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My interaction with Dr. Pantoja's office thus far...

My interaction with Dr. Pantoja's office thus far has been fantastic. So far so good. Nadia is so patient (I've sent at least a million emails) within the last year as my SX date had to change from November 2014 to April 2015!
I'm especially appreciative of all the RS ladies and their openness and honesty that has allowed me to fully commit to this procedure. I don't feel alone and that makes me feel elated!

Weight loss journey!! Not going too well

Hi ladies! A little bit about myself. I'm 5'9 230 lbs. I really want to get back to my pre pregnancy weight (180lbs) but realistically , 200 Is my goal. I'm tall w broad shoulders but this is the biggest I have ever been.
I don't know why the scale is not nudging!!! I'm eating clean and seeing muscle tone improve but no weight loss. Hardly!
I'm worried I'll gain muscle and my fat stores will deplete. My booty Is struggly!!!!
I can't wait to see some improvements so I can get the best results!
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Frustrated like hell.

Before pics!!! Goal: loose 30 lbs before SX

Here are a few photos of my big , wide flat booty!!!
It's so hard to see myself like this but this is the real me! Today just seems like a very frustrating day!!!


I'm tying not yo take ish personal but I find myself ( a newbie 2 months pre) being supportive of others or literally having to inbox sista for support.
Thanks for the few that answered a few questions or just responded to me. I appreciate it greatly. I came across this site so happy to see how supportive everyone is irrespective of the doctor you have chosen but now, it appears to be #teamwhoever! Damn!
I might as well delete this whole thing and be strong standing on my own.
Vets!! Can a chick get some love?
Newbies? Where yall at? Anyone? Smh!!! I really didn't think I would be disappointed!

Fr Fr

Yesterday was a mess, thank you RS Dolls!!

I can be such a big ol baby at times! Smh!
Thank you ladies for reaching out to me yesterday. I felt so discouraged on so many levels but you guys are freaking awesome!
I'm back.
Motivated and ready to show off my weight loss progress ( when I see it)!!!!
Got my life back!

Not to bad with clothes on!!

The foundation is there! Here I am now with clothes on!!! Booty needs roundness and more projection.
Oh, I can't wait to get this waist snatched!

ClubMed Name Change

Hey ladies!!! For those looking to stay at club med, the zzz NAME HAS CHANGED!!
It is now called
Just in case you are looking it up!
The owner Marvin and his wife Suzanne are awesome. I'll be staying there the day before my SX and having them pick me up from the airport to rest bf the big day. The price includes pick up and drop off to airport , transport to doctor for SX snd any post op appointments, 24 hr nurse, ocean view, nice ammenities, errands , home cooked meals etc...
Check them out ladies!!!
They have packages to fit individual needs. Best of luck to all those in recovery, scared shitless about recovery (ME??) and those straight G's who do this on their own!

Say what!!!!!!!????? Help??

Ok ladies, I want to loose between 20-30 lbs before my SX to get the best results. I emailed Nadia's wonderful self and gave Her updated pics of my weight gain(seen above). I also sent my wish pics! It was , of course, pics of big, round, full juicy booties with nice projection and snatched waists!
She responded to my email the following day and informed me that she showed DrP my current photos and my wish pics and he recommends I don't loose all the weight I had intended to loose.
I've never been this big and will continue to eat well but DAMN!!!
My body needs toning and unless he is going to lipo me to the Gawds, I still think I should tone up and loose weight!
What do you guys think?
I'm pretty sure I have a hella large amount of fat!!! I'm pulling on this back roll now!!! Lol
No Bueno!!
Doctor knows best but I think I may defy Doctors order- see, I'm already being non compliant. Lol
What should I do????? HELP A SISTA OUT PLEASE!!!

Lost 3 lbs! Yay!!! Super Bowl...please don't bring it back!

Hey ladies! I hope you all are enjoying this exciting super bowl weekend! Who are you rooting for? Or do you just watch it for the commercials and half time show like me? Lol
I was good this whole week because I KNEW I WAS GOING TO TURN UP TOMORROW!!! Aye!
Guess what tho? I lost 3 lbs by just watching my portions.
I know the "spirits" and beer and wings will bring it all back but I'm determined to be a good girl for the next 2 months!
I just had to share these pics I took today and I was feeling myself a lil bit!

When I drop this weight and get lipo'd and injected to the Gawds, I just may have the body of my dreams! The foundation is there!

Lord, please forgive me now because no one gonna be able to tell me NOTHING!!!! Lolol
Dr. P just needs to suck and sculpt and Ya girl will be given her LIFE!!!
Anyway, have a wonderful weekend Dollls! #turndownforwhat?


Just getting over a bad cold, going through withdrawal from my RS addiction ... Shaking and shit... Dreaming of wish pics, I got it bad!
I hope today finds all my sistas well. Whether you are nervous before SX, recovering after , or waiting to fluff, everything will be as it should and I'm here for you dolls!

Removed my pics! Why the hate?

I just wanted to delete this entire account but I think it's fair I follow through with my review since the clock is ticking ... I'm finding it so difficult, damn, Am I coming across bitchy?
I'm getting inbox messages and some rude comments that just turn me off and I don't engage, I just shut it down and that saddens me Bc I joined for mutual support.
Thanks ladies who have been amazing and funny and kept us informed... For those critical of those choosing to go to Mexico or DR, quietly pucker up and kiss my ass- wait til after my SX so you can get a mouth full!
I swear, this is so how I'm feeling right now.
Why not skip past a profile you don't like and keep it moving?
We are all trying to get it right and have our respective SX so let's just keep it a judgement-free zone!
I don't need to explain my decisions to anyone!
Booty4real has been super real and funny and informative, thanls love. You are awesome. Those others who have just been kind, thank you too ladies.
This is already an emotional roller coaster, let's all lay off the haterade, judgment juice is off the tap!
Every time I see a chica having a moment or recovering, I try to shout them out just because you have no idea of the impact and/ or loving and kind statement can have on someone at any given moment!
I just want to have a positive experience and infect those with a smile that may need it!
I digress

Ok, almost paid in full!!!

I'm so excited ladies!
I've paid $2500 thus far towards my SX & for 6 days at OFH recovery house!
Shit is getting real. I'm doing this all by myself and finally doing something for me.
I really need to kick this workout into gear tho! I just knew once I forked over my hard earned cash, I would be totally motivated but , let's say... RS and Red wine pair perfectly don't they?

I've stayed on the site to send well wishes but sidnt update for a while Bc I swear this chic was slick stalking me... Her real goal was to try to find out my identity , I guess I look like her arch nemesis! No, I don't live in Texas!!!
She just knew she had someone to call out!
I wonder, how do I hide my new booty?
Should I get some booty pads and slide them in now so I'm not going from slick thick to thicker than a snicker?
The struggle is real.
I'm proud of my lil booty but GoT Damn, I'm going to
Start a twerk team- in my head! I can't wait to feel as good about my outside as I feel on the inside.

