All I Want for Xmas Are Abs N Fat Ass. Mexico, MX

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I've been waiting and wanting this for years and...

I've been waiting and wanting this for years and my time has finally come to get my dream bod!! so excited, nervous,anxious ..Im getting a tt/lipo/bbl I'm 5'2 165lbs was at 285 at heaviest, maintained my current weight for a few years, at a standstill and finally ready to get this new booty!!!!!!!!!!

Slight change in plans..

So i've done some more thinking, if I'm really going to go through this I want the best surgeon available, sooo I'm going with Dr. Smaili , I chose the Upland location it's way closer to home, I had a I had a BA in 2013 from Dr. Smaili and have. Phenomenal Results!! I can't wait had consultation December.1st paid deposit last week and my surgery is scheduled Jan 15,2016????

Pre op it's official y'all

Quick update … I'm terrible with keeping up my own updates because I'm too busy reading all of yours LOL
Well I had my pre op n got lab work done paid remaining balance signed n initialed the dotted lines
Ahhhhhhhh 11 days away from my right tummy n fat booootayyy
I'm super excited yet scared ????less about the pain I'm going to endure . I've had two
c sections one emergency one planed had very minimal pain with both so I'm not that worried about the tummy tuck , it's the lipo and fat transfer I'm being a scary cat about
Mmm what else oh just found out I have to purchase my garments through my surgeon day is sx which is another 200 grrr not happy about that
After three weeks no cigarettes I gave in and smoked was so not worth it tastes like crap so after 10 years of off n on smoking I think I'm done for good
I'll post some pre op pics soon

Weight gain after I quit smoking

I gained six lbs in a month after I quit smoking!
I didn't see it coming It I haven't stepped on the scale all month until my favorite pair of trues I put on were super tight , along with the smoke snacking I can't discredit the holidays but boy did it sneak up on me …
I just pray it doesn't affect my results for my procedures which is FRIDAY !!! My kiddos even been coming with me to the gym we've been each other's motivation ,God bless them ????????
So my surgeon said he can't lipo my upper back vigorously because of blood circulation since I'm doing tummy tuck so I'm just imagining a small waist big butt with a fat upper back not pretty I'm working on my back real hard all week with plenty of cardio and hope it helps

Finally did it

Will update in the next day or two just wanted to post a couple photos feel great no pain lil soar ????

Day of surgery ????

Day one post op

I'm truly amazed I have extremely mild pain , I wouldn't even call it pain more discomfort than anything however I coughed and that was excruciating . I slept in my recliner with pillows under my legs n boppy under my but I felt comfortable on the couch in all fours position but my doc said no that my ass ain't going nowhere LOL . I'm not really feeling the shape of my ass at the moment it's a bit perky and high but he said it will fluff and round out over the next few weeks the nurses said this should be my most painful day and honestly it's a piece of cake thank you Jesus .my man took a few days off to take extra good care of me god he's amazing
My mom also came to visit for my birthday and extended her stay so she can help with the kids and the house , I couldn't do it without them this has been a pleasant experience thus far and hope any other women who have these procedures experience recovery as smooth as mine

Swell hell

Ok I spoke too soon my extremely wonderful healing experience ended as fast as it came .
Not in pain just extremely uncomfortable from all the swelling annnddd I wish I could go do do. Also my right drain is filling up to 100 mL within six hours while my left one maybe gets to 50 ml in about eight hours… Is this normal? Today total I had about 435 mL with in the past 16 hours

Two n half wks po

Forgot to post these at my two wk date like anybody who has surgery I have a couple concerns regarding my swelling and scar I know eventually it lighten up but I've never had a puffy scar its rope like ugh hate the sides of my scar too early to tell if I need a revision

Incision pics

Swell hell

Healing takes time

This was so worth it I'm extremely happy with my results thus far yesterday marks four weeks po at first I had concerns regarding seroma I went to ask my doc in person and he assured me it was normal swelling and sure enough it went down
Everyday is progression
My only advice is watch what you eat especially sodium
You may think it's healthy but ladies Fa real fa real watch that salt in every you eat no joke it makes a difference
Anyway I can't wait to get back in the gym I still feel like a fat blob until I look in the mirror then I see this sexy Ass thick in all the right places chick ????

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