wondering how bad it will look? Hmmm hopefully it's not that bad I'm putting a photo of what my stomach looks like. Have also gained a few pounds since I took the pic :( since I know I'm getting surgery I've been so careless about what I eat but I need to stop.

10 days

I have exactly ten days left til my surgery. And I am not prepared at all. I have no idea what to bring. I live two hours away from tj so of course I'm just going to drive. My sister and her boyfriend are the ones driving me. So we are thinking to park at the border and take the cab service that Nadia suggest. I'm just concerned for my way home. Not sure if taking a cab back threw the border is such a good idea considering I'm going to be in lots of pain. Also, I have no idea what to bring. What kind of mess does he give? I will need to get a pillow, what is a good one? And arnica tea I've also heard they have arnica pills lotions is that a good idea to? Do I need more pain meds then what he prescribes? Ugh so much to do . It's coming so fast. I will update so much more as it's happening

Cab driver

Has any one used the cab drive dr pantoja refers Anita Trabucco?


When I had talked to Nadia when I was first researching she said I could leave after the surgery. I just got an email of instructions now that my day is only two days away. It said I get discharged the next morning. Any one know if I can leave after the surgery or do I have to stay the night

Heading to the border

On my way to the border. Meeting the cab driver Nadia suggested to me. She will be picking me up from the parking lots across from the border. Appointment is at 9. I'm starving!!! Ugh lol not sure if I can use my internet so I will talk to you girls later. I'm super super nervous about being put to sleep and just praying I get a big round booty!!!! I will update as soon as I can with pictures! Bye!!

It's time

Getting prep for surgery! Have to be quick but so far everything has been GREAT! He's seriously soooo nice and funny. Even with the language barrier. Talk to you guys soon

It's done

After my surgery I came to write a review and half way threw I knocked out lol and it didn't make any sense. I am so uncomfortable and soooo nauseous I had such a hard time getting out of bed. I slept ok my arms melts going numb from laying on them. My actual body feel out by ugh I feel dizzy and all that!

First pic

so here is the best I could get right now, still in lots of pain.

A couple pics day 2

Sorry I am wearing underwear I started my period :(

Day 2

Feeing so crappy. Uncomfortable. Can't sit, can't sleep in good positions. My hands are sore from laying on them, only get one hour of sleep at a time. I'm so exhausted. I just want to feel normal again. How long does it usually take?

Dr p

I just got back from my post op appointment. Super quick. Taking out the stitches hurt sooo bad. Seen doctor p again. And honestly if you are making a decision either to go to him or not, I don't think it's a question. He is amazing his staff is amazing his office is clean and quick. I think he did an amazing job and I'm still half swollen. He's definitely the best .. you don't get what you pay for you get more. I know how hard it is to pick a doctor, and if I ever do another surgery he is who I would choose. And recommend to everyone !


So it's not as round and bubbly as I wanted, but my butt was so flat and inward I know that getting to the size I wanted takes two rounds. But honestly anything is better then what I had. If you already have a little shape yours will definitely come out rounder

Week and three day

Here are my week and three days update. I feel great. I see a lot of volume getting lost everyday makes me sad. My butt is still very flat, but I have a nice waist and a wide butt to go with it. So from an angle it looks really good but from the side I hate how it looks. My before was so bad that I should have known I wouldn't come out looking perfect. They say it will change and hopefully it gets rounder, if not I will definitely be back for round two. I love doctor p ! He really is great.

Almost one month

I've been so unhappy lately , everyday I watch my body go down more and more. My butt is still FLAT, it's just fuller. My stomach has became just as big as it was before. I look ok with the garment on but I know as soon as I take it off. I don't look the same :( I feel like I wasted all this money.

Update !

Two months post op and no garment. It's crazy how every angle looks different. Lol

5 months!

So I figured I should do an update. I'm on here pretty often yet I'm not sure if enough people read my review that it's worth it. But anyways here it is. I can honestly say this is the best decision I've ever made. Some days I do feel it's not big enough or that I still don't look how I want to. But from where I started at I am soooo much better now! I have random people come up to me sometimes and tell me what a beautiful body I have. It looks so natural. People that don't know I got the surgery. People tell me all the time I have a big butt and how lucky I am to be so curvy! In the future I do hope to go for round 2 and anything I do I will go to dr p! He is the best for the price your paying! My ass was soooo flat and I had a huge muffin top! Now I actually do have some curves and I can wear things I never coupled pull off before. Hopefully this helps and I'm happy to answer any questions..

So far Nadia the one who replies to emails has been awesome and so helpful!

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