I need to book my flight
Buy a faja-still no clue what to get
Get lipo foam

Everything else I got from Walmart or dollar store and I appreciate all the lists you sisters have posted.

Tell me in crazy, I got a lil Rick James in my veins... But I'm waiting to prance into my ex lovers face and rub this new body all in his face! Hahaa!
I've never been a big girl until recently and he has been the only man to make me feel some type of way about the weight I gained!
I cut him quick and he kept calling like ,"what's wrong? What did I do?"
Um, how about be a total dick?
Oh well, he just doesn't know I'm a dime even with these 35lbs distributed on me.
That's how I feel!
I just want him to look back at it and remember surfing all in this good good!
New beginnings... Happy to be single and just ready to do me!!!!
To all you ladies out there with a lil someone out there you can't wait to see after your SX- male , female, friend or foe... Watch em stare, let them talk... We are doing this for US!

Few before pics!!! Weight loss struggle is real

Wish pics and a lil Booty Meat!

I saw these two bootyful women and I'm like yessssss! I have a foundation but to achieve this takes a lot of work. I will have to hit the gym harder and I know this SX will not be the cure or magic procedure. My expectations are in tact Bc these girls
Worked for this goodness!
Surgical enhancements will definitely put me in the right direction!
Sexual Chocolate-****Raises hand, shouts, "PRESENT!"
I'm coming for it!

To tell or not to tell?

Hey ladies! I have 2 beautiful children and I have not told my daughter- who is a legal adult and attends the university- my pride and joy, btw...that I'm doing all this.
She knows I'm having lipo but that's all I said.

When I show up with all this cake? Cmon now!!!
Did any of you tell your grown kids mommy is getting a donk?

We are close and I feel guilty keeping ALL the details from her.

East coast snow storm has me loving you guys all day long!

I saw this and it made me laugh Bc it's so true! For all my real sisters out there transforming in front of our eyes, getting ready to transform or just inquiring! The thirst is real!

36 days away!!! The workout is getting real!!!!

A combination of T25 and eating right is my plan and it FEELS SP GOOD!!!
25 minutes of anything will help us get it right and tight before SX. I've slacked a bit ( super bowl ) and occasional glass(ES) of wine but don't give up ladies. Don't beat yourself up if you have a bad day. Pick yourself up and get back to it!
I'm smelling myself... No not in a good way... I sweat so hard I'm funky, lol!
Let me go jump in the shower and remember the closer you are to your goal weight before SX, the better your results will be.
I wish everyone a happy Thursday! Get movin , even if you take the stairs in lieu of the elevator.
Shiiiit, I gotta burn off that red wine from last night!
From this point on!!! No alcohol, no simple sugars and lean protein and complex carbs ONLY! Don't forget drink water like your life depends on it!
My 2 cents.... Maybe a Nickle thrown in there too.

Flight Booked!!! Advice please!This is all happening

I'm so excited and finally booked my flight. I'll switch planes on the way there and I honestly don't care how many hours it takes to get there. The time difference is such that when I fly into San Diego, it will earlier enough to get picked up by club med and taken straight to the recovery house. I want to rest and maybe walk on the beach Bc im super excited and I know I won't be able to sit still!
Nerves, Hail Mary's, the whole nine. I know I'll have a range of emotions.
I'll stay for a week there to make sure I'm strong enough to take a 5 hour flight back.
Any advice will help.
I'll have a boppy pillow but that's all I can think of to save all my newly transferred lovely BOOTAY tissue!
I'm pretty sure the urinal will be in my carry on.
Any other tips for long flights home from you dolls will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks loves!
What about the fluid that still gushes out? I'm thinking of everything, probably too much! AaagghGHH!

34 days and a few '"Ah Ha's"

It's the realization that I have 34 days to go that has finally lit a semi torch under my ass, sponge bob-esq, but lit nonthess.

Time to :
-Vamp up the workouts
-Concentrate on iron and Hg levels which means I need a baseline. -----Going to get a CBC next week to know exactly what I'm working with prior to travel
-finish supply checklist
-relax, pray, love

Although we are all focused on our individual goals, I never thought I would share my thoughts,moods and experiences with so many cool ass chics. It's like dating online ( in my mind)!

You can be anyone you want to be but truly benefit from
Being yourself and cultivating real relationships.
You also have to pick
And choose who you "let in" and avoid the weirdos.
It's hard to take off that mask sometimes. The vulnerable sides of us that ask for help and avoid convincing ourselves that we have it all figured out can be to our detriment .

I'm grateful for this experience. I'm
They say if you scuurd, say you scuurd!!!!
I am.
I'm realizing as the time draws closer, I'm putting things into perspective more easily ... I'm trying to be impeccable with my word and find that I'm attracting people that are like minded and positive and I appreciate that flow. These laws of the universe are not to be ignored.
Yes Ma'am!!!

Iron , Fajas and Faux Pas!!!

Ok ladies, I know I'm not the only one this has ever happened to; knowing me, maybe I am! Let me tell you about my day!
So, I'm sitting in LabCorps getting my CBC done to make sure my Iron levels are on point before my SX (32 days yall!!!! Aye)! I walk in to the clinic and see this fiiiine brother. I mean , he had the sweetest disposition, he was tall and had the whitest teeth, beautiful smile and can I tell you he smelt like the rivers of milk and honey in heaven child! I swear I had to stop myself from biting his neck! That neck, Oh ... I can't help it when a man smells good, I just want to be all in that neck!
He was making lots of small talk and asking questions not pertaining to the job at hand. What should've taken 5 minutes to draw one vile of blood, took about 15. We flirted. Hell, I'm single so It was mutual. He had jokes, we laughed and just as I was about to walk out, he had one last joke and as began to laugh hysterically because he was funny as hell.... Pooot! Lord have mercy yall! I laughed and farted at the same Damn time!!!!
I'm chocolate so If I could've turned red, I would be a tomatoe!!! Hell, I probably turned purple!!!
I was so embarrassed!!! If I could have snapped my fingers or did one of those I dream of genie head nods, I would be safe and secure in my car! But no!
We looked at each other... I had committed the most embarrassing faux pas of my life and all I could do was bust out laughing.
We both laughed and he put his hand on my shoulder and looked me dead in my eyes and said, "at least it wasn't one of those silent killers!"
I instantly fell in love! We laughed again and I walked out of the door!
I can't remember being that embarrassed dolls! As I walked out, he put his name on a card and asked me to call if I had any additional questions. Mmmm Hmmm! I just might!
Anyway, I hope my Hg levels are ok. If not, I have a month to eat an entire cow liver and a ton of kale along with my suplements.
I just had to spill this tea! I'm still laughing at my gassy ass now. See, it was them greens I had last night! Them damn greens!
Ok... Next topic:
What the FAJA!!
Ok, as I'm getting all my supplies ordered and packed, I keep reading of all these secondary Fajas you ladies are ordering.
How do you know what size to get? My PS offers one with the SX but I know I'll need another one while it's being cleaned. So, do I wait and but one another one from my doctor? Do I estimate how snatched I will be? Any advice will help.
Butt out, mesh butt, which ones have you dolls dound to be the most effective with compression and comfort?
Thank you guys for any advice you can offer!
Oh, and if you're eating mad greens trying to get your iron up, lay off the collard greens before a date, my 2cents with a smile!

Current situation and Projection Perfection

Dear Dr.P,
I ask that your arms and mind be given the strength to lipo me to the GAWDs. Snatch each and every bit of adipose tissue (fat) from my tummy, back , arms and inner thighs ( yeah, I'm getting the whole 9) and inject it into my wide, flat at the top, meat at the bottom booty. Please don't stop until you see what will be an ol ignant ass! Mold and shape me into the hour glass I think was ordered for me but was delivered to that chic I used to run with as a teen that I swear had a Judy since we were 12.
This is what my heart desires! The heart wants what it wants ah ah ah ah ah ahnts!!!!!- in my Salena Gomez voice!!!

Gotta get that Green

Ok, I'm happy today. I got my labs back and my Hemoglobin and Hematocrit levels are good 12.7 and 37.8, respectively.
And I am telling you.... (Aight J.Hud!) I honestly attribute it to eating lots and lots of greens and other combinations of foods. I really haven't even started to go hard yet with the supplements. I actually really love kale and spinach and collards ... I have some pretty healthy and delicious recipes to share if anyone is interested. I'm going to vamp it up and of course, take my suplements but remember how our bodies work! Taking supplements is definitely a MUST and recommended but those levels may drop unexpectedly once you stop taking them.
Reasons why HG levels decrease:
1-low iron absorption (anemia)
Combat this by eating green leafy and iron rich foods. If you DO eat these items and you still have low iron, limit: coffee, alcohol and dairy- these things limit iron absorption.
2-low vitamin C
Combat this by consuming all the yummy citrus fruits and strawberries but don't forget about brocolli and cabbage.
3-low folic acid and b-complex vitamins. These are necessary to make red blood cells.
Combat this naturally by consuming lentils and other dried beans, corn, bananas , pineapples and peanuts.
Hemoglobin is important -
Of course, we know the hemoglobin limits the PS need us to have but WHY?
Hemoglobins main function is to carry the oxygen From our lungs to our organs. As we know oxygen provides our cells with the energy it needs to perform all the necessary functions.
If HG is low, it can lead to lack of clotting , and oh course, with the procedures we are seeking, lack of clotting can lead to bleeding out and death. This is why a PS won't touch you unless your levels are optimal.
Remember to take your supplements daily but ALSO keep in mind we can help the process along with the dietary choices me make.
Wait, all that being said, I can't have my wine and cheese??? Oh Hell Naw!!!
Be blessed and I hope this helps.
Personally, I'm looking for an increase because as I stated, I'm going to need him to lay hands on me! I mean, lipo me like I stole sumthin!!! Kisses dolls!

More Labs and less FLAB- 5 lbs down! YAY!!!!!

Yea Baby!!
I promised myself I would just eat clean (no processed foods, no white foods - rice or bread, only lean grilled/baked meats and lots of veggies, no dairy) I miss cheese), no alcohol (I miss you too Merlot) and 1/2 my body weight of water in oz/day). This along with with T25 workouts aka baby Insanity every blessed day!

Well... It's working ladies.

I wasn't even going to get on the scale but it was talking to me yall!
"Come!!" I swear I heard it whispering to me when I got out of the shower!
Reason being is if I didn't see results, I didn't want to get discouraged!
I've cussed a few scales out before and me and my last scale got to fighting... I vowed to stay away!

Glad I didn't... More motivated now!
I'm 4 weeks away so I'm in high gear! Shout out to @colay for all your help ma!
I also went back to get more labs done today (CMP, TT/TTP ratio). Thank you allaboutme2015 for he walk in lab information!!!

The CMP is basically a complete metabolic panel that will check everything from blood glucose (sugar ) levels to kidney and liver function and electrolyte levels - sodium, potassium etc. This gives our PS and indication of our overall health. The TT /TTP test is basically a test to see how long it takes for our blood to clot. (T stands for Thrombin- a clotting factor found in our blood).
This test is important to ensure you don't bleed out and your blood clots normally and you are not suffering from hemophilia.
I'm praying everything is Ok!
Although these test are already paid for with my procedure,
I be DAMNed if I fly all the way to San Diego and get turned away.
No Ma'am!!
Anyway... If you read about my last visit to LabCorps you know about this heavenly man I came across. He wasn't there but I met this beautiful Jamaican woman who was so funny!
I always look to the universe to give me signs and answers and I'm telling you, every beautiful woman I have come across on this site and all my experiences this far tell me It's My Time!
I have no regrets and I'm ALL IN!
No hesitation!
I'm feeling grateful today for every single woman or man on this site who is on this emotional roller coaster with me! Remember you have to PUSH YOURSELF TO GET WHAT YOU DESERVE! We all deserve this, remember that! Kisses and Hugs

Cake cake cake cake cake!!!

Did I mention I'll be celebrating my birthday at ClubMed (OFH) recovering and ALL I WANT FOR MY BIRTHDAY IS A BIG BOOTY SO THEY'LL CALL ME BIG BOOTAY!!!
Yes Ladies! I know I'll be in pain and away from my old friends and family- shout out to my SX buddy @ toosexxxy who I met on RS. I'll be meeting her there! I'm Super Geeked!
I don't need to blow out any candles... I'm hoping to tote my cake around Err day! Lol!
In a silly mood tonight and I can't stop smiling!

Birthday Gifts and updated PHOTOS

So, I woke up to a package at my door from Amazon: my PEZ female urinal and clinical strength Scar Away solution (100% silicone) Although the marks from the liposuction cannula are minimal, I don't want any scars, as my skin is prone to do so. Scar away worked wonders on my breat augmentation SX- many years ago so I figured I'd re-up!
These pics were taken this morning (before my workout) and I swear, one of my back rolls looks like it is trying to get smaller. Aye!!!!!! My waist trying to play peek-a-boo with me! I see you waist, come out and play! Lol
Happy Friday dolls!

Show some LOVE!!!!

Happy Monday Ladies!
One of our sisters @WishedUponAstar is having a TT/BBL today!!!! Please pray for her to get through the SX and a speedy recovery!!!!
Let's show her some love on her page.
Lots of love to all you ladies who are preparing, contemplating , counting down the days and /or already recovering !!!

Paid in Full!!!! I did it all by myself and I'm proud!

Yesssss ladies!!!
I'm paid in full and now, ALL I NEED to do is count down the days and continue to try to tone up and lose as much weight as possible (against doctors orders - I know, I'm hard headed)- he advised me not to loose anymore weight to achieve the results from the pics I sent him along with my current photos. I just feel like I want to tone up more , idk. Most PS say be close to your ideal weight and I'm not! Oh well... I hope i don't regret this because I sent a picture of a FATTY, beautiful heart shaped bottom and I want it!!!
All my hard work paid off and I'm paid in full for everything.
Here's an itemized list:
BBL- $3600
7 days at ClubMed (OFH) $975
Fight $540
Meds &3 massages : $250
Supplied bought thus far $150- still got loads of supplies to get
So far, just under $6,000!! Yay!

I still have to get FAJA and waist trainers, AB boards and arnica and bromaline and castor oil etc.
I think I'll total out and still be a lil under $7,000 and that's OK.

This is the best investment I have ever made and I am so happy to be paid off and READY TO GO!!!
I'm feeling so grateful right now!!!
...because I'm Happy!!!!

Gifts and Labs

It's all coming together!!! Thank you GOD!!!
I got my lab results back for my CMP and TT/TTP with INR and everything was in range! Yeaaahhhh Baaby!!! These test will basically ensure you're a healthy adult and your blood clots normally. I'm literally doing EVERYTHING to ensure I'll be a go for SX.
Again, shout out to @allaboutme2015! Ladies, if you want to get any of the necessary tests you need for SX , ie,
( hemoglobin, complete metabolic panels etc..) register for free at and you can get these tests for $24! This is not a bad investment, especially if you're coming from out of town!
I was also super geeked to wake up to more goodies at my door!
I got my buckwheat support pillow for my plane ride home as well as arnica gel and tablets with a side of bromaline tablets!!! Yes ma'am! It's going DOWN!!!
Speaking of down: lost 2 more pounds! This journey has been a combination of ups and downs, being in then out... Overall , I'm grateful for every single moment!

Wishes and Reflections

As the clock continues to wind down, I can't help but obsess about nothing but ASS! I mean, I can't even go to the grocery store without checking out random booty! Smh

I see the squares, the apples, the hearts, the bubbles, flats, high up, low down...booty is all on my brain!
I swear one chic caught me staring...mind you, I'm not on that "team" but I couldn't help it. I dream of ASS. I think she tried to flirt ... Swerve , sorry boo,
Not happening! She was HAWT THO! I almost took a wish pic of that thing but I'm pretty sure that was taking it too far. #creepmode.

I couldn't help but remember one thing: as much as I am excited to travel to bootyland, I must remember that this will not change my life! ( It damn sure will boost my ego and confidence)!
I have to remember I will still be me. I will still have the same stressors; there will be good days and bad. I will still struggle to be the best mother, friend, daughter and lover I can be. As much as we are all excited about our respective SX , we will still be exactly who we were before we laid on these tables. I'm doing this for me and ONLY ME! I'm not doing this because I want someone to love me more or squeeze me tighter. That will not happen! Wait, Let me stop. I'm going to have a whole lot more ass... My Judy will be squeezed tighter, for sure...yesssss!!

Don't get me wrong, Let's keep this 100: I will be stepping OUT , showing OFF... Breaking Necks while I cash MY CHECKS!!!
I just had a moment to wish and reflect. At the end of it all, I will be the best me I can be... Wishes are just that: wishes, a guide. I'm looking at my body as it is today: perfectly imperfect and I love it!

I want to be BAD NAKED!!! Updated pics

Good morning ladies! I woke up crazy thirsty for A big, full, round booty! Today is officially Thirsty Thursday!
I decided not to get on the scale until I'm a week out to prevent any further altercations between me and her- my scale- yes, she has a name and can be a real Bish sometimes.
I've come to the conclusion, some time ago, that I just want to look amazing butt booty nekid! Lol!
We can wear Fajas and spanks, booty pads and the whole nine...I want to look good when I strip down! I want feel as good on the outside as I feel on the inside.
My workouts are going and I can see a difference daily. THANK GOD. The struggle is real! Shout out to all my sisters trying to loose or gain for our SX- this is no joke! Even if I dont hit my goal weight, I'm proud of myself and nothing can take this feeling away.

Current Mood- Grateful!

This is for all my Dolls who are trying to loose weight, maintain or gain weight! My Princesses who are on that countdown or just getting started with their recoveries. The Queens thinking about getting the body of their dreams and doubting themselves because of what everyone else is saying. This is for those Vets so willing to share and pay it forward to the Newbies...or anyone who just may have stumbled upon this site! Always remember the POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING AND THE LAWS OF ATTRACTION!! Happy Wednesday!


The scale didn't budge this week! Yes, yes, I know that I said I would stay away from that darn scale! I know it's only Wednesday but dang! I'm going to stay positive and pray there is muscle growing rapidly Bc I'm 15 days out (Yay) and I have no room for negative thoughts. I'm so used to people saying, "you weigh WHAT? Omg, you don't look that heavy... !!!!"
I have to accept my body for exactly what it is!
I'm praying that I remain positive!


Happy Friday Dolls. I found this reading to be a beautiful mental challenge for us all! We Are all Worthy and Deserve the best life has to offer!
I challenge us beauties to
1- LET IN AWARENESS-by appreciating all that is around us!
2- LET IN LOVE-love yourself as you are and you will be open to receiving love.
3- LET IN COMPASSION-don't feel sorry or judge yourself so you can accept others comfort
4-FORGIVENESS- allow yourself to be forgiven by others and most important , forgive yourself for your past and present mistakes.
6-LAUGHTER-makes most situations lighter
7-JOY-we all deserve this
8-GRATITUDE- allow others to be grateful for what you do And never dismiss it as "nothing"
9-SILENCE-sit with yourself and meditate on your own fabulous was and not always on what you want to change about yourself.
10-SERENDIPITY- be aware of the things that happen out of the blue -even if it appears negative-things happen as a lesson and/or a blessing- or BOTH!
11-PAIN-opening yourself up to the idea of the possibility of being hurt (ex-falling in love) lets you know that you are also strong enough to deal with the pain we already have.

The best "ME I CAN BE!"

As the clock continues to descend, I can not help but acknowledge a few emotions. Fear, Happiness, Anxiety, Joy, just to name a few. One thing is certain: I intend on being the beat Me I can Be!!!! I have nodesire to become a "wish pic" I really , really like who I am right now. The new Judy will not do a thing for my Karma , nor will it help me forgive myself for past mistakes. I'll love her dearly but she won't help me make new friends nor will she transform me into Yonce' ( wait, the partition routine will definately be UPGRADED:)
I'm just trying to be the best me I can be!
I have always had a pretty good sense of self. My self esteem was never called into question until I gained weight in the last year and found myself hating going shopping! I had a lot of work to do emotionally.
As the clock continues to wind down, I have to acknowledge the truth behind cosmetic procedures. My truth:
I was 21 when I decided to get a Breast augmentation SX that DID NOT GO AS PLANNED. I ended up going under 3x before he got it right and I was spent. Not only was I spent monetarily; the COIN was definately depleted. I was emotionally spent having my daughter have to witness mommy going through recover 3x. My expectations not being met as I trusted my PS with my life and I was let down. The crazy part is I saw him featured on a reality show a couple months ago (love and Hip hop) and I swear it took me through what was post traumatic stress.
I saw him being prominately featured and I became that 21 year old college student , stripped down in his office, hearing I had "ptosis- extremely saggy Breast from Breast feeding before my body was matured- I had my daughter as a teenager! -He finally got it right but I went through hell!

My current mood is very grateful. I'm grateful for the trauma I experienced. I have been through hell and back and I thank God for every second of doubt, excitement , fear, elation and Anxiety! All of these emotions have fueled me. I'm fortified.
I'm ready for this Sisters.
By the grace of God, two weeks from today, I will be in a Recovery House celebrating my Birthday with the ultimate Cake! I have to send a shout out to my sisters @allaboutme2015 and @lookbackatit who will embark on their beautiful journies to match the inside with the outside next week!
The vets keeping me on @B4real, @tigerBooty-I changed Ya name after that donk, @Colay, @Sexee . ,olivelaughloveo, and my sister from another mister, @WishedUponAstar , I constantly read our inbox messages and remember valuable information about my SX. I lol because of humor and smile from the love! I'm not winning an award right now so all my sis not mentioned , please know this feeling I have now is for ALL OF US! My only goal, no matter how many wish pics I post, is to be the best ME I CAN BE- and that's awesome to me!!!

Reality is Setting IN!

In 5 days I'm off to San Diego for my pre-op! The following day, Its BBL DAY & NO LOOKING BACK!
As life has it, my 7 day countdown has not gone as planned BUT IM STILL GRATEFUL. The week began with me prancing around the house , " I'm getting booty, I'm getting booty!" I chanted this in my head like a 3rd grader holding ice cream, on the playground in the summer! Straight flexing!! I repeated this chant in traffic, I even had a low key twerk session during my workout... Aye, I was still moving, right?
My reality: The grass is ALWAYS greener!
I envied the girls counting down the hours with bags packed... "Dang, can April come ON!?" I said with very little patience or respect for the process.
Not any more!
This week has been tough!
Life never stops, even in the Pursuit of BOOTYness-
It's a surreal feeling when your time draws near.
Initially, so much anticipation clouded my mind. If you're anything like me, you become OBSESSED with booty: before booty, after booty, round 2 booty... My eyes begin to glaze over.
I was losing sleep ...
Then it's the recovery obsession (I guess I'm learning how neurotic I really am!)
"Wait, the CG can burn you? I need to ensure I have a tank where?"
My period started a couple days ago so I'm sure that contributes to my current mood. "Wait, that means my Hemoglobin may go down.... Ahhhh!!!!!"
Someone... Give me a shot of Iron and OJ- on the rocks!!!! STAT!
Whoooooo Saaaaaaaaaa
Take a deep breath and go with the flow. I feel it all!
One thing is for sure! The more I find myself supporting my fellow sisters, the more I gain personally. I've always been a quality above quantity kind of gal. I love a good, close nucleus!
That nucleus (for all my science heads) is filled with POSITIVE charged protons and Neutrons... The overall charge of a nucleus is POSITIVE!
Those electrons that circle the nucleus- those negatively charged gnats are usually the highest in number and remain in that cloud of negativity.
For me, unfortunately , that has been family members and even a few friends circling around me.
No matter what, my spirit is so FULL! I'm so ready for this !
As my reality has set in, with its unexpected bumps , ebbs and flows , my Gratitude has not waivered one bit! Agggggggghhhhhh!!!!! This is really happening .
It's Friday night and a week from this moment, by the Grace of God, I will be in recovery.



I'm so busy loving my life, I have no time for FEAR, HATE OR REGRET! Keeping myself busy is the only thing keeping me sane right now. The minute I sit down, my mind begins to wonder...

Doubt starts to find its way into my consciousness. I've read through countless journeys and when this this process is described as a roller coaster ride, it really is- for me anyway.

Then something reminds me... I get a flash of light from the universe and God tells me that DOUBT KILLS MORE DREAMS THAN FEAR EVER WILL.
I've always been a big dreamer so, Excuse me Doubt, we are not cool right now.

See, doubt came in handy a few good times in my life so let me be fair. Doubt saved me when I had to realize I was in an abusive relationship. "I doubt this is really love!" I often said to myself on those nights he was mean as hell to me. His Verbal abuse was killing my spirit and I would excuse his behavior because we were out drinking. Doubt and I are usually Ok.

Not today!

I'm so ready for this and there is no doubt in my mind that I deserve this. I have no doubt in my mind that God has given me this opportunity to feel as beautiful on the outside as I feel on the inside. Some people may misjudge me...they may call it vanity. If that's the case, I doubt they know the real me!
As I lay in this bed right now before I get ready to hear the Word of the Lord, I realize this is the last Sunday before my SX.
I also realized that without me even planning this: My Surgery is on Good Friday, April 3, 2015! This thought alone, removes some of my anxiety. Praise the Lord.
Lord knows, I believe in you and I also don't believe in coincidence. All sign point to Go and I'm so ready for this.
There is no doubt in my mind!

My Current Mood


Lord knows, this week has flown by! I can't believe its actually MY TIME! I'm so grateful, scared, nervous and extremely happy- it brings tears to my eyes. I've worked so hard for this SX (financially , physically and emotionally) all by myself with no support from friends or family!

It has not been easy!

Ive dealt with the guilt I felt for spending this much money on myself at one time being a mother of 2 beautiful children. I had to lay all the emotional baggage to rest and remember that I matter too! I'm doing this for me and there is no turning back now!

I thank God because before last year, I had never heard of this procedure. I had no idea what a BBL was! "You mean you can take fat out of all the places I want it SNATCHED out and inject it, sculpt my body and give me what???? I CAN GET A PHATTY?"
I tell you what! I was SOLD!

I'm still tying up loose ends and getting the house ready for my departure Tomorrow morning!!!

It's 3am and I can't sleep!

My mind is wondering and as soon as I lay in bed and close my eyes, they begin to blink and my mind begins racing. I say a prayer.

I needed to post!!!

I've never relied on the kindness and support of an online community and never believed I would journal this experience and share it with the world. I'm a very private person and as I look up on my page and see pics of me in the buff,I mean butt booty naked, and personal stories told...Lord, RS has changed me ladies, for the better!

RS is the best thing to ever happen to me on this journey. IVE learned, shared, cried, been freaked out and laughed hysterically. I'm so grateful and appreciative to ALL my Sisters.
Sending my love to each and everyone of you Dolls! This is actually happening... WOW!

ON CLOUD 9- literally

Almost made it to Californ-I-A!!!
I'm a ball of emotions but what is most pressing is thinking about doing this 7 hour journey back! wow! The price of Booty! Cha-Ching!!!

I MADE IT!!!!!

Beautiful ladies, I made it to the flat side. When I attempted to cross the border to bootyland, I was stopped...turned around on em' and TWIRLED right on through. Thanks for the love and support. I'm ON ONE so I'll update when my mind is less foggy!


CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE ... put a candle on my back , Baby blow it!!!!!
Hands down, this is the best birthday gift to myself and I'm greateful for it all!!!!

It's my Birthday!!!'#TurnDownForWhat???

Current Mood!

Waist... Is that you? 2 days post-op PICS!!

Hey dolls! I just want to say thank you for all the calls ( yes, a few ladies took it upon themselves to call me and check on me after sx at Dr. P 's and at the RH ), support , prayers and well wishes. I'm behind on my inbox responses but will give a detailed account of the experience soon.

Today was my first shower (yes!!!!) and massage. I will say this: hail to the creator of the female urinal. It is THE BEST $6 YOU WILL EVER SPEND!

I got attacked by the itch monster today so it was rough and I needed to take some Benadryl! I felt as though I would rip my skin off !Ugh.

@toosexxxe made it to the recovery house today with her hubby and she's all set for her SX tomorrow. Let's pray for her!

I'm still waiting for this infamous bowel movement ... Dulcolax (stool softener) on deck ... Feeling gassy, bloated and ready to just go poo!!!

This stomach sleeping is for the birds!!!

It's Just one of those days where I want to complain but as soon as I pass a mirror, I'm like, "get it boo!" - yes I talk to the new Judy already. We are bonding and becoming aquatinted with one another.

-Im still very swollen but No longer have a trick booty- no low booty meat round here! I'm excited for it to settle and soften.

Somebody tell that lazy fluff fairy to get on her job! I'm not playing with her! Patience... I need patience ( NOW!!!!!) lol:)

Recovery Resort!!!

Our Friends House- formally ClunMed recovery house

Explicit - Click to view

I just can't say enough about Our Friends House- formally ClubMed. Not only is it absolutely stunning and a quick walk to the beach, the care is supurb. I have not lifted a finger and receive individualized, healthy meal choices upon request, random massages and heart felt conversations. The women Suzanne (owner) and Fabiola treat you like daughters.
She takes you to get your eyebrows done, and even hemmed a dolls skirt because she wanted it a Lil shorter on her way back to Chicago! Oh, there are several impromptu fashion shows as dolls recover and want to try in "that dress" they've been so excited to try on post op. We all clap and support one another. The sounds of Light Booty slapping and laughter fill the air.

When I arrived the day before my SX, Suzanne was waiting for me outside, prompt and professional. The Cadillac was well equipt with boppy pillows. I was STARVING , haven fasted my entire trip in an effort to do preop lab work. Afterward, she took me to a restaurant to have authentic Mexican food- I don't think I came up for air! It was so good!

I was so nervous en route but suddenly at ease as soon as I stepped foot in her home. It is huge, super clean ,and ocean front. Watching the Dolphins jump out of the pacific ocean at sun set is so therapeutic.
The parrot loves to talk, "ma...!!!" lol! He's beautiful!

I pinch myself when I wake to panoramic views of the ocean - I'm drawn to water and to witness its glory every morning feels like I'm closer to God- his beautiful creation , so vast. The sound of the waves crashing...
I better grab a broom now because she's going to have to put me outta here...

Put a drink on it!!! post- op DAY 4 PIC!!

So, Dr. Pantoja didn't want me to show him a wish pic. He reminded me of those I had already emailed him and simply instructed me to stand up on the stool, the pedistal as he called it.

This made me a lil nervous Bc I'm a control freak and I wanted him to KNOW exactly what was aesthetically pleasing to me .

He looked at my body and as he began marking, he told me he would mold me and reassured me Id love my new body!

Well ladies, he did just that. I always had a trick booty- flat at the top ( mile long space between my arch in my back and my crack)! I honestly had no idea as to the type of BOOTAY I wanted. All I knew was I wanted it to improve.

Each day my body seems to get a little better!! I'm still in a lot of quasi -pain! A lil burning sensation, a lil stiffness with a side of WTF was that shooting pain? All to be expected.

When he came in, I asked if he was well rested Bc I needed him to do what!? Lipo me to the GAWDS and back!
Just then...
He started making this growling noise... "Grrrrrrrrrrlllllll!!!" I was a taken aback and began to laugh hysterically.
Grrrrrrrrllllllll, he said again, as I asked him to be aggressive! This time he growls and does the hand motion like he's going to work with a cannula. I laughed so hard. He took my hand as if he dapped me up and then he pinched my cheeck- my face that is!
I was so comfortable at that point and his bed side manner is very calming and professional. He is hysterical. He wants you to be realistic and I appreciated his candor. The laughter was so good for my soul and I wasn't nervous anymore.

I had a spinal block and a cocktail in my IV. I was aware of what was happening and even heard the music playing in the OR. I asked , "is it big? "
I heard laughter and he asked me to take a look! I literally looked back it and was out like a light!

Final result. MY WAIST- 4 days post op with crazy swelling is 30 inches and shrinking!!! Yay!
My hips are a whopping 49"
I got a SHELF BOOTY! I love the projection & hip- waist ratio. Assuming the 20 % or more resorption rate, I'm still so happy.
Worth it? Yaaaassss hun-tey!


Yes, this is one of those posts that kinda make you cringe while you're sharing WHAT NEEDS TO BE SAID but you have to put it out there anyway.
The infamous first Poo! Yes, it happened and I now understand the true meaning of shitn' bricks.

I've read about this moment over and over and didn't quite understand what all the fuss was about.
"Yea, yea... I get it, you are constipated!" Id say with an air of cynicism.
After taking iron pills for the past month or so, I understand, it happens , let's move ON!

But wait!! This is an epic moment in the recovery phase. The only thing I can compare this feeling to is in child birth when the baby is crowning and that last push alleviates you of the pressure yielding your bundle of joy.

I swear... I can not think of a similar feeling of relief!
Ladies... You must continue taking iron after SX. This, in conjunction with the anesthesia side effects can cause massive constipation. DONT SLEEP ON THE STOOL SOFTENERS, prunes, fiber... Whatever it takes!!!

I repeat....
You get the picture!
I feel like a new woman.

A real ish talker but no longer full of shit!!! :)

Thank you Lord! Yes, this is one of those moments where you will thank your Maker!

You will want to testify.

You will praise the porcelain throne you rest your new Judy upon and give thanks!


Hey Ladies,
There is a "new member" by the name of JACUBSLORD posting all over our beloved community advertising ILLEGAL HYDROGEL BUTT INJECTIONS!!
Please beware my loves!
Not only is the procedure illegal, it is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND MAY LEAD TO DEATH!!!!
This terrible procedure is not a FDA approved procedure for Butt Augmentation and can lead to severe health complications , INCLUDING DEATH!
There is no doctor in the United states that can or will legally perform this procedure -
These fillers are highly contaminated with TOXINS and are INFERIOR in quality when used for butt augmentation.
It's usually done in back alleys and hotel rooms all over and unfortunately , many dolls have paid with their lives in the quest for derrière!!!!

Hydrogels are usually used for procedures like lip injections and last about 18 months, NOT FOR BUTT AUGMENTATION WHATSOEVER!

BEWARE OF THIS HORRIFIC PROCEDURE. I'm really pissed this person has the nerve to not only post this to my page, but TO POST THIS ALL OVER OUR COMMUNITY!!!

FINAL Post-Op Visit, Swell Hell & CC's: THE REAL TEA!

Today has been an emotional day ladies, to say the least. I had my final post-op visit today with Dr.Pantoja and he removed all my stitches. I honestly love this man. He is kind a very compassionate PS with the skills to transform a Sista! I swear he must have read the letter I wrote to him on my page because he gave me the body I was supposed to have but was mistakenly delivered elsewhere. I noticed that my pubic area was swollen after SX and paid it no mind. As the days passed, Ive received 4 lymphatic messages and Maripaz is the TRUTH! She put hands on me. I could hear the fluid squirting out. Psssssssssssst. It hurt like hell but I was relieved afterward up until last night. I swore had grown a scrotum! I had Cohonas dolls! I had a chat with supervet @Booty4Real in panic mode and she instructed me to used lipofoam. Instant Relief!
I showed my Cohonas to Dr.P and he instructed me what I should have already known: SWELLING FOLLOWS GRAVITY! It was normal. Remedy: use lipofoam and snap the last 3 hooks of the CG to the 3rd row for added compression and OVERDOSE ON FLUIDS. I tucked my balls into my compression garment and moved on.
HOW MANY CC's were injected: 1400!!!!!!!!
Huh? Excuse me, yes loves... He got 1400 CC's into each cheek! I was ready to thank him properly, "MUCHAS GRACIAS POR PONERME PERFECTAS MIS POMPES!!!!"
I had practiced that one all night. I rolllllled the hell out of those R's like I was an honorary Mexican sister.
Before I departed, he took one more look at my lower abdomen and asked if he could drain some of the fluid with a needle and I obliged. Swell Hell is real for me!!!
Overall, as I look back on this past week, I have grown more confident in my abilities to conquer my fears and have faith in this process. Patience has always been something I would pray would happen RIGHT NOW, so that's still a work in progress.
In the mean while and in between time:
I'm Feeling Myself, I'm Feeling Myself!
I will enjoy my last night here at OFH. After my post -op visit they took me to get my eyebrows waxed and lashes done. This evening is my last sunset over the Pacific Ocean so I will Revel In Its Glory!!!! I love this place and have had nothing less than an awesome experience, by the Grace of God. I have met some girlfriends who I will stay in contact with and we have already began the planning stages of our vacation together this summer! Get Ready... Here I COME!

Flight from Hell!!!!

My Lovely Ladies, BOOTIFUL Beauties & Snatched Sisters!!! I made it home, thank God!
The flight was purgatory ridden... Bound for hell... Everything that could have gone wrong , went wrong but STILL, I RISE!

I really have no room for any negativity and I'm too tired to give yall the tea... **Sips

I will say as soon as I stood up out of that wheel chair, two terminal workers almost died... Sisters, they tripped over each other to come ask me if I needed help with my luggage! Lol
No matter how spent I was, I realized one thing: THE THIRST IS REAL!!!! Lol!

"No thank you," I replied. ( head scarf On an all!
I swear, I looked just like that Aunt Jemima syrup jar in your cabinet right now! Lmao!

They didn't notice ... JUDY HAD EM IN A TRANCE!!!

Ladies... USE YOUR POWERS FOR GOOD!!! I PROMISE YOU, the attention is a little jarring.
I'm used to the Normal amounts but chile... Aunt Jemina was snatching!!! Lololol

Til we meet again! I'll drop all the nuggets for you dolls and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE LOVE, PHONE CALLS, PM's,& SUPPORT!
I have nothing but sincere LOVE for you guys. I couldn't have done this without this community of beautiful spirits.

Back to Reality, Ooops there goes Gravity!!!

Happy Monday Loves!
I'm back home and boy, reality kicked in pretty fast! I woke up thinking, "who in the hell is going to make my morning tea and breakfast?" "How on earth am I going to wash my a$$, line up all these Epi foams, put on this garment and do so without passing out from exhaustion or becoming dehydrated from sweat loss?"
These are real questions I've asked myself since I've been home.

Back to reality!!!!

I managed to mosey down the stairs and discharge my motherly responsibilities and get the boys breakfast and off to school -THAT WAS IT! I HAD NO MORE ENERGY!

"Oh well!" I said to myself. "I took a shower yesterday, (**sniffs underarms) I'm good."

Now Ladies, If you have ever tried to mentally convince yourself that you are 'ok enuf' to get away without taking a dang on bath...(yea I said it, dang on) then it's time to get REAL with yourself! I NEED SOME HELP!
I'm so used to doing it all, ALL THE TIME!

Lesson: if you have help, ask for it! Don't be afraid to call on a trusted family member, lover, bestie... Hell , if you're cool with your neighbor, get her on your team too!

I had to do it...
So I called my friend to come over and help me today. My breaking point was when I broke out the bath cloths to wash my dusty behind down because there was no way I could bathe after struggling to get my garment back on after the morning trip to the porcelain throne- BTW, it feels so good to be regular again!

Am I really not going to shower today!?? No, no no no... Naw dawg! I'm not going out like that. Let me get my stankin behind in the shower!!!!!! Ring ring ring...

Not only did I get help in the shower, I got a massage with my arnica gel! It was like finding a pot of gold Dolls. I so happy, I almost cried.
Don't get too happy and get to talking like I did. No ma'am. In 5.8 seconds, the swelling begins.

A note to the wise: Gravity is a force of nature. It is a natural phenomena whereby physical bodies attract one another. This force not only keeps us grounded on Earth, it also gives us the oh so wonderful swelling in the lower extremities and groin area! FUN!!!

Remember this:
This procedure is SO hard on our bodies. Although we only see these small incisions, there is a tremendous amount of surgery that has occurred under the skin. This causes the swelling that is often referred to as SWELL HELL!

Normally, the body does it's job and ensures that the amount of fluid entering the body equals the amount leaving - thus a fluid balance is achieved.
The lymphatic system is a network of vessels that normally absorb and transport this fluid along with the circulatory system.

This fluid accumulates in the interstitial space (between cells and tissues) Due to a fluid imbalance.

So what does this have to do with us?

Not only can it take up to 2 WEEKS just to get back to your pre SX weight, it takes about A MONTH to even notice big changes. Finally, for those of you who are like me and are irrationally impatient, 3 to 4 MONTHS may pass before we see the final results!

Yes ma'am, I said it! Uhhh Huh!
Smh. Lord, take the wheel and grant me patience. This is not something you will receive instant gratification from- BUT I WILL SAY THIS- that Judy look like she trying:)

So what can we do for ourselves??

1- drink water, water, water and don't forget, WATER!
How much?
Take your body weight, divide it by 2 and drink that amount in ounces. Drink 1/2 your body weight in water. - this will not only help with swelling, it will help with your WAIST LINE as you will get full faster!
2. DONT DIET- MAKE A LIFESTYLE CHANGE and committ to eating healthy- when you've experience the lava effect, the feeling of hot lava flowing down your back, I know I can't do this again!
Nothing!!! Nathaniel! Nada! Zero! Zilch!!

Eat as clean as possible (You too Rajy)!
3. Limit the SALT!
4. Live in your garment
5. Walk and keep the circulation going!
6. GET LYMPHATIC MASSAGES by a licensed professional.

Moral of the story dolls: DONT SLEEP ON AFTERCARE!

A word to the Wise:

This is no joke but I'M getting through this by the Grace of God, my support system and my RS sisters who have held a Sista down since DAY 1 and beyond! I'm a Newbie yall! My first post was at the end of January 2015 and
I am eternally grateful!
Enjoy the Day 10 post op Pics!!!!
Cheers :)


I was never the girl to wear clothes that revealed my old booty.

She had a name: I called her Trick booty!

You know, the type that is flat at the top and has meat at the bottom. Her friends were long shirts that would only expose the bottom1/2. She photographs well but ONLY looks good at an angle...wait, a couple more degres SW... Ok SNAP!

I FOUND YOU, MS. New Booty!!!!

My new booty is still working on taking her shape. She's getting softer and not stuck up anymore.

She's friendly!

She now likes spandex, dresses and leggings . YESSSSS, she's finally allowing herself to be fully photographed!!!

She doesn't have a name yet. She will have to earn it when she finally shows her true self!

In the meanwhile,

I'm falling more and more in love with her each and every day! I'M TRYING TO BE MY OWN WISH PIC!!!

#BootyLove #NoTrickBooty #NameYaJudy

UPDATED PICS: I'm Back!!! Gone but NOT Forgotten!!!!

My BOOTIFUL sisters!!!
I'm back Dolls!

Life has been happening... Real Life- in such a beautiful way and I can't wait to catch up with my Sisters!!
I'll leave you guys with a few pics for now. The Judy is holding up Strong!! lol!
I'm still so very happy with my results. I can't believe its been over 6 weeks!

I will try to clear out my inbox first then, my lovely ladies... We will chop it UP! This past month has been filled with challenges and blessings and I can't wait to share it ALL!
Disclaimer: Yall will get tired of me so let me apologize now Bc I am going to POST- you hear me?
I've missed being here & I'm so happy to be back!


"You look like you lost weight!"
*side eye

"Are you wearing spanks/pads? Hell, are those chicken cutlets in your jeans?"

"You've changed- did you have surgery?"
*sips tea

There are a plethora of things people will say to you in your face as well as behind your back once you debut your new body! So ladies, be prepared to deal with it All.

If you're having this SX to get attention- You will definitely get that! Be prepared... You will get it whether you like it or not.

For me, I just wanted to feel better in my own skin! Ok, let me stop, I'm wanted to get FOine, you hear me? I'm talking breaking necks! (I keep neck slings in my trunk!!!)My intention is to take no prisoners! Ok, whoooooo
Now that I got all that off my chest, My goal was to be my own wish pic .Why not?

Be a butterfly ladies. There are No shrinking violets in here! We made these decisions to improve ourselves for us and you should revel in that decision. We put our precious lives, valuable coin and time into this.
I suggest you never apologize for who you are before or after SX. Make sure your skin thickens along with those new Judys because you will find that even your bestie may not be able to handle the new you.
Stay humble
Stay beautiful
Above all, don't apologize for your transformation... This is our time to shine and I suggest you so just that: Shine shine shine!!!!
XO Dolls

Driver Roll Up the Partition Please!!!


Now ladies, there are things I want to say right now that I will wait to say... Endorphins are pumping through my body...

Did I do it too quickly after SX? No- it's been over 6 weeks! Cmon!!!!

I've waited to give this body a spin- yes she's a Ferrari Ok!!! Lol

I refer to Judy as a porche 911 at times... On her phat round days, baby girl is a Bentley!
That's just how I'm feeling about myself theses days!

I'll post details (not those details - get Ya mind out the gutter :) teeee heeee
BUT, I do want to know of my fellow sisters experiences with sex after BBL!
How did you Sisters deal with:

1-Soreness... "Ohhhhhh!!!!!"
I was screaming for dear life as he grasped my waist!!!! That shit hurt!
"What's wrong?" , he asked!? I had no clue as to what to say about how sensitive my skin is.
2-Not to mention the little healing wounds in my mid back!!!
"What happened?"
"It's a long story," I replied!
I'm the worst liar!!! I just couldnt think of anything that fast!
3-luckily, the butt crack incision is healed... Lol. No real explaination on earth for that one!

I took these picture feeling my siluhete ... I love how my body looks in clothes, I love how I look naked... It's a good feeling when you just love you some YOU!!!

We are family here! We've exposed out naked , vulnerable bodies to one another and spoken of the most intimate details of our lives. I hope we are not too shy to speak of making love while loving our new bodies.
Do tell...
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